15 Easy Work From Home Jobs For Teens

There are lots of work from home jobs for teens right now, thanks to the many opportunities the internet has created. Also, offline jobs for teens that can be done around the neighborhood, exist. Knowing your options will make you choose the right work from home job for you. 

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If you’re a teenager or a parent of one, looking for work from home jobs for teens, we have compiled different job opportunities for teens in this post and how to get them. 

Get ready to start making cool and legit money from home. 

Benefits Of Work From Home Jobs For Teens

  • It will teach teens how to be financially responsible from a young age. As a teen, you will know how to work hard for money and how to save or invest your hard-earned money. 
  • You will learn how to effectively manage your school work and a side hustle.
  • You don’t have to worry about transportation or leaving home.
  • Work from home jobs for teens are highly flexible compared to on-site jobs. With this, you will be able to manage other responsibilities like your studies and extracurricular activities.
  • You will learn time and money management from your teenage years. Work from home jobs for teens will teach you how to make effective use of your time and how to manage money. 
  • Work from home jobs for teens will help you build a good resumé. There is an experience you get by entering the workforce early. When you have work experience as a teenager, it will show managers that you are a responsible person. 

Online Work From Home Jobs For Teens

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1. Editorial intern 

A teenager can pick up an editorial job as an intern. Your job will be to assist editors at a publishing company. 

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You will help them pitch and research story ideas, write articles, help with copy, or edit written content. You will also create digital contents like social media posts. 

The national average salary of an editorial intern is $25,605 per year. 

There are websites to find editorial intern jobs, some of them are: 

2. Data entry 

Teens can do data entry jobs and your duty as a data entry clerk is to update and input information into a computer database system. 

You will compile the information and ensure the accuracy of all the data you work with. 

The average annual salary of a data entry clerk is $26,976

If you feel data entry job is for you, there are websites you can go to find legit and well-paying data entry jobs and some of them are:

3. Customer service representative 

Many organizations are looking for people who can be their customer service representative remotely, you can do this job from home and get paid for it. 

The duty of a customer service representative is to interact with a company’s customer via social media, email, phone, or an online chat. 

You will share information, resolve customer complaints, cancel accounts, and upgrade accounts. 

The national average salary of a customer service representative yearly is $28,766 yearly.

These are websites you can find customer service rep jobs:

4. Call center representative 

Your duty as a call center representative is to handle both inbound and outbound calls for a company. 

You will need to have knowledge of the company’s products and services so that you can answer customers’ complaints and questions about the company or products. 

You will also resolve any issue customers may have while abiding by the company’s policies. 

The average national salary for a call center representative yearly is $29,328

You can find call center representative jobs  on Indeed and FlexJobs

5. Blogger 

A blogger is someone who writes or creates content for blogs. You make money by having your own blog. As you increase your contents and grow your readership or views, you will be able to monetize your blog. 

You write on a particular niche like health, finance, entertainment, food, travel, etc. 

Bloggers generate ideas and also write and publish posts. They also share their contents on their social media platforms to get large viewership. 

The national average earnings of a blogger is $29,619 annually. If you are good at blogging as a teen, you can start your own blog. 

6. Freelance writer 

Freelance writing is another wonderful way for teens to make money from home. You can find freelance writing jobs on UpWork , Indeed, freelancer.com, guru.com, or Fiverr.

If you have a knack for the English language, you will make a very good freelance writer, which will fetch you money and also increase your skill at the same time.  

This work from home job for teens is highly flexible and can be done alongside school activities. 

As a freelance writer, you will be paid to create content for companies, gather information on their writing assignment, edit their content, write drafts, and also submit it for approval. 

The national average salary annually for a freelance writer is $43,077

7. Proofreader 

Your job as a proofreader will be to edit materials for grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling. 

You will make revisions for written contents as needed and also serve as a final quality check before the publication of the content. 

The average national salary annually of a proofreader is $46,114

Are you interested in proofreading jobs? Check out these websites to find jobs: 

8. Online tutor 

If you are good in a particular subject or subjects, you can teach other students online via platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. 

Some websites like SameSpeak offer online teaching jobs for teens who are at least 16 years old. But you have to be fluent in English to work with this website. 

Your job as an online tutor will be to help students in various grade levels with their school work. You will also help with their projects, homework, research paper, and even help prepare them for their upcoming exams. 

An online tutor also helps students understand key topics discussed in the classroom and offers encouragement and support as needed. 

Online tutoring job is flexible and you can work around your school schedule and homework to offer your services and get paid. 

There are also online tutor jobs for teens on Indeed. The national average salary annually for an online tutor is $51,542. 

9. Voice over artist 

Photo of a girl doing voice over artist work from home jobs for teens

A voice over artist is someone who uses their voice to read a script in order to create a voice recording that lays over a video production. 

You will lend your voice for media platforms like radio, animated movies, and TV and get paid for it. 

A teen can do this job alongside school and other extracurricular activities and make good money. 

The national average salary annually of a voice over artist is $68,328

Voice over artist jobs can be found on websites like: 

10. Videographer 

The work of a videographer is to create video films by recording live events on camera. 

This job is quite expensive for a teen because you would need equipment like camera, lighting, and other video equipment. 

After recording the video, you edit the recording, then compile it into a final video. 

However, if you have financial support as a teen, this is a good work from home job to do and you will get paid handsomely for it. Videographer jobs are available on websites like: 

11. Freelance photographer 

This is another excellent work from home jobs for teens who are good in photography. If taking excellent pictures is your hobby, you can make a good amount of money doing this. 

You can take pictures and sell them on photography websites like iStock and Shutterstock

The national average salary of a freelance photographer is $68,328 yearly. You can even be paid by companies to capture professional images for their clients. 

Offline Work From Home Jobs For Teens

These work from home jobs for teens can be done during the weekends so that it won’t clash with your school and after school activities. 

1. Pet sitter 

Do you love animals? Do you love being with them, looking after them, and even grooming them? If yes, you can turn this hobby into a source of income. 

You can take care of your neighbors’ pets during the weekends or after school hours. You can also go online and search for pet sitting jobs near you. 

The duties of a pet sitter are:

  • Look after peoples’ pets while they are away 
  • Take care of the pets, give them food and water 
  • Administer their medication 
  • Entertain them 
  • Walk dogs 
  • Groom them 
  • Take them to their vet appointment when due, etc. 

The national average earnings of a pet sitter yearly is $24,419

You can get legit pet sitting jobs on these websites: 

2. Baker 

Do you love baking? Can you prepare a number of pastries and bake bread? If yes, why not make these and sell them? This is a good way to work from home as a teen. 

You can bake from your own kitchen and sell your baked goods in your neighborhood.

One way to let your friends, family, and neighbors know about your baking business is by placing ads around the neighborhood.

You can also place ads on your social media. Also, you can get baking contracts on Indeed and UpWork

3. Caregiver 

A caregiver is paid to look after another individual. You will help them with their personal care like dressing or grooming, help them with food preparation, feed them, give them their medication, and assist with housekeeping. 

Caregivers are employed to take care of the elderly, sick people who can’t move on their own, etc. 

As a teenager, you can do this on weekends or after school for a few hours and make your money. You can start doing this for people who need your services in your neighborhood.  

The national average salary of a caregiver yearly is $26,021 and if you are interested in this work from home job for teens, they are available on Indeed and Care.com.

4. Artists 

Photo of a girl doing work from home jobs for teens

If you are very creative as a teen, you can make money by making and selling arts and crafts. 

You make use of your creativity to create models or sketch ideas for any art that you are good in. 

You can sell your creations offline and online. 

The national average earnings of an artist annually is $29,370. If you are good in arts and crafts and want this work from home job for teens, click here to see some vacancies

Companies And Websites That Hire Teens To Work From Home

1. U-Haul 

This company hires teens for online jobs. U-Haul is well known for being a big moving company and they have a lot of positions available. 

The good thing about them is that they hire teens 16 years and above. 

The main job teens do with this company is to answer phone calls and respond to the needs of the customers. They do the work of a customer service representative for U-Haul. 

This is a straight forward position and any teen can do this from the comfort of their homes and get paid. 

Also, the job is not too taxing, it does not need any prerequisite skills before you can be hired, you won’t have someone over your head constantly overseeing you work, all that is required of you is to answer questions and schedule rentals. 

However, some tools are required for this work from home job for teens and they include a good computer, a fast internet connection, and a headset for answering calls. Check out the best headset for working from home.

2. Survey junkie 

This website is for teens who are serious about making money online and this website pays you to take surveys. 

This survey website does not require teens to be at least 18 year olds, they accept teens of at least 13 years old. 

So to make money from this website, you take some minutes out of your day to share your honest opinions on various topics, give thoughtful answers and get paid for it. 

To sign up and register on this website is free, you fill your surveyor’s profile, and start taking surveys and making money. 

Survey Junkie pays through PayPal or gift cards. You can take your surveys at any time, and do that right from your home. 

Although, you need a smart device to take surveys online. 

3. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is a website that pays teens for doing what they love doing online during their spare time. This website pays you to watch online videos, play online games, search online, and even take surveys. 

Swagbucks is free and it is easy to sign up on this website and start making money. You earn points as you do your tasks but you can’t cash out until your points have reached a certain amount. 

500 points is the maximum cash out point and every 100 points equals a dollar.

If you use this website daily, you will see your points quickly add up over time. Then you can convert these points into cash or gift cards. 

4. Humanatic 

This work is a little bit off the beaten path and it is an interesting work from home job for teens. 

Humanatics is an organization that reviews voice messages that are recorded by companies. 

Ever made a call to a major company and you hear this “This call may be recorded for quality purposes”? This is the work of humanatics, they hire people to review those recordings. 

However, to work with humanatics, you must be at least 17-year-old and it is the only company that hires teens below 18 years old in this aspect. 

So, when you apply and you are chosen, you will be paid to review calls. This will help companies to improve the way their calls are executed. 

Your job is to review these calls and give your feedback on how they went. 

This work from home job for teens is highly flexible. You will choose your work hours and the work is relatively fun. You get paid via PayPal weekly, every Monday. 

When you sign up to work with them, there is a minimal training you will go through to help you figure out the process. 

5. Slice the pie 

This company pays teens to share their opinions. You will also be required to review things you like and you will get paid for each review done. 

The reviews are also fast, each review takes about one to two minutes. 

You can be given a song to listen to, a clothing item to check out, or some other kind of information or brand based item. 

You will state what you like or dislike about the product or information shared with you, and get paid for it. Usually, you are paid between five to twenty cents per review. 

The more you review, the more your money adds up. They pay through PayPal. 


Making money as a teen has never been easier. With these work from home jobs for teens, teenagers can combine school with a side hustle to make good money. 

Whether it is online jobs for teens or offline jobs, choose what suits you best and start earning.

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