16+ Organic and Natural Dishwasher Detergents

Dishwasher detergents are essential commodities in every home as they help make dishes and cookware clean and the natural alternatives are even better. 

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Due to the fact that we use dishwashers daily and for what we eat in, it is important we go for the natural alternatives because they are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safer. 

There are many reasons and advantages of going organic which we will consider later in this post. 

Always ensure you go for quality natural dishwasher detergents so that all the food remnants and grease stuck on your dishes and pans will be removed entirely. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and infection. 

Advantages Of Using Natural Dishwasher Detergents

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They are easy to make and cost-effective 

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Whether you buy your natural dishwasher detergent or make them yourself, you will find them cheaper than the chemical-based ones. It is also easy, simple, and cheaper to make yours in the comfort of your home. 

All you need to do when making yours is to get all the ingredients and mix them, leave the mixture to rest for some time, and then it is ready for use. 

In 30 minutes, you can make a natural dishwasher detergent that can last for a week and all the ingredients used are easily available at most stores. 

You also don’t need any special tools to make your natural dishwasher detergents. 

They are eco-friendly 

Most store-bought dishwasher detergents are not natural, they contain harsh chemicals that affect the environment and even your health. 

However, the natural alternatives are made from natural ingredients that are friendly to the environment and the human body systems. They don’t contain toxins or dangerous chemicals like their chemical-based counterparts.

This makes natural dishwasher detergents safer for the health of your family, especially for people suffering from skin allergies. And they are also safe for the environment as the discarded water or natural dishwasher won’t affect plants or the soil. 

Cons Of Using Natural Dishwasher Detergents

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The common disadvantages of using natural dishwasher detergents are:

1. Finding the best natural ingredients to use might not be easy. Your regular offline store might not have them if you live in a small town or a place with limited stores. 

In this case, you have to shop online for all your natural ingredients. 

2. Borax is a common natural ingredient used in making soaps and detergents but its use has been outlawed by health organizations. If you can find it, you have to use a very little amount of it to prevent toxicity. 

3. Sometimes, the detergents you make might not clean your plates properly. When it comes to bonding with oil and removing them from dishes, chemicals do the work better but we know they come with downsides. 

Natural detergents do work well but not as efficient as chemicals and they also don’t cause skin dryness and irritations. 

4. Everyone who is used to the feel and strength of conventional detergents might feel awkward at first shifting to a natural one. This is normal as this is the feeling of not having any harsh chemicals that cause damage to your skin and health. 

Aside from these, there are no health hazards or environmental destruction when using natural dishwasher detergents. Meanwhile, when you compare these disadvantages with the drawbacks of conventional dishwasher detergents, you will see that they don’t matter. 

Below are all-natural and organic dishwasher detergents. 

Best Organic And Natural Dishwasher Detergents

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1. Ecover natural plant-based automatic dishwasher soap tablets 

Photo of Ecover Dishwasher Tablets

A pack of this natural dish cleaner contains over 25 soap tablets. It has six boxes and each box contains 25 individual tabs of natural dishwasher soaps. 

This product is plant-based and mineral automatic dishwasher tabs. It has the strength to remove food particles on dishes and it gets them sparkling clean. 

Also, it does all these without dangerous chemicals, it only uses the power of nature. It has no negative impact on aquatic life and has not been tested on animals. 

It has a unique citrus scent and is highly effective. This product is chlorine-free, suitable for septic tanks, biodegradable, and has no chemical residues. 

These tablets fit well into your dispenser or any type of cutlery basket. It has no artificial fragrance and it gives sparkling clean dishes. 

Ecover removes greases and streaks effectively and does not leave any residue. It is safe and hygienic. Its strength is amazing for a natural product as it removes even tough stains and dried-on foods. 

However, in rare cases, it does not remove all the dirt on the dishes except you pre-wash everything. You can get this amazing product on Amazon

2. Method smarty dish dishwasher plus tablets, lemon-mint 

Photo of Method natural dishwasher detergent

This organic dishwasher detergent is made from all-natural ingredients, it does not contain dyes or perfumes, and it is biodegradable (meaning its ingredients and formulas degrade over time). 

It has not been tested on animals, free from fragrance, and the dried oatmeal on your plate won’t know what hit it, lol. This natural product gets rid of stubborn stains and sticky foods. 

It does not contain dangerous chemicals like chlorine and phosphates, it leaves your plates spotless, does not leave tiny films, streaks, or white residues on your dishes and glasses. 

It is safe for your health and environment and it works well like conventional dishwasher detergents. Get it from Amazon

3. Nature clean automatic dishwasher packs 

Photo of Nature Clean Dishwasher Detergent

This product got an A rating from EWG, it is a 100% natural and vegan product. Nature clean is fragrance-free, dye-free, free from phosphates and chlorine, and other dangerous chemicals. 

It is septic-safe and eco logo certified. It is cruelty-free and made with only plant ingredients. This product cleans everything, from stainless steel down to glass and plastics. 

You don’t need pre-washings which take a lot of time. Get it on Amazon.

4. Grab green detergent pods 

Photo of Grab Green natural dishwasher detergent

This product is a non-toxic powder-filled pod that easily dissolves in the dishwasher. It makes use of enzymes to leave your dishes clean, sparkling, and residue-free. 

 It has many naturally scented versions like grapefruit, cranberry, red pear and magnolia, tangerine, tangerine and lemongrass, and thyme fig scented versions. 

There is also a fragrance-free version for people who don’t like scented products. This product doesn’t contain phosphates, phthalates, chlorine, or masking agents. 

It is cruelty-free and each pack has 132 pods. Get it on Amazon.

5. Lemi shine detergent pods 

Photo of Lemi Shine natural dishwasher detergent

This natural dishwasher is highly praised for leaving dishes clean and shiny. The pods have a dual chamber that contains both powder and a gel formula for extra cleaning. 

The pods are free from dangerous chemicals, but they contain some levels of dyes and fragrances. This can be an issue for people with skin sensitivity, allergies, or eczema. 

They contain citric extracts that cut through grease and are septic-system safe. They work best with both soft and hard water and they are biodegradable. 

This product got a “B” rating from EWG. Get it on Amazon

6. Biokleen dish soap powder

Photo of Biokleen natural dishwasher detergent

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this product is free from harsh toxins. It is a loose powder instead of a pod thus enabling you to put little or much for use. 

EWG gave this product a “B”. It does not contain choline or phosphates and it is three times more concentrated than so that you can get the best result. 

It has a fragrance-free version and a citrus essence version. You can get this on Amazon.

7. Dapple baby dishwasher packs 

Photo of Dapple Baby natural dishwasher detergent

This product is specially formulated for cleaning baby products since they are so vulnerable to all these harsh and dangerous chemicals in conventional dishwasher cleaners. 

Parents who are concerned about exposing their babies to dangerous chemicals will love this. It is specially formulated to remove milk residues from baby feeders, sippy cups, and bottles. 

Dapple baby dishwasher packs also work best on regular dishes. It has no harsh chemical ingredients and it has won the Clean Label Project Purity Award. 

Its plant-derived ingredients make it safe for the whole family and it prevents the buildup of calcium from milk on baby bottles and other dishes. 

This product is free from parabens, chlorine, formaldehyde, phthalates, fragrance, synthetic dyes, and alcohol. It has also been pediatrician and dermatologist-tested for safety. 

It is cruelty free and a bag of this product contains 25 packs. Get it on Amazon.

8. Mrs. Meyer’s clean day dish packs 

Photo of Mrs Meyers natural dishwasher detergent

This is a long-lasting name for natural products, people who have been into natural products for long are familiar with Mrs. Meyer’s natural product. 

These natural dishwasher tablets are made without chlorine, phosphates, and other harsh chemicals. This natural product earned a “B” rating from EWG. 

It is made from 100% natural products and essential oils that effectively cut through grease. Mrs. Meyer’s dish packs are cruelty-free and safe for all types of dishwashers. 

It has 5 versions which and each has its unique natural fragrance straight from the garden: there is the Basil, lavender, lemon verbena, geranium, and honeysuckle. 

Each bag has 20 packs. Get this unique product here

9. Attitude dishwasher eco-pouches 

Photo of Attitude natural dishwasher detergent

Attitude is an environmental-conscious company and they are known for making good natural products. Their dishwasher pouches are premium products and this just shows the importance this company places on safe, biodegradable, and natural ingredients. 

Attitude dishwasher eco-pouches got a “B” rating from EWG and they are free from parabens, chlorine, and phosphates. They are also hypoallergenic. 

This product is UL Eco logo certified, PETA certified, and cruelty-free. Each box has 40 pouches and you can get it on Amazon.

10. Love home and planet detergent packs 

Photo of Love, home and planet natural dishwasher detergent

Made purely from 100% natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, this product is manufactured by a company that truly values the environment and goes the extra mile in protecting it. 

It has been dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, it has no dyes, parabens, phosphates, and other dangerous chemicals as it is made from plant and mineral-derived ingredients. 

This vegan product is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and certified safe by PETA. It comes in a 100% recyclable packet and two natural scents which people love. 

Get yours on Amazon.  

11. Earth-friendly products dishwashing gel 

Photo of Ecos natural dishwasher detergent gel

This product earned an impressive “A” from EWG and all the ingredients are natural, making it one of the safest on the list. 

This dishwasher gel is 100% natural, fully biodegradable, and contains no chlorine, phosphates, or harsh chemicals. It is made with plant-based ingredients and the gel makes it difficult for residues to cling to your washed dishes. 

It is so effective that you need a little quantity to get dishes cleaned. Also, it is cruelty-free and comes in two versions: the lavender-scented one and the fragrance-free one (free and clear). 

Get it on Amazon.

12. Whole foods detergent packs 

Photo of Whole foods natural dishwasher detergent

Made wholly from plant-derived ingredients, this natural dishwasher product comes in convenient one-load packs. This powdered detergent is highly effective even though it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like dishes, phthalates, phosphates, dye, and fragrance. 

People with allergies or sensitive skin can use this product. It is also kid-friendly with an “A” on EWG rating and USDA Biobased certified. 

Also, it is cruelty-free, biodegradable, environment-friendly, and has 18 packs in each bag. Get yours on Amazon.

13. Nellie’s dishwasher powder

Photo of Nellies Dishwasher Powder

This powdered form natural dishwasher detergent is designed to break down food particles, including the toughest baked foods, grease, and other tough stains thereby giving you spotless and sparkling pots, pans, and dishes. 

It is made with pure natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and additives, which makes it safe as it won’t harm your body or the environment. 

It is biodegradable and comes in a reusable tin which helps you in keeping your environment clean. This unscented dishwasher does not leave any scent on your plates nor add peculiar taste to your dishes. 

It also keeps your machine odorless. One package comes with 80 scoops that can help you enjoy healthy and safe dishwashing for a good period of time. 

Click here to get yours on Amazon

14. Puracy natural dishwasher detergent 

Photo of Puracy natural dishwasher detergent

The last but not the least natural dishwasher detergent on our list is the puracy detergent which does not leave any spot or residue on your plates no matter how hard your water is. 

You can use it to clean cooking pots, plastics, glass, porcelain, metals, casserole dishes, and even baby bottles and other surfaces. 

It is free from harmful chemicals and additives, it has no animal by-products or sulfates. It is wholly plant-based, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive thereby making it safe for both kids and pets. 

Also, it contains Carboxymethyl inulin that helps in breaking down hard water and removing tough stains. It also contains amylase and protease that helps in breaking down starch and proteins respectively. 

Get it on Amazon

7th Generation Natural Dishwasher Detergent

1. 7th generation dishwasher detergent gel 

Photo of 7th generation natural dishwasher detergent gel

This 7th generation lemon dishwasher detergent gel contains citric acid and it also has an advanced cleaning power that cuts through grease, this, in turn, leaves your dishes sparkling clean. 

You can trust this dishwasher detergent because it has a safe and highly effective formula made out of only plant ingredients. It is free from synthetic and dangerous chemicals like dyes, phosphates, choline, and synthetic fragrances. 

This product has a great smell, it makes your dishes sparkling clean, it does not leave streaks, and its lemon fragrance is from 100% botanical extracts and essential oils. 

If you are looking for a non-toxic formula with high cleansing strength, go for this one. Its plant-based derived enzymes give a greater cleaning power.

It comes as a pack of six-bottle, each bottle is 42 ounces and they dissolve easily in water. This 7th generation dishwasher is also available in the form of tablets. 

This safe and healthy dishwasher will give you clean plates without using phosphates or chlorine. It is safe for the human system and environment.

Many people love this because it works effectively like conventional products. If your water is hard, you need the 7th generation rinse aid along with this product. Get it on Amazon.

2. 7th generation auto dish packs (free and clear) 

Photo of Seventh generation natural dishwasher detergent

This amazing product is 100% natural and certified by the USDA and has an “A” rating on EWG. It has a triple enzyme formula that removes stuck foods, grime, and grease. It is fragrance-free and does not contain phosphates or choline. 

Its premium enzyme system even removes dried foods, it is dye-free, biodegradable, and 100% safe for kids. This is a non-scented dishwasher detergent, so people who love using scented products might not like this. 

Get this on Amazon.  

DIY/Homemade Natural Dishwasher Detergents

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You can make your own natural dishwasher detergent in the comfort of your home and save some dollars. 

Make sure you check the instruction manual of your dishwasher to be sure that you can use a homemade/natural dishwasher detergent. 

You can try any of the following recipes:

1. The simple DIY natural dishwasher detergent


  • Washing soda (this will help to increase the cleaning pH, soften water, break down grease, and make sure that no film is left behind). 
  • Citrus essential oil (For people who love scented products, this gives your product a sweet natural scent. The oil also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties). Examples of citrus essential oils you can use are lemon, lime, and orange essential oils. 
  • Citric acid (removes tough stains, hard water deposits, and other tough stains)
  • Salt (Salt softens hard water)


  • Get a small bowl and pour a cup of washing soda into it. Add ¼ cup of salt and half cup of citric acid into it. 
  • Add about 30 drops of your citrus essential oil and mix the materials well together. Leave it for a while and cover the bowl. 
  • Pour the mixture in an airtight container, label the container and store it properly. 

Your natural homemade/DIY dishwasher detergent is ready. Use a tablespoon or 2 or it to wash a load of dishes. You can use vinegar as a rinse aid, it is a very effective natural rinse agent.

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2. Lemon-scented dishwasher detergent tabs


  • 2 cups of washing soda or you use baking soda as an alternative 
  • 2 cups of borax 
  • Half cup of coarse salt or Epsom salt 
  • Half cup of vinegar 
  • 15 to 20 drops of lemon essential oil 


  • Mix all these ingredients together in a bowl using a spoon. You will notice a little fizzing when you add vinegar, but it is normal. 
  • Once you’ve combined and stirred all the ingredients well, you will notice that the mixture will start clumping by itself. 
  • Transfer these mixtures into a couple of ice cube trays or you can use a silicone mold. Fill them and press them hard until each compartment is filled with detergents. 
  • Now, you have to wait for them to dry. This is the hardest part but with patience, you can do this, lol. These homemade natural dishwasher tablets have to be well dry and hard before you use them. 
  • Put them in a dry and sunny spot and preferably out of your sight so that you won’t be tempted to mess with them. Allow them to sit for at least 24 hours. 
  • When they are well dried and hard, remove them from the tray and store them in an air-tight container that has a tight-fitting lid. 

Add one tablet to your dishwasher detergent compartment when you want to clean your dishes. Put half to one cup of white vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher and start the machine. 

Or you can put the vinegar in a cup and put it on the top rack of the machine. If you have hard water, vinegar will prevent you from having cloudy dishes. 


A lot of people are interested in natural or organic dishwasher detergents for many reasons including health reasons, this is why we put together this post to help you choose the right one. 

If you have any questions or a homemade natural dishwasher recipe you want to share with us, please feel free to do so in the comment section. 

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