20 Amazing (and Useful) Work From Home Gifts Ideas

Are you looking for work from home gifts for people who work from home? If yes, we have lots of gift ideas that you would love and which will be just perfect for the receiver. 

image of work from home gifts

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what someone who works from home needs since their jobs doesn’t require them leaving the house. That is why we have put together this post, to help you out. 

So, if you are in search of gift ideas that your loved one who works from home will truly value and appreciate, then read to the end and you will see lots of ideas.

Why You Need Gifts For People Who Work From Home

Your friend, a family member, or your spouse may be working from home and you may have benefitted in one way or the other from their work. 

A gift is a way to show your appreciation and let them know that you care about them. 

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This post has lots of gift ideas that people working from home will love and which they will also find useful. These gifts range from simple tech and upgrades, to luxuries that will make the home office more cozy. 

Best Gifts For Work From Home

Most work from home jobs are freelance jobs in which a person may:

  • Write 
  • Translate (either written or orally)
  • Teach online
  • Be an online customer care rep
  • Be a virtual personal assistant, etc. 

Below are some of the most valuable gadgets they will appreciate. These will make their work easier. 

1. A headset 

Photo of a jabra evolve head set. One of the best work from home gifts

A quality headset with better sound technology and zero background noise will be deeply appreciated by anyone with a work from home job that requires headsets. 

A quality headset like this Jabra Evolve 75 can make long and endless phone calls, and video meetings better. It has one of the best sounding microphones and a powerful active noise cancellation. 

This wonderful gift will help your loved one sound better in online meetings and he/she will also hear others clearly while on calls while blocking out distracting sounds. 

2. A webcam of high quality 

Photo of a Logitech website. One of the best work from home gifts

Do you want your loved one to look their best if their work from home demands them attending lots of zoom meetings, making lots of FaceTime calls, etc.? 

If yes, then get this Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam for him/her. 

This device will make them look both professional and very visible. With this excellent webcam, you don’t need a ring light and you probably don’t need to hire a glam squad. 

This superb webcam offers better color and clarity quality than the built in model of most laptops. 

It also has a very sharp video quality and natural looking colors. In addition, it has a typical lens cover just for added security.  

3. A Work-anywhere lap Desk 

Photo of a woman with a lap desk. One of the best work from home gifts

Your work-from-home friend or lover may have a desk where they work but sometimes, they may want to change location. 

For instance, they may want to work on the balcony, the deck, couch, or even the bed. 

Gifting them this will make that possible. 

This LapGear Designer Lap Desk is one of the best. It’s one gift that has many advantages in terms of quality, build, stability, comfort, and even style. 

Gifting this is like giving your work-from-home friend the gift of limitless portability. 

4. A white noise machine 

Photo of a lectrofan white noise machine. One of the best work from home gifts

Do you want to help your friend improve their concentration as they work from home? If yes, get them this perfect noise canceling machine. 

People who work from home and stay alone at home during the day start to notice all kinds of sounds that are happening in the house, outside the window, in the neighborhood, and even to the streets of cars and buses passing by. 

You can help them block out those distracting sounds by gifting them this LectroFan white noise machine. It can be placed on a desk where it will take up little space, and it will also help your friend sleep better if he/she decides to take a short nap. 

This gadget may look small but it is so powerful that it can hide even screeching car noises. 

A lot of people who work from home discovered that white noise helps them to focus better and relax after work. 

This is one of the best gifts you can give a work-from-home person. 

5. An attractive desk lamp 

Photo of a desk lamp. One of the best work from home gifts

This gift will not just tell your friend that you care about them, it will also brighten their day. 

You can get the Bentley French Bronze Led Desk Lamp. It is highly functional and very beautiful to look at. 

It is sturdy, sleek, and brings out warm light when turned on. Also, it has three brightness levels and the touch controls are easy to use. 

This desk lamp will suit any desk perfectly because it has small footprints. If the recipient is a fan of minimalist design, get this for him/her. 

6. Wireless charger and pen holder 

Photo of a Veelink wireless charger. One of the best work from home gifts

One thing with tech accessories is that they seem unnecessary or even “extra” until you actually use them. A wireless charger offers the convenience of powering up your mobile device just by placing it on a charging pad. 

Your remote worker friend will definitely be amazed by this gift, it will eliminate the need for chargers and wires that can take up space and make the work area a bit untidy. 

We recommend the Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger, it is unique and different from the traditional plastic or metal wireless chargers out there. 

This one is made from Bamboo and it is very attractive. It decorates the desk and also helps in organizing small office tools like scissors, pens, etc. 

7. An ergonomic keyboard 

Photo of a LOgitech ergonomic keyboard. One of the best work from home gifts

Most work from home people who are into typing and writing suffer wrist pain, hand pain, and even stiff fingers at times due to long time typing on the keyboard. 

You can gift them this Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard to help alleviate all these pains and make work easy for them. 

We picked this because the design is highly comfortable and it is of high quality. 

8. Ergonomic office chair 

Photo of an ergonomic chair One of the best work from home gifts

Work from home peeps sit almost all day long at home working, you can get them an ergonomic chair to make work comfortable and bearable. 

The Herman Miller Aeron is called the “King of all office chairs” by people who have used them. So we recommend this as a gift for your loved one. 

It is highly comfortable, stylish, a bit more affordable than others, and comes in various colors for you to choose from. 

If you want something more stylish, then go for the Steelcase Series 1. And if you are on a tight budget, then you can opt for the XUER Mesh Computer chair. By gifting this, you will be caring for the neck and back of your friend. 

9. Ergonomic mouse 

Photo of an ergonomic mouse. One of the best work from home gifts

Get this game changer gift for your work from home pal if they experience wrist or hand pain. Our pick for you is this one from Logitech, the Logitech MX Master 3 Ergonomic Mouse

This will help them to get all their tasks done quickly, accurately, and comfortably. 

10. Convertible desk riser 

Photo of vivo  convertible desk riser One of the best work from home gifts

Sometimes, after long hours of sitting, people want to change positions while working but can’t due to the nature of their desk. 

You may not have enough cash to buy a complete standing desk, but you can gift your pal this innovative Vivo Convertible Desk Riser

This gift can support/hold 2 desktop monitors and a keyboard. It allows you to raise these devices higher like up to 17 inches than your traditional desk. 

This will enable your friend to work while standing just to give their glutes (buttocks) a break. 

Gift Ideas For Those Working From Home

Maybe your friend has all the gifts mentioned above or you want to gift something different apart from technology or gadgets, below are amazing gift ideas for work from home people. 

1. A potted plant 

Photo of a potted plant. One of the best work from home gifts

A houseplant is wonderful, it can instantly transform a room or a work area/space. 

A study revealed that having a potted plant nearby can increase productivity by 15%. 

Potted plants release their wonderful phytochemicals into the air to calm mood, relieve stress, purify the air, and all these help to increase productivity. 

So, do your research and get this potted plant for your friend/loved ones. If the receiver has a pet, you should opt for pet-friendly plants like Aluminum plant, baby tears, royal velvet plant, etc. 

2. A beautiful or customized mug 

Photo of a mug. One of the best work from home gifts

Mugs are lovely work companions. Give them this beautiful mug to use for their daily coffee or tea.The recipient will appreciate this gift daily. 

You can also go for mugs that can be matched with a plate. The plate will serve as a coaster or lid to keep beverages in the mug warm. 

3. A permanent scratch pad 

Photo of a scratch pad. One of the best work from home gifts

During work, a lot of people have the need to jot down a few things that they don’t want to forget; things like takeout orders, conference call numbers, etc. 

So, if you see your friend wasting papers or he/she has lots of sticky notes all over their desk, you can get them this Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Easel.

This lovely dry-erase clipboard can contain all of the info they need to remember for the day and also keep their desk looking neat. 

Then they can also easily clean random notes and have a clean slate at the start of each day. 

4. Comfy slippers 

Photo of a comfy slippers. One of the best work from home gifts

Work-from-home peeps have times when they take short commutes from the home office to the kitchen and back. This pair of comfy slippers will be best for such commute. 

If the recipient of your gift is a woman, you can opt for the L.L Bean Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins and if it is a man, you can go for the L.L Bean Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins. There are also different color options to choose from.

Having the freedom to wear whatever makes you comfortable is one of the best parts of working from home, no fancy shoes or suits are required. 

This pair of fluffy and warm slippers with a durable outsole for quick trips even to the mailbox will be appreciated by anyone who works from home. 

5. A sign to keep household interlopers away 

Photo of a light me up on air sign. One of the best work from home gifts

One of the biggest challenges most work from people who live with people or family members face is noise and distractions. 

People they live with fail to understand that even though they are at home, they are also at work and that they do not need noise or distractions. 

A way to help your friend reduce interruption is to get them a sign that lets people know that they are busy and don’t need any noise or distractions. 

You can get any of these for your work from home pal: 

They are fun versions of the traditional “Do not disturb sign” that illuminates and they can be turned on or off with a remote control that comes along. 

When the sign is lit on the outside of the home office door; roommates, family members, or relatives know that they should stay away. 

However, this is not a promise that they will stay away, haha. 

6. Sumptuous snacks 

Photo of a gift basket filled with treats. One of the best work from home gifts

Your work-from-home friend also takes breaks and gifting them a nice snack won’t be a bad idea, in fact, they would love it! It will show that you are so thoughtful of them. 

Also, people who work from home have a challenge of maintaining energy and creating meals all through the day while working at the same time. 

This is why they would definitely appreciate a healthy and sumptuous snack as a gift. You will help them overcome a common remote work crisis – no snacks in the pantry! Lol. 

So you can gift your loved one a gift basket or box containing a mix of savory snacks and sweet treats. You can also gift them a loaf of quality bread, chocolate brownie, etc. 

7. Coffee 

Thinking of ways to help your work from home pal focus at work? Then get fresh roasted artisan coffee as a gift for them. 

If your pal is a coffee lover, he/she will love this gift. You can get a fresh supply of new and high-end beans from MistoBox. They offer coffee subscriptions across the US and they have a broad range of coffees to pick from (over 500). 

You can select how many deliveries you want, the roast and type of coffee before shipping. 

A MistoBox set contains 3 boxes and each box contains a 12-ounce bag of either ground or whole coffee. This 12-ounce bag can brew 24 cups of coffee. 

So, this is a perfect gift for a coffee lover who works from home. This is a gift that will keep on reminding them of you each time they use it. 

8. New teas 

Does your friend love sipping tea all day while at work? Then get this Adagio teas subscription for your friend. This company has an endless variety of teas to keep your friend’s heart warm while working from home. 

Just a one-month subscription will help them explore a world of different tea flavors. This is a perfect gift for tea lovers. 

9. Desk organizers 

Photo of a desk organizer. One of the best work from home gifts

Do you want to help your friend by making work-from-home easier? Then get this compact system to help them keep their projects organized. 

We recommend this MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Holder and Bamboo Drawer set because it is quality and it will help keep their desk tidy. 

10. Anti-blue light glass 

Photo of anti blue light glasses. One of the best work from home gifts

Most, if not all, work from home jobs have to do with laptops/computer. A remote worker spends long hours looking at the screen working. 

Most of them do this without blocking the blue light emitted from these devices which have been studied and confirmed to cause many health challenges like hormonal imbalance and insomnia. 

If your friend doesn’t have an anti blue light glass, then it’s time to get them one. It blocks off blue light, reduces eye strain, and even looks beautiful on them. 


These gifts for working from home are the very best that we’ve selected for you. They will be deeply appreciated by the recipient. So, you can show your care or love to your work from home pal by gifting them one of these. 

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