Top Work From Home Nursing Jobs (+ 20 Companies Hiring)

Would you love to care for patients remotely and get paid from home? Then, you should check out these work from home nursing jobs.

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Numerous hospitals and healthcare companies seek the services of nurses, registered or not, and you can make a lot of money if you have enough experience. Even as a beginner, you can still find work from home nursing jobs to do. 

Best work from home nursing Jobs

Numerous careers are available for remote nursing. Apply for any of these work from home nursing jobs to start earning immediately.

  1.  RN Case Manager

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A registered nurse (RN) case manager works with patients to manage their conditions and disability claims. 

The primary duty of a registered nurse case manager is to ensure that the patient and the family obtain effective medical services at affordable treatment costs. So they help them develop, implement, and review their health care plans.

As a remote RN case manager, you will act as a liaison between the patients and medical practitioners, to ensure every party complies.

Most of the case management work can be done from home through email or phone, and you can take this as a remote position if you are an experienced nurse who has spent many working years in the health care facility.

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How much does an RN case manager earn?

According to Indeed, the average salary of a registered nurse case manager is $42.49 an hour, $5,719 per month, and $80,773 per year.

However, the salary depends on your years of experience. RN case managers with one to two years of experience earn about $77,629 a year, while those between six and nine years of experience make up to $88,204. With more than ten years of experience, a registered nurse earns about $94,090 yearly.

Requirements for remote RN case manager jobs

To become a remote RN case manager, you must meet the following requirements:

Where to find remote RN case manager jobs

You can find remote RN case manager jobs on job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Zippia, and LinkedIn.

You can also apply to the following hospitals for remote RN case manager jobs:

  1. Telephone Triage Nurse

A telephone triage nurse offers consultation services, listening to patient’s complaints and symptoms to help them ascertain the type of care they need. Patients who contact telephone triage nurses want to find ways of managing their symptoms through the nurse’s diagnosis to know if their symptoms need emergency care or not.

Phone triage nurses’ jobs can be done through phone calls or live video calls, and the nurse can help the patient make an appointment with the physician or offer directions for them to treat themselves at home.

Photo of a telephone triage nurse, one of the work from home nursing jobs

Besides the symptoms they feel, you will also gather basic information about the patient, including their gender, age, identity, height, and weight. You should also ask to learn about their medical history to make the best diagnosis.

How much does a telephone triage nurse earn?

According to, an average telephone triage nurse in the United States earns $78,177a year. The 10th percentile telephone triage nurses in the United States earn an average of $56,109, while the 90th percentile earners get up to $97,739 yearly.

How to become a telephone triage nurse

As a telephone triage nurse, you must:

  • Have an ADN or BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree 
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam
  • Have clinical nursing experience. Emergency room or Intensive care nursing experience is an added advantage 
  • Have access to a computer system with a high-speed Internet connection and call equipment.

Where  to find telephone triage nurse jobs

You can find telephone triage nursing jobs on job boards like Indeed, Simply Hired, Zip Recruiter, and LinkedIn.

You can also apply directly to the following hospitals for employment:

  1. Health Informatics

As health informatics, you combine your nursing experience with technological exposure to find innovative intersections between health care systems, technology, and communication to improve the health sector.

As nurse informatics, you can be a nursing consultant to give nursing perspectives on new technology designs that can help create dependable databases to report outcomes of treatments. You can even help develop computer programs to help physicians and other medical personnel provide better services to patients.

Besides this, you will also

  • Develop and test system technologies
  • Train staff on how to use newly developed systems
  • Assist with healthcare technology needs
  • Improve the hospitals’ policies and standards
  • Troubleshoot and find solutions to users’ problems

How much does health informatics earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, nurse informatics earns an average of $42 an hour and $107,260 a year. The 25th percentile earns about $45,000 to $157,000 a year, while the 90th percentile makes about $215,000 annually.

How to become health informatics as a nurse

To become a remote informatics nurse, you must first love technology and have analytical skills. After this, you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) and obtain the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certification. Equivalent certifications from other institutions are also accepted.

Where to find health informatics jobs as a nurse

They always update health informatics job openings on job boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, and FlexJobs.

  1. Nurse educator

As a registered nurse, you can teach nursing classes online by joining the teaching platforms on the Internet. You can also work directly for employers like universities, nursing schools, and junior colleges that offer distance-learning options. Depending on your employer and experience, you may teach a diploma program, bachelor’s degree program, or associate degree program. You can also offer refresher courses for nurses who want to re-enter the field.

Becoming a nurse educator is excellent for retired nurses or nurses who want to stay away from the clinical settings for a while.

Besides teaching, you may also be expected to conduct research, design, implement and revise the nurse’s education curriculum.

How much do nurse educators earn?

According to Payscale, an average nurse educator earns $38.36 an hour and an average of $78,617 a year. Gurus in the system can earn up to $107,000 a year.

How to become a nurse educator

To become a nurse educator, you need tangible years of experience in the field. You must also be at the top of your nursing career and complete all the stages of nursing. Other requirements include:

  • Having a Master of Science in Nursing or PhD
  • Passing NCLEX-RN licensing exams
  • Having adequate experience in your area of specialization
  • For some states, having enhanced nurse licensure compact (eNLC)
  • Teaching credit

Where to find remote nurse educator jobs 

Photo of a nurse educator; one of the work from home nursing jobs

Before going into remote nurse educator jobs, you can gain experience by working with the career service team at your school. They can link you to some great job openings.

However, to find nurse educator jobs online, job boards and recruiting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Flexjobs, and ZipRecruiter are very helpful. You can also check the career pages of the schools you love to see if they have openings. 

  1. Insurance Claims Specialist

Insurance companies hire nurses to review insurance claims and help them determine if they should genuinely be covered or not. Before these companies make any payment, the nurses will check the claims to ensure the coding is billed correctly, the claim is not fraudulent, and there are no duplicate charges.

An insurance claim specialist will also decide whether the claim should be accepted or rejected and properly document it.

How much does an insurance claim specialist earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, an average insurance claims specialist earns $32 an hour and $65,808 a year.

How to become an insurance claims specialist

To become an insurance claim specialist, you must have adequate clinical experience to be sure that the care that the company is paying for is the same as the care that was given to the patient. For instance, people can claim that they underwent a surgery when they only got first aid. This can cause the insurance company a lot of money to cover that treatment.

Besides the clinical experience, you must also have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, be a registered nurse, and have adequate knowledge in medical billing.

Where to get remote insurance claims specialist jobs

Some companies that hire for insurance claims specialist positions include Cigna, Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Westfield Insurance, The Jonus Group LLC, The BestClaim Solutions, Auto Injury Solutions, etc.

You can also find remote job openings on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, and LinkedIn.

  1. Freelance nurse writer

Freelance writing for nurses is not just a great side hustle; it can become a full-time career for people considering leaving the clinical setting. Your primary duty as a freelance nurse writer will be to create high-quality medical content for hospitals and individuals, compose care plans for patients, write insurance plans, etc.

Freelance nurse writing pays well alongside the bonus of flexibility in location and time. You just have to meet the deadlines. 

Photo of a freelance nurse writer; one of the work from home nursing jobs

How much does a freelance nurse writer earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, a freelance nurse writer earns an average of $33 an hour and $68,045 a year. However, the exact salary of a freelance writer depends on numerous factors, including their years of experience and if they are taking the job part-time or full-time.

However, a freelance nurse writer can earn between $17,000 and $138,000 a year.

How to become a freelance nurse writer

To become a freelance nurse writer, you must have excellent writing and communication skills. You must also be able to create highly engaging content to keep your readers glued to the end, especially if you are writing for blogs and social media. You will earn more money if you combine your writing interest with nursing experience to write about a specialty, like a nurse research writing, nurse certification writing, medical writing, learning development writing, etc.

Where to find freelance nurse writer jobs

To find freelance nurse writing jobs, check sites like Clear Voice,, Upwork, Proclinical,,, etc.

  1. Legal nurse consultant

The legal nurse consultant job is a great one for nurses interested in the legal field. As a legal nurse consultant, you’ll be working with lawyers to offer expertise on medical issues. You will provide clinical nursing principles to help legal consultants resolve complex legal issues, including compensation, insurance fraud cases, malpractice cases, personal injury cases, and criminal cases.

Some key responsibilities of a legal nurse consultant include using your skills to

  • Interview clients
  • Examine medical records
  • Teach attorneys about medical-related issues
  • Translate medical language for attorneys, etc.

Legal Nurse Consultant jobs are autonomous and can be done from home. You may also work independently in legal firms, forensic environments, insurance companies, independent consulting practices, health facilities, and government agencies. However, most parts of the job will be done via phone. 

How much do legal nurse consultants earn?

According to, an average legal nurse consultant earns about $48.69 an hour, making up to $80,718 a year. However, the highest earners can make up to $100,000 a year from the same job.

How to become a legal nurse consultant

To qualify as a legal nurse consultant, you must have the following

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, but some firms may require a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree
  • NCLEX-RN license
  • Substantial years of clinical experience in nursing
Photo of a nurse, there are various work from home nursing jobs

Where to find legal nurse consultant jobs

The first step to finding a legal nurse consultant job is building a solid network with medical and legal professionals to get quick recommendations for the best legal nursing jobs.

Also, check the career page of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) to see if there are any openings. You can also peruse some nursing career sites, social media sites, etc., for jobs.

Even when you do not find an active listing to apply for, add your name to the AALNC online marketing database alongside your expertise so that attorneys can quickly find you if they need someone to serve as an expert witness. 

  1. Nurse recruiters

As a nurse recruiter, you will majorly be selecting the best applicant for the medical industry. Due to the increase in healthcare sectors, nurse recruiter jobs are now in high demand, and it’s a great one for experienced registered nurses.

When you become a nurse recruiter, you will be working alongside health care providers to screen for nursing talent fit for the role the provider is hiring for. This will help the facility focus on more demanding aspects of healthcare. 

How much does a nurse recruiter earn?

According to Indeed, an average nurse recruiter earns $27.13 an hour, making up to $63,207 a year minus other bonuses. Also, according to Comparably, an average nurse recruiter can earn up to $80,638 a year when their bonuses are added. The average basic salary is an average of $79,239, while the bonus can go as high as $1,399. 

How to become a nurse recruiter

To become a nurse recruiter, you must first have at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human resources, or nursing. You must also have good interpersonal skills since you will be relating to many people.

Where to find nurse recruiter jobs

Besides job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn, you can find nurse recruiter jobs on TalentRISE, Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, and HCA Healthcare.

  1. Medical coder

As a nurse, you can become a medical coder or coding specialist to document patient data according to coding rules. A medical coder is important to insurance companies and government agencies because they manage the patient data in a codified form and take charge of the medical billing.

Photo of a medical coder; one of the work from home nursing jobs

How much does a medical coder earn?

According to, an average medical coder earns $23.85 an hour and $54,866 a year. However, these wages may not be the same for every location, experience, and educational level.

How to become a medical coder

To become a medical coder, you must have a certificate or at least a degree in medical coding or any other related field. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are a registered nurse or not. You must also have excellent organization skills and attention to detail to ensure correct codes.

Where to find medical coding jobs

The best places to find medical coding jobs include AviaCode, iMedX, MedStar Health, Altegra Health, etc. 


How can I make money from home as a nurse?

Doing work from home nursing jobs, also called remote nursing, is the best way to make money from home as a nurse. For these jobs, you will provide high-quality care for your patient even when you’re not in a hospital setting or one on one contact with them.

You’ll mostly provide your services through phone calls, mobile apps, texting, and video conferencing to communicate with your patients. You will also use electronic medical records EMR for data collection and charting, and remotely collect clinical information like blood glucose levels, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.

How do I get out of a nursing career?

To get out of a nursing career, consider other alternative jobs for nurses, including health researchers, medical writers, medical coders, insurance claims, and other jobs listed above.

Can I teach myself medical coding?

If you have quality experience in healthcare, then you may be able to learn medical coding alone. However, most employers require medical coding certifications before hiring. 


Work from home nursing jobs gives you a lot of money-making opportunities. And since they are remote nursing jobs, you can do more than one, especially if you are retired or want a more flexible schedule. 

Like the regular nursing jobs, the work-from-home opportunities pay well. You can earn more than a decent living if you dedicate your time to it. 

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