7 Best Kids Violin (For Your Little Maestro)

When you think of a violin, you may not immediately associate it with children. This is because you might think it is too complex for them. However, children are faster learners than adults, and violins for kids are ideal for them.

Image of kids violin

Violin is a form of art that requires skill and practice but the interesting thing is that once your little one has a grip on it, they can become unstoppable.

If you are planning to purchase a violin for your child, below are the best kids violin. Also included are tips to help you make the right choice when buying a kids violin.  

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Best Violin for Kids

Whatever the age of your kids and their skill level, you will definitely find an ideal violin to meet their needs from this list of best violin for kids. Our top picks are:

And here’s why they are regarded as our top picks.

Features, Pros and Cons Of Best Violin for Kids

Kennedy Violins Pupil Violin

Photo of Kennedy Violins Pupil Violin; one of the best kids violin

Kennedy violin is a high-quality instrument that is excellent to give a child a good head start in the art of the violin. They are finished by violin builders in Washington and are made of spruce woods and maple to provide a smooth sound.

The sides of the violin are carved instead of being pressed by a machine. The pegs and fingerboard are polished ebony while the overall violin has a satin finish.

The bow is made of Brazilwood and fitted with 100% Mongolian horsehair. It has a large accessory compartment, velour lining its velcro closings, and a hygrometer to check the humidity. Its leather grip allows comfortable play.


  • The bow is made of Brazilwood and fitted with 100% Mongolian horsehair
  • Made of spruce woods and maple
  • The pegs and fingerboard are polished ebony Violin has a satin finish
  • Has velcro closings and a hygrometer
  • A leather grip


  • Good bow
  • Made from high-quality wood.
  • Comes with accessories such as a hygrometer


  • Some cosmetic flaws were found in the body.

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Mendini 4/4 MV300 Violin

Photo of Mendini 4/4 MV300 Violin; one of the best kids violin

The Mendini MV300 violin has a classic design with a spruce top and maple body, chin rest, wood fingerboard,  and pegs are made of quality materials.

It is a beginner’s violin but adequate attention needs to be paid to it.  It is finished with quality detailing across the instrument. The wood provides a warm resonance that is instantly reassuring when it is played.

With the Mendini MV300 violin, you will get great value for money and this is why it always tops the charts.


  • It is finished with quality detailing across the instrument.
  • Has a classic design
  • Made of quality materials


  • Traditional design and finish
  • Has a warm and inviting tone
  • Great value for money


  • Tuning pegs can slip without attention

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Cecilio With Ebony Fittings Electric Violin

Photo of Cecilio with Ebony fittings Electric Violin; one of the best kids violin

As your child improves and begins to discern the sound, it might be time to try something different like this attractive hand-carved electric violin that is made from a plank of durable maple wood.

It has an unusual design and It is powered by a rechargeable alkaline battery and your child can plug in headphones for personal practices to prevent disturbing everyone else.


  • It has ebony pegs, a fingerboard, a chinrest,  and a tailpiece.
  • Comes with a lightweight case.
  • Has a rosin cake, Mongolian horsehair, and a brazilwood bow.
  • Has a bridge to keep strings extra tight.


  • It is attractive
  • Has a unique design.
  • It can be hooked up to a  computer, guitar amplifier, or speaker.
  • Has a strong battery.
  • Headphone jack for personal practice.


  • It is a bit heavy.

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Cremona SV-175 Violin Outfit

Photo of Cremona SV-175 Violin; one of the best kids violin

Cremona is a popular brand in violins and it has always performed well. It is one of the best-selling violin outfits for beginners that has maintained its standards for decades.

It is a lightweight violin that is made up of

maple with a spruce top, high-quality ebony fingerboard along with the materials used for finishing.

It produces a clear and rich sound with of those woods and it delivers credible acoustics even with the strings. The brazilwood bow is also comfortable to use for kids.


  • Brazilwood bow
  • Made up of maple with a spruce top


  • Rich tone
  • Fantastic finish
  • Light and easy to hold
  • Made of traditional woods
  • You get great value for your money

Cons :

  • No shoulder rest
  • Not budget friendly
  • Doesn’t come with standard outfit items such as a tuner.  

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Stentor 1500

Photo of Stentor 1500 Violin; one of the best kids violin

This is another instrument that is worthy of note. It is built with high-quality material and it is ideal for beginners to early intermediate. It has a classic design with a rich varnished finish and a clear sound. Also, it is made from spruce and maple with an ebony fingerboard and a traditional horsehair bow to deliver great sound.


  • Great sound
  • Ideal for beginners
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • It comes in a hard case and with a strap.


  • Has a unique design
  • Quality materials from traditional woods
  • It can carry kids to intermediate level
  • Very cost-effective.


  • Pegs can slip if not monitored

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Sky SKYVN202 Violin

Photo of Sky SKYVN202 Violin; one of the best kids violin

The Sky SKYVN202 violin is suitable for younger kids and it is excellent for beginners. The violin is hand carved with wood and hand finished. It is of high quality despite being a beginner violin. The lightweight bow uses horsehair to make a great sound while fingerboard and hardwood pegs feel robust.


  • Lightweight bow
  • Made of hand-carved wood.
  • Use horsehair to make a great sound.


  • Make a decent tone
  • Light and easy to hold
  • Requires little tuning before use
  • Comes in children-friendly colors
  • It is cheap


  • Not strong compared to others

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D Z Strad Violin Model 100

Photo of DZ Strad Violin Model 100; one of the best kids violin

The D Z Strad Violin Model 100 maintains its reputation of delivering quality instruments at good prices and made specifically for children. It is made from spruce and maple that has been air-dried for a decade before being made into a violin.


  • Made up of hardwood fingerboard and pegs
  • Made from spruce and maple
  • High quality
  • Produces great sound.
  • Strings are of a decent standard


  • Great tone and sound
  • Great value for money
  • Great quality materials
  • Rich varnish and color
  • It is suitable for beginners
  • Highly recommended by violin teachers
  • Rugged enough to withstand being played by a kid


  • It is expensive

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Review On Kids Violin

Kennedy Violins Pupil Violin

Photo of Kennedy Violin; one of the best kids violin

Corrie Duffy- Food blogger at Corrie Cooks says;

“In my opinion, buying a violin for your kid is a very good decision but consider their age and interest before buying it because violins are expensive. If your child is a toddler buy a simple violin for that, maybe the one that looks like a violin and has electronic toy features in it. But if your child is a little older than that and is interested in learning violin, start from the beginners level.

One of the violins that I found suitable for my nephew who is around 8 years old is Kennedy violins set” 

Benefits Of Kids Violin

Below are some of the benefits of kids’ violin.

Improves Memory

The violin instrument stimulates a child’s neural pathways which implies that they will be able to retain information better and this can help them do better in school.  Reading skills will improve since children will need to read the music to help them remember their notes. Their academic skills will also improve because it helps them develop a better understanding of math and spatial reasoning which are essential subjects in school.

It Improves Coordination, Self-expression And Confidence

Playing the violin also helps to improve a child’s physical coordination which can help with daily tasks like riding a bike. It’s also a means of expressing one’s self through the violin strings.

Having the opportunity to learn an instrument will also help to build confidence in children making them feel good about themselves. Playing the kid’s violin can be a great way to help your kids realize their potential!

It also helps your child make friends with the same interests which can help them feel more comfortable at school, having someone they can communicate with when the need arises.

Calms Down Anxiety And Relieves Stress

Playing the violin is a great way to lower your blood pressure and calm down anxiety. While focusing on the violin, kids tend to forget their hurts and worries at home and in school. This also works well for adults.


Children can cultivate creativity through playing the instrument. because it demands that a person thinks about how best to express themselves with an instrument. Therefore playing the violin can encourage kids to be creative in their activities and this is a way of making them responsible and bringing out the best in them.

Career Opportunities

Music is a way of escape for many from the daily struggles of life and that’s why you see many people go to music concerts and shows to spend quality time with their friends. Learning to play the violin instrument can become a career opportunity for your child to entertain people at shows and concerts.


Photo of a girl playing a violin

Here are some questions people ask about kids’ violin.

  1. What Is A Violin Made Of For Kids?

Strings are usually made from catgut, nylon or steel. Adjusters can be used with some strings. The front of the violin body is created with spruce while the sides and back are made of maple. The bow can be made of wood of various kinds. Some players make use of bows made with carbon fiber and the bow is strung with horsehair.

  1. How Does Violin Make Sound For Kids

When strings vibrate, their vibration is picked up by the bridge (the strings rest on the bridge near one end). The bridge transfers the vibrations to the soundboard which vibrates and makes use of the soundbox to make the sound loud enough to be heard by people.

  1. What Age Can My Kid Start Playing Violin?

There’s no perfect age to start learning the violin since different children will succeed at different times. However, the best age to start can be between 5-7 years old and if you feel that your kid is smart enough to learn even before he or she is five, just go ahead and do the needful.

Final Thoughts

Playing the violin instrument comes with many benefits to children. So, if you are considering it as a profession or simply a hobby for your child then it is important to know about the different aspects of learning it, and encourage your child to keep practicing until obvious progress is made.

Leasing programs also provide a great option for beginners. If your child isn’t sure about the violin, you can lease a quality instrument for some months to check their interest.

However, where your child knows what he or she wants, an investment in a quality kids violin will reap future rewards.

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