10 Best Cnc Christmas Projects

Are you looking for CNC Christmas projects that sell fast? We’ve got you covered. 

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CNC (computer numerical control) router is a computer-operated machine that acts as a combination of many tools. It has a panel saw, boring machines, and spindle molders. The CNC router can carve complex shapes out of materials like glass, wood, plastics, and even metals. 

With the CNC router, you can do many awesome projects and sell during the Christmas season. Below are some of them. 

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CNC Christmas Projects

1. Christmas ornament for table decoration 

If you are looking for CNC Christmas projects that sell fast,  this is one of them. 

This will bring you money during the festive period because a lot of people want to decorate their tables with ornaments, and also give them as gifts to their loved ones. 

You can even offer customized options for customers who love personalized objects. 

CNC Christmas Ornaments with Vcarve example

2. Christmas light 

Yes, it is possible to make beautiful Christmas lights using a CNC router. You will sell well if you engrave the materials with Christmas patterns. 

Once done with the design, you put a yellow light source inside it. This will command attention and attract customers because it is beautiful. The interior light will illuminate the light shade and reflect a big pattern on the wall. 

Another reason why this CNC Christmas craft will sell well is because a lot of people regard them as meaningful gifts. So they buy as gifts for their friends, family, and loved ones. 

Even lovers who want to propose to their fiancé or fiancèè during Christmas can buy personalized Christmas lights with her name engraved on it or her favorite Christmas pattern engraved on it. 

Christmas Winter Village Scene with USB Powered LED Lighting / Carved by CNC Router from Plywood

3. Christmas tree decorations 

The most exciting part of Christmas for everyone, whether kids, adults, or aged people is decorating Christmas trees. That is why this CNC Christmas project will sell fast during the festive season. 

There are many Christmas ornaments you can make and sell to make good money during the festive period. 

Some of them are Christmas bells, Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas stars, Christmas wreaths, etc. 

Making 300 Walnut Christmas Ornaments

4. Memorial Christmas ornaments 

In many countries of the world, Christmas is one of the most important holidays. On this day, a lot of people like to review their growth and the changes that have taken place in their lives during the year. 

They also remember all their special moments on this day. 

So, you can make memorial ornaments and sell them to people to hang on their Christmas trees. You can make beautiful memorial ornaments using a CNC router. 

New Memorial Christmas Ornament | Vlog | 12-10-17

5. Snowflakes ornaments 

Snowflakes is a popular and fast-selling Christmas ornament during the Christmas season because it represents uniqueness and one’s individuality. 

It also gives a romantic atmosphere in homes. Unlike the real snowflakes which are short-lived and very delicate, the CNC Christmas snowflakes ornament can live long. 

People can use them year after year to decorate their Christmas trees. Acrylic is one of the best materials used in making snowflakes ornaments. 

Acrylic is durable and transparent and when finished, they look similar to the real snowflakes and also have unique patterns. 

Make sure you design different patterns because every snowflake is unique. No two snowflakes are alike. 

People love buying snowflakes ornaments to decorate their homes, Christmas trees, and even outdoors during the Christmas holiday. Some even use snowflakes to decorate their doors, windows, walls, or even yards. 

You can make your snowflakes of different colors and designs so that your customers can have an array of options to choose from. 

How we made a Snowflake Ornament on the CNC machine

6. Children’s Christmas toys 

Children’s Christmas toys are hot selling items during the holidays because parents use them as gifts to their children. Kids play a lot during the holidays and toys keep them busy.

There are lots of ideas you can make when it comes to Christmas toys for kids using the CNC router. 

Some fast-selling toys you can make are: 

  • Catapult and snowballs 
  • Wooden puzzle, it could be Santa puzzle or a puzzle of an animal 
  • Baby rattle for babies and toddlers, etc. 
The 12 Projects of Christmas | Day 4 | Wooden Push Toy with Todd | Vectric In The Labs

7. Christmas door decorations 

When celebrating Christmas, many people love to hang some decorations on their doors. They do this to share happiness with their neighbors and to welcome visitors into their homes. 

You can make beautiful and attractive door decorations and sell them during the Christmas season. You can make Christmas door decorations and engrave the words “merry Christmas” or engrave some Christmas patterns or elements. 

Apart from this, you can also design cute patterns for people to buy and hang on their doors. One good thing with this CNC Christmas project is that Christmas door decorations don’t cost much to make. 

Great Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

8. Christmas tree 

A lot of people buy or prepare Christmas trees in their homes just to celebrate a meaningful Christmas. Everyone loves Christmas trees but not everyone knows how to make them. 

You can make huge money making and selling beautiful Christmas trees during the Christmas period. 

You can make beautiful Christmas trees using a CNC router. Make them of different sizes so that your customers can pick what suits them best. People who live in small homes prefer small Christmas trees while those who live in big homes love large Christmas trees. 

Apart from decorating the home and adding color to the holiday, Christmas trees bring warmth to the home and make the family Christmas celebration complete. 

X-mas tree from birch plywood | made with CNC

9. Name tags for stockings 

A lot of children eagerly look forward to Christmas just to receive a surprise gift from Santa. This is where this CNC Christmas project comes in. 

Make beautiful and meaningful name tags for stockings and sell them. You can also offer personalized stocking name tags for your customers who want their children’s names engraved on the name tags. 

This also makes a perfect gift to children during the holidays. 

10. Santa Claus 

Another hot selling CNC Christmas project would be carving mini Santa Claus and selling them. If you are a professional in CNC router, you can make money selling these because not everyone can do this. 

Carving Santa requires a higher skill of CAD design, and a profound experience in 3D CNC machining. 

So, this project is best for old CNC router users or woodworking artisans. But this project is also worth a try if you are good with CNC router. 

Everyone, both kids and adults will love the carvings of Santa. It decorates the home and even adds happiness to the atmosphere. This is why it is a fast-selling CNC Christmas project because a lot of people love it. 

You will make a good profit selling this CNC Christmas project. 

Merry Christmas!! Let's Make a Santa Claus with a 5 Axis CNC Engraving Machine


The Christmas period is one of the best times to make money, if you are into arts and crafts. 

In this post, we have highlighted amazing and fast-selling ideas for CNC Christmas projects. Choose the ones that resonate with you, and start creating beautiful designs, to start making money.

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