How To Get Rid Of Toilet Rings Using Things in Your Home

Many of us live in clean homes. We commit a considerable time schedule to get off dirts around our homes and in our toilets.  We do vigorous scrubbing of our toilet bowls and floors. But despite all these efforts, we still find that toilet bowl stains disfiguring the good looks of our porcelain throne.

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Well, that less-appealing ring in your toilet bowl isn’t because you are not scrubbing enough. In fact, it has nothing to do with how often you do your cleaning. And yes, that toilet ring can be removed. And it can be done easily using just a few tricks.

Baking soda, lemon Kool-aid, pumice stone, dryer sheets, and a few other household items can be very useful in getting those stains off. 

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What Exactly Causes Toilet Bowl Rings?

Typically, there are two causes of toilet bowl stains. One is hard water. Iron, calcium, and magnesium are general components of all water. But for hard water, there is a tremendous quantity that leaches out of the standing water and gets stuck to toilet surfaces and gradually creates unwanted stains.

Two, bacteria and mould. Mould and organisms can gradually form at the surface of water and then adhere to the porcelain of your toilet bowl, especially if that particular toilet is often not used. It takes just a few bacteria to create a lot of problems on the toilet bowls, because bacteria multiplies fast.

You may have tried different toilet stain removers to get rid of that toilet stain but had no success. What is the best way to clean a toilet ring without exerting so much manual labor?

There are ways you can clean your toilet stains effectively using environment-friendly agents and without stress.

Here Is How To Get Rid Of Toilet Ring

1. Baking Soda And Vinegar

You may have tried vinegar as a solution to remove stubborn stains from your toilet bowls with no result. It is time to bring baking soda into the mix for a lasting effect.

How to use it, simply sprinkle a cup of baking soda into your toilet bowl. Wait an hour for the baking soda to break down hard water stains for an hour. Then, add a cup of vinegar to it.

The mixture will fizzle and foam to produce water droplets that can fly out of your toilet. Leave the solution for 30 minutes, then flush.

In the case of very stubborn toilet stains, you’ll be required to bring in some manual effort by scrubbing the toilet area. Doing this also works as a solution to hard water stains. Hard water toilet stains will produce rust or yellow stains in your toilet bowl. 

However, if the hard water stains turn out really bad, then you should repeat the cleaning process to get an increased result. You may be required to repeat the process at least once in a month to maintain your toilet bowl sparkle. 

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2. Coke Drink

The Coca Cola product is not just for “refreshing” yourself, it can also refresh your toilet bowl.

Simply empty a can of coke into your toilet bowl. The product you are using does not have to be the name brand cola. You can also use a store brand version to get an effective result.

The product contains acid that devours stains and lime scale. This method makes it easy for you to clean the affected area without needing to scrub.

But in rare situations of very tough stains, you may have to scrub the spots with brush. And after doing this, you may want to think about the result of the product on your health.

3. Borax

While Borax is a reliable agent for cleaning your home, it is also effective in removing toilet stains. And you do not have to mix it with any other product for a rewarding result.

Simply pour a cup of the product into your toilet bowl as a treatment. Leave for up to two hours, and flush the toilet. The solution dissolves in the water and produces the expected result.

However, like a few others, you’ll need to scrub the toilet bowl in the case of very tough stains. But before doing that, you can repeat the process for an improved outcome. Doing this may prevent exerting any manual scrubbing.

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4. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is an amazing toilet bowl ring remover. To use it to clean your toilet bowl, cut a small piece of Magic Eraser and put it in the toilet bowl overnight. The item doesn’t need to be submerged in the toilet water, allow it to float.

By the time you return to the toilet in the morning, you’ll be amazed at how the toilet bowl stains would be removed. And after doing this, it would be unnecessary putting the Magic Eraser into the toilet bowl. You’ll only have to place a piece of the Magic Eraser in your toilet tank for repeated effect.

Also, you’ll have to bring out the Magic Eraser from inside the toilet bowl after getting the result you want, since you cannot flush it out. 

And everytime you flush the toilet after putting the Magic Eraser in your toilet tank, you’ll be cleaning your toilet bowl automatically.

However, it is crucial that you take note of how the Magic Eraser piece is placed within the toilet tank. Do not place it where it could possibly get caught under the flapper and cause your toilet to run consistently. A lasting way to solve that is to place the item on the side of the tank.

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5. Use The Pumie 

You do not need to use the conventional pumice stone toilet cleaner to clean your toilet ring. The Pumie is a softer material that will get your hard water stains out by scrubbing. You can also combine the mix with baking soda and vinegar solution for a topnotch result.

The Pumie is a pumice stone cleaner soft enough not to wreak any physical damage on your toilet’s porcelain.  It is the same as the pumice stone you may have been using in scrubbing off dead feet skin but with a handle for your toilet use.

You’ll need to exert some  manual labor to get results with this item when you try to get rid of the toilet ring. But ensure you put on hand gloves and a plastic apron while using.

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6. Lemon Kool-Aid

You may have never considered Lemon Kool-Aid to be an effective toilet bowl cleaning agent as you may have relished the product as a kid. Here is what you’ll need to do:

Apply the product on your toilet bowl by sprinkling it all over. Ensure that it covers the toilet ring. Allow it to sit for an hour.

During this one hour period, ensure that nobody else visits the same toilet for use. Then use a toilet brush to scrub off the lemon Kool-aid. Do this scrubbing in a circular motion concentrating more on the ring. Then, flush your toilet.

The unsweetened or sugar-free lemon Kool-Aid product is more effective for this process. And you can get it on Amazon here.

7. Toilet Cleaning Bomb

You may have used the toilet cleaning bomb for bathroom cleaning. You may have used it to add bubbles, color, or scents to your bath water, but it is time to use it in getting off that toilet stain. 

It can be gotten from Amazon at a considerable price here

If you’ll prefer to save cash and make the product yourself, then follow the guide below:

Combine ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of borax or cornstarch, and ½ cup citric acid in a plastic ziploc bag, and slowly put some water. Close the bag and knead to combine the items together.

Continue to add water gradually to the combination till it gets clumped in one piece, then add some drops of essential oil. 

Get plastic eggs, silicone mold, or even measuring spoons to produce the mixture. The items you have mixed will expand, so do not overfill the molds. 

Leave it for up to 2 days to finally form. 

Whenever you are ready to use, drop one into your toilet bowl for some effects. But note that this works best as a maintenance tool. This means after you may have used any of the other methods in getting off your toilet ring, you can then use it to keep maintaining your toilet throne.

You may get frustrated using it to remove tough stains in your toilet.

8. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets is one other tool that can produce lasting results in cleaning your toilet bowl. In fact, it has been discovered that the used ones work better than new dryer sheets. So, after getting off the clothes from your dryer, keep back the used dryer sheets.

Using dryer sheets in cleaning your toilet would mean that you put your hands into the toilet bowl rings. So, to prevent getting contacts with germs, ensure to put on hand gloves.  

Scrub the dryer sheet around your toilet bowl and the rings or stains will scrub off. After doing this, flush the toilet. 

You can also use dryer sheets for your kitchen sink, bath tub, shower and other surface stains in your bathroom. Get dryer sheets on Amazon here

9. Denture Cleaning Tabs

Denture cleaning tabs cleans your toilet bowls with its acidic content. It however doesn’t produce a very harsh effect.

Apply on your toilet bowl and leave overnight to do its work. The product will get rid of bad smell, and dissolve the tough stains on the concentrated areas.

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10. Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer is very likely the easiest on this list. You’ll only have to drop tabs inside your toilet tank and let it dissolve.  Doing this will work to keep your toilet tank always fresh.

But since you want to get rid of the toilet ring, You should first allow Alka Seltzer to work in your toilet bowl by putting the tabs where the rings are. You might need to scrub in the case of stubborn stains.

After removing the stains, keep the tabs in a secure area in your toilet tank so that it would help to always keep your toilet fresh every time you flush. Ensure to always have your rubber gloves on when working in your toilet.

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11. Bleach

You are going to get a result with bleach only if the cause of your toilet ring isn’t hard water stains. It will work better against bacteria or mould.

But then, it is often not advised that you use bleach alone when doing your toilet ring cleaning. You should consider combining the product with other cleaning agents. That would make it more effective in removing grime, dirt, bacteria, and grease from surfaces.

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In conclusion, the enlisted products are environment-friendly agents that are less harsh. If you have tough stains in your toilet, you’ll be required to combine some manual scrubbing efforts to apply any of these cleaning agents. A combination of some of the items like baking soda, vinegar, and toilet cleaning bombs will give you a well improved result. However, it is important that you continue to maintain your toilet by using Magic Eraser, Toilet cleaning bomb, Alka Seltzer, or any of the others. 

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