18 Most Profitable Cnc Projects

CNC machinery is an amazing invention that has revolutionized the world of craft-making. The CNC router can be used to create several profitable CNC projects that can be monetized by selling them on marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

image of profitable cnc projects

This machine can be used to cut out a shape or carve out designs on surfaces. Ranging from making pieces of jewelry to cutting out different materials and carving signs; you can never exhaust the things that can be done with a CNC router.

If you want to delve into the CNC-project business, you. can start with the small-scale CNC machines which cost $214.20 and require little space at the shop or home.

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Before expounding further, let’s find out what CNC actually means.

What Is CNC?

CNC which means Computer Numerical Control is the device operated using programmable automation that shares similarities with 3D printing. This makes it possible for builders to carve out complex parts which can be done easily and neatly on a large scale.

It is an improvement over other non-computerized machines which are operated manually or controlled by prefabricated pattern guides.

A CNC router can also be described as a computer-operated tool used for carving out complex shapes from materials like glass, wood, plastics, and metals. It has a combination of the boring machine, panel saw, and spindle molder which can be used to make profitable CNC projects.

CNC Project Ideas

Do you want to make money with your CNC machine? There are a ton of crafted and unique CNC projects you can invest in with little or no prior knowledge of CNC or woodworking. These are:

  1. Paintbrush Holder

This is a unique accessory that is used to prevent the brush from drying up within a short space after use; it can be made out of your CNC machine.

Taking good photographs of unique paint brush holders and posting them online will make great sales. They can be sold for $29-$45. 

Watch the video to learn more.

how to make a great artists' brush holder for less than $5
  1. Wood Wall Maps
Photo  of wood wall maps; one of the profitable cnc projects

Wood wall maps will make a great addition to a potential home office. They can be made from cheap plywood. They can be sold at an average of $38.97. Watch video for more insights on making wood wall maps 

Resin & Wood - World Map wall art - DIY Woodworking
  1. Door Signs

With a tinge of creativity, products like seasonal signs, personalized names, and welcome signs are huge sellers. They are used to communicate information and also placed at the entry of doors to make great ads as it can be clearly seen by everyone who comes by.

Door signs can be sold for $15. Watch video for free training on carving door signs

How to MAKE and SELL Wooden Signs | CNC | Woodworking
  1. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments like snowflakes or trees are the perfect project you can make and sell for profit. They are used to decorate Christmas trees and they can be made on a large scale and sold for an average of $35. 

For more insights on making Christmas ornaments with CNC, learn here.

CNC Router Makes Christmas Ornament 2020
  1. House Number Signs
Photo of number signs; one of the profitable cnc projects

House numbers make it easy to find addresses and very useful to emergency responders making it easy for them to reach out to those in need.

The price for house number signs ranges from $14-$59 and you can learn to make them for free. It is one of the creative crafts that will gladden the hearts of homeowners.

Making New House Numbers with the CNC
  1. Coin Tray

Coin trays are small containers used to keep small items temporarily. For instance keys, coins, transport tokens, etc. It is a great way of recycling pieces of hardwood into marketable shapes that can be sold for $20 or more.

For details on how to make coin trays, you can learn here

Wooden COIN BOX , made on homemade CNC

CNC Router Projects That Sell

photo of a wooden frame; one of the profitable cnc projects

Here is a list of CNC router projects that sell well.

  1. Charging Docks

This is one of the profitable CNC projects to try out. Charging docks are usually small structures that accommodate charging cables and accessories all together in one place. A charging dock can be sold for about $35.52 apiece and with the CNC tool, you can learn to make charging docks on a large scale.

  1. End Tables

End tables are small tables often placed by the end of a sofa and hold items like books, controls, or drinks. Besides, they serve as a decorative item to the room.

You can make some cool cash from making end tables and sell each for $96. To know about how end tables are made, you can watch below.

Making a Small Table Using a CNC Router
  1. Photo Frame

Photo frames serve as a protection to pictures and they are also used as dรฉcor. Therefore let your customer discover a unique way of displaying their images from their treasured moments with your CNC crafted photo frame which can be made out of almost any material. It cost an average of $11- $45. 

For more insight on how to make the photo frame, watch the video below.

How To CNC: Design, Cut & Engrave a Picture Frame with Vectric Aspire and Amana Tool CNC Router Bits
  1. Coasters
Photo of coasters; one of the profitable cnc projects

Coasters are profitable CNC projects that you can take advantage of and start making money. They are used to protect surfaces where hot drinks are placed. It can also be used to cover up drinks to prevent them from getting contaminated by external substances.

They are usually made from wood but can be crafted using other materials like clay, bamboo, marble, concrete, fabrics, or even leather. Your ability to create unique coasters using any of these materials or a combination of them will make your products sought after by customers longing for creative styles.

Wooden coasters can be sold for an average of $22.50. Learn how to make coasters below.

Wooden Coasters using CNC
  1. Bottle Openers

A bottle opener is a device that is used to remove the metal bottle caps from bottle necks. They come in different sizes as sleek and functional. Some stand on their own, while others are mounted to walls. They add a rustic feel when placed indoors and may bring a sense of modernity when placed outdoors.

You can learn how to make bottle openers and sell between $8- $44 per piece.

  1. Cutting Boards

These are also called chopping boards which are used by chefs for cutting food items to be used for cooking, for instance vegetables. Cutting boards can be made from wood or plastic. Cutting boards sell at an average of $30 each. Learn how to make cutting boards for free.

How to Make: Cutting Board | ToolsToday CNC Video - Long Version

Top CNC Projects That Sell From Home

If you are searching for top CNC projects that you can sell from home, a few ideas have been put together here for you.

  1. Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are used for putting your work tools together in one place. It makes it easy to locate items, results in proper time management, and much more. Office workers are your potential customers and desk organizers can be sold for $44.99. Watch here for more insight into making desk organizers.

Problem Solved!! CNC Desk Organizer.
  1. Bird House
Photo of a bird house; one of the profitable cnc projects

Birdhouses are used to keep birds safe from cold, pets and other predators. They can be sold for $32.99. For a detailed guide on how to make birdhouses, watch here.

Birdhouse CNC Tutorial for beginners - it's so easy by GoCNC.de
  1. Wood Ring Box

Ring boxes are usually part of the wedding items that must be purchased. They are carried by a ring bearer to transport wedding rings down the aisle. Some wooden ring boxes cost about $18.32 while others may cost more.

You can learn how to start making wooden ring boxes for sale to intending couples.

DIY Ring Box Using a CNC - 3018 Pro
  1. Wood Clocks
Photo of a wooden clock; one of the profitable cnc projects

Clocks are used to fix events, bring back memories of occasions, know the time of the day, and much more. They can be made with wood, metal, or any other material. They can be sold for $70.60. Watch and learn how to make them below.

Making a Wooden Clock with a CNC Router
  1. Serving Trays

Serving trays are used to move food and beverages from one place to another. It is used within the house and other events to move foods in large quantities. Small serving trays can be sold for $24.99. 

For more insights into making serving trays with your CNC router, watch video.

DIY serving tray with the cnc
  1. Board Games

Board games cost an average of $24.70. They are tools used to develop skills like sportsmanship, problem-solving ability, and teamwork.

By simply watching the free training here, you can become your own boss in the industry of making board games.

Making a Game Board with a CNC Router

Final Thoughts

Many people are constantly taking advantage of the profitable CNC projects that sell well because of the high demand for them. You can plug into this, and start making well-crafted products that can be sold at local exhibitions, fairs, and online platforms like Amazon and Etsy.ย 

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