Make Extra $100 Fast With These 20 Simple Gigs

You may have heard that money makes the world go round. Your bank accounts, credit scores, and net worth determine how other people define you. And if these figures drop too low than you’d want, you’ll easily feel frustrated, stuck, and hopeless.

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While there will always be times when it feels that you do not have as much money as you want especially when there are bills to sort and debts to pay. The good thing is that you can always do something different to change your finances.

Everyone needs some cash in a hurry from time-to-time. And I thought to put together these easy methods for you to make extra $100 fast if you change your mindset about your financial situation. And having regular inflow of this cash will change your life significantly.

But to be candid, from my years of research and study of online money making opportunities, you are not going to earn money online without putting in some work. However, if you think you are up for the challenge, then smart ways are revealed here to help you make legit income fast. 

What Can Making Extra Money Do For You?

  • When you are able to make extra money online, you’ll stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Making money can give you a better advantage of experiencing financial freedom faster.
  • It will help you settle your debts and boost your savings.
  • It would help you to retire quickly if you want.
  • It would help you exit a job that you do not like.

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So, if you are really passionate about making extra money in your spare time every day, you’ll achieve beyond your expectations. Improve your knowledge of how you can boost your income regularly and you’ll be able to make extra $100 and even more in no time.

If you are a stay home mom, a student, or you belong to the older generation and want to make extra $100 fast, here are proven ways you can make more money for yourself.

1. Make Money Searching Online

All of us devote several hours daily doing online search. In fact according to Internetlive, Google alone processes more than 40,000 search queries per second, more than 3.5 billion searches per day, and more than 1.2trillion searches per year.

But while you may not have earned a single dime doing those searches, there are websites that will pay you for searching online.

Swagbucks will fill your pocket when you use their search engine.  It is probably one of the easiest you’ll find around. This is the same as doing what you already love doing. You’ll earn from the platform by playing games on their website, doing surveys, and answering polls.  Sign up to get paid with Swagbucks and you’ll have $10 in wallet

MyPoints is another website to consider. MyPoints is a shopping rewards program in which over 9 million internet users around the world have benefitted. You’ll receive $10 as a welcome bonus from signing up on the platform.

InboxDollars offers a sign up bonus of $5 to new users. And there are numerous opportunities to leverage on the platform to rake in massively. Just like Swagbucks, you’ll get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, and many other opportunities.

2. Join A Research Study

There are organizations that are regularly in need of qualified people to take part in their research studies, and this doesn’t mean that you must be a professional in a field to be part. 

These companies are called focus groups and some of the popular ones are:

User Interviews, SurveyJunkie, Ipsos i-Say, Survey Feeds,, Fieldwork, Mindswarms, and Brand Institute

They offer individuals and corporations with qualified research respondents, and they do not only recruit locals, you can be part of them from anywhere in the world!

You will be able to earn between $75 to as much as $450 for an hour study. The companies cover diverse fields which include family, technology, food, consumer goods, software, sports, social media, hobbies, transportations, fashion, pets, music, and beauty.

To participate, you’ll need to apply to take part in studies that you are really good in. You’ll be invited if you are seen as a good fit. And you will have to pick a convenient time from the options you’ll be given. 

You’ll receive your cash after completing the study. You may be paid through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or cash.

3. Shop And Get Paid

If you enjoy doing online shopping, well, it may be time to start getting some cash for the effort. You will get a bonus when you sign up on many cashback shopping  websites, and you’ll also receive some cash returns when you make a purchase using a portal.

And since you enjoy doing this, you can also consider doing it for others! 

You will be able work as an independent contractor and help people out with delivering their groceries. 

You receive their order, shop for them, and you get paid cool cash. You will be able to make as much as $25 every hour!

Sign up and get your cash right now from these sites:

4. Sell Unused Items

When you take a walk around your home thinking of a way to make fast cash to settle a few bills, you may not have realized how stacks of cash have been staring at you right in the eyes all along. 

Those things that keep chopping up space in your home but are no longer being used can be sold!

Here are websites and app you should consider putting up those unused items for some quick money:

Tradesy is an app for your designer or luxury fashion items. You do not have to pay a fee to list your items on the platform, which means if perhaps you do not sell, you lose nothing. However, Tradesy takes 19.8% commission after your items get sold. It works nicely on Android and iOS.

Poshmark is another great platform to sell your unused clothes. The platform is easy to use and has a huge audience with love for fashion. Listing is free, but when you sell stuff below $15 Poshmark takes $2.95. And for sales above $15, a 20% deduction will be made, while you have 80% to yourself. The app works greatly on Android and iOS.

ThredUP allows the sale of items such as jewelry, shoes, clothing, handbags, and accessories. And you will be charged a commission fee which is still worth your listing. You can use the app on iOS and Android. 


Worthy is an online platform for selling your jewelry. You can put out your gemstone earrings, watches, gold and diamond rings, necklaces and other jewelry for free on the platform.

5.  Rent Out Free Space In Your House

Airbnb offers travelers around the world the opportunity to access comfortable and affordable accomodations. If you have free rooms to spare in your house, you can make some quick cash renting out the extra rooms in your house. 

If you reside in a much desired location, you can earn up to $400 per month renting out those free spaces on platforms listed below:

  • Airbnb has three categories of rentals: a shared room, a private room, and an entire home. 
  • Vrbo has established itself as a platform for property rentals with over two million properties that are largely residential properties.

Vacasa is a company that manages home rental for vacations. So, unlike Airbnb and Vrbo where you can let out just a spare room and make  fast money, you cannot do that with Vacasa. You can only rent out your entire home, which you can consider if you have such a facility.

6. Sell Owned Photos

If you enjoy taking photos, you can make some quick cash with your creative photos online. You actually do not have to be a professional photographer to cash in on your photography effort. You can earn quick cash selling the photos to stock photo agencies even as a newbie photographer.

 With photo sites like iStock , Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock, you’ll earn a commission on every download that is made.

7. Get Paid Listening To Music

Listening to music and getting paid for it is one of the rare and creative ways you can make some extra cash fast. If you are a music freak you’ll find this very interesting.

When you sign up on popular sites like, you earn cash for reviewing unsigned bands and artists. While there are other alternatives to, it is presently one of the largest websites for paid reviews online.

The website rewards people for dropping reviews that are detailed, and the better your review is, the bigger your bonus package will be. Minimum cashout is $10, and you get paid via PayPal.

8. Run Errands For Others

You are going to find a lot of people who are so engrossed in their work that they do not have time to do their home chores and other small tasks. You can help other people handle tasks like cleaning their garden, data entry, picking up groceries, doing their laundry, and arranging their furniture.

If you think this is something you do not mind doing for some quick cash, you can sign up on any of the websites listed below:

  • TaskRabbit – You’ll be required to pay $20 as registration fee when you sign up.

9. Start Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. However, you’ll need to invest a few cash to kickstart blogging, but the earning potential is unlimited!

You can earn through blogging by creating your own products that will be sold to your readers. You can also run affiliate products on your blog, get paid for product reviews, guest posts, advert placements, and using advertising networks like Google AdSense.

As I said, over the years I played with many different ideas to make money online, and still do.

Your blogging business can start with as little as $100 and bring in thousands of dollars to you every month if you put in the right efforts.

10. Drive Other People And Earn 

You want to make extra $100 fast? Then consider driving other people around. 

Since taxis are quite expensive people have embraced platforms like Uber as a less expensive alternative to move around. So, you can make some easy cash in your free time by picking up interested people to their destination.

You will be required to undergo procedures such as background check, and be given a valid inter-state driver’s license and car insurance.

HyreCar is a place where you can rent or hire a car for this purpose even if you do not have a personal car to use. HyreCar offers car rentals that are prequalified to drive with Lyft and Uber.

Sign up with either of the companies listed below to get started:

11. Earn Over A $1000  As A Virtual Assistant

If you pick up roles as a virtual assistant, you can earn over $1000 every month working from the comfort of your home for some hours everyday. Virtual assistants earn between $35 and $50 per hour in the United States.

You must be well organized, and possess some administrative, social media, and blogging skills to succeed as a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, many businesses will need you to be in-charge of their online, keep up with their emails, customer service, update blogs, respond to queries on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and their other social media.

You should consider taking a course to start as a virtual assistant or do a thorough finding of what you’ll need to learn to start out.

12. Become An Online Tutor

One of the myriads of opportunities on the internet today is that you can teach interested people around the globe a skill that you have mastered. Being an online tutor doesn’t mean you have to teach academic topics. 

You can teach your own language or a second language you are very good in. You can teach how to play chess, blog, write, a school subject, bake, and so much more!

If you are teaching language, you should consider signing up with QKids, VIPkid, TutorMe, EF Teach Preply, or EF Teach Online to find potential students for your language skills.

You can also develop some online courses in your area of specialization or find offline platforms like a community center or school club to teach other people that thing you know how to do best. 

13. Consult With Companies

Take care of the health of your friends, families, and others by consulting for beauty and health companies. As a consultant, you’ll have access to the huge market for wellness and beauty products.

A consultant is someone who is specialized in a particular field, and works as an advisor for an individual or a company. And before you begin, you should consider the license, certifications, and qualifications you will be needing to start as a consultant for your focused company. 

Some of the leading consulting businesses doing well today are accounting, computer programmer, business writing, auditing, business, communications, career counseling, editorial services, gardening, marketing, Insurance, taxes, writing services, and public relations.

14. Provide General Cleaning Services

If you are dexterous, you can make quick and regular cash rendering cleaning services for homes. A lot of people find cleaning work very cumbersome and unproductive, and therefore look out for other people to help them out with the job. 

Providing cleaning services can help you meet your daily needs, pay off your debts, and make savings. You can earn up to $50 every hour cleaning homes in the metropolis. And if you are very fast, you will definitely earn so much more each day.

To get started, you can reach out to friends, families, and neighbours who need someone for the service or have other people who need someone to help them out. Go online and post about your services on your social media accounts and pages. You can also advertise online using Once you are able to get your first clients satisfied, you’ll be able to leverage on referrals for more jobs.

People often need help with cleaning up their gutters. Car owners will also appreciate it if you can do a thorough in and out cleaning of their cars. 

What about carpets? You can rent a machine to do carpet cleaning for cash if you do not have a machine. You will get some of these cleaning opportunities via and

15. Pet Sitting

Lovers of pets will find this interesting. Pet sitting doesn’t mean that you’ll be required to sit with pets all day long. Oftentimes, you’ll have to check on the pets at intervals, in a couple of hours. You’ll be feeding them and also walking them at certain occasions too. And this makes it easy to simultaneously maintain multiple pet sitting jobs.

16. Walk And Get Paid

This may seem funny but there are apps and sites that actually pay you for getting yourself fit. We all walk everyday without even putting our minds to it. Mayo Clinic revealed that an average American walks up to 1.5 to 2miles everyday – that it is between 3,000 to 4,000 steps daily.

The beautiful thing about this is that you can monetize those steps you take with Gigwalk. Gigwalk offers a flexible routine to interested people to pick up menus, take photos, and get other little jobs done in your area. Download the app, get job orders, accept, get the jobs completed, and confirm to them when the job is  done. You’ll be able to earn some cash in your free time to keep body and soul together.

Other websites and apps where you can make money walking are:

  • Achievement: It is an app that gives people the opportunity to earn money walking, logging meals, and meditating.
  • SweatCoin: This is a free app that works on Android and iOS, and pays people to walk outside. But while you may not be earning cash with this app, you can make online purchases, redeem services, products, and experiences with the app’s currency.
  • FitPotato: FitPotato works on iOS and pays you for walking and running. You’ll set up an account on the app select a group that you can join and make a “Commitment.” A group’s Commitment is a targeted number of sessions you should make every week. An entry fee is required.
  • FitFetti: FitFetti allows you to sign up, receive your first sponsorship, and get access to more sponsorships to get access to more items from other participants in the program. The app lets you earn rewards in form of cash, credit, free products, or discounts after you meet your step goals for the week.

17. Rent Out Your Car

While you can rent out free spaces in your room to total strangers for some quick cash on Airbnb, your car can also be put out on rent to boost your income!

Turo has given car owners the opportunity to cash out quickly by renting out their cars to people who need them. So, if you’ll not be using your car for a few days – or you have other spare ones – you can charge a fee for it to be used by someone else.

Other websites to look out for are, Kayak, and

18. Become A Food Delivery Person

There are restaurants that manage a lot of food delivery requests everyday, and they look out to recruit workers whose sole job is to deliver these foods to customers. Since many of these restaurants are making great use of technology to make their work easy, you can make extra cash by helping them delivery food

Just like Uber where you’ll get pinged that a passenger needs a ride, the food app pings you about a restaurant that needs food to be delivered to their customers. Here are companies you can sign up with to get started:

  • Postmates: They operate in about 2,940 cities in the United States.
  • Doordash: They operate in more than 300 cities in the United States.
  • UberEATS 

19. Deliver for Amazon

Amazon gives interested people the opportunity to make extra $100 fast and even more by delivering for Amazon Flex.  

Here is how it works, you will pick up packages from one of their facilities, download an app that helps you with timely delivery of the packages. You will be able to earn up to $25 per hour, and can make $100 or more daily.

Your work schedule can also be structured around convenience. You will always find delivery opportunities everyday of the week, so you can always fix yourself for days that are right for you.

20.  Create An Online Course

If you think you have special skills that you think people will be willing to pay to learn from you, why not create an online course to teach those skills?

Udemy , Teachable, and Skillshare are great platforms to sell your skills and make an encouraging income for yourself. And the good thing is that you do not have to be an expert to get started!

There are many other websites where you can sell your online courses. Just be skilled enough to teach your area of specialization and you are good to go!

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