17 Cool Cnc Router Projects That Are In High Demand

Looking for cool CNC router projects? We have some pretty amazing CNC projects listed in this post, so read on.

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CNC router simply means Computer Numerical Control router. It is a computer-controlled device that can carve out or cut through hard materials like aluminium, plastics, wood, etc. 

There are many types of CNC routers; they range from large industrial CNC routers to small household CNC routers. Irrespective of the one you have, you can make cool CNC router projects and sell. 

Below are some amazing CNC projects you can make and sell for good money. 

Amazing CNC Router Projects

Decoration Accessories In The Home

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Home décor products are in high demand because people love decorating their homes. Also, buyers lay a lot of emphasis on exclusivity and uniqueness, so if you can offer these, your products will sell well. 

Here are some fast-selling home décor products you can make and sell. 

1. Bookends 

Book lovers will love this because it helps hold their books in place on a bookshelf and also adds to the aesthetic feature of the room. 

The bookends you make must be heavy and sturdy and you can make a variety of shapes and designs to give your customers lots of options to choose from. 

This will make huge sales as a lot of people who love books, students, and even people who just love decorative items will get them. 

Libraries also use them. 

Mountain Bookends - Using the Maker Made Maslow CNC!

2. Wall art 

This is another fast-selling cool CNC project. People love decorating their homes so there will always be a market for this. 

Your wall art can be detailed or abstract, minimal or complex. In fact, wall art is adaptable to all kinds of branding. 

Beautiful wall art that commands attention will sell fast. You can also offer customized versions because many people would love to personalize their wall art. 

CNC Hardwood Wall Art with the MPCNC

3. Shelving 

Shelving is another fast-selling commodity because of its high demand in the market. You can make individual shelves, complex shelving systems, or even larger shelving systems. 

Also, make unique shelving that uses less conventional designs – this will be a great attention grabber and you will make more sales. 

Smartshop CNC Shelf Project | Laguna Tools

4. Picture frames

Many people seek for unique ways to display their most treasured moments. This is where picture frames come in and that is why they make the list of hot-selling products. 

You can create beautiful CNC-crafted picture frames, and sell. You can make picture frames from any material, and you can also make them in various shapes and sizes. 

Also, you will get a huge number of customers if you make beautiful picture frames in many aesthetic designs. 

CNC router making $2,000 per day V bit carving a picture frames

5. Candle holders 

Candles, especially scented candles, are decorative items in almost every room in the home. A lot of people use scented candles in their homes and offices. 

Scented candles are also used in spas and relaxation centers to help people relax or sleep well. So making beautiful and well-crafted candle holders will sell well. 

You can make sleek candle sticks, glass lanterns, and any kind/shape of candle holders you can think of. You will sell well if your candle holders are beautiful and unique. 

CNC Woodworking Candle Holders, FIVE TIMES, out of FIVE types of Wood (on Carvey CNC Router)

Kitchen And BBQ Tools

A research estimated that the global cookware market is expected to grow at a CAG (Compound annual growth) rate of 6.9% from 2021 to 2028.

This means that there is going to be a high demand for kitchen wares and BBQ products in the coming decade. 

However, much of the growth in the kitchen and BBQ tool industry is given to millennials who value unique products from smaller retailers. 

So, here are some kitchen and BBQ tools that are fast-selling products: 

6. Cutting boards 

Also known as chopping boards, these boards are used by millions of people in their kitchens almost every day. 

And the best material of choice for cutting boards is wood due to the fact that it is natural and has less chances of contaminating the food with toxic chemicals; wood also has natural antiseptic properties. 

Cutting boards are quite easy to make and they can be easily customized for clients who like a personal touch to their cookware. 

15 minute cnc cutting board!

7. Wooden bowls and serving utensils 

Wooden utensils generally are in high demand due to some of these reasons: 

  • They are natural and safer alternatives to plastics 
  • They are beautiful and can add to the decoration of the kitchen 

Wooden kitchen items that sell fast are:

  • Wooden bowls 
  • Salad serving forks
  • Wooden serving trays and utensils 
  • Wooden spoons 

A perfect way to make more money is to make these as a set and sell them. You can even offer customized ones to increase sales and attract more buyers. 

How to Make A Bowl with a Router

8. Coasters 

Coasters are fast-selling products but people are always looking for unique products and this is where new brands have an edge. 

Also, you can easily craft coasters with your CNC machine from a wide range of materials like wood, cork, bamboo, plastics, marble, clay, concrete, fabrics, and even leather. 

You can even craft unique coasters from using multiple materials. 

Wooden Coasters using CNC

9. Kitchen wall decals 

Apart from chefs, a lot of people also spend lots of time in the kitchen. This is why people like adding visual flair to their kitchen décor. 

You can make beautiful wall decals with inspiring words, funny quotes, or just cool and amazing imagery and you will make good money selling these. 

Wood MDF/Veneer Hollow cutting cnc router for home decoration | Wall Decoration, CNC Wall Art Design

10. Wooden serving trays 

Wooden serving trays are beautiful and preferred by a lot of people over other types of trays. And they have the same use as other trays – they are used to transport foods and drinks. 

Some people keep wooden serving trays as stationary in their dining room just to add to the décor and make the area beautiful. 

The dual use of wooden trays makes them to be high in demand, and if you can make beautiful wooden trays and even offer customized versions, you will make cool money. 

Wooden trays also make perfect gifts on all occasions. 

How to CNC: Thankful Serving Tray | ToolsToday

11. Wood mounted bottle openers 

Even though they perform very simple functions, they are in high demand. Almost everyone drinks something from a bottle and needs a bottle opener. 

They also add to the home décor. Wood mounted bottle openers come in many shapes and sizes. You can make various types of wood mounted bottle openers to give your clients a wide range of options to choose from. 

You can make some to be sleek and functional, some can be more ornate and decorative, some can stand on their own, and some can be mounted on the wall. 

By offering various options, you will make more sales because you will be able to meet the unique needs of many people. 

Wood mounted bottle openers add to the décor of the home. when placed outdoors, they add a sense of modernity to an isolated compound. When placed indoors, they add a rustic feel to the room. 

These are some of the reasons why they are fast-selling products. 

DIY Wall-Mount Bottle Opener

Office Supplies

Office supplies sell well because they are used everyday in the office. Also, office supplies are used at home because a lot of people now work from home. 

This has made the demand for office supplies high. Also, most office supplies are not things you buy in just one purchase, they need constant replacing. 

You will get more repeat purchases if you sell office supplies. Therefore, you will make good money by tapping into this field. 

The following are cool CNC router projects for office supplies:

12. Pencil holders 

Apart from holding pencils and pens, a beautiful pencil holder is a great way for people to showcase their personality. 

Create pencil holders that are beautiful. They can be more utilitarian, and can contain a simple engraving or a detailed pattern. 

Pencil holders sell well. 

DIY CNC Pen Holder - CNCnutz Episode 250

13. Charging docks 

Charging docks are used to charge devices and almost everyone has a lot of devices to be charged whether they are office workers or not. 

Also, charging docks are small structures that help organize all charging cables and accessories in one place. This makes charging multiple devices at the same time easy and organized. 

How to Make Docking Station from Wood

14. Craft supply box 

You will make money selling these because painters and sculptors use them regularly. And you can make them into various shapes and sizes. Smaller ones are used to hold sewing materials while larger ones are used by painters and sculptors. 

Some supply boxes can be built for decorative purposes only, and not for any specific purpose. You just make this type to give buyers a more stylish storage option. 

You can also make and sell customized craft supply boxes. 

How to make a Storage Box with CNC - ARIBABOX

Toys And Games

Children’s toys and games is also a huge market to venture into if you are good at making CNC projects. 

You will make a good amount of money selling educational toys because they promote intellectual development in schools and they are used both at homes and schools. 

15. Children’s letter blocks 

Make beautiful blocks that help children to learn the basics of spelling and grammar. This is why alphabet blocks are timeless and will never go out of demand. 

Apart from alphabets, you can inlay blocks with animals, shapes, and numbers also. 

Making Alphabet Blocks using our CNC Machine

16. Board games 

You will make money by creating and selling popular board games like chess, cribbage, backgammon, and checkers. Apart from stimulating the brain, board games are decorative also. 

With a CNC router, you can produce board games en masse. 

we make a custom monopoly board on the CNC.

17. Puzzles 

Puzzles are highly popular these days, both in schools and homes. You would even find them in some offices where workers play them during breaks. 

You will make money selling this craft. 

part13 puzzle cutting [very easy CNC(Crazy Numerical Control) build]


If you are looking for cool CNC router projects, you will definitely see your best choice from this list of ours. All the cool CNC router projects listed in this post are fast-selling items. 

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