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What people say

Lily is so helpful while being kind and constructive. I'm so happy for the amazing help for my blog. Thank you so much Lily, you rock!
Alanna Klapp
Migraine Mama Brain

Hi, I'm Lily!

I’m so glad you’re here.

Building an online business takes a lot of courage I know. Couple it with raising kids, keeping a healthy relationship and whatever else you’ve got going on, and the sheer pressure of it all… instant recipe for self neglect. Your relationships (marriage, kids and self) begin to suffer.

We DO NOT want that.

Because of the enormous amount of work required to build something worthwhile, I spent 3 miserable years fearing that I would fail as a mother if I decided to chase my own dreams. I do not want that for you.

That is why I find shortcuts to building a thriving online business that merges beautifully with creating a life you love and share them with you.

Stick around, you’ll find loads of useful stuff here. Meanwhile, you can read more about me, or browse the latest posts. Welcome again!

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