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Virtual assistant jobs work from home is one of the popular and widely coveted remote work. This is because most virtual assistants find fulfillment in remote working since they can enjoy flexible hours, work in a distraction-free environment, and enjoy other benefits that come with working virtually.

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So, if you want to join the clique of virtual assistants working from home whether as a newbie or pro, I have got you covered because in this post you will discover all that it entails to get you started and keep you going as a virtual assistant. 

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Who Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant offers various administrative assistance to clients from home. It is more detailed than the regular call center job, where you will be expected to offer customer care service that meets the client’s needs. Being a virtual assistant may also include providing telemarketing services, handling clerical activities, data entry, and anything else that your client wants to get done.

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

As a virtual assistant, some of the services that your clients may require of you include; 

Bookkeeping/Data Entry

Most business owners have a challenge with delegating time to proper bookkeeping whereas it is essential to monitor the financial health of the business. So, a virtual assistant will be required to offer this service on behalf of the business owner.

Some of the services under this category include paying necessary bills and keeping records of each, sending out invoices, and preparing the payroll for employees. You may also need to enter symbolic, alphabetic, or numeric data into the client’s software systems. Find out how to become a bookkeeper.

Social Media Management

Every business needs to maintain its presence on different social media platforms.

Businesses will need the services of persons that can help create eye-catching content along with a content calendar that shows which post will be put up per time. You may also be required to create content for your client’s website.

Customer Service

This involves interacting with customers on behalf of your client. You will receive phone calls, engage in live chat, leave comments, make enquiries about customers’ opinions, and much more.


Helping clients recruit the right candidates for available positions is also another service a virtual assistant may have to render. Starting with listing jobs on different job sites like Linkedin, to setting up interviews and screening potential employees before the final selection by your client.

Research Assistant

To remain on top of the game, there’s a need for constant research to help improve a company’s products and services. To help with the detailed research can be part of a virtual assistant’s duties.

The research may be an audit of their targeted customer base, market analysis done on their competitors, or any other research projects you may be required to perform.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant

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Below is a guideline to help kickstart your career as a virtual assistant.

Maximize Existing Skills

You can utilize the virtual assistant knowledge you already possess and to determine this, you should go through some of the already listed above.  

For instance, if you are good at using different social media platforms like Instagram, or Twitter. you can present yourself for opportunities in that category. You may also be a good writer and so writing for websites will be an opportunity for you. 

Learn New Skills

Starting with your already existing skill is a good one, however, you may be limited to opportunities if you don’t improve by gaining more skills.

Therefore you must learn new virtual assistant skills.

You can choose key skills that deal with travel schedules and managing calendars. This will help you learn how to be organized and turn you into a great timekeeper!

You can also take up free courses like content marketing and social media courses offered by Google. Youtube is also a great place to find free training videos in bookkeeping, freelance writing, customer service, and much more.

Set Your Rates 

Next, determine how much you will charge for your services. You can find out the current rate for virtual assistants on sites like OnlineJobs|ph, and Upwork.  

Search For Virtual Assistant Jobs

Companies hire for the position of virtual assistants just like every other position in the organization. Check for virtual assistant jobs from various marketplaces like Linkedin and oDesk.  

Market Your Services

No one will know your capabilities if you don’t make them known. The best way to achieve this is by marketing yourself on platforms like Linkedin where you can find your potential clients. 

How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Earn?

The amount paid to virtual assistants depends largely on some of these factors below:

Level Of Experience

How much you know about the service you are to offer can determine how much you earn. Beginners may earn about $20,000 yearly while a pro may earn about $150,000.

Mode Of Service Provided

If you work remotely having different clients, you will make more money as compared to working full time with a single client.

Type Of Service/ Industry

 Also, the type of service you offer will affect what you get. For instance, data entry jobs with a small business may attract lower pay compared to organizing meetings of C-suite executives for an oil and gas industry, medicine, or other fields that demand high levels of service and also have big budgets. 

Other Benefits

Virtual assistant jobs sometimes come with benefits like insurance, paid time off, health insurance, and equipment allowances like a phone and desk, or computer.  

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants

The below list of companies can help you get started easily with your dream job.

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Beacon Hill Staff Group focuses on temporary staffing, contract consulting, direct hires, and executive searches in the marketing, legal accounting and finance, and technology fields.


BELAY is a recognized virtual solution that offers clients bookkeepers, virtual administrative assistants, copywriters, and webmasters. national leader in nonprofit and church bookkeeping solutions.


Boldly is a fully remote virtual business services company with team members across Europe and North America. It is known as an organization that provides virtual support in executive assistance, project management, bookkeeping, and more.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a popular provider of healthcare services and prescriptions, filling more than a billion prescriptions yearly. It provides in-store and online prescription services and offers a range of products and services to millions of customers daily.

Planet Professional

Planet Professional is a recruitment firm that helps professionals find their dream job and also helps companies build long-term relationships with their employees. 


Randstad is a staffing agency and HR services provider that serves clients in various fields like healthcare, finance and accounting, IT, engineering, human resources, legal, manufacturing, and logistics.

Robert Half International

Robert Half International specializes in staffing and consulting firms that offer services to industries in finance & accounting, management, and more.

Sites To Get Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are freelance sites and job boards that give you access to a variety of virtual assistant jobs work from home. Check them out:


SolidGigs is one of the best job platforms to land your job with good rates. They’ve also got a helpful resource library with templates, courses, scripts, interviews, and other tools focused on helping you get more freelance jobs  


This is a very resourceful site that does not list only remote jobs, but also freelance jobs and other flexible gigs. You can easily land your work as a virtual assistant for a reliable client because thorough research is done before jobs are listed and so you don’t have to be scared of scam postings. 


Jobs on this platform start from $5 which appears to be low however it’s a good starting point for you and builds the portfolio that will land you bigger jobs. 


Upwork is also one of the popular marketplaces to secure jobs from reliable clients. Though it takes 20% off your pay, however, you can be free from this charge after you have been able to build a solid relationship with your client over a period. It is also beginner-friendly. 


CloudPeeps is best for professionals who already have a great portfolio and want to offer their services at a higher level. The site is exclusive and they carry out a thorough screening before you can be allowed to join, but once you are accepted, you are certain to land your dream job. 


Indeed gathers reliable jobs on the internet in one place. It is easy to search through and get your desired job. 


ServiceScape is a global marketplace for remote jobs with a range of skills and experience that covers writing, translating, graphic design, and editing. It is suitable for both beginners and experts. 


Below are some questions people ask;

  1. What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant renders similar services as that of an executive assistant, administrative assistant, or other office personnel. Though they are not located physically in your office, they can assist in areas such as social media management, administrative tasks like data entry, scheduling meetings, answering phone calls, and virtually any of your needs.

  1. What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional that works remotely and provides specialized support to clients in any location. 

  1. How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Charge?

Virtual assistants charge anything from $7 per hour and above depending on the level of expertise.  

Final Thoughts

Having had so much information to guide and help you start out as a virtual assistant, you should take advantage of it to start and grow your career as a virtual assistant. 

Check out the different sites provided in this post, to find suitable jobs that match your skillset.

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