20 Best Apps To Make Money (earn up to $99 daily)

The opportunities to earn some dollars through your smartphone are limitless. There are many apps that can fetch you extra cash without much work. Interestingly, several people have earned thousands of dollars by using these money-making apps – either as a side income or full-time job.

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In this post, we bring you the best app to make money, and you can be guaranteed success because these money-making apps have been carefully compiled, just for you.

Read on to get all the necessary details for you to start making some easy money

Best Dog Walking App To Make Money

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Walking is believed to be an important activity that pets should engage in because it helps them to stay healthy.

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Dogs need to engage in walking at least thirty minutes daily to stay fit but not all dog owners can take out time to do this for their pets. However, many owners are willing to pay others who are ready to offer such services.

So if you love dogs and are willing to always have them around you, you can start doing so through the use of the available dog walking apps to fetch yourself some dollars. 

Below is a list of them, find the one that best suits you. 


This is one of the best and most recognized apps that will fetch you some dollars for walking dogs.

The criteria for walking dogs differ from state to state and therefore you must meet the criteria about your state before you can effectively carry out your dog walking activities. With Rover, you can earn an average of $1000 monthly.

Download here for Android

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This is another well-known dog walking app that pays you for distance covered, although some other factors like the location of your operation determine how much you can earn.

By using Wag! the app, you can earn an average of $17 per hour.

Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care allows you to earn for walking dogs and other related services such as pet sitting, specialist services, and overnight visits.

The average earnings from Fetch! Pet Care is $19.17 per hour so search for dog walking opportunities on this site and start earning.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS 


When you sign up with PetBacker, you have the opportunity to start earning an average of $16/hour from caring for dogs.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:


On this platform, you have the opportunity to contact businesses and families who are in search of a dog walker.

Here you can conveniently earn $15.hour and your monthly totals will be dependent on the total number of hours spent walking dogs.

Download here for Android:

Best Food Delivery App To Make Money

There is always someone out there in need of a delivery contractor that can help with their food delivery and this makes food delivery one of the easy ways to make quick money.

By using any of the apps mentioned below, you will start cashing in your dollars in a short period.


This is one of the efficient food delivery apps used by customers and delivery drivers. These delivery drivers are referred to as Dashers. For you to earn money as a dasher, you will require a means of movement such as a motor vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle, or other means.

You must also have a Smartphone and a valid driver’s license. You also must not be less than 18 years and be willing to abide by the regulations guiding the users of the app.

As a dasher, you can earn up to $25/hour.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS: 

Shipt Shopper

Shipt Shopper pays you for delivering groceries. With Shipt Shopper, you earn 7.5% of the order total, with an additional base of $5/order. For you to work as a driver with Shipt Shopper, you must be at least 18years old, have a smartphone, be strong enough to lift not less than 40 pounds, and have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance.

You can earn up to $22 /hour working with Shipt Shopper

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:


This food delivery app is focused on alcoholic beverages such as wine, cigars, and spirits. It is a good avenue of making money.

As a driver working with Saucey, you can earn up to $12/hour along with tips on delivery. To qualify as a Saucey driver, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Have a means of transportation
  • Have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance.
  • Must have a smartphone
  • Must be at least 21years old.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:


Favor offers food delivery services to some major markets such as Houston, Austin, and Dallas. This Texas-based delivery service refers to its delivery drivers as Runners.

For you to sign up as a Runner, you must ;  

  • Have an IOS or Android device
  • Possess a U.S driver’s license
  • Have an official Favor Runners’ ID; this is required for drivers who carry out delivery by bike.
  • Have a personal means of transportation and vehicle insurance.
  • Not be less than 18 years old.
  • Have a bank account

Runners are entitled to 35 percent of the total delivery fee along with the full tips during delivery.

Runners can earn up to $20/hour plus an additional $9-$10 as incentives where delivery drivers have the option of choosing work hours in advance – this makes you the boss of yourself

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:


This food delivering app is owned by Uber and it ensures that customers get food from their favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and specific markets.

For you to become an UberEats driver, you must meet the following conditions.

  • The minimum age requirement of the city you want to work in.
  • A valid US driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Not less than a year of driving experience. But if you are younger than 23 years, you will require not less than three years of driving experience.
  • Proof of residence
  • Your vehicle must not be less than the 1998 model and must be a four-door vehicle.

With UberEats, you can earn up to $20/hour.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS: 


For you to sign up as a driver for GrubHub, you must meet the following conditions.

  • You must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance.
  • Have a stable internet connection
  • Have a smartphone
  • Must not be less than 21 years in Las Vegas but a minimum of 19years is accepted in other cities.

With GrubHub, you can earn an average of $15/hour.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:

Best Driving App To Make Money

Photo of app to make money; driving apps are inclusive

The list of best driving apps to make money comprises the different platforms that pay you to carry out your regular driving activities.

These apps have proven to be reliable over time, therefore if you have a car, you should take advantage of any of these apps to start making extra income for yourself. 


This driving app helps you earn for driving your car along the usual route but interestingly, this driving service is focused on children from age six and older.

As a driver using the HopSkipDrive app, you will be responsible for the care of the children in your custody. This makes the childcare experience an important criterion for whoever wants to earn on this platform.

Drivers can earn up to$30/hour using this app.

Download here for iOS:


This company hires and pays drivers for providing delivery services with their cars, vans, or trucks.

Owning any of the required vehicles for carrying out their services, gives you an edge to earn an average of $33.12/hour for driving.

Download here for Android

Download here for iOS:: 


Do you know that you can also earn money for wrapping your car to display ads while you move it around?

Interestingly, Wrapify will pay you for such services. You must ensure that you track the distance covered with the Wrapify app because that is the basis for payment.

As a driver for Wrapify, you can earn an average of $600 monthly.

Download here for Android: 

Download here for iOS:

Auto Wrapped

This company also pays you for displaying ads with your vehicle but one unique difference is that it also offers cars to qualified drivers for free and you can earn an average of $3,000 monthly for using this app.

There are some other unique apps for driving that don’t just pay for your ability to display ads, drive children or deliver groceries but drivers are paid for driving safely. There are several of these types of apps but out of it, few will be listed here.


With OnMyWay, you can earn for driving safely and additional earnings from positive referrals.

This app helps to keep your mind on the road while driving which indirectly reduces the accidents occurrences on the road and also fetch you some bonuses while carrying out other regular driving activities. 

You will earn $0.05/mile of safe driving while $0.02/mile of safe driving of your referrals.

Note that this money isn’t earned as real money but can be redeemed for gift cards, cash cards, and other rewards.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:


Miles also has a lot of other avenues to earn asides from being rewarded for driving safely. You practically get rewarded for safely carrying out any movements through the physical space.

This implies that you earn points for walking, running, driving, riding, and commuting safely. These points can be redeemed through gifts cards and the likes.

Download Android

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This is another app that is targeted at encouraging safe use of the physical space.

LifeSaver locks your phone once it realizes that it is in motion. It can also notify people trying to reach the driver via phone of his or her driving activities. It also encourages sponsors or parents to organize monthly rewards that will be given to drivers using this app to further encourage safe driving.  

Download for Android

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Best Survey App To Make Money

Carrying out surveys remains one of the easiest ways of making extra income. There are no restrictions to the number of survey apps that can be downloaded and you will be notified once there is a survey to be carried out. 

The survey platforms listed below are some of the best survey apps to make money with and you can sign up for any or all of them to start earning.


LifePoints rewards you for polls and testing products. Upon signing in, you earn 10 points which keep adding up as long as you complete the survey.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS: 

Survey Junkie

This is one of the commonest survey apps focused on the opinions consumers have regarding products and brands.

You get a cent for every point so this means that for 100points, you will get $1. Most of the survey platforms give between 10 – 200 points, making it possible for you to get up to $2 per survey.

One unique thing about the Survey Junkie app is that you are given points for every survey you carry out even if it did not meet the criteria.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:


Swagbucks is a legit means of making money and it has an app where you can carry out available surveys. There are other ways to also earn using the app and these include watching videos, filling out a newsletter, playing games, and many more.

You get $5points when you sign up

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is also one of the survey apps to make money through product testing and other types of surveys.

This app makes it possible for you to cash out as low as $1 compared to other survey apps that require higher threshold.

Download here for Android:

Download here for iOS:

Final Thoughts

Yes, there are legitimate and genuine ways of earning – once you have the right information.

The apps to make money discussed above are legit and pay real cash. Check out what’s suitable for you, get the needed tools, and start earning right away.

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