7 Top (And Safe) Skateboards For 6 Year Olds

Is your little one already showing interest in skateboarding? Skateboarding can help children develop core strength and coordination. It also improves their pain tolerance and reduces stress.

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However, most 6-year-olds know little or nothing about skateboarding, and you must be sure that they are safe while they roll. The right skateboard for 6 year old will take care of that.

We have researched the best skateboards for your child and what you need to consider before buying.

Here are our best skateboards for 6 year olds

  1. Meketec mini cruiser skateboards – overall best for 6-year-olds
  2. PHOEROS Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard – best for beginners
  3. Beleev mini cruiser skateboard – best mini cruiser for kids
  4. Whitefang skateboard for beginners – best unisex skateboard
  5. Santa Cruz complete skateboard – most durable skateboard for 6 year old
  6. Hipoten complete skateboard – best skateboard for teens
  7. Kryptonics complete skateboard – best for budget

In a subsequent section, we will look deeply into these skateboards and why we chose them, but first, what are the different types of skateboards and which is most ideal for kids?

Types of skateboards

  1. Cruisers

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The first type of skateboard is a cruiser. They were usually associated with the “old school feeling,” but are now available in new beautiful designs. 

Cruisers have bigger trucks and wheels that kids can easily maneuver. The truck and wheels are easy for short-length movement and work best in an urban commute.

Cruisers are very suitable for children because they are available in small sizes. 6-year-olds can easily maneuver the skateboards and transport themselves. 

Cruisers can either be mini cruisers or standard cruisers. Mini cruisers are great for children below age 8 and can be used in parks, down hills, and bowls. Meanwhile, standard cruisers are best suited for kids 9 years or older and are great for the city, flat roads, and street skating.

  1. Double kicks

Double kick skateboards have kickboards with two kicks, low trucks, and smaller wheels. The small sizes are suitable for kids, especially those that want to take skating seriously and perform technical tricks.

Most kids will love the idea of a double kick skateboard because of the two kicks that help them do the flip tricks that top skaters do.

Double kick sketching boards are very versatile and suitable for all ages. Your child can use it on flat roads, park and bowl areas, downhill, and long-distance skating.

  1. Longboards 

Longboards as the name implies have longer decks and are more flexible to go through rough surfaces. They are more suitable for long-distance journeys, but skaters can’t use it to perform tricks.

Longboards are great for skaters who want to surf or practice in the snow. They are ideal for long-distance skating, flat road, downhill, and street skating. 

Longboards are not suitable for kids under 9 years of age.

Which is the best type of skateboard for kids?

The best type of skateboard to buy for your child is a mini-cruiser. It is very suitable for young children who are yet to perfect their balance when riding a board. 

The deck of mini cruisers is usually 6 inches long and made of plastics. This makes them suitable for kids around the age of five with a smaller shoe size of three and below.

Even older kids and experienced riders can still use mini cruisers if they want to learn with a skateboard. But you may want to give your older child a full-size double kick skateboard if they are that confident. They will love it because it allows them to do more technical skating tricks.

Best skateboards for 6 year olds

Meketec mini cruiser skateboards – overall best skateboard for 6-year-olds

Photo of Meketec mini cruiser; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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We chose this mini cruiser skateboard as the overall best for 6-year-olds because of its perfect fit. it has a 6” width and 22.5” length deck board which are the most recommended for 6-year-olds.

It is produced by a high-value brand and has high-speed ABEC 7 Meketec bearings. It can take up to 200 pounds.

This skateboard is perfect for use in parks and roads. It is also suitable for beginners or experienced users. It is available in a wide variety of colors for males and females.

However, this skateboard has 60 mm wheels which can go too fast for beginners. But it is still a great pick for kids that will be riding on rough surfaces.  


  • It is a perfect fit for 6-year-olds, and older kids and teens can still it
  • It is a high-quality plastic deck
  • It is durable


  • It may be difficult for older teens to meander

PHOEROS Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard – best for beginners

Photo of Phoeros Pro cruiser; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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PHOEROS is known for its reputation in the skateboarding industry. That is why we are not surprised by the reviews for this skateboard.

It is specifically produced for beginners. It is a mid-range, quality double-kick skateboard with a free carrying bag.

Also, it has a metal tool that you can use to tighten or loosen the wheels. It has 53 mm wheels and ABEC-11  rated bearings and comes with two sets ABEC-7 as spare. The trucks are made of durable alloy.

We love it that this skateboard is customizable. The company adds paint and a sheet of stickers to the order when you buy, for you to customize it yourself.

The deck of this skateboard is 8” wide and has a grip tape coating. Though these qualities make the skateboard long-lasting, the grip tape coating makes it unsuitable for younger children who would want to sit on the deck. The grip tape could tear their pants, or cause an injury.


  • The 8” wide deck will allow your child to use it for long
  • The ABEC-7 rated bearings offer a smooth and stable ride
  • It has the strength for power sliding and some basic tricks


  • Not suitable for younger children

Beleev mini cruiser skateboard – best mini cruiser for kids

Photo of Beleev mini cruiser; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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This lovely mini cruiser for 6-year-olds is made from thick and durable plastic. It is suitable for older kids because it doesn’t have a grip tape that could pinch their clothes when they sit. However, it has a textured surface to give extra traction, in place of the grip tape.

Your child will enjoy a smooth ride on this skateboard because of the soft PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. They reduce the likelihood of tumbling and reduce vibrations more than many boards.

This mini cruiser is suitable for kids teens and adults with little or no skateboarding experience.


  • It is easy and stable for kids and beginners
  • The polypropylene material used for this skateboard can take up to 220 pounds


  • The wheels don’t light up

Whitefang skateboard for beginners – best unisex skateboard

Photo of Whitefang Skateboard; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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This lovely skateboard from Whitefang is made from strong Canadian maple. It is a double kick skateboard with limited speed for kids. It is ideal for 6-year-olds with little or no skateboarding skills.

This board is steady and has a good grip and a concave double kick structure that sticks that manages your kid’s feet when they jump or do stunts. It can take up to 400 pounds weight. It will grow with your child into their teenage years.

This skateboard is resilient and will not quickly crack or bend if your child stumbles over it.

Parents love the minimalist design of this skateboard, but some kids may not find it attractive. Nevertheless, the skateboard has the superior quality for its pricing.


  • It has a sturdy 7-ply Canadian maple wood
  • It has a neutral design, making it suitable for male and female
  • Has a good grip and concave design which beginners need when they start learning tricks


No added tools or accessories

Santa Cruz complete skateboard – most durable skateboard for 6-year-olds

Photo of Santa Cruz; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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This is one of the oldest brands of skateboards, and its products are still have high quality. It is a great skateboard for kids who want to push the limits of skateboarding.

The 8” deck of this skateboard is made from traditional 7-ply maple construction, thereby very durable. This skateboard is great for street skateboarding and can meander through rough surfaces; even roads with twigs and small rocks.

The soft wheels are also quiet. They reduce vibration from uneven surfaces. The skateboard is also very sturdy and will last long.

This skateboard is best for older kids about 10 years, but younger kids with skateboarding skills can use it. Since it has an 8” deck, it will grow with your child until their teenage years.

A customer complained about loose trucks and no risers, another mentioned that the bearings are not so strong. Besides these, this skateboard is great.


  • Sturdy deck construction
  • The 8” deck width will allow your child to use it for a long time
  • Wheels can meander through rough surfaces


  •  A customer complained about the loose truck, and another, of bad bearings.

Hipoten complete skateboard – best skateboard for teens and adults

Photo of Hipoten Skateboard; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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This skateboard is a very versatile and comfortable skateboard. It has a standard length which makes it suitable for kids and teens. It is a great skateboard that can grow with your child.

Also, it has different intricate designs for your child to choose from. Adults who want to learn how to ride a skateboard can also start with this.

This skateboard comes with a free carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.

The skateboard is easy to control and maneuver. It has 45 mm wheels and ABEC-7 rated bearings which are very stable for kids. They also roll smoothly and quietly.

Though there is a review where a customer got a faulty deck, the company offers a two-year warranty and will replace the skateboard if it’s faulty.


  • Great for kids, teens, and adults
  • It has intricate and detailed patterns
  • It has safe 45 mm wheels for stable rides


  • A faulty product was once delivered, but there is a two-year warranty to cover this

Kryptonics complete skateboard – best for budget

Photo of Kryptonics; a great skateboard for 6 Year Old

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This skateboard is super affordable and perfect for 6 years old. It is 22” long, making it very suitable for 6-year-olds who want to start learning skateboarding.

The deck is made from solid maple wood, and the bearings are made of steel. It has a double kick design which is easier for kids with no experience to control and brake.

The design on this skateboard (big-eye cartoon) is also perfect for children. The blue wave pattern on the deck is also adorable. Both girls and boys love it.

You don’t have to worry about the sturdiness of this skateboard. The wooden deck can take up to 110 pounds and seems pretty durable.

However, the downside of this skateboard is that it has plastic trucks which are not as sturdy as their aluminum counterparts. Also, you need to tighten the bolts of these skateboards before use. Besides this, the skateboard is good to go.


  •  It has a short length, which is excellent for 6-year-olds
  • It is cost-effective
  • It has a high-quality maple deck


  • You have to tighten the bolts
  • It has plastic trucks which may not be so durable 

How to choose the right skateboard for your child

  1. Age

Skateboards are made for kids of different ages.  And their shoe sizes are essential for determining the right deck on the skateboard. For instance, kids aged 6 to 8 years who wear at least size 6 shoes need skateboards of about 7 inches decking width or less. Meanwhile, 9 years old and above who were shoe size 9 plus should go for a deck of 7.5 inches in above.

Though skating is only advised for children from age 6 and above, younger kids between ages three to five can still skateboard. If you must let them skateboard, buy a plastic skateboard or a skateboard with no grip tape. 

This is because kids of these ages will not be able to skate properly, but sit on the skateboard and roll down hills. Hence, buying a skateboard with grip tape will tear their pants. 

However, if you intend to buy a skateboard with grip tapes, consider laying a towel on it before they sit.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see 4-year-olds balance well on mini cruisers while 12-year-olds only try to sit comfortably on their skateboard.

  1. Quality

High-quality skateboards can keep your child safe. That is why you should avoid toy skateboards. The deck could break while your child is on it and cause serious injuries.

Also, you don’t need to spend so much money on getting a skateboard. You can still get high-quality cheap Skateboards from reputable manufacturers. For instance, some manufacturers have the rookie series and pro series.

The difference lies in the materials used in producing their wheels and bearings. These materials will be slightly softer than those for the pro series. There could also be differences in the deck but you sure whatever easy used to produce skateboards word child will last and not break when you least expected.

  1. Deck material

Mini skateboards have wooden decks come on but there are a few with bamboo, plastics, fiberglass decks.

The best wooden decks to go for are those made from maples because they’re stronger and will resist weather elements. They are also very flexible. However, it may be difficult to find good quality maple wood in the market. The high-quality ones are expensive. 

Bamboo decks are environmentally sustainable and a great alternative to wood. They are flexible, lightweight, and even more affordable than wood. But they are cute and may feel less stable than wood. 

Plastic decks are also called penny boards and are mostly used for mini cruisers. They can be strong, lightweight, and affordable based on the quality. Buying a poor-quality skateboard will quickly break.

Fiberglass is expensive, weather resistant, and damaged. It is also very sturdy, flexible, lightweight, and durable. 

  1.  The purpose of the skateboard 

Ask your child what they want from their skateboard. Do they want it for serious tricks because they admire skaters on the TV or do they just want something to use to their friend’s place? This will determine whether you should invest more in skateboards. 

Mini cruisers are great for younger children, and they can do great tricks with double kick skateboards. 

  1.  Durability 

The quality of skateboard parts determines how durable it will be. For instance, the materials used for producing the wheels, trucks, bushings, etc will determine how long it will last. Besides, they will also impact the safety and price of the skateboard. 

The truck of a skateboard holds the wheel and the deck and they are more stable if their truck is larger than the width of their skateboard deck.

Also, the safest wheels for 6-year-olds are below 53 millimeters.  Beginners can maneuver these wheels in skate parks and learn tricks with them. Wheels higher than 60 millimeters are better for rougher surfaces and should best be used for experienced skateboarders.

There’s an exception to this rule anyways. Longboard wheels are usually higher and could be 70 millimeters And above.  Longboards with wheels of this size are okay for younger children. 

Go for skateboards with replaceable parts if your child wants to be a serious skateboarder.

  1. Where your child will be skating 

 Skateboards have different trucks and wheels, and this will impact the stability when your child is skating. For instance, longboards have wider wheels that your child can use to surf, skate on flat roads, city streets, or even go on long-distance skating. 

Mini cruisers on the other hand will work best for younger kids because they won’t do any serious skating. They are also suitable for urban areas and skate parks.

Skateboards for 6-year-olds: Reviews from real life parents

Carl loves Meketec skateboard

Photo of Meketec Mini Cruiser

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Carl Jenson is the founder of Compare Banks. He said:

“Choosing the best skateboard for my 6-year-old child was tough because I didn’t want to offer him an inappropriate board where he could have experienced an accident or other uncertain situation when riding. Therefore, after a careful survey, I decided to by him The Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard.

This small cruiser skateboard has a plastic deck that is sturdy, flexible, and durable. It is also lightweight and portable. Additionally, the 22′′ x 6′′ size deck improves my son’s skating balance. This board provides exceptional performance at a fair price. Moreover, it is incredibly stable and well-built. The board’s single kick design innovation makes it the ideal choice for the child’s demands in terms of speed and flair. The strong, 3.25-inch, v-shaped trucks made of aluminum offer more stability and an easy turning mechanism. A perfect, smooth ride is also guaranteed by the soft 78A Urethane wheels (60mm) and ABEC-7 Meketec bearings. This plastic cruiser is CE-approved and portable for commuting or skateboarding. It also makes a fantastic gift for my 6-year-old son on his birthday, Christmas, and summer vacation.

The item is delivered entirely constructed. Therefore, it was a great decision to buy the Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard to help my son master the fundamentals of skating without making it too huge or heavy.”

Sean loves Santa Cruz skateboards

Photo of SantaCruz Skateboard

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Wendy Nguyen is a content writer at Fast Food Menu Prices and mother of two children. She said:

“Initially, I was afraid of handing over a skateboard to my 6years old kid, but eventually, I had to because we cannot bound the kids from playing and exploring. However, I ensured their security with a helmet, knee pads, and the best skateboard for a particular age.

Here is the best skateboard that you can consider for your kids:

Santa Cruz Complete:

It is a combination of smaller decks with softer yet firmer wheels. The addition of softer busing makes this a smooth and forgiving ride. The bushing is the plastic cone-barrel-shaped tube responsible for safely turning the board. They excellently perform the task and smoothly turn the board in the required direction without sudden turns and jerks.

Above all, it is adequately sized for six years old. You can take this board to the local skatepark, and it also performs well on the pavement and crusty asphalt. This skateboard gracefully deals with small objects such as cracks, twigs, and rocks. Hence, it is a considerable board for children.”


What is the ideal skateboard size for a 6 year old?

The ideal skateboard size for a six year old should be at least 6” wide and 22” long. But this size can vary for your child if he or she is taller and has a bigger shoe size.


If you are skeptical about getting skateboards with longer decks for your 6-year-old, stick to the Meketec mini cruiser skateboard. It has the perfect size for kids and offers the stability they need until they master the art of skateboarding.

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