What Does ‘She Sheer’ She Shed Mean? A Closer Look at Cheryl’s She Shed commercial

It is very likely you have either seen or heard of that viral State Farm commercial talking about Cheryl’s she shed and are now wondering what could “she sheer she shed” mean?

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If you haven’t seen the commercial, here is what you should know about Cheryl’s “she sheer she shed”.

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In the popular commercial, fire razed a shed. Cheryl and Victor who are a couple stand facing the burning shed while the woman, Cheryl calls her insurance as she is unsure if her shed is covered. Well, her insurance company; State Farm, confirms that her shed is covered. Cheryl happily tells her husband that she will be having a “chichier” she shed.

She says, “You hear that, Victor? I’m getting a new chichier she shed”

Hubby says,”Chichier?” holding a small garden hose and seeming unhappy about the news. He stares at the she shed with a sort of resigned expression and without emotion. 

Photo of Cheryl and Victor; the couple in the popular She Shed advert

And as the sound of rescue sirens wail in the background, Victor says, “That’s wonderful news.”

Watch the commercial here:

So where does “She sheer she shed” come from?

Apparently, a lot of viewers mistook Cheryl’s “chichier” she shed for “she sheer” she shed.

But “chichier she shed” as correctly used in the commercial actually means “nicer or fancier she shed.”

This interesting commercial and the catchphrase “she sheer she shed” got Cheryl whose real name is Nicole Butler, so much prominence in the streets.

But what is a she shed to start with?

A she shed is a man cave for women.

You know, that room –or part of the house (hello bathroom!)– where they go to do whatever they like away form the rest of the family. So a she shed is just that for a woman, where we go to watch a movie, read a book, relax, or just do whatever we love without disturbance (if that actually exists).

Just like the State Farm’s commercial, she sheds can be that shed in your backyard or the one you chose to construct yourself. But she sheds do not require plumbing or built-in electricity, and you can input all the aesthetics as you wish, with blankets and pillows for your comfort.

What Is The Meaning Of She Sheer Or She Shear?

She sheer is the catch on phrase for Cheryl’s dream nicer aka “chichier” she shed.

If you watch the commercial the first time, it is very likely that you’ll mistake Cheryl’s “chichier” for “she sheer” or “she shear” too. That could be misinterpreted as a more feminine she shed. But Cheryl meant replacing her shed for a new shed that looks nicer, fancier, elegant, and more fashionable. More “chic”.


What Exactly Is The She Shed Commercial’s Message?

Nicole Butler who played Cheryl wants a new she shed to replace her burnt down one while Victor, her hubby is obviously uninterested. And the commercial ends with Cheryl being elated with an assurance of a new and “chichier” she shed as promised by her insurance, State Farm. Victor on the other hand shows no emotions and even seems unhappy about the news. He however has no choice but to embrace the idea.

The idea is that without the assurance from State Farm, Cheryl may not be getting a new she shed at all because Victor doesn’t think it’s necessary. Sound familiar? It looks like he burnt down the she shed if you ask me. Haha!

Who Is Cheryl – the She Shed Actress?

The she shed commercial actress is Nicole Butler. She plays the woman who has a burning she shed. After the commercial gained much popularity and Nicole became widely talked about, she wrote an article for the Huffington post about what it felt like being the State Farm commercial star. She revealed in her article that State Farm also has several other commercials, including one they have aired over 11,000 times.

However, Nicole’s State Farm commercial didn’t need as many airings before it went viral. She has also starred for Progressive, Walmart, and other multiple commercials, playing different roles.

Nicole revealed in her article on the Huffington Post that her commercial with the State Farm has aired more than 33,000 times with over one million YouTube views. Nicole explains that her comic commercial now gets people generally enthused to recognize her on the street.

A lot of people also throw questions at her over what “chichier” actually means. Some ask her who or what burned down the she shed. Most people often assume that the husband, Victor is responsible. Also, a lot of people are curious about what the new she shed would look like.

And who is the she shed actor playing Victor? It’s Reggie Currelly, another actor who appears often in some movies and commercials.

Who Is Behind The She Shed Invention?

You should be very much interested in having your own she shed by now. But who invented the she shed? Women have always voiced the idea of them having their own private space for so many years. It was previously known as a “bower”, but now called ‘she shed’.

Unlike the men’s man cave where they largely go to play videogames, she shed often serves as a relaxation shed for women. And while no particular person is believed to be the brain behind the idea of she shed, Sandra Foster is widely accepted as the creator after she created her she shed in the Catskills mountains in New York City.

Sandra referred to the place as a way to get some distance from her husband when necessary, and also relax from the stress of work.

“I did it to save my marriage and recharge my life,” Foster told TODAY Home.

What Is A She Shed For?

She shed can serve various purposes to different individuals. It can be a place for creativity, relaxation, and perhaps a place to kick off those interesting things you would love to do, but may have been postponing. You can paint, blog, or kick-start other crafting hobbies. Check out self-care ideas here.

The she shed is also a nice place to bring your friends together for some drinks. It can also serve as a getaway place to have a retreat alone or to do some work.

Tips For Creating Your Own She Shed

When you are considering building your very own she shed, it is better to think of it as an extension of your home. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be very expensive. With just a few hundred bucks you can have a nice she shed. 

She sheds don’t take long to construct. And you can use your favorite colors, styles, and shapes in the building. Also if you are someone with some decoration and building skills, you can definitely invest your skills and creativity into building a topnotch she shed for yourself. You may even want to install an AC, do some plumbing work, and create large windows. However, here are more tips you should consider in building a she shed for yourself.

1. Define what purpose your she shed would be serving. Generally, a she shed should be a quiet place that gives you enough room to embrace a hobby, relax, and achieve other personal goals.

2. If you have an old backyard shed, clean it out, or build a new one for yourself using a kit.

3. Give your she shed your favorite colors.

4. Search for unique shed ideas in antique shops and flea markets.

5. Create a natural surrounding – grassy plants, box flowers, plush pillows, etc.

6. Make the entryway of the shed inviting and beautiful.

7. Infuse some form of entertainment. You may want to consider bringing in a mini fridge and party items.

8. Beyond just having a she shed, ensure that this shed reflects you and your family.

No matter what the she shed idea feels like to you, the fact remains that we all want that space we can do anything we want at our own time. You can always get these she shed ideas with just a few bucks! And remember…it’s girls only!

1. Junk Beautiful: These inspiring She Sheds ideas by Sue Whitney is perfect for a retreat in your backyard. Buy at  $16.79 on Amazon.

Photo of Junk Beautiful She Shed

2. The she shed inspiration for reading, relaxing, crafting, and everything else you’d love to do all alone for $16.33 on Amazon.

Photo of a beautiful She Shed


3. This perfect woman’s shed full of vintage features suitably provides fiction writers the environment to tune up their creativity. Aside writers, these sheds are also great for sculptors, furniture makers, puppet makers, and farmers. Buy at $23.99 on Amazon.

Photo of a beautiful She Shed

4. Browse a wide variety of ideas, tips on decoration from different she shed creatives which can be combined with your own unique styling, and the steps you need to realize the projects with She Sheds Style at $19.19 on Amazon.

Photo of a beautiful She Shed

5. These Garden Sheds provide a cheap and hassle-free way to give yourself enough privacy without necessarily going through any major renovation procedures. Buy at $9.99 on Amazon

Photo of a beautiful She Shed

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, she sheer she sheds or “chichier” she shed as correctly used in the commercial is a nice and fanciful she shed you can have to achieve diverse personal goals. However, it is important that you check with your state if there is any need for a permit to have an extra structure on your property. Most of the time you can always erect small structures without state issues, but it is always a better decision to check first. After confirming this, go ahead and get it done! 

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