7 Best Twin House Beds For Kids

Do you have an older kid or a twin mattress and wonder what kind of house beds to use? House beds are so artistic, and many of them can take twin mattresses. But your size of mattress is not the only thing to consider when using house beds.

image of twin house bed

There are many varieties of house beds and you will find one based on your needs. Read on to know how to choose the best house bed and also our recommendations. 

What is a twin house bed?

A house bed is a wooden bed frame that has beams or poles forming the shape of a house. A twin house bed on the other hand is a house bed that can carry a twin-size mattress. 

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A standard twin house bed is 6 feet 4 inches tall. Others can extend up to 6 feet or 7 feet 6 inches. You can also get any height if you order something custom-made. 

House beds are available in different styles including the Montessori, with beds closer to the floor, cabin beds with storage, sky-high Treehouse Beds, and house beds with slides. 

Many parents are gaining interest in house beds because of the popularity of Montessori education. This education makes learning to be 10% child-centered, and helps them improve their natural tendencies. 

Using a house bed with a mattress level closer to the floor allows kids to put themselves on bed. It will also help them to get out of bed at ease and explore their rooms.

Benefits of house beds

House beds have great benefits. Some of them include:

  1. Less hurt for your child

Kids will less likely be hurt when they roll out of most house beds because their mattress levels are closer to the floor. This makes house beds safer for children compared to higher beds. 

  1. More comfort

Most house beds have light, open and airy structures. These structures are beautiful and provide a sense of comfort to children.

  1. Kids love the aesthetics

Kids love the artistic nature of house beds and want to stay around them. This will make bedtime less frustrating for you because your kids will look forward to going to bed. 

How to choose a good twin house bed for your child

  1. Consider your child’s age

Some house beds have unique features to suit the development stage of your child. There are house beds for kids of different ages. Some offer extensions so that you can use the bed as your child grows.

Very young children will need house beds with toddler beds or cribs. The bed design should also be at a floor level to make it safe for them to get in and out of bed. Beds with added guards will enforce security, making it safe for your toddler.

Open and more airy designs are more suitable for older kids. They will also love beds that they can personalize. 

A wood house cabin bed is also great for older kids who don’t want the disturbance of their younger siblings. They can hide away there without you worrying about their safety.

  1. Consider the size of the room

Twin house beds are bigger than single house beds. Hence, they will need more space. Consider the width and ceiling heights of the bed and your child’s room when buying a house bed. 

Bunk house beds or beds raised off the floor are taller than other bunk or loft beds because of their additional roof height.

Check the product pages of the house bed you want to buy for the bed measurement. Use this measurement to evaluate your child’s room, and if it will fit in.

  1. Use the right mattress size

Twin house beds need twin-size mattresses and single house beds need single-sized mattresses. Also, you can choose a house bed that fits the current size of your child’s mattress. 

If your child is currently using a toddler bed or crib, you can buy house beds for those mattress sizes. But you will need a twin house bed if your child is outgrowing their current toddler bed or they have a twin crib mattress.

There are also house beds that can take double to king-sized mattresses. You can go for them if you want something more luxurious. 

  1. Frame material

Most house beds are wooden, but there are also a few metal options. Woods are cozy and feel more natural in a room, but you will love a metal option more if you want something more resistant to scratches and roughness.

  1. Choose the important features 

Many features are common to house beds. They include railings, bumpers, roofs, windows, and even partial walls. Others come with cabinets and storage spaces that can be very helpful if you don’t have enough space in your house.

Choose the most important features for you and go for them. Keep in mind that the features could influence the price of the product.

Pro tip: go for house beds with minimal designs, or ones that allow creativity if you want a Montessori setting. 

  1. Your child’s preference

Allowing your kid to take part in choosing their house bed will make them appreciate it more. First, they will feel valued, and choose something that they will love to play with. Who knows? They could like house beds with railings when you preferred partial walls and windows.

7 Best twin house beds for kids

Purveyor 15 Twin Full or Queen House Bed with Railings – Overall best twin house bed 

Photo of Purveyor 15 Twin house bed

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You will love this full-size bed if you have an active sleeper. It is a versatile bed that can fit a standard, twin, or queen-sized mattress. 

It is a sturdy furniture-grade wood bed made from harvested poplar wood. However, it does not use plywood and glues but requires screws to enforce its sturdiness, and all the screws are provided.

It is easy to assemble this furniture because the manufacturers have provided assembly video QR codes to help you through the process.

This bed is fully customizable by the manufacturers. That means that you can contact them to make a few tweaks to fit your dream bed. They can order the twin or queen size bed with the same link, or give the manufacturers dimensions to suit your child’s room.

This bed is handmade and you can expect the handmade quality. However, it is quite pricey, compared to others. 


  • It is customizable
  • You can paint or stain the bed
  • It is made from harvested poplar wood
  • It has a handmade quality


  • It is quite pricey

Meritline Twin House Bed with Fence- Best twin house bed with fence

Photo of Meritline Twin house bed

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Are you worried about your children rolling out? The truth is, no matter how harmless it seems to roll out of a mattress to the ground, there is still a chance for a child to catch a cold from sleeping on the floor if they don’t get up immediately. Prevent that by using this lovely twin house bed with a full-guarding fence. 

Every part of this bed is protected by the fence, except for the 18” that acts as a comfortable entrance for your child. They can walk out from this space instead of climbing over the fence.

Though it has a basic house bed frame, the combination with the picket fence makes it aesthetically pleasing. Plus the top of the fence is round, reducing the risk of an injury.

This bed fits a standard twin size mattress but doesn’t come with slats. So, you must get a box spring if you don’t want to keep the mattress directly on the floor.

It is available in espresso, white and gray colors. 


  • The frame is not too tall and can fit a house with low ceilings
  • It has a very realistic look with beautiful details
  • It has a lovely color variety


  • It may be quite challenging to assemble
  • It does not come with slats

Delta Children Poppy House Wood Twin Bed – Best simple twin house bed

Photo of Delta Children Poppy House Twin house bed

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You will love this simple and straightforward twin house bed. It has a whimsical house shape that adds beauty and charm to the child’s bedroom. 

It is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood and TSCA-compliant engineered wood. These woods are non-toxic, and the bed has a lead and phthalate-free finishing applied via a multi-painting process.  

The Delta children’s twin house bed also comes with built-in storage to keep your child’s books and magazines within your reach. The bed size fits a standard size mattress that you will buy separately. It is suitable for kids 35” or taller. 

However, this bed may have a strong smell immediately after you unbox it, but it will be gone in three days. Hence, air the bed in another room for some days before assembling it in your child’s room.


  • It is very sturdy and uses solid pine wood from New Zealand
  • The simple designs make it versatile to style
  • It has a book slot that allows you to store your child’s books for easy access


  • It is easy to assemble, but you may need some assembly skills to do it successfully
  • It may have a strong smell for some days

South Shore Sweedi Toddler Bed – Best twin house bed for toddlers

Photo of South Shore Sweedi Twin house bed

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We love the clean, simple, and classy design of this Scandinavian-style house bed. It is very sturdy, open, and spacious. It is made from high-quality natural poplar wood. 

The great thing about this twin bed is that you can remove any of the crossbars on the longer side of the frame without damaging it. This will allow you and other adults can play with your child without hitting your head on the frame. 

This bed also has a versatile design as you can choose to keep your mattress on the floor level or set up a bed over the box spring mattress.

This bed saves you the extra cost because it uses a standard crib mattress. You can forgo buying a twin mattress for the frame. You only need to transition from the crib to the toddler bed.

It is not difficult to assemble this bed. It comes with all the tools you need, including a hex key and all hardware. However, the assembling will be easier if you have a power drill.


  • It comes with a one-year limited guarantee
  • Twin size bed
  • You can paint or stain the unfinished wood


  • It may not fit a Twin XL mattress 

Domestic Objects Tent Bed Canopy – Best twin house bed with canopy 

Photo of Domestic Objects Tent Twin house bed

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This twin house bed with a canopy uses 100% soft cotton canvas material. It is washable and durable too. 

The structure is sturdy and safe for kids of every age. The manufacturers make the play tent poles with wood dowels which are easy to assemble. You don’t need tools for assembly. It also uses quality stitches, to prevent rippings. 

This bed can take a standard twin or single-size mattress up to 9” thick; it won’t fit an X-large twin mattress. However, you need to buy your mattress separately, since it doesn’t come with the bed frame.

This twin-size bed can stand up about 5’6” tall when you set up the poles. The flaps will not close the front portion of the tent. But you can get the version with doors if you need it. Nevertheless, it comes with front and back windows for better air circulation. This window will also be handy if your little one wants to peak out.

Mothers love how beautiful this twin house bed with canopy looks. However, it may not be the best choice for an active toddler that climbs on everything. Consider getting it for older kids or calm toddlers. 


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Kids love the aesthetic
  • It has soft cotton canvas material that won’t irritate your child’s skin
  • Has front and back windows


  • It may not be the best for active toddlers

Baysitone House bed – Best twin house bed with trundle

Photo of Baysitone Twin house bed

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Not many manufacturers produce house beds with trundle, but Bayistone does. This product is great and customer reviews are encouraging. The product quality is great, and so is the shipping and customer service. 

It is a full-size twin bed, and the main bed can take up to 400lbs. the trundle on the other hand can take up to 275lbs. This bed is very suitable for a home with limited space. 

This is a great bed for people who have relatives staying over. Both adults and children can sleep on the main bed or trundle. But it is better to have the children sleep on the trundle to make it last longer.

This is a very sturdy bed, made from solid pine and MDF. It is suitable for boys and girls. The simple style makes it suitable for kids who would love to decorate their bed and create their theme. 


  • It has a simple and classy design
  • It is made from solid pine wood and MDF. This makes it very sturdy
  • The bed can be stained or painted. Hence, it encourages creativity in kids who want to create a unique theme.


  • You need to buy two mattresses for the bed

Max and Lily Low Bunk Bed  twin bed – Best twin bunk bed house with slide

Photo of Max and Lily Low Bunk Twin house bed

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This bunk bed has two twin beds up and down and can support up to 400lbs on each. Unlike many bunk beds that come with a slide and ladder. You can reverse and remove these slides and ladders, i.e. if you want to change their placement on the bunk. 

The lower bunk mattress slat lies 2” from the floor to promote air circulation. But for a bed, this 2” makes no significant change in height. This makes it still safe for your younger kids in case they roll out when sleeping. 

This bunk bed is very sturdy and is made from solid New Zealand pine wood. You can trust it to last long. Also, it is non-toxic and uses a low VOC finish.

It is a very classy piece with small footprints. This makes it suitable for smaller rooms. It fits perfectly with standard twin-sized mattresses, which can be up to 8 inches thick.

However, the furniture has a strong smell after unpacking, and you should air it for some days before allowing your kids to sleep on them.


  • It can carry up to 400lb per bed
  • You can remove the angled ladder and slide if you want to switch their positions
  • It is very sturdy, made from solid New Zealand pine wood


  • It can be quite tough to assemble without a drill
  • It has a strong smell that can take up to a week to clear off
  • You cannot paint this item unless you sand it heavily

Best twin house beds according to real-life parents

Kathleen loves Delta Children Poppy House Twin Bed

Photo of Delta Children Twin house bed

Buy on Amazon

Kathleen Fletcher is the CEO of Kitty Baby Love. She said: 

“We have used this bed from Delta Children for one of our girls, and she absolutely loves it! It’s super sturdy and was pretty easy to put together (which is a big tick in the box for me), but more importantly for her, it’s a really cute piece of furniture that you can easily dress up into a proper princess’s bed!

For what I consider to be a pretty reasonable price, you can’t really go wrong with this bed. I’d definitely recommend it to any fellow parents of young children, particularly young girls.” 

Adrian suggested two beds

Adrian Paul is the Head of Marketing at NC Cuttingtools. He suggested the following:

  • Low Loft Twin Bed by Max & Lily
Photo of Max and Lily Low Bunk Twin house bed

Buy on Amazon

This is the ideal bed for you if you’re searching for just a twin bed that will give your youngster hours of entertainment in addition to a place to sleep. The loft bed has adorable curtains that can be drawn to create a fort in the lower portion. It contains one slide that your child will like and a ladder that is simple for children to climb. You may choose from a few alternative configurations, such as removing the slide and substituting stairs for the ladder, and the wooden frame is available in three different color options to complement any area.

Remember: Although this one is costly, with all the enjoyable features, it is worthwhile.

Good for: Little kids who want to liven up the bedroom with a fort and slide.

  • Delta Children Twin Bed in Poppy House Wood:
Photo of Delta Children Twin house bed

Buy on Amazon

Sustainable pine timber that is strong and durable was used to construct this twin bed. It offers a lovely house design and four color choices. You won’t need to purchase any box spring altogether because the frame supports the twin mattress by itself which could help you save some money. On the footboard, there is a built-in bookshelf as well. Kids of all ages may manage to climb to and from their own because the frame is also extremely low to the ground. Your child’s bedroom will have a distinctive and timeless style thanks to this adorable house bed.


Are house beds good for toddlers?

House beds are great for young kids because of their playful designs. But, you must consider the safety features of the bed before getting it for your toddler.

What is a Montessori house bed?

A Montessori house bed has its mattress level very close to the ground. It doesn’t have restrictive railings and allows the child to get in and out of bed without assistance.


House beds are beautiful, and no matter your reason for needing one, you are sure to find a right fit. Some of them have extensions and can grow with your child from toddlerhood until their teenage years.

Nevertheless, consider your child’s age and needs before investing in a twin house bed.

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