12 Exciting games that pay real money (in 2021)

There are games that pay real money and if you love playing games on your phone, you can make some money doing what you love during your spare time, no matter where you are. 

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‘Cash is king’ like it’s said, and many people try out different side hustles to make some extra money to meet the ever growing demands of daily living. So, what if you could make easy money while having fun? Yes, making money by playing games is the answer. 

Everyone loves playing games on their phones and you can do this anywhere – during break at work, while waiting for your turn at the doctor’s office, in the cab, in public, or anywhere you are, including the restroom *grin*. 

So, in this post, we will be listing legit gaming apps to make money. Most of them are free and easily gotten from the app store or play store. 

So, below are some of the best apps and websites that you can use to make real money while playing games. 

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Why You Should Play Games That Pay Real Money

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We are in the smartphone era and almost everyone has their smartphones in their hands always. In fact, the smartphone has been termed “our third hands” by psychologists. 

Many people cannot do without touching their phones for sixty seconds, and one of the major activities people perform on their phones is playing games. 

In fact, there is a diagnosis called “gaming disorder”; this is when someone is addicted to playing games without control on their phones.  

So, if you love to play games, why not use your hobby to earn some money. And the best part is; the more you play, the more you earn. 

Games That Pay Real Money

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1. Mistplay 

This is one of the most popular games that pay real money. You will earn free gift cards playing games and if you are an avid game player, you will love this app because you will discover new and exciting games. 

This is how Mistplay works: It is a loyalty program for gamers, it recommends games to you which you can play and collect units. These units can be redeemed for rewards. 

These rewards can be cashed out for gifts on Amazon, Visa Gift Cards, Playstation, and more. 

You can join Mistplay for free and start playing games and earning points to redeem gift cards. One unique feature about Mistplay is that you can play different games to earn real rewards instead of just one game which you may soon get bored of. 

Every week, Mistplay launches a new contest and you can earn up to $50 if you play consistently week to week. And you can even earn more in the contests. 

The minimum payout amount is 1,500 mistplay points and this can amount to a $5 gift card. 

The only downside to Mistplay is that it is available on Android devices only.. 

2. Swagbucks 

An amazing thing about Swagbucks is that it is an app and website that pays you to play games. It works like a ‘get-paid-to’ site and pays you to play games, watch videos, take polls, search the web, and even save money with coupons. 

Swagbucks pays you real money, and you have the option of choosing between free gift cards or being paid through PayPal. All you have to do, to start earning by playing games is to sign up and you will have access to games and online surveys with different payouts. 

Like other gaming apps that pay real money, Swagbucks will let you earn money in different ways. By doing these, you won’t get bored of playing games all the time or risk having all your eggs in one basket. 

This app also allows you to save money with coupons, sales, promo codes, and cash back when you shop for electronics, clothes, gifts, homewares, and groceries, and even when you travel. 

You earn quick on Swagbucks because they give out 7,000 free gift cards every day. It is easy to use, and they also have a proven track record. The minimum amount you can cash out on Swagbucks is $1 and you can reach this in a short amount of time. 

Swagbucks is available on iOS, Android, and desktop. 

3. 21 Blitz

This is a legitimate game that pays real money and it is a mix of 21 and solitaire. This is a perfect way to pass the time, train your brain, practice your 21 skills and also make real money at the same time. 

This app includes tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real cash prizes. You will play against real people for free and then switch to cash games when you are ready to win by competing. 

To win, you deposit money and enter cash tournaments against other players. This app pays you real money through PayPal or Credit card. Your earning potential depends on how much you deposit, and you can withdraw your balance at any time. 

However, prize tournaments are not enabled in some states and you have to live in a real prize-enabled region to make money from this game. If you don’t live in these regions, you can still play for fun and have the game’s virtual currency. 

21 Blitz is available on both Android and iOS. 

4. MyPoints 

This gaming app that pays real money is very similar to Swagbucks. It offers rewards for playing games, shopping, watching videos, and taking surveys. 

You can earn $2 to $4 per hour on this free app and it pays through gift cards which you can redeem at various retailers or PayPal. You can also convert your points to United MileagePlus miles to enable you to save money on your next flight. 

Apart from playing games, you can also answer poll questions or fill out MyPoints’ surveys on the app and earn points. 

5. Solitaire Cube 

Solitaire is an interesting and addictive game. On this app, you can play solitaire on your phone and compete in cash tournaments. Tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real cash prizes are available on this app. 

The game will match you up with other players who have the same level of skills in real-time. 

To play the game, you stack cards into piles to sort them by their suit. You can go head-to-head with other players with 1 to 2 minutes per round and actually win cash for playing games. 

You can cash out anytime by connecting your PayPal account. It is one of the real games that pay real money to PayPal. 

Prize tournaments are not enabled in some states but if you don’t live in a real-prize enabled region, you can still play for fun with the game’s virtual currency. 

Some of the amazing features about this app is that you earn quicker as each round only lasts for a minute or 2 and it has a clean interface. The animations are fast and it has smooth touch controls on all devices. 

It has proven track records and it is free to play as long as you want to, without any ads. It is available for both Android and iOS users. This is one of the solitaire games that pay real money. 

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6. Blackout Bingo 

This gaming app gives you much control of how much you can make. It is easy to use and it also teaches one concentration, speed, and strategy. 

It takes only 2 minutes to play this game and you can play it whenever you like. You can also compete for cash and prizes as well. 

Blackout Bingo is trending worldwide and it may soon become one of the hottest gaming apps. It has over 5 million players worldwide. 

However, your earning potential with this game that pays real money depends on how much you deposit. And you can practice before playing an actual cash game. 

You can withdraw your earnings at any time by tapping withdraw on the main menu and you get your money either through credit card or PayPal. This game app is available for both Android and iOS users. 

7. Drops 

This is one of the legitimate apps that pay real money. You earn free gift cards playing arcade games. Also, you can play game shows, casino games, etc. and the list of games changes continuously. 

You won’t be bored with this app and you will make real money. 

Drop enables you to find games on Google Play or iTunes App store and each game has a task. 

You will get points that you can cash out as gift cards when your required game task is completed. 

One good thing about Drop is that there are so many ways to earn from it. You can earn by playing games, taking surveys, and cash back offers. 

This app is best for you if you want to make real money by playing games and shopping. Yes, you can earn up to $40 a month if you are a big shopper. 

Drop is not for you if you are looking for games that pay real money to PayPal. For Drop, you redeem your points at places like Starbucks, Netflix, and Amazon. It is available to both Android and iOS users. 

8. Publishers Clearing House 

One unique thing about this gaming app is that playing games through the app will earn you entries into Publishers Clearing House’s different giveaways and contests. 

These giveaways include multi-million dollar drawings and also online scratch-off games and instant-wins worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

The odds of this game are long, so in most cases, you won’t win anything but it is still a fun way to pass time and win big if you are persistent. And if you win, it will be a life-changing moment for you. 

9. InboxDollars 

If you want to make money playing games, you can choose InboxDollars because they make this process incredibly easy. To sign up will only take 2 minutes of your time and you will even get a $5 bonus when you sign up to play games. 

One unique feature about this app is that you can earn cash from it. InboxDollars pays you for things that you already do online like playing games, watching videos, taking polls and surveys, and doing other easy tasks. 

While other game apps like Mistplay only let you earn money by playing games, InboxDollars let you earn money by playing games and doing other activities. 

You can choose from a wide selection of arcade games. You can even compete against other players to win cash or prizes or you get paid to play games and win scratch tickets that pay real money.

If you are looking for a reliable site or app with a proven track record, you should try InboxDollars. If you play games on the app consistently, you can earn up to $30 to $50 per month

InboxDollars is a PayPal game that pays real money, this means you will get paid in cash through PayPal. 

It is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop. 

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10. Lucktastic 

This gaming app that pays real money is not a reward site or multiplayer gaming app. Rather, it is a free app where you can win real cash and prizes and also earn rewards. 

You make money on this app by checking in daily and scratching scratch-offs to earn real money. 

If you love the feeling of buying lotto tickets or scratch-offs and dreaming about the money you hope to win, then this app is for you. 

It offers the same daily scratch-off cards that you find at your local convenience store but in this case, you play for free and win real money. 

You can win up to $10,000 in card or cash price and every day, there are $500 amazon gift card giveaways. 

You will get daily opportunities to win big when you download the Lucktastic app for free and the threshold for payout is $1 only. This free app isn’t complicated and you can easily win small amounts of money. 

Each game you play earns you instant prizes or cash and you can get bonus scratch cards from 1 to 5 pm EST and even after 9pm. 

This game is best for those who want to win cash prizes, gift cards, and real rewards without much work. But it is only available on Android devices. 

11. Long Game 

This is another unique and legitimate app that pays you real money to play games. It is a checking and savings account which works just like checking and saving accounts at other banks. 

The savings account pays you 0.1% APY and the checking account doesn’t pay any interest. 

You earn coins when you deposit money to your Long Game Savings accounts and you earn coins each time you make a debit card purchase. You can also play different games in the Long Game App and if you do well in these games, you can win cash prizes. 

If you win, the money will be deposited directly into your account. This gaming app is free and works on both Android and iOS devices. 

12. Givling 

This trivia game app offers cash rewards and it even helps people pay up their debts, especially students. There are 2 ways to earn money through Givling. 

The first is by playing in Givling’s daily trivia games and you can play up to two times daily. Each time you play, you will join a 3-person team and answer true or false trivia questions until you miss too many questions or finish the round. 

Each correct answer earns you points and if your team has the highest score at the end of the competition, the three of you will split the cash. 

The second way to earn money on Givling is by playing daily games which will earn you queue points. Givling operates a crowdfunding queue for people with student loan debts. You can also complete a sponsor offer to earn queue points. 

As you earn more queue points, you can get up to $50,000 of your student debt paid. 

Although Givling does not offer guaranteed payouts, it is still a fun way to play games and win big. 


You already play games for free on your mobile phone right? Why not make some cash out of it? 

We took our time to research the best and legitimate games that pay real money to help you meet your financial goals and make extra money doing what you love. 

If you know of a great app that pays real money that should be on this list, please let us know through the comment section, we will research the app and add it to the list if it passes our test. 

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