10 Companies Hiring For Work From Home Chat Jobs Now

If you are fast at typing, love helping people, and love to work remotely, you might want to consider work from home chat jobs.

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Interestingly, with these chat jobs – you will not need to constantly be on the phone with clients, instead you’ll work as a chat support agent. The assistance comes through live or email chat. Also, you can assist customers online in placing orders for certain items, offering technical support services, and attending to other forms of queries.

Who Is A Chat Agent?

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A live chat agent is someone that is saddled with the responsibility of attending to the company’s customers through live chat software to help customers resolve their issues and answer other inquiries. However, some companies’ software is built with automated virtual agents that attend to customers but in most cases, the intervention of a human is needed.

What Does A Chat Agent Do?

The role of a live chat agent is basically to attend to customers’ queries and offer real-time support for the company’s customers. Some of the roles include; live chatting and providing courteous customer service to the concerned. Also, it may include email communication which can be on how to use a company’s product or services. 

Other roles include;

  • Up-selling and cross-selling of company’s products
  • Coordinate updates
  • Drive meaningful conversations with the customers
  • Proactively engage with the customers

Skills Needed By A Live Chat Agent

The following skills are required to become a successful live chat agent;

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent multitasking abilities
  • Ability to learn fast
  • Must be tech-savvy
  • Good team-building spirit
  • Ability to think fast
  • Vast knowledge of the company’s software

Other qualifications for a career as a live chat agent include; a GED certificate or High School Diploma, proficiency in live chat computer programs, excellent listening skills, patience, and strong customer service relations skills.

Work From Home Chat Agent Jobs

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The following are the companies where you can find the best work from home chat agent jobs;


OutPLEX offers great customer contact and call center experience to various brands across the globe. They are always recruiting remote customer service representatives who will work through teleservices and live chat in the United States, Dominican Republic, and Columbia.

Companies using OutPLEX include;

  • American Express
  • Lowes
  • Humana

Job Roles;

  • Attend to customer’s queries and seek to resolve them
  • Help to escalate customer’s unresolved issues
  • Help to implement the company’s solutions

Qualifications And Skills;

  • High school diploma from a recognized institution
  • General degree
  • Excellent online research skills
  • Good communication, spelling, and grammar skills
  • Typing skill of not less than 30 words/minute
  • Customer service experience is an added advantage.

Salary: Between $12 to $13.36/hour depending on your job function; whether you are working as a bilingual customer associate or customer service representative.


The Apple At-Home Advisors attend to customers’ queries and render online chat support to Apple users through the phone or chat. This support might include information about Apple products, services, and accessories. However, Apple gives a headset and iMac to its Home Advisors. So, you will need good internet service and a quiet place to work to prevent distractions.

Interestingly, the company will bear some of your internet costs.

Qualifications And Skills;

  • Minimum of 2.7 GPA from a recognized institution where Apple wants to recruit from
  • Ability to type not less than 40 words/minutes
  • Knowledge of the use of one or two Apple products like iPads, iPhones, etc
  • Multitasking skills
  • Internet connectivity with a minimum of 10Mbps downloads speed and 3Mbps upload speed
  • Technical troubleshooting is an added advantage not necessarily important

Salary: You can earn up to $20/hour base pay working as Apple At Home Advisor


This is one of the work-from-home chat jobs that offers up to $15/hour. It is called Customer Service Associate on Amazon. Besides, there are benefits of working as a Customer Service Associate – some of them are, the availability of vision, health, and dental plans. Other benefits are; paid time off (these include company holidays), discounts on Amazon’s products, and a 401(k) retirement plan with a 50 percent company match.

Job Roles;

  • Give detailed descriptions of the company’s products
  • Receive orders, calculate fees, and process payments
  • Review customer’s account
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

Qualification And Skills;

  • Must be 18-years and above
  • Must possess High school, GED, or its equivalent
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Prioritization and interpersonal skills
  • Empathy, patience, and professionalism
  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the company’s products

Salary: $49,664/year. Find out more about Amazon work from home.


This is a platform that offers work-from-home chat jobs to call center companies and their agents. Besides, it hires independent work-from-home chat agents to offer assistance through chat to its customers.

Interestingly, being an independent contractor gives you the time to set up your schedule and also which brand to work for.  Also, Arise gives support to new contractors through online videos

Job roles;

  • Offer real-time support and troubleshooting to clients
  • Go through projects details
  • Work with individual company’s budget and specification

Qualifications And Skills;

  • Relevant degree/certification
  • Good organizational, multitasking, and communication skills
  • Ability to work under less supervision
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Previous experience is an added advantage though very important

Salary: $14.89/hour

The Chat Shop

It is a UK-based organization that offers live chat support to many big companies around the world. So, they hire a chat agent which helps to attend to customers’ queries. As a chat agent, you are expected to sell products and services, generate leads, and achieve customer satisfaction through chatting.

The job here is interesting because you are expected to work across different industries, from real estate to hospitality to automobile, and so on.

Job Roles;

  • Attend to customers and increase customer satisfaction
  • Must be able to deliver information in a courteous manner
  • Ability to engage, advice, and sell

Qualification And Skills;

  • Must be a native English speaker that is good at spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
  • Ready to learn
  • Able to type not less than 80 words/minute
  • Must be able to work for 35 to 40 hours weekly
  • Able to multitask and well-focused

Salary: $10.65/hour


Concentrix is an American-based multinational company that offers customer engagement and business performance services. It is also one of the reputable companies that offer work-from-home chat jobs.

Benefits of working at Concentrix include; competitive wages, paid training, and greater career potential. Besides, they offer full and part-time positions based on the type of job and schedule.

Job Roles:

  • Ensure that the services offered to customers meet KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Understand customer’s needs and seek to resolve them
  • Maintain basic knowledge of the client’s products and services
  • Great people skills, good communication, and writing skills

Qualifications And Skills:

Concentrix does not require much qualification, even a student pursuing graduation can be part of the company. The basic qualification is to have a good command of the English Language and excellent communication skills. However, having higher qualifications and being bilingual will be an added advantage.

Salary: $29,880 – $30,450/year


This company is a smartphone insurance company that offers work from home chat agent jobs. They also offer insurance services for consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers, and jewelry. This is to help clients process claims and also attend to other technical questions that might arise.

To do this job successfully, you need a quiet working environment and a high-speed internet connection while Asurion provides the remaining equipment.

Qualifications And Skills:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Four to six month months of experience as a customer service agent
  • Availability at nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Pass drug tests and other background checks

Salary: $15 – $20/hour


This is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with organizations that need their services. Upwork allows you to create a profile where you can showcase your skills and at the same time search for openings and bid for gigs that suit your interest.

For instance, you can find chat agent jobs that will require you to answer questions about a product or service through text, email, or any other means.

However, Upwork charges a fee for using the platform; check the rate below;

  • 20% service fee for earnings between $0 to $500
  • 10% service fee for earnings between $500.01 to $10,000
  • 5% service fee for earning between $10,000.01 and more in earnings


SiteStaff is a company that offers boutique chat services for businesses. it is one of the work-from-home chat jobs that recruits US-based college-educated staff to offer friendly and efficient customer service as chat hosts.

To work with site staff, you need to have a reliable computer and fast internet service

Qualification And Skills:

  • Ability to type up to 65 to 75 words/minute
  • Good knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and spelling
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills

Salary: $13 to $14/hour


This is an Israel-based company that is offering a user-friendly site builder that can be used by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. So, those experienced in customer service and who have good communication skills – can apply as sales chat specialists. They offer assistance through email and live chat services.

Job Roles:

  • Deliver excellent customer service experience to clients
  • Up-selling to customers
  • Build good customer relationship

Qualification And Skills:

  • Good time management, attention to detail and can multitask
  • Good knowledge of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Good communication, listening, and analytical skills.
  • Salary: details of salary are not given but you can confirm during the recruitment process.


  1. Who Is A Live Chat Agent?

A live chat agent is someone who interacts with clients through the company’s live chat software to attend to customers’ queries and help to resolve their issues.

  1. What Is A Live Chat Assistant?

Live chat assistant is the process through which clients can have a real-time conversation with a live chat agent in a bid to get issues resolved. So, the live chat software built-in on a company’s website can be used to send queries so that the live chat agent can respond in no time.

  1. How Do I Become A Live Chat Agent?

The following are needed to become a live chat agent;

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Proficiency with live chat computer programs
  • Good typing and listening skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Multitasking skills
  1. Where To Find Work From Home Chat Jobs

You can find work from home chat jobs from the following sites:

Final Thoughts

With more companies registering their presence online – there is bound to be an increase in the number of work from home chat jobs.

So, if you are good at resolving issues and paying attention to details – you should check out the companies listed, to find work from home chat jobs and start earning right away.

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