7 Genius Ways To Get Paid for Driving your car

Cars are cool but can be expensive to maintain. The average car payment is about $568 per month. That’s quite an amount. So, instead of allowing your car to accumulate bills for you, why not get paid for driving?

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Yes, you can use your vehicle to generate money for itself. Asides using this money to clear up the car bills, you can also settle other things in your budget.

Read on to find out the easiest and passive ways to earn extra income with your car using driving apps.

How to get paid for driving

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There are many ways to get paid for driving. Some actually pay you for driving others, like the Lyft or Uber kind of companies, while some pay you just to advertise on your car. 

Below are the different ways to get paid for driving.

Deliver goods

  1. Roadie
Photo of Roadie; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Roadie makes it very easy to get paid for driving. It is one of those awesome money-making apps that connect drivers to businesses or people that want to ship their goods.

You can make money on roadie by delivering goods locally or long distances.

You can earn up to $60 for making deliveries around your locality. However, if you’re willing to drive your car and make long distance deliveries, you can earn up to $650 per trip.

  1. GoShare
Photo of Goshare; an app that lets you get paid for driving

If you own a pickup, truck, or van, get paid for driving your truck on GoShare.

GoShareis a popular and legit company that helps drivers make money by delivering goods, and using their vehicles for moving, plowing, transportation, haulage, etc.

To start making money, sign up to register with GoShare. They will connect you to customers, and you start working.

One highly appreciated thing about this app is that they provide insurance for the cargo and take care of all the billings.

The amount you earn depends on your type of vehicle. For instance, a standard pickup truck driver earns between $46 and $52 per hour. But on average, you can be sure of making at least $46 per hour or more. If your car is a large pickup truck, you can earn between $56 and $60 per hour.

However, if you drive a full-size cargo van, box truck, or other large vehicles, you can expect earnings between $63 and $71 per hour and $85 per hour, respectively.

  1. DoorDash
Photo of DoorDash; an app that lets you get paid for driving

DoorDash allows you to get paid for driving with its legit app.

With DoorDash, you will mostly take up food delivery services to customers, from small businesses and restaurants.

DoorDash is available in more than 4000 cities and towns all over the 50 US states, including Puerto Rico and Washington DC. In Canada and Australia, they are also available in more than 100 major towns and cities.

To start making money with this app, sign up and register your vehicle. The company will then connect you to customers.

However, DoorDash has requirements that everyone must meet before making money on the app. These requirements include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to start making money with the app
  • You must have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and registration 
  • Also, you must pass their compulsory background check
  • You must have a smartphone handy and install the DoorDash app

When you get paid for driving for DoorDash, you will be called a “dasher”. The average earning on this app is $11 per hour. However, you can make between $10 and $20 per hour or even up to $25 per hour. The exciting news is that you keep all the tips.

  1. UberEats
Photo of UberEats; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Still another company from Uber, Uber drivers can make more money with the UberEats app.

As a driver, you need to install this app, register, and deliver food to customers in their offices, homes, or wherever they ordered from.

If you have a suitable vehicle that meets the Uber requirements, you can sign up with your food delivery services and start making money.

To earn money with this app, you’ll be required to pick up food like pizza, burgers, and the rest from certain restaurants and deliver them at specific points.

The amount you earn on this app depends on how much you work. This means that you can earn money per hour during the week or weekend, depending on when you want to commit to the job. 

If you are ready to make money with UberEats, follow these steps:

  • Get the app from the play store, log in, and start accepting delivery orders from customers
  • Go to the restaurant or any other pickup points and take the ordered food
  • Deliver the ordered food to the customer at drop off point or destination
  • Receive payments from UberEats.

This UberEats app makes it easy to keep track of your earnings and daily cash. For every food you successfully deliver, you earn about $3. Depending on how much food you can deliver on the distance you go, you can earn between $10 and $20 per hour. Also, you keep 100% of the tips you get.

  1. Amazon Flex
Photo of Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex offers a solution to the most significant problems of customers by providing quicker delivery. Their services are faster than UPS, FedEx, and a post office that can’t get to customers within one or two hours of them placing their orders.

If you have a good car, you can sign up with Amazon Flex and become a courier for Amazon. On this platform, you can earn between $18 and $25 an hour.

It works like many delivery services where you can schedule to work when you are available. When your schedule comes, you take packages from the Amazon warehouse and deliver them in the direction given to you by the app.

  1. InstaCart
Photo of Instacart; an app that lets you get paid for driving

InstaCart provides grocery delivery services. The company hires full service shoppers to shop and deliver, or people who simply deliver. 

As a full service shopper, you choose your work hours and schedule. It is flexible, it is pretty easy to apply and the requirements are simple.

The payment structure for InstaCart is based on region. According to Indeed.com, shoppers and drivers earn from $13.18 to $18.62 per hour. According to Glassdoors.com, shoppers and drivers earn between $10 and $21 per hour.

  1. Shipt
Photo of Shipt; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Shipt is a grocery delivery company that pays you to shop and deliver groceries and household items to customers.

To earn money on Shipt, the company must hire you as a shopper to buy items and deliver them to their customers. You will have highly flexible working hours, and the company can pay you a part-time or full-time income.

According to Shipt, their experienced shoppers and drivers earn between $16 and $22.00, including tips.

  1. Grubhub
Photo of GrubHub; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Grubhub is a well-known online food delivery company. Most customers install this app to order food from their partner restaurants.

This company hires drivers to get food from the restaurant and deliver it to their customers. Grubhub doesn’t need any previous working experience before hiring its drivers.

Grubhub offers flexible work hours, but as a driver, you can block out every time you are available to work.

As a Grubhub driver, you will get paid for driving miles per order and $0.50 from the restaurant to the customer you’re delivering to.

Their pay ranges from $3 to $4, and their drivers keep all their tips.

According to reviews on Indeed, drivers earn an average of $10.51 to $11.50 per hour. Reviews on Glassdoor show that drivers On Grubhub make an average of $12 per hour.

  1. Postmates
Photo of PostMates; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Postmates is a popular app, and it works almost like DoorDash. To earn money with this app, install the app and deliver food to customers that ordered for them.

Postmates have straightforward requirements for their drivers, and they have entirely flexible gigs.

Even as a driver for Postmates, you can also deliver for DoorDash and Grubhub.

On Postmates, you can earn on the following bases:

  • per drop off and pickup
  • per minute you spend at a restaurant 
  • Or per mile, you drove between a drop off and a pickup. 

There are several reviews on how much a driver on Postmates earns. The average income of  a driver is $11 per hour. This is minus the tips you get from customers.

Advertise on your car

  1. Carvertise
Photo of Cavertise; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Get paid to drive cars with advertisements on Carvertise.

Carvertise is a huge company that pays drivers to advertise for companies and brands on their cars. It works just like those companies that pay people to post ads on their blogs, website, or social media.

It is a top-rated platform and links car owners and drivers to brands that want to be publicized

Carvertise pays monthly, and you can earn money on this platform by following the steps:

  • Apply to be a driver with Carvertise. You will give information about your driving routes. Also, there are no upfront charges for registration
  • You will then choose a brand you like, one that is comfortable with your driving habit
  • Carvertise will then wrap the adverts for the brand or products on your car
  • You receive payments monthly through direct deposit.

The amount you earn from Carvertise depends on the type of campaign you sign up for. However, you can earn between $100 and $300 a month. You can also increase your earnings with cash contests.

When the campaign is over, Carvertise will unwrap your car to take down the ad. If you wish to continue earning money with them, you sign up for another campaign.

  1. Wrapify
Photo of Wrapify; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Just like Carvertise, you can get paid for driving when you wrap ads on your car with Wrapify. It is another popular company that connects drivers to brands for advertisement.

To start making money with Wrapify, you need to have a suitable car that meets their requirements. However, you must be willing to drive your car to public places where people can see the adverts placed on it.

The car wrap program is suitable for many drivers who earn passive income by driving their cars. You sign up and make money with this current program in the following steps:

  • Download the Wrapify app and register to become a driver
  • Select a campaign or offer that suits your driving habit
  • Allow Wrapify to place this advert on your car
  • Drive your car to places where people will see the placed advert
  • Receive payments every week through direct deposits

The amount you earn from Wrapify depends on the mileage you drive. However, you can earn between $190 and $450 per month from Wrapify.

Their campaigns last between one and three months, so you don’t have to carry an ad you don’t like for too long.

  1. StickerRide
Photo of StickerRide; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Still like the advertising companies mentioned above, you can get paid to drive by placing ads from StickerRide on your car. The StickerRide services are available in many cities of the United States.

This company links drivers to brands that want to display the ad on cars.

To start making money with this company, sign up with StickerRide and follow these steps:

  • Install the Sticker Ride for Apple or Android devices
  • Sign up and register your car
  • Select the type of campaign you want. If you choose an active auto wrap campaign, the company will wrap your car with adverts. You can choose to cover only some parts of your car or the entire thing
  • Go to the StickerRide office in the location you want to drive. The employee will clean your car and place the StickerRide ad.
  • Drive your car around to earn money.

The amount you earn on sticker right depends on how far you drive. When it is time for payment, StickerRide will calculate your miles and pay you based on that.

Besides the miles you go with your car, other factors like the class of your car, its location, and the brand advertised on it can influence the amount you earn on the platform.

Drive people around

  1. Uber
Photo of Uber; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Most people need quick and easy transportation to their destinations, and Uber connects these passengers to drivers. If you have a good driving record, you can make a good income from Uber.

Uber is the most popular way to get paid for driving. If you have a good car, you can sign up for a program from this ridesharing company.

To start driving on Uber, meet their driving requirements on uber and have a good driving record. When this is set, download the Uber app and start making money to drive passengers around.

On Uber, you can earn per minute and per mile, you drive.

Average drivers on Uber can earn about $20 per hour. Depending on your schedule, you can choose to take up an Uber driving job only on weekends and holidays.

  1. Lyft
Photo of Lyft; an app that lets you get paid for driving

Lyft is just like Uber. It is also a top-rated ridesharing company, and one of the best that pays people to drive.

To start earning with Lyft, sign up with them on their website, ensure your car meets their requirements, install the app, and get connected with passengers.

However, beyond your car meeting their requirements, you also need to have a good driving record before being approved to make money with the app.

Lyft is a great way to get paid for driving as it allows you to choose the most suitable route for you and the time to work. An average driver can make between $15 and $20 per hour from driving for Lyft.

  1. ElderCare
Photo of ElderCare; an app that lets you get paid for driving

With Eldercare.com, you can get paid to drive people either too old or too young to drive themselves. 

Think of it, many other people need help getting around town, so signing up with this site helps you get to them with ease. You can also take up this kind of service by signing up with Uber or Lyft as most cities partner with these companies to arrange rides for their senior citizens.

Must drivers have specific qualifications before they get paid for driving?

Most car wrap companies prefer drivers with newer cars in great shape. These cars must be with little or no body damage and rust. This is because these damages can hinder the proper wrapping of the car with ads.

Also, most car wrap companies prefer drivers in metropolitan areas who drive with their cars at certain hours. They want to pay for maximum exposure.

They also consider your driving habits as having bad driving habits can give a bad reputation to the brand. So, before signing up with a car wrap company, consider your driving records and habits, if they will represent the brand well.

How will I know legit companies to get paid to drive?

Like every kind of business, they are genuine dealers and scammers. But to know the real dealers, lookout for the following

  •  Upfront cost

Legit companies will ask you for no upfront cost. Instead, they want to make a background check on you and follow due process to ensure that you have a clean record for them to trust with the brand.

  •  Contact information

Every legit company will have their detailed contact information boldly displayed on their page. If you can hardly find detailed contact information on a website page, it’s approved that they are scammers. They don’t want anyone getting to them to ask questions or find out what they do.

  •  They will ask about your driving record

Every company that pays you to drive wants to maintain a clean record and reputation for themselves. Hence, they hire drivers with clean driving records. If they do not want to find out about your driving record, it’s approved that they are scammers and don’t want anything serious to do with you.


There are many ways to get paid for driving. You can get paid for driving by delivering food and other items, driving people around or running errands. But if you want something passive, wrapping adverts on the car is the best.

So, instead of driving your car around and paying more bills for it, use it to earn some money.

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