15+ High-Paying Translation Jobs From Home

Are you bilingual or multilingual? If yes, translation jobs from home may be one of the things you should consider taking up in 2022. 

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Translation jobs rank high on the list of lucrative online jobs and you can do them from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

If you’re ready to get paid to translate, read on to explore some of the highest-paying translation jobs from home.

What Are Translation Jobs?

Translation is the art of converting a source document from one language to another. People who do this are called translators. 

Translation jobs are in high demand because a lot of businesses and companies are expanding their audience and customer base. And it is a known fact that the best way to communicate with people is to talk to them in their language or in a language that they understand. 

If you can speak more than one language, this is a good opportunity for you to make money from home. 

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Benefits Of Translation Jobs From Home 

Translation jobs from home have lots of benefits. Some are: 

  • You can work at your own time 
  • It is a good side hustle that pays well 
  • You can do it from the comfort of your home or anywhere as long as you have your computer or mobile device with you
  • It is very flexible 
  • Translation jobs are in high demand 
  • It is not as tedious and demanding as 9-to-5 jobs 
  • The amount of money you make doing translation jobs can be as high as $1000 weekly, depending on the number of clients and jobs you have. 

If you want to find out how to get started, where to find translation jobs, the tools you need, etc, then keep reading.

Requirements For Doing Translation Jobs From Home

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  • The first requirement needed to become a translator is to be bilingual or multilingual.  Note that learning a foreign language in school is not enough to qualify as a translator. You have to be fluent in the language. Most translation websites and companies demand that people applying for translation jobs pass fluency tests before they are employed. If you have mastery of your native language and also that of your second language, your services will be in high demand, and you will earn high as a translator.
  • To make it big in this field, you need a Bachelor’s degree in translation because some companies only hire translators with a Bachelor’s degree or more. If you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree in translation, you can apply for online training to gain some essential skills. You are good to get started if you have the right language competencies and translation skills. 
  • Also, you also need a good mobile device that can be connected to the internet. This can be a mobile device like a phone or tablet, a laptop, and a stable internet connection. 
  • You may also need a headset in case of situations where you will have to translate an audio to a written document. 

How Much Can You Make Doing Translation Jobs From Home

The average pay for work-from-home translators is $25 per hour. Although, you can earn more than this as some translators earn thrice this amount.

Translation jobs are one of the best-paying work-from-home jobs but how much you earn depends on your skill level, the company you work for, the number of clients you have, the demand for your services, and your experience. 

Where To Get Translation Jobs From Home

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Here are some legit websites to get online work-from-home translation jobs

1. Translate.com

This is a legit platform that links translators to clients, businesses, or companies that need translation services. Most of the gigs on this website revolve around translating social media posts, business plans, user guides, medical reports, support tickets, and even blog posts. 

Most of your work on this platform will be to edit machine-translated texts. Translate.com offers translation services in over 90 languages of the world. 

To get started, you have to sign up on this website, take a fluency test, and if you pass, you will be allowed to start translating and making money. 

Gigs on this website are assigned based on a first come first served basis. Payment is through PayPal and you can cash out anytime. 

This is one of the best websites for online translation jobs from home and this is why it is the first on our list. It also has other advantages like:

  • You don’t have to bid for work, there is consistent availability of jobs 
  • You have the flexibility of working whenever you want and wherever you are 
  • They have a wide language coverage (over 90 languages) which means your language of choice will be there. 

The only cons or disadvantage we discovered with translate.com is that they have a rigorous selection process. And this is because they have built a good reputation over the years and they are not willing to see that tarnished. 

2. Speakt

This translation website hires translators on an independent contract basis. The first step in working with them is to sign up and fill in the necessary details. 

Then you have to pass an online test before you can get approved. If you get approved, you can now access the dashboard where you will pick any job you want to work on.

You will also receive notifications in your email when translation jobs matching your profile are posted. 

Speakt pays monthly through wire transfers or PayPal. Your earnings depend on your skill and language combination. 

The advantages of working with Speakt are: 

  • They have a modest pay 
  • Their payment is timely 
  • They have friendly and simple projects 
  • They have a professional, responsive and friendly support team.

The only disadvantage is that their entry test is very tough. 

3. Unbabel

This is another reputable and legitimate website for online translation jobs from home. 

Your job as an online translator on unbabel will be to translate product descriptions, online content, newsletters, and blog posts.

You may even be asked to review or edit artificial intelligence translations. 

Unbabel hires translators based on their language needs per time. So you have to check regularly if they are hiring translators in your language from time to time. 

Unlike most translation sites, Unbabel pays hourly. You can earn anything between $8 to $18 per hour. They pay through PayPal and in countries where PayPal is not available, they pay through Payoneer. 

Working with Unbabel has benefits like: 

  • You can request for pay anytime 
  • The translation works are simple; most of the work involves editing translations done by AI machines 

The only disadvantage Unbabel has is that they don’t have opportunities for all languages all the time. 

4. Translators Café 

This website has both translation and interpretation gigs. This can be the most ideal site for you because they have a wide range of jobs in many languages of the world. 

However, you have to sign up, take an online test, and wait for approval before you can get started on this website. Once you’ve been approved, you can access the job board and bid for jobs that interest you. 

You will also receive notifications inviting you to apply for translation jobs that match your language combination. 

If you want to be on top of the consideration list, you have to upgrade your subscription. 

The benefits of working with Translators café are: 

  • There is great flexibility, you can work when you want and wherever you are 
  • The pay is modest 
  • You will receive email notifications if jobs that fit your specifications is posted
  • They have consistent availability of jobs, especially in European languages

The disadvantage of this website is that it is complicated and difficult to navigate through. Also, setting up your profile can be overwhelming and exhausting. 

5. OneHour Translation

This translation website hires translators from all over the world. However, you have to pass an online exam before you can be accepted as their translator. 

After the exams, you will send in your CV and qualifications to get approved. After approval, you can pick jobs you want to work on. 

They have various methods of payment which include One Hour Translation MasterCard, Wire transfer, or Paypal. The least you can get paid on this translation website is $12 per hour.

You can earn more but it depends on your language combination and the number of jobs you do. The advantages of working with this website are:

  • It has many payment options 
  • You will receive bonuses for ratings and exemplary works 
  • You can work from home or anywhere you want.

The disadvantage is that the entry process is tough. 

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6. Translators Base 

This legit website hires translators from all over the world. There is a wide range of translation gigs covering different fields on their site. 

To get started, you have to sign up, take an online test, and wait to be approved. If you are approved, you can access jobs on the website and bid for the ones that spark your interest. 

They have a modest pay, the work is highly flexible, and they have consistent availability of jobs in a wide range of languages. 

The only disadvantage is that approval is quite difficult. 

7. Gengo 

This is one of the best translator sites for translators who translate from or to Mandarin or Japanese. This website has a high demand for Japanese translators. 

However, you need to sign up and pass the approval test before you can be accepted. After you’ve been approved, you can navigate through jobs on the dashboard and pick the ones you like to work on. 

Your test result and your reviews or reputation on the website will determine your rating. You can be rated as standard, pro, or proofreader. 

Each of these levels have different jobs and also different pay. 

Gengo pays per character or per word translated and the pay rate starts at $0.03 per word. Their payment is twice a month through PayPal. 

The benefits of working on Gengo are: 

  • They provide educational resources for their translators 
  • If you fail the entry test, you can retest up to three times 
  • Their hire worldwide 
  • You can select work that suits you best 
  • They have a no-bidding policy 
  • There is consistent availability of jobs for Japanese translators 

The only disadvantage is that they charge $1.50 for every payout made. 

8. Andovar 

This is another legit and reliable translation website that hires translators from around the globe. This site is also good for beginners who would love to translate with little to no experience.

There are lots of friendly support staff and translators here to guide you. They also have excellent software that will help you translate. 

The advantages of Andovar are: 

  • The work environment is friendly yet professional 

The only disadvantage is that the website is more favorable to translators of Asian languages. 

9. Smartling 

If you are a tech-lover looking for translation jobs from home on tech, you will love this website. 

Most of the businesses or companies on this website are software companies. So when you get approved and sign in, be prepared for lots of modern-tech related gigs. 

Before you get approved, you will need to take a test. 

The advantages of Smartling are that jobs are always available and the pay is also modest. 

However, their support team is slow and they take sides or focus more on the wellbeing of the clients than that of the translators. 

10. World Lingo 

This website hires translators in 2 categories, either as generalists or as specialists. However, this site allows you to only translate to your native language. Also, the gigs that you work on have to be based in your country of residence. 

Additionally, you need a university degree and 2 years of experience as a translator in your field of specialty before you can be approved. 

To get started, you will be required to log in and fill the freelance translator application form. 

The pros of World Lingo are that the work schedule is flexible and their gigs are also long-term. 

However, they have lots of requirements and specificities that may make approval difficult.

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11. Transparent Language 

This website offers both interpretation and translation services to its clients but you need to have at least 2 years’ experience in translation to get hired. 

They also require you to have a vast knowledge of translation software. 

To get approved to work for them, you have to sign up, specify the type of services you want to offer, and pass a test. 

Their pay varies and this depends on your language combination. 

The pros of this company are:

  • The pay is modest
  • The support team is friendly and prompt in responding to queries 
  • The work environment is flexible 

The only drawback is the approval process, it is hectic. 

12. Transperfect 

Are you ready to drop your 9-to-5 job and become your own boss doing translation jobs from home? If yes, then Transperfect could be the ideal website for you. 

They have translating gigs for part-time and full time and they also have interpretation gigs.

It is very easy to navigate through their website and you can filter the jobs shown on your dashboard based on your qualification and interests. 

Unlike other translation websites, freelancers on this website get health benefits. 

There are many advantages working on this website, some of them are:

  • The pay is modest 
  • The work schedule for part time gig is flexible 
  • Freelancers on Transperfect have health benefits 

The only disadvantage noted with this website is that their support team is slow – they do not respond to queries promptly. 

13. Translationservices.com

This translation website has translation gigs in a lot of languages and if accepted, you should expect to work on both academic and non-academic texts. 

There are even gigs from endangered languages on this website. Also, if you cannot find your language combination on other translation websites, you will find it here. 

Translators specialized in the medical and legal field will love it here. Before you get approved, you will have to be a native speaker in your target language. 

The advantages or translationservices.com are: 

  • The work environment is friendly yet professional 
  • Their support team is friendly and prompt 
  • The work schedule is flexible 
  • There are lots of gigs available in most languages of the world 

The only disadvantage is that it can be quite hectic before you get approved. 

Translation Jobs from Home For Students

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Students also have financial needs and goals; translation jobs can help them meet these demands. 

These translation jobs are good for students/beginners; they have easy entry tests and the flexibility that matches the demands of being a student. 

Students can pick up translation jobs from these websites after school, during breaks, or during the weekends. 

Some of the best translation websites for students to find translation jobs from home are: 

1. Proz 

This website is one of the oldest online translation sites in the world. They have a reputation for hiring translators in over 200 language combinations. 

What we love most about this website is that it is welcoming to beginners, amateurs, and semi-professional translators. It is open to almost anyone unlike other translation websites. 

Proz is a good option for student translators and beginners because they are less keen about your competencies. 

To get started, just select your language combination and also select the niche or the field you would love to work in, e.g. health or tech. 

The advantages of this website are: 

  • It is ever expanding and growing 
  • It is welcoming to students and beginners 
  • There are over 45 language combinations on this website and the language is growing daily 
  • You can set your work hours and work schedule. The gives students the opportunity to work after school 

The only disadvantage with Proz is that the website is outdated and difficult to navigate. 

2. Verbalizeit

This translation website hires translators that are fluent in at least 2 languages. You will be required to pass lots of assessment tests before you get approved. 

After your approval, you can then log in and select the job that suits your interest and profile. 

The pay is low as they pay $5 per hour but it is a good place for beginners to start off. They pay twice monthly, on the 15th and 30th of each month through PayPal. 

The advantages of Verbalizeit are: 

  • The work schedule is flexible 
  • Work is assigned based on first come first served basis 
  • The work environment is professional but friendly 
  • You will receive an email notification when any work that matches your profile is updated

The only drawback of Verbalizeit is that the pay is low. 

3. Translators town

Beginners and students can start here because it is a good place to gain experience and grow. A lot of websites require their translators to have years of experience but Translators town doesn’t. All you need is skill and the right knowledge to get started. 

However, before you can bid for jobs on this website, you have to get a paid membership. There are 2 types of paid membership, one costs $75 a year while the second costs $110 a year. 

One good thing about this website is that you can post jobs as a client and also bid for jobs with the same account. 

The advantages of using Translator town are:

  • No experience is needed 
  • They hire worldwide 
  • The work environment is friendly and flexible 
  • The pay is modest 

The only disadvantage is that you can’t have access to any translation job on the free version. 

4. TextMaster

The entry process on this translation website is quite straightforward and they hire translators worldwide. You can also join this platform either as a professional or as a semi-professional. 

However, before you can access work, you have to sign up and take some tests. After that you can begin work and payment will automatically reflect in your account after the client approves your work. 

Your earnings can be withdrawn anytime you want. PayPal or Payoneer is the method of withdrawal. The benefits of working with TextMaster are:

  • Payment and withdrawal is instant 
  • The work environment is professional and friendly 
  • The work schedule is flexible 
  • You can choose projects you want to work on 

The only drawback to this website is that the availability of jobs is inconsistent. 


Translation jobs are one of the most lucrative freelance gigs and if you are bilingual or multilingual, you should take advantage of these translation jobs from home. The best part is that it is open to students, stay at home moms and anyone who wants to work from home. Also, you can decide to take up a part time translation job or work full time.

We believe that from this list, you will find websites that suit your interests and abilities, and start earning decent money working from home. 

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