16 In-Demand Work At Home Healthcare Jobs (+ 11 Companies Hiring Now)

Even though many medical jobs are onsite jobs, there are some work at home healthcare jobs that can be done remotely. 

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Considering the high rate of medical attention that is required daily, and the shortages of doctors and other medical practitioners, the healthcare industry has embraced the remote working strategy. 

Remote nurses are now employed to provide assessments of patients and reduce pressure on the in-office staff.

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Working from home as a healthcare worker is suitable if you are a self-starter, goal-driven, and you prefer a flexible career that requires less commuting. 

Let’s take a look at some of the available options.

Best Healthcare Work From Home Jobs

Some of the best work at home healthcare jobs include:

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists convert audio recordings by medical professionals into written documents, reports, and correspondence. This occupation is also known as a healthcare documentation specialist. You can secure work opportunities on platforms like Upwork, TranscribeMe, and Daily Transcription

The average pay for a medical transcriptionist is $34,770

Medical Coding

A Medical Coder, also called a Certified Professional Coder, is in charge of reviewing a patient’s medical records and translating them into codes that insurers use for processing claims from patients. They earn an average of $45,240 and secure jobs on sites like Upwork and Indeed.

Medical Writers

A medical writer creates quality education materials around healthcare topics. Medical writers engage in medical writing such as patient leaflets, medical journal articles, and book chapters.

 Medical writers can get jobs on Guru or Upwork and earn about $125,500 yearly.

Healthcare Recruiter

A healthcare recruiter must identify, evaluate, and hire qualified professionals for available positions. The average pay for a healthcare recruiter is $48,000.  For healthcare recruiter jobs, check JAMA Career Center, or Health eCareers

Healthcare Marketing Manager

Healthcare marketing managers can work for different healthcare organizations like clinics, health systems, and hospitals. They plan and implement marketing strategies for healthcare organizations. The salary range is between $43,000 and $100,000 annually.

Platforms like Ziprecruiter and Indeed usually list healthcare marketing manager job opportunities.

Best Work From Home Nursing Jobs

Below is a list of work from home nursing jobs you can try out.

Nurse Educator

Nurse educators teach, inspire and mentor nurses, guiding them on how to take adequate care of patients. They help upcoming nurses to be well equipped to confront the demands of the healthcare system. The average pay for a nurse educator is $73,633 and jobs can be found on sites like indeed.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consultants are usually registered Nurses that offer consultation and expertise to attorneys on medical issues. With a strong background in the clinical nursing industry, LNCs adopt the nursing process in evaluating relevant and complex information in legal cases. They fulfill the role of bridging the gap between the legal process, the healthcare science, and patient outcomes.

The average annual earnings for registered nurses is $75,330 and jobs can be secured on platforms like Indeed

Hospital Administrator

The overall duties of a hospital administrator is to oversee the activities of a hospital or health system. The salary range for hospital administrators is between $51,000 and $152,000. Platforms like Indeed and Ziprecruiter list job opportunities in this field.

Patient Care Advocate

Patient Care Advocates wear many hats. They assist patients to relate with healthcare providers and ensure that they get and understand the information required to make needed decisions.  

They also help to book appointments with a doctor and for diagnostic tests, help to coordinate patient care and manage financial and legal matters.

Patient care advocate jobs can be found on Glassdoor or ZipRecruiter and the average earnings are $32,294.

Check out more work from home nursing jobs that pay well.

Work From Home Jobs In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Examples of jobs that can be found in this industry include;

Clinical Trial Associate

A clinical trial associate reviews research progress and ensures that the accuracy and quality clinical practices are maintained. They earn an average of $65,247 annually and jobs related to this skill can be found on platforms like Indeed and Ziprecruiter.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

A sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for utilizing effective  sales ideas to increase sales in the industry. The average earning per annum is $62,070 and related jobs can be secured on Glassdoor, Totaljobs or ziprecruiter.

Research Coordinator

Research coordinators assist in project works by coordinating research subjects appropriately. You can get on Indeed, Glassdoor or ziprecruiter and earn an average of $150,000 annually.


Pharmacists give medical prescriptions along with relevant information like side effects. They guide patients through their physicians’ dosages to ensure medications are safely administered. The average earnings of Pharmacists are $124,170 and job opportunities can be gotten on pharma opportunities and iHirepharmacy

Work From Home Healthcare Jobs No Experience

If you are interested in the work from home healthcare jobs but you have no experience, you can still earn from this list of healthcare jobs that require no experience.

Patient Support

If you work as patient support, you will be responsible for providing technical support and guidance to patients over the phone and through email. You can earn between $51,000 – $70,000 annually.

Jobs for patient support can be found on we work remotely

Intake Specialist

An intake specialist’s job requires an individual who pays attention to details to get the right information from clients. They render services to mental health institutions, healthcare facilities, and law firms.

The average earnings for an intake specialist is about $38,000 annually, as cited on Glassdoor.

Medical Administrative assistant

Medical administrative assistants are also called medical office managers, medical secretaries, or medical office assistants. They are experts who handle administrative activities in a medical facility. Their average pay is around $37,350 and you can secure jobs on SimplyHired or Ziprecruiter.

Companies To Find Work From Home Healthcare Jobs

AIM Specialty Health

This company was founded in 1989 to improve healthcare services, making them safer and more affordable. It promotes adequate care through real-time decision support and evidence-based clinical guidelines for providers and patients.

Anthem, Inc.

Anthem was founded in 1946 to provide a full package of healthcare and wellness products and services. It has earned numerous accolades and awards as a result of this culture.

Cerebral Care

Cerebral Care is a mental health organization that was launched in 2020. It is on a mission to enhance access to treatment for disorders such as anxiety and depression. It provides patients with an online provider visit, regular assessments, counseling sessions, prescription delivery, and medications prescribed by licensed providers.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a leading healthcare service provider that was founded in 1963. It offers in-store and online prescription services. 


Kelly was launched in 1946. It specializes in recruiting workers in various industries like automotive, life sciences, information technology accounting and finance, call centers, administrative, and engineering,

Consulting and outsourcing services include executive search, career transition, recruitment and business process outsourcing, and executive coaching.


Novartis was established from a merger in 1996. It is a global pharmaceutical healthcare, research, and solutions organization that is committed to enhancing patient lives by revealing solutions that meet the present medical challenges.


Parexel was established in 1982 but was acquired by EQT IX fund and Goldman Sachs in2021. It is a global biopharmaceutical services company that offers a wide range of solutions to the medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.


Royal Philips of the Netherlands was launched in 1981 although widely known as Philips. It is a major provider of home healthcare, acute care, oral healthcare, contemporary art, lighting applications, photographs, watches and jewelry, and energy-efficient lighting solutions for international markets.

PRA Health Sciences

This is a global contract research company that was established in 1976. It assists companies to create life saving drugs in scientific areas such as oncology, neurology, immunology, infectious diseases, hematology, and psychiatry. The activities of PRA Health Sciences professionals have resulted in the development of over 100 beneficial drugs.

Soliant Health

Soliant Health was established in 1991. It places experts in a wide range of specialized disciplines, which include surgical technologists; registered nurses; occupational, physical, and respiratory therapists; cytologists, histologists, and medical lab technicians; family practice physicians, internists, and psychiatrists; pharmacists pharmacy technicians, and; and CT, MRI, radiology, ultrasound, and sleep technicians.

UnitedHealth Group

One of the most diversified healthcare organizations, UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1977. It is the parent body for UnitedHealthcare, which provides health benefits and insurance coverage, and Optum, which offers information-enabled health services technology.

Benefits Of Work From Home Healthcare Jobs

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  1. A career in home health care gives you the opportunity of impacting the lives of your clients and their families. Home health experts enjoy a personal relationship that is built in the cause of rendering your service. 

They also have a sense of accomplishment that comes with knowledge of their ability to improve the lives of others.  

  1. Home health care professionals can create social interaction and companionship which can help to reduce the risk of mental health issues, cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure, and some other health conditions. Clients and caregivers both partake of these benefits. 
  1. Working from home in the healthcare industry allows you to help clients manage their daily activities in the comfort of their homes.
  1. The ability to offer complex care at home to adults, and children. and Infants with injuries, wounds, or chronic conditions, and patients who rely on high-technology medical equipment for respiration and nutrition, all need the services of a home health care expert to survive each day.
  1. Nurses who take up work from home healthcare jobs help to lighten the burden of care from the client’s family. 
  1. Home health caregivers improve lives by helping clients to remain comfortable and safe in their own homes.
  1. Home health care can help you to stay focused on your skills in a specialized practice. It allows you to build your career in the area of health you find most interesting. So, if you work in pediatrics or adult care, you can build a career working within that area of specialty. 

You may be inspired by the idea of helping new parents whose infant requires complex medical attention, giving them the required care remotely will minimize their hospital visits.


  1. Is there a monetary incentive when I work from home?

No, but many employees see work from home as a benefit because it is cost-effective since you don’t have to bother about the daily commuting to work or the cost of purchasing the acceptable wears in an office setting, etc.

  1. Does tenure determine my eligibility to work from home?

Yes, in most cases it does, although the policies of every hospital differs.

  1. Will the health facility compensate me with a percentage to acquire internet connectivity at home, if I am unable to get one in place?  

Naturally, the healthcare system does not pay for internet connectivity. 

  1. Do employees work from home every day of the week or are they allowed to alternate days?

The policy of the healthcare provider that you are working with will determine that.

Final Thoughts

Work from home healthcare jobs come with the possibility of operating on a flexible schedule where health care aides and nurses can work as little or as much as they wish. Making a career in home healthcare is perfect for caring for people at any level in life. 

Whether you’re raising a family, returning to the workforce, pursuing your education, or semi-retired, home health provides rewarding full-time and part-time job opportunities to suit any schedule any day anytime.

With the different categories of jobs from the list of companies and sites that provide flexible medical and health jobs, you already have the best place to begin your search. Check out each company to know the available roles and join the team of remote healthcare employees today.

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