20 Cnc Wood Router Projects That Sell in 2022

In this post, we are going to be exposing you to amazing CNC wood router projects that will make you cool money in 2022. 

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In case you are wondering what a CNC router is; a CNC router is a cutting tool that is operated by a machine. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. This tool acts as a combination of a boring machine, spindle molder, and panel saw. 

A CNC router can carve complex shapes out of materials like glass, plastics, metals, and wood. In this post, we will be dealing with CNC wood router projects. 

Amazing CNC Wood Router Projects

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Below are wonderful CNC wood projects you can make and sell for money. 

1. Wine Bottle Holder 

This CNC wood router project will sell well because it is a perfect gift to wine drinkers and also serves as a decorative accessory in the home. 

Also, you can make this in large numbers during the holidays and sell them as gifts. You can even offer the customized versions at a higher price. 

You will make good money selling this all year round because wine bottle holders never go out of season. 

And this CNC wood router project is very easy to make if you know how to use the technology well. You can also try different varieties so you don’t bore your customers. This will give them lots of options to choose from. 

You have to get the proper dimensions first so that you can create the designs on your CNC router. 

In Labs with Beki | How to make a Magic Wine Bottle Holder | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

2. Desk lamp 

Making this won’t only give you money, it will also show your creativity. This CNC wood router project will be useful to many households and even students. Desk lamps also add to the decorative features of a room. 

Make different versions, shapes, and sizes of desk lamps and you will make good money selling them.

How to make a wooden desk lamp

 3. Snail puzzle 

Children’s toys and learning tools are fast-selling CNC wood projects. 

One thing with this wonderful CNC wood router project is that it is not elaborate, therefore very easy to make. 

Apart from being sold as toys, it is also a perfect learning tool for kids. 

HOW TO make a puzzle - Easel CNC Project

4. Christmas ornaments 

Christmas is the time that the biggest sales in the year take place all over the world, and Christmas decorations/ornaments are one of the fastest-selling products during this season. 

Think of beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations you can come up with to sell. Taking advantage of this seasonal shopping trend will put good money in your pocket. 

You can even offer customized versions as this will sell more. 

CNC Christmas Ornaments with Vcarve example

5. Drink coasters 

If you are looking for easy to make CNC wood projects that will sell fast, then go for this. They are handy and will make perfect gifts all year round. 

It is also cheap to buy blank coasters in bulk. This means you will make more profit. 

All you need to do is to place beautiful designs or creative writings on those drink coasters.  

Wooden Coasters using CNC

6. Mantle Décor  

These are items used to decorate the home. You can make all kinds of beautiful mantle décor and sell, including seasonal mantle décor, rustic patterns, snowflakes, decorative designs, and even wood Christmas trees.  

Mantel Decoration with Todd | The 12 Projects of Christmas Day 10 | Vectric Project

7. Custom business signs 

Another way to use your CNC to make money is by making customized business signs for companies, and even individuals. 

This is highly profitable and you will make money per client. The more clients you get, the more money you make. 

However, your clients will be willing to pay more for unique designs. 

X-Carve 1800mm: Making A Batch of Business Signs on a CNC Router

8. Wood name signs 

These are fast-selling CNC wood router projects that bring good money. They are also popular and make perfect gifts for any occasion. 

You can make wood name signs as décor for the nursery, the kitchen, the living room, and even the bedroom. People love this and can’t seem to ignore it. 

Customized versions sell more. 

How to Make Custom Wooden Sign on CNC | X-Carve

9. Wall panel art 

Another fast-selling CNC wood router project is the wall panel art. 

These arts are used to decorate the home, and they serve as perfect gifts for loved ones all year round especially during festive periods. 

You can make flowing patterns, shapes, carve names, and even create backlighting. All these will sell fast and customized versions will sell even more. 

Easy Steps To Create A Beautiful MDF 3D Wall Panel || CorelDRAW Tutorial || CNC Toolpaths Tutorial

10. Customized cutting board 

CNC engraved/customized cutting boards are popular and fast-selling items. They decorate the kitchen, and can serve as perfect gifts to loved ones and newly weds. 

So, you will make good money selling CNC wood router customized cutting boards. 

How to Make: Cutting Board | ToolsToday CNC Video - Long Version

11. Door signs 

If you are looking for popular and fast-selling CNC wood projects, then go for door signs. You can make beautiful personalized name signs, welcome signs, seasonal signs, office signs, etc. and make huge money selling them both online and offline. 

You can even offer customized versions where you will put the name of the client or the words they want written on their door signs for a higher fee. 

How to Make a Door Name Sign | ToolsToday

12. Cell phone stand 

Who doesn’t have a cellphone? It is so hard to see someone without a cellphone these days. 

Beautiful CNC wood project cell phone stands will make huge sales because a lot of people will love them. They are easy and quick to make, and also easy to ship. 

You can even offer customized versions. Your customers will love them. 

Making a Phone Stand | Michael Tyler's FREE Project of the Month | Vectric

13. Wood wall map 

Wood wall maps are not only decorative to the home, office, school, or wherever they are found, they are also educative. 

Even though they are made from inexpensive plywood, they are expensive when sold. This means you will make huge money selling this. 

Wood wall maps can be placed anywhere, in the home, offices, schools, restaurants, etc. So there are no restrictions. 

You will make profit selling beautiful CNC wood router wall maps. 

Making a World Map - CNC Project

14. Paintbrush holder 

This accessory is also a fast-selling CNC wood router project that can be found in schools, studios, art and craft classes, and even in the home. 

Both children and adults who are into arts and crafts will appreciate this as a gift.  

Making a Tapered Hexagon Paint Brush Holder

15. Pen and pencil box 

Are you looking for a fast-selling CNC wood router project targeting students? Then go for this. This CNC wood project is irresistible to students. 

It’s also beautiful and can be used to decorate their desk/locker. 

In the Labs with Todd | Making a Pencil Box | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

16. Wall mounted opener 

This CNC wood project will be loved by a lot of people who drink wine. They will also make perfect gifts all year round and especially during the holiday season. 

They are easy to make and easy to ship. You can make yours beautiful and attractive and also inscribe creative phrases and words on them. This will greatly increase your sales. 

Bottle Opener Plaque

17. Coin tray 

This is another decorative CNC wood project that a lot of people would love to have in their homes and offices. 

You can make beautiful ones with inscribed words of many shapes and sizes. You will make money making and selling this CNC wood router project. 

Coin Tray at the X-Carve

18. Decorative ornaments 

Decorative ornaments are needed all year round and CNC router is the best tool to use to make/engrave decorative ornaments. You will make good money if you can make and sell top-quality engravings. 

These decorative ornaments can be used in homes, schools, offices, and even places of worship. 

CNC Christmas Ornaments with Vcarve example

19. Santa Claus carving 

This is a profitable CNC wood router project that will make huge sales during the Christmas season. Delight your customers with beautiful and amazing sculptures of Santa. 

They can buy for themselves and even gift them to friends, colleagues, or loved ones. 

CNC carve a Santa ornament

20. Beautiful wood engravings 

This is a highly demanded decorative accessory for homes and offices. If you can make beautiful and attractive CNC wood engravings, you will make a lot of money. 

People can buy them for their personal use or give them out as gifts. 

Producing of beautiful carved furniture on CNC machines


The CNC router can be used to create beautiful and amazing CNC wood router projects, as listed in this post. Decide on the ones you want to make so you can start earning money from selling them. Remember to make your designs as creative and unique as possible, to increase demand and sales for them. 

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