20 Apps That Pay You To Walk

When it comes to making money online, it goes way into the little things you never thought were possible to be monetized, and to think there are apps that pay you to walk is one of those make money online means that beats oneself to unending imagination.

For any reason you might have to walk, you can earn a certain incentive for that. And there are cool apps that pay people to walk.

1). Achievement

Achievement app pays you to carry out various exercises, which include walking. If you enjoy biking, swimming, running, or any other sport, you can also get some good pay from this app. 

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All you need is to record your activities through the app each day.

You will earn some reward points for every activity you log on the app. It could be your sleep schedule, food intake, weight losses, weight gains or sharing your progress on social media platforms. 

Only a maximum of 80 points can be awarded to you each day. 

When you accumulate about 10,000 points, you receive a payment of $10; you have the option of withdrawing the cash or donating it to any charity you can find on the app. 

You will need about four months to hit the payout benchmark assuming you get the maximum points every day.

This means with the achievement app, you can only earn about $30 a year. 

You can make more than $30 a year, if you participate in the surveys associated with health and exercise. It is also compatible with some other apps like MyFitnessPal, Garmin, Fitbit, and so forth.

You do not need any of the apps mentioned above because the Achievement app can seamlessly use the data recorded on your phone. 

You should ensure always to redeem your points regularly as they expire a year after earning them. The Achievement app is user-friendly and designed to keep you motivated while you work out.

2). Rover

Rover is designed to connect pet sitters and dog walkers to pet owners. All you need to do is to set up your Rover profile and list your services. Pet owners within your locale can find and hire your services through the app.

With this app, you have to put in more effort because it doesn’t credit you automatically for taking some steps. However, you stand a higher chance of earning more as a dog walker. Many pet owners are in need of dog walkers mostly because they aren’t always at home or are able to carry out the task themselves.

Such services are in high demand, and the pay is pretty cool. Since the app has a large user base, finding work isn’t a difficult task. If you are looking for a walking app with good earning potential, you might want to try Rover.

3. Sweatcoin

If you are a crypto enthusiast, and you want to stack up some crypto without making any financial investment, Sweatcoin can pay you for walking.

For every 2,000 steps you take, you will be earning Sweatcoins. You can make up to five Sweatcoins each day with the free membership, and you will have to take 5,000 steps to achieve that. 

On the other hand, you can earn 10 Sweatcoins with the premium membership, and this involves taking 10,000 steps per day.

You are free to exchange your currency with cash or other rewards, and you can also get paid through PayPal if you accumulate up to $1,000. 

It could take you about 18 months to achieve that feat, and for something you naturally don’t have to set aside time for, it is not a bad idea.

Sweatcoin offers you a great opportunity to earn some side income while walking, but you must utilize the GPS on your phone, and every step must be taken outside. The steps you take indoors will not count because it does not connect to the fitness trackers.  

4. StepBet

If you lack the motivation to beat your fitness goals, then StepBet is your best option. Here, you can set fitness goals and place wagers on yourself. In a scenario whereby you achieve that goal, you will win some money. But if you fail, you lose the bet and the money.

StepBet helps you establish your goals depending on your current fitness level. You must accomplish your goals every week for six weeks, or you will lose the bet. Also, the app seamlessly links you to other fitness trackers.

Usually, the app will ask you to bet about $40 on yourself; therefore, the thought of losing such an amount could be the motivation you need to accomplish your fitness goals. In addition, you win some cash when you meet your goals, thereby making you a double achiever.

5. Walgreens Balance Rewards

For every walk you take on Walgreens, you get Balance Reward points. These points can be redeemed at Walgreens as Redemption Dollars. So, if you regularly buy at Walgreens, you might as well consider getting paid for walking.

To get started, visit the website and create a Walgreens Balance Reward account. After that, you can log in to the Walgreens app, and you will be asked to link a fitness tracker. You can choose from the variety of fitness trackers, or you can link your phone’s sensor. 

6. Charity Miles

With the Charity Miles app, you can earn for charities while avoiding pleading with your family and friends for donations. 

Charity Miles permits you to record your walking, running, or cycling exercises. You can pick a charity, and the app employs your phone’s motion sensors and GPS to track your mileage.

The app records both indoor and outdoor exercises, so your treadmill can also be of good use. Charity Miles is Android and iOS compatible. 

The only drawback of Charity Miles is that you have to open it to track every workout. Therefore, you don’t earn for your everyday steps or activities. You only earn when you carry out the dedicated workouts.  

7. Lympo

Lympo is another app that pays you via cryptocurrencies. The app aims at getting you to take more action to earn their cryptocurrency known as LYM. It is Android and iOS compatible, and you can partake in daily challenges, which include morning walks, lunchtime walks, and other healthy habits.

The interface is user-friendly, and there is a map feature to guide you through your route. Also, get real-time information about your speed, distance covered, and time. You can use your daily steps in the challenge by linking the app to Apple Health. This app gives you every motivation to walk.

8. People Walker

People Walker enables people to find and book a walking partner. So, you can apply as a “People Walker” and generate a side income by walking with individuals who want a partner. 

You must understand that a small application fee is charged for background checks. Also, this app is limited to some cities situated on the West Coast of the United States; however, there is a 

chance of expansion if it becomes viable. 

9. PK Rewards

This app is specifically designed for iOS users. Here you earn virtual coins as rewards, or you can use them to support charities. Whatever exercise you track with your phone will earn you some coins. Therefore, if you put in more effort, you earn more.

You can sync your heart rate monitors or Apple Watch to enable you to get accurate readings. Other workouts apps can also be linked. 

The workout coins you can earn per day are limitless, but there is a limit to how much you can spend on items or donations each day. Upgrading to a Max account allows you to spend more.

10. MapMyFitness

The MapMyFitness whether you use MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, or any related apps, you will have the privilege of partaking in challenges through the MapMyFitness app. 

And, you can earn some money by doing so. Most of the prizes are Under Armour products of those made by other fitness-based companies.

Although you don’t earn real cash or rewards, getting some nice fitness wear is an advantage. You can connect your phone’s sensors or Fitbit to the app to track your daily activities. Alternatively, you can track with your GPS.

11. Carrot (Canada)

While the Carrot app rewards you for accomplishing your daily step goals, it is only available to people living in particular Canadian provinces. You can track with your phone or Fitbit. Also, your step goal is determined by the app, but the overall aim is to enhance your physical activity.

12. LifeCoin

LifeCoin  app shares some similarities with Sweatcoin. Your phone’s GPS is used for tracking, and you only get rewarded for steps taken outdoors. 

You won’t earn for the indoor steps you take, and you can redeem the coins through prizes such as gift cards.

13. Fit For Bucks

Currently, the app only runs on iOS; however, there are plans to create an Android version. All you need to do is to link the app to a fitness tracker or an Apple Watch, and you will be able to track your steps. 

With this app, you earn points for both indoor and outdoor steps.

Your points can be redeemed as rewards, but you must note that the available rewards are limited at the moment. The owners of the platform are working on improving on that in the near future.

14. Winwalk

Winwalk app is an android app that comes with a very friendly interface. It works as a pedometer, so it counts every step you take. 

The app makes use of the in-built sensor on your phones; therefore, you need not switch on your GPS to count your indoor and outdoor steps. 

For every 100 steps you take, you earn a coin, and the limit is set at 100 coins per day. To achieve this, you have to take 10,000 steps. So, if you are an Android user whose everyday life entails a lot of walking, this could be an awesome means of earning some extra bucks.

15. FitPotato

FitPotato  pays you when you walk, run or jog. It is also known to be a wagering app. So, you bet on yourself, and if you win, you earn some cash. It is, however, available to only iOS users at the moment. 

16. Runtopia

Runtopia app is a bit distinct from the others mentioned in this guide; it tracks your walking, jogging, or running while offering you some voice coaching. You also get data such as the amount of burnt calories and the number of steps you make per minute. On this app, you get virtual coins you can redeem as prizes. 

17. HealthyWage

With HealthyWage, you get financial incentives that encourage you to lose weight. Your basic objective is to set a goal and place a wager on yourself to accomplish that goal. The app provides you with the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, which you can use to check your potential winnings, depending on your bet.

Once you accomplish the weight loss goal, the money is yours. The highest prize money is $10,000, and you partake in up to 10 challenges at once.

18. Postmates

The original idea of Postmates is to provide quick delivery of groceries, food, and drink orders for customers. You can sign up on the platform and set your schedule to dispatch restaurant orders to clients within your locale by foot, cycling, or car.

You receive weekly payments, and every tip you make belongs to you. This app is good if you are looking for an evening or weekend side hustle.  

19. Gigwalk

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn by walking during your leisure time, then you have to try the Gigwalk app. You get tasks and objectives that you can complete between five minutes to several hours. This will be dependent on how much you are aiming to earn.

20. FitFetti

Here, your family and friends can sponsor your steps, and you can sponsor your loved ones as well. 

FitFetti is iOS compatible, and you can link it to Fitbit or Apple Health to record your active minutes. Your sponsors are allowed to pledge some amount on you to accomplish your weekly goals, and rewards are paid in Amazon credits.

The internet has changed the way we earn and it must not always be a pain, but the little hobby you least expect someone you pay you for, is something you can stack up some bucks for in today’s world. 

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