Lansinoh Signature Pro Breast Pump (Complete Review)

Lansinoh SignaturePro breast pump is a great choice for moms who need a budget-friendly option for effective pumping. 

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But is it easy to use, will it save you time, and is it worth a try? 

Read this review to learn more about Lansinoh SignaturePro double electric breast pump, and whether it is ideal for you.

Product Overview

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Lansinoh SignaturePro is a double electric breast pump that you can also use as a single breast pump. It uses 6 AA batteries and also comes with an AC adapter to connect directly to a power source.

Though this breast pump is regarded as hospital-grade, it may not be as strong as other more expensive breast pumps Still, it is a great choice for moms on a budget, who don’t oversupply.

We also love that this breast pump comes with many accessories as listed below.

What comes with the Lansinoh SignaturePro breast pump?

Each pack of Lansinoh SignaturePro double electric pump contains the following:

  • 1 Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump
  • 2 5oz Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles 
  • 2 25mm ComfortFit flanges and flange bodies
  • 2 diaphragms and diaphragm caps
  • 1 collar 
  • One travel-size nipple cream
  • 2 nursing pads (disposable)
  • 1 NaturalWave slow flow Nipple and the nipple cover
  • 1 AC adapter
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 pump connector
  • 1 carry tote bag
  • 1 tubing strap
  • 1 Y tubing connector
  • 2 storage lids
  • 2 white valves (+2 extra)
  • 3 connection tubes

Features of Lansinoh SignaturePro double electric breast pump

These are the unique features of Lansinoh SignaturePro electric pump.

  • 3 customizable pumping styles 

Not everyone is comfortable with one pumping style. That is why Lansinoh SignaturePro gives you three options to choose from. These pumping styles mimic babies’ feeding patterns for efficient pumping.

This feature gives you more control over how you let down milk. Finally, you can wave bye to pain when expressing milk.

  • 8 adjustable suction levels

Like the pumping style, you can adjust the suction levels until you find the perfect one. The suction levels are easy to control too. 

  • Closed pumping system

Germs can get into your breast milk if it flows into the tubing or the pump motor. It also makes it more difficult to clean the pump after use. 

However, the closed pumping system of this breast pump will prevent your milk from touching other breast pump parts. This reduces the number of parts you have to clean. 

  • LCD display with timer

It can be difficult to pump at night without any light source, but you can get your breast pump setting right with the backlit display screen.

Also, this display screen has a timer that shows you how long you have been pumping. Hence, you don’t have to get up to check time if you don’t have one around. 

  • Can be powered by batteries or an AC adapter

This breast pump uses 6 AA batteries that can help you pump when there is no power source around. But if you have a power source, there is no need to spend money on batteries. You have an AC adapter to connect and get the milk flowing. 

This makes the Lansinoh SignaturePro breast pump very versatile and suitable for every occasion. However, the 6 AA batteries are not included when you buy the breast pump. So, you need to buy yours independently. 

  • Carry tote

There is always so much to carry when you have a baby. Lansinoh SignaturePro comes with a carry tote, so you can carry your breast pump in there if you don’t want to carry a bigger tote.

Benefits of Lansinoh SignaturePro breast pump

Ease of assembly

It is quite easy to assemble this breast pump. The pump has an instruction manual that will direct you on how to assemble it. The instructions are straightforward to follow. There is also a quick guide to help moms use this breast pump for the first time to follow. 

However, you must read the entire manual before using it for the first time. It will help you use it correctly and reduce your risk of damaging the pump. since the pump has more parts than many pumps in the market, you could miss steps during assembly.


Lansinoh is comfortable on the nipples. The 25 mm flanges suit most moms, but you can increase to the 30.5 mm flanges or breast shiels if you need something bigger.

The flanges are made with ComfortFit technology which makes them feel better than flanges from hard plastics. 

Pump strength

You can customize your pumping experience with Lansinoh SignaturePro. Choose from the 8 adjustable suction levels and 3 pumping styles to find your best fit. 

The pump is also easy to manipulate. It has five buttons (including the power button) that are easy to use. There is a section below on how to pump with the Lansinoh SignaturePro breast pump.

Ease of cleaning

This breast pump has a s closed pumping system that prevents milk from getting into the tubing. We know how difficult it is to clean the tubing. But this pump saves you that stress and reduces the number of parts to clean. 

Also, some parts of this pump are dishwasher safe but check the manual to know the parts to clean in a dishwasher.

Less noise

Lansinoh SignaturePro is quieter than many double electric breast pumps on the market. However, there is still some level of noise. Though it is not very loud, it can wake a sleeping baby or partner.

How to assemble Lansinoh SignaturePro double breast pump

See this video for details on assembling your Lansinoh double electric breast pump.

How to Assemble the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump

How to use Lansinoh SignaturePro 

You have to press the power button on the lower part of the pump to switch it on. The pump will be in the let-down mode when you first switch it on. This mode is in the upper left side of the pump, with the sign of milk drops.

The let-down mode will massage your breast and make it ready to express. After that, press the expression mode at the upper right corner to express. The expression button has the sign of milk drops in the cycle.

If you transition to the express mode and feel like the breasts weren’t fully massaged, press the let down to massage again. You can also press the expression button at different times to choose the expression style you need. 

The “+” and “-“ signs at the lower sides of the pump are for increasing and decreasing suction levels. If you need more suction, press the “+” or “-“ if the suction is too much for you.

Review of Lansinoh SignaturePro 


  • You can easily clean the pump because of its backflow protection or closed system
  • The plastic parts of this breast pump are BPS and BPA free
  • You can use it to pump from one or two breasts at once
  • The flanges are soft with the ComfortFit® feature to give you an ideal suction and make it more comfortable to pump
  • You can conveniently use the breast pump in a dark room because of the LCD screen
  • It is easy to remove the flanges from your pumping bra without removing the bra. This will make it less likely for your milk to spill 
  • The washable parts of this breast pump are dishwasher safe
  • You can switch between the expression and let down mode for easy pumping

Abigail loves this breast pump.

Abigail, CEO of Tech President said: “I used the Lansinoh Signature pro double breast pump when I was expressing breastmilk for my baby. I am a firm believer that breastmilk is best for babies. Hence, I still expressed breastmilk religiously when I returned to work after my maternity leave. 

I love that it is a double electric breast pump; hence both of my breasts are pumped at the same time, thereby reducing the time I need to pump. I also love that the suction pattern mimics that of a baby’s suckling pattern. This is very important in inducing more milk production. It is also very quiet so I can use it even when the baby is sleeping beside me. Hence, I really recommend this product.”


  • It may not completely drain the breasts. You may need new or longer pumping sessions to empty the breasts.
  • You need an adapter to fit other bottles on this pump
  • The AA batteries do not last for very long. You must plug it into a power source if you want to have a longer or multiple pumping session
  • It may not be safe to store your milk in the bottles provided with this pump because the lid seals are not strong enough to keep the milk intact.
  • The nipple shield may leak occasionally

See what Marilyn said about this breast pump

Marilyn Gaskell, the Founder & Hiring Manager of TruePeopleSearch, loves this breast pump but complained about it not draining the breast completely. She said:

“Lansinoh SignaturePro double breast pump is one of the best breast pumps I have used. I used it when I had my son, and it was great. The customizable pump styles and adjustable suction makes it an absolute delight. The time display makes it easier to monitor the time spent in each pumping session. It is also easy to clean and assemble after use. 

Although it is my favorite breast pump, its inability to fully drain the breast during pumps is the only noticeable downside. But above all, it is an amazing breast pump.”

Samantha had some reservations 

Samantha is the Manager of Health and Mental Wellbeing at Freedom Dividend. She said:

“It is a very popular electric breast pump that many of my friends have used and recommended to me. It has two pumps that work together to create a stronger suction and is more comfortable than single breast pumps in my experience. However, I find that it is not as powerful as I would like and it can be quite loud. Overall, the pump is comfortable and effective for me, but there are some minor issues that could be improved.”

How Lansinoh SignaturePro competes with other breast pumps

Lansinoh Smartpump vs Lansinoh SignaturePro

Photo of Lansinoh Smart Pump

Check Lansinoh Smartpump price on Amazon

Lansinoh Smartpump and SignaturePro are similar in many ways except that the Smartpump can connect with smartphones, so you can use your phone Bluetooth to connect the breast pump to your mobile apps (Android or iOS). 

Also, the Smartpump is quieter, and more lightweight than the SignaturePro, and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry about. 

Unlike the SignaturePro, Lansinoh Smartpump does not have an LCD screen. So, you need a light source if you must use this breast pump in a dark room. 

Lansinoh breast pump vs Medela Freestyle

Photo of Medela Freestyle Pump

Check Medela Freestyle price on Amazon

Lansinoh SignaturePro is a great pick for moms on a budget because it costs only a fraction of Medela Freestyle. But Medela freestyle outweighs Lansinoh in terms of performance. 

Medela is more powerful than Lansinoh and will drain the breast during one session, while Lansinoh SignaturePro won’t do that for you. However, Lansinoh has all the accessories you need to help you pump on a budget. 

Lansinoh SignaturePro vs Spectra S1

Photo of Spectra S1 breast pump

Check Spectra S1 price on Amazon

Lansinoh SignaturePro has more accessories than Spectra S1, but Spectra S1 has a built-in, rechargeable battery that you can use on the go. Though you can still pump on the go with Lansinoh, you must buy 6 AA batteries which don’t last long, nor are they rechargeable.

However, Lansinoh SignaturePro is a bit lighter than Spectra S1.

In terms of warranty, Spectra S1 gives 2 years warranty for the pump motor from the day you buy it and 90 days on the pump parts. But Lansinoh only gives a 1-year warranty on their pump. 

Read more about Spectra S1


Is Lansinoh a hospital-grade pump?

Lansinoh signature is a hospital-grade electric pump. It is cost-effective and can help you express milk comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Moms on a budget will greatly appreciate this breast pump because of its accessories and its ease of use.

However, if you oversupply, this breast pump may not empty your breasts. Hence, you may need longer pumping sessions or pump more frequently if you want to extract more milk.

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