How to Make Money Through Your Blog (5 Key Steps You Overlooked)

How to be a successful blogger and make money blogging as shared by a pro blogger

This is a guest post from Problogger Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise (Author Bio end of the post). Ryan has been featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and the 1 million-member Positively Positive community. If anyone should tell you how to build a successful blog, it’s him!

Folks ask me how I make money through blogging.

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I wanted to share how the process unfolds in my mind to give you a better idea of how I think, feel, act and prosper.

Before we dive in, this post contains practical blogging tips but most insights are energetically-focused. 


Money is energy.

Everything is energy. If you want to know how to make money through your blog you better understand energy.

Have you noticed how happy billionaires talk about being in love with the process of building something meaningful, lasting and beneficial? These icons established immense clarity around the energy called ”money”.

Think about how many bloggers are so afraid of losing money that they work for $5 per 600-word article or accept a $10 sponsored post.

Then think about how Mark Z turned down tens of millions of dollars in venture capital to let Facebook grow into an iconic site that helped make him one of the wealthiest people on earth, as a young man.

Mark Z, Jeff Bezos, and other titans made massive amounts of money by being comfortable with both receiving money and by not scrambling for short term gains over long term immense profits.

Follow these tips to see how to make money through your blog from a different viewpoint than the common, practical tips themed post.

1: Develop a Prosperity Consciousness

As within, so without.

Money responds favorably to someone who thinks, feels and acts abundantly.

Unfortunately, most humans get taught poverty conscious principles as kids.

We also foolishly believe in the appearances of poverty.

But like all appearances, these illusions are lies. Love and abundance are the only truths of life.

Build a gratitude list to begin your day.

See wealth in your mind. Feel wealthy. Know success is yours.

See money spent (invested) as circulating and increasing; eventually, every dollar you spend returns to you multiplied.

Believe this. Develop the mindset of a prospering blogger.

2: Pick One Niche

People love specialists.

People go to doctors. People go to lawyers. What if a doctor also claims to be a lawyer? Nobody goes to this generalist because the specialist next door knows their single niche or field, inside-out. 

Readers love blogging specialists. Where your energy goes, grows. Pick one niche. Give all your energy to one niche. Know your niche inside-out. Profit by being a specialist. 

Avoid running a multi-topic blog. Folks buy into specialists literally and figuratively but tend to ignore someone trying to master two niches. Why not just go to the blogger who gives all their attention and energy to one niche. Build credibility. Pick one niche.

3: Pick Your Passion or Pick Your Poison

Virtually every wealthy blogger loves blogging on their chosen topic. You need to. Otherwise, you quit quickly when money does not show up.

Most bloggers pick their poison, meaning, following the lure of profits poisons their minds.

This is like dangling a carrot on a string connected to a stick positioned on a horse’s head; the horse never eats the carrot because it is always 6 inches from his mouth. When he moves forward, so does the carrot.

Ditto for profit-obsessed bloggers who forgo their passion for profits. You gain clarity, practice, develop skills, then make money. Money-hungry bloggers skip the first 3 steps, go broke, and quit.

Pick a niche you love talking about. Blog about it. Suffice to say, a chunk of 7 billion humans share your interest and since most humans have access to the internet via phone, you have a profitable niche waiting for you.

4: Create and Connect 

Creating and connecting is the meat and potatoes of the practical tips side of profiting.

Creating helpful content draws readers to you. Connecting with pros can amplify your reach.

Write and publish helpful blog posts solving reader problems or inspiring reader success.

I share blogging tips freely through my posts.

Aim for 600-1000 words or longer but just feel good creating something beneficial.

Beware boxing yourself into word counts; resistance, rigidity and lame posts often follow.

Follow top blogs in your niche.

Read posts. Comment genuinely on posts. Promote top bloggers on social media and through your blog.

Make friends. Build strategic partnerships. Prosper.

5: Open Multiple Streams of Income

Open multiple streams of income to prosper through your blog.

Add an income stream here and there to keep money flowing to you through various channels.

Pick streams that clearly align with your blog, niche, and brand.

Remember, income streams do not make money. Your clarity around allowing money to flow to you makes money. Pick income streams to simply receive money. Step #1 is where the real blogging money is made. 

Income stream ideas

Blogging success is yours. Believe this. 

Making money through blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes but gets easier with the proper mindset.

Think abundance, be generous, detach from outcomes and enjoy the blogging ride.

Happy profiting guys!

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Money Through Your Blog (5 Key Steps You Overlooked)”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    Great to see you here on Lily’s blog. You know wherever you go some of us will find you ?
    By the way Lily, nice to e-meet you!
    Ryan, an awesome post as ever, with some fantastic nad practical ideas.
    Permit me to add a couple of ideas which I’ve picked up here and there.
    #1. Take your writing seriously. Be focused on what you want. Be dogged and single minded in your pursuit of your dreams.
    #2. Write and keep writing until you become a better writer. In this regard, I can’t think of anything better than Brian Clark’s 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer. He says:
    Write more.
    Write even more.
    Write even more than that.
    Write when you don’t want to.
    Write when you do.
    Write when you have something to say.
    Write when you don’t.
    Write every day.
    Keep writing.”

    Thanks again for sharing.
    Best regards

    1. Nice to e-meet you too Pedro, thanks so much for stopping by.

      And for leaving a powerful comment!

      I know one of the things that kept me going with my blog was the hunger to succeed. It wasn’t an option for me, it was a matter of when, as you say, that single-mindedness can be the ultimate game-changer.

      Thanks again, Pedro.

  2. As always when Ryan writes, it’s a great read filled with useful tips and reminders to the things we all know, we just lose focus.

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