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How do you become a 6 figure blogger?

You’ve read the fancy income reports quoting 5, 6, 7 figure income in the first year!
You hope this can be you too but in your diligent research, you’ve also come across a few $100/year income reports. Could be you too if you are being fair.
First off, you deserve some serious credit.
Most people will:
  • Get all pumped up by those impressive numbers.
  • Rush to start blogging about their “passion” (that’s what the gurus say they did right?).
  • Then spin in circles trying to figure why it isn’t working out.
  • And eventually “take a break” (code for: give up).
Ask me how I know *sigh*
Some other people though, the people who build top blogs fast the first time, and the people who do better the 2nd go, they do one thing differently;
They look before they leap.

What if you could get all of the exact questions, checklists, tools, information and metrics you need to figure out what to blog about instead of just "winging it"?

If you got help to pinpoint the exact blogging niche YOU should enter to make as much money as those gurus…


the niche choosing playbook on a tablet

Get all of the exact questions, worksheets, tools, data and metrics you need to choose a profitable blogging niche in 30 mins!

Hi, I’m Lily Ugbaja, the Mom of 3 behind FindingBalance.Mom

In just about a year, income from my blog has replaced my full-time income but it wasn’t always like this.
My first attempt at blogging for money (in 2017) made me a total of ZERO DOLLARS.
It’s hard for veteran bloggers to understand how different starting a blog is today.
It’s one thing to have started a blog when one million people weren’t creating blogs everyday. 
When it was easy to get blog traffic, when there was less competition for sponsors and clicks. 
You wrote something interesting, slapped up some ads, shared your post with your friends and it went viral. Boom! Money in your pocket. 

All you had to do was write something interesting.

But when you’re starting a blog in the time when everyone and their cat is doing so too, the stakes are higher. I remember struggling to get even my friends’ continued support.
Every day, I’d stay up till 2am writing on my blog, then create images and pins and try to get it going. But even when I’d managed to get some real traffic eventually, I made no money.
I ended up picking up freelance writing jobs using samples from my blog *sigh*. 
As I wrote for more and more of those blogs though, I began to notice a trend.
There were blogs that could afford to pay several times more than others. Some of those blogs were newer and didn’t even have a ton of traffic yet they were paying good money for blog content.
So I started searching for the reason.

My search included:

  • Months of reading everything I could lay my hands on: forums, online comments, surveys, blog posts, and more.
  • Digging into income roundups of bloggers who weren’t blogging about blogging.
  • Using tools to analyze the traffic of those top blogs to learn how much they were making per pageview.
  • And, even asking them one on one in emails.
"Funny how all of us how to make money bloggers always advise you to go find a niche you are passionate about instead of just saying these are the only niches you should consider if you really want to make a living with your blog."
Paul Scrivens
Founder, Dare to Conquer

It was around a year of interesting research and thankfully, I did find something in common.

All those money making blogs were in niches that had 3 things going for them:

And here’s how I fared with my new blog armed with that knowledge:

first month blogging income report

This was a test to see if I could really make money. I only had 5 blog posts at the time and that’s not hosting money as you can see.


I didn’t know it at the time, but I had stumbled upon what I now call “the profitable niche 3 point key.” 

Get it right and you can grow a profitable business out of your blog. Get it wrong and you launch a blog nobody wants and hear crickets (and lose your time and money).

That’s why I want you to get it right.


the niche choosing playbook on a tablet

Get all of the exact questions, worksheets, tools, data and metrics you need to choose a profitable blogging niche in 30 mins!

The Niche Choosing Playbook is my brand-new, eBook that gives you my COMPLETE profitable blogging niche choosing framework 

everything you need to get unstuck and finally start your money making blog WITH CONFIDENCE.

Lily’s niche playbook totally changed my perspective about how to start a blog! It’s not just about what your passionate about. It’s about what are you passionate about that’ll actually make you money! She perfectly leads you through the process of how to find that balance between passion and practicality. Thank you so much Lily!
Megan Christensen
Reimagine Date Night

You may be thinking...

“I already asked a few blogger friends. And I lurked on FB groups, and forums, I’ve found my niche.”



“I get it, blog about how to make money online and you’ll make money.”


You can learn a lot from forums and Facebook groups, but it’s not the whole picture. How do you put the pieces together? How do you know when an idea is actually good enough without real data to draw from?


Your friends love you but they’ll lie to you. They don’t want to hurt you (or they don’t know), so they’ll say things like, “Yeah, that would probably be really helpful to people” (code for: “…that could work”).


Do you really want to build a business on “could”?


And yes, there’s a lot of money to be made in the make money niche but the competition, especially in blogging and making money online niches, is VERY stiff. You need expertise, experience, and a good budget else you’ll just end up ruining your reputation and nixing all chances of building a long term business.

That's why I created the NICHE CHOOSING PLAYBOOK. A simple framework for deciphering if your idea is profitable or not.

And even if you don’t have an idea, the Niche Choosing Playbook will help you find one (a dozen more likely).

It will show you where to look to find the answers you are seeking.

Your blogging journey doesn’t need to be full of dead ends, the goal, after all, is to make money blogging not waste months of your time and money. 

When you choose the right topic, blogging can be fun, clear, and very profitable.

Instead of taking over a month to decide what to blog about and still not be sure you'll make money, learn how to do it in 30 mins with absolute surety.

And start making money so much sooner.

What you'll get:

the niche choosing playbook on a tablet

The Ebook: 23 value packed pages of quick, practical, and actionable guidance including:

You also get the Worksheets

3 simple to use worksheets that will literally greenlight or redlight your idea. (I teach you how to use them in the book)

***This playbook was written to be straight to the point but also very detailed and step by step.

Meaning it was purposely shortened to remove ALL fluff and save you precious time while still providing value with STEP BY STEP screenshots of every move.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Grab my playbook, use the tools you need, and start growing a profitable business blog confidently!

ONLY $13

Got questions? I've got answers.

About the PlayBook

What is this book about?

The Niche Choosing Playbook helps you get unstuck in the process of starting a blog by giving you the complete framework you need to take the first SMART step — all of the questions, worksheets, tools, data and metrics I use to determine which ideas people want the most.

This playbook challenges you to look beyond what you see, walks you through each item of the framework, gives you advice on how to use each tool you need, and shows you how to quickly get clear answers from real hard data.

Who is this for?

What if I don’t have a blog yet. Will this help me?

Yes! The resources in the Niche Choosing Playbook are perfect for finding and validating your profitable blog idea.

I have an idea but I’m not yet ready to start a blog. Will this playbook help me?

Yes! The Niche Choosing Playbook will help you refine your idea, define your audience, and identify profitable products you can build while you get ready to start your blog.

Will this help me if I already have a blog, email list, and a product?

Yes! I use this exact framework to test every product idea I have — and I strongly recommend you do the same. The niche choosing playbook can help you uncover a profitable area in your niche you never knew about. It can also help you pivot if you are in a dead niche.

Does the Niche Choosing Playbook work for freelancers, consultants, and bloggers who don’t want to blog about blogging?

Yes! The Niche Choosing Playbook was developed with ordinary people in mind, not marketing experts. And while it was mostly made with bloggers in mind, what this framework does is help you dig deep to find what you truly want to be and make sure you can make money doing it.

I’ve been trying to find the right idea for a long time and I always hit a brick wall and have to start over. Will this help me?

Yes! I’ve been in that situation, too. It’s no fun. The Niche Choosing Playbook will help you avoid hitting that brick wall because you’ll discover things about you that you didn’t know could be profitable.

How long is this Book?

The Niche Choosing Playbook includes around 30 minutes of training (including time spent reading, researching and documenting). This isn’t a bloated book stuffed with pages upon pages you’ll never read. It’s a brisk, focused tour of the niche profitability framework. I kept the playbook tight and focused on helping you take action quickly.

Do I get access to the entire PlayBook at once?

Yes! You get full access to the entire product as soon as you obtain it. Go through the entire book or jump straight to the worksheets, or section you’re most interested in — you decide!

The Niche Choosing Playbook is for you if…

If you're ready, I can give you my COMPLETE niche choosing framework so you can get unstuck today, tomorrow, and anytime in the future you want to start a blog or pivot.

Essential to the success of every blog...

When I first began researching what makes a blog profitable, it was a yearlong slog to get to one promising idea.

The happy ending: That idea ended up making money the very first month and a year later, I’m at full time income.

During that time, many other people rushed out unproven, unvalidated blog ideas that flopped. Some are still struggling but most of them are no longer around.


Starting in the right blog niche is essential to the success of every blog business, but it doesn’t need to be a year-long slog.

Today, thanks to the Niche Choosing Playbook, anyone can quickly and confidently validate a blog idea in 30 mins.

I want to share that framework with you. You can use the questions, worksheets, tools, information and metrics included in this playbook on any blog idea.

But only if you get the Niche Choosing Playbook now.

Take the guesswork out of starting your blog.

Get started today for just $13

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