Best Work At Home Insurance Jobs (14 Companies Hiring Now)

Getting work at home insurance jobs is possible. This post contains all the information you need to know about landing the insurance job of your dreams, while working remotely. 

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The insurance industry is fast growing and thriving because the need for health coverage, properties, home, and even vehicle insurance is constantly increasing. And it is projected to keep on growing in the future. 

As this industry grows, it is becoming more open to telecommuting and remote work. Right now, there are lots of work from home insurance jobs you can apply for. 

Also, you don’t need any experience to start work from home insurance jobs because people can use skills learned from other industries to do this work. 

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The insurance industry is also flexible, it offers a lot of leeway in work from home positions and telecommuting opportunities. 

And due to the increase in need for workers and many talents, the insurance industry prefers that their staff work from home or telecommute. This, they believe, will save time and money and make their employees happier. 

Types Of Work At Home Insurance Jobs

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1. Insurance risk analysts

These are the people who process any policy application that gets sent through. They are also the ones that adjust policies if the client requests for it or if the company needs it after a certain period of time. 

2. Customer service representatives 

These are the backbone of any insurance company. They handle any dispute or incoming claim and send the information to the appropriate departments and people. 

Every insurance company employs lots of customer service reps to handle the large number of calls they receive on a daily basis. 

If you are bilingual, you can earn more by being a customer service rep for an insurance company to reach a wider customer base, especially if you are fluent in Spanish. 

3. Insurance underwriters 

This set of people determine whether a prospective customer should be insured or not, they evaluate insurance applicants, and also recommend an appropriate premium to take on a particular level of risk. 

Insurance writers make use of statistics, software programs, and analytics to calculate if it is financially feasible for an insurance company to approve an insurance application. 

If approved, they decide on what the terms of coverage will be, how much their premiums will be, and how much coverage people get. 

4. Insurance appraisers 

These are the people that estimate the value of insured items and the cost to replace or repair them with. 

They are the ones that inspect buildings to appraise the value of items, ensure that the claim is valid, and gauge losses. 

Also, they are the ones who determine the settlement the insurance company will pay. They will refer a claim to investigators if they suspect any illegal activity or fraud. 

Photo of a woman doing work at home insurance jobs

5. Premium auditors 

This set of people review the financial records of policy holders and statements just to make sure that the premiums being collected are the right amount considering the industry guidelines and the risks involved. 

They also identify problems and make recommendations in changing policy contracts based on their findings. 

You need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to apply for this position. 

6. Insurance claims adjusters 

This set of workers gather information from the policy holders, attorneys, witnesses, claimants, and other interested parties. They are the ones that recommend how much an insurance company actually pays. 

There are lots of open positions in this field because on a daily basis, a lot of claims are made. 

In a big company, a claim adjuster can receive between 50 to 100 claims in just one month. 

7. Insurance brokers 

This set of insurance workers access the insurance needs of their customers and requirements. Then they request quotes based on their evaluations from insurance companies. 

They don’t have the authority to enforce a policy or draft one. There are different types of insurance brokers. We have the surplus line brokers and the wholesale brokers. 

8. Insurance sales agents 

This set of people are representatives of insurance companies who sell their products. There are two types of insurance sales agents: 

Captive insurance agents are those who work for only one insurance company while non-captives are those who work for many insurance companies. 

Many countries and states demand that insurance sales agents have a license to sell insurance. 

So if you love this job role, you have to go for training to get familiar with everything you need to know about being an insurance sales agent. 

Insurance Companies That Offer Work From Home Insurance Jobs

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1. UnitedHealth Group 

This company is currently hiring more than 500 telecommuting jobs. Some of the positions are: 

  • Nurses for house calls (you need to live in certain areas to qualify) 
  • Clinical coordinators 
  • Health services coordinators 
  • Nurses for their call centers 
  • Physician assistants 
  • Care advocates 
  • Various analysts, etc. 

You can get any position of your choice from their job database. At the telecommute drop-down menu, select “Yes” to see a lot of opportunities.  

2. Progressive

This company has a dedicated work at home website that details their work from home job opportunities. 

The job positions they hire the most are customer service representatives, insurance sales agents, and claims representatives. There are both remote and corporate positions for this job opportunity. 

Once on their website, just search for “work from home” or “work at home” and you will see a list of currently available positions. 

If you are already licensed to sell insurance, you can make more money working with them.  

3. FlexJobs 

Although, this is not a company, it is a website where you can find all manner of jobs whether remote or in-office jobs. 

There are also lots of work at home insurance jobs on FlexJobs. Below are some work from home insurance jobs categories you can find on FlexJobs: 

4. MetLife 

Just like FlexJobs, MetLife is a company with a robust career website where you can find a lot of job opportunities. 

You can find job opportunities for inbound sales, long term disability claims specialists, product consultants, appeal specialists, various types of claim specialists, and technology liaisons which in the past required travel but not now. 

All these and many more are available on this website. 

5. ING

This is a global banking company that deals mainly in life insurance. 

They hire for many remote positions in the US. They have job openings for compliance analysts, customer care representatives, sales representatives, and enrollers that provide clients with service education. 

Photo of a woman doing work at home insurance jobs

6. Humana 

This company hires people to work from home in every state of the US. All you need to do is go to their website, find their career page and select your state from the location side menu. 

They have some of the most diversified remote workforce. They have opportunities for lots of insurance work from home jobs like sales executives, underwriters, contact representatives, nurse editors, etc. 

You can find your desired work from home insurance job on this website. 

7. Farmers 

This organization hires work from home reps to sell insurance and support their customers. They require their reps to be licensed, so if you want to be at an advantage, you should be licensed before applying for jobs. 

Apart from being licensed, their other requirement is a high school diploma and some relevant experience in the field. 

Apart from work at home insurance jobs, they also have vacancies for other remote work positions. 

Search their website using the term “work from home” to look for work from home insurance jobs that may interest you. 

8. Cigna 

Cigna hires lots of remote workers for their work at home insurance jobs. You will find vacancies for review and audit specialists, coders (and they lay emphasis on experience), analysts, nurses, and many more on their website. 

Some positions on their website require an ICD-10 certification or an HIPAA certification

They have lots of “work from home jobs” in their job database. All you have to do is select “see all locations in the United States” from the side bar. 

Then you tick the appropriate job of your choice and click apply. 

9. Aetna

This is another company that hires for a lot of work from home job positions including work at home insurance jobs. 

They have job openings for: 

  • Nurses as case managers, and for clinical and case review, and also for full time consultation work.
  • Customer service representatives (reps who are bilingual have higher chances of being picked than those who are not) 
  • Analysts in various areas from claim operations to medical economics, and many more.

To get the work at home insurance job of your choice on Aetna, you have to search their website using the keyword “telework”. Leave the location field blank while searching. 

From your results, pick your choice and start the application process. 

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10. Lincoln financial group 

This company has more than 9,000 professionals in the insurance field and beyond. Their main areas of business are life insurance, group and individual retirement plans, annuities, long term care protection, and group benefit. 

Insurance work at home job positions you will find on this website are: 

  • Life waiver claims specialist 
  • Claims examiner II, claims 

11. Conifer Health Solutions 

This is a company that offers independent healthcare services to improve the financial and clinical performance of their clients. They also help enhance the consumer and patient experiences of their clients, by improving quality, controlling costs, and making access to healthcare easier. 

Work at home insurance jobs you can find with this company are: 

  • Denials specialists 
  • Certified risk adjustment coder 

12. Anthem, Inc.

This company was founded in 2014 and formerly known as WellPoint, Inc. Today, it has grown and has become well-recognized. It serves 1 in 9 Americans and it is one of the US largest not-for-profit managed healthcare companies. 

Work at home insurance jobs you can find on Anthem are: 

  • Benefits analysts III
  • Investigator I 

13. CVS Health 

This company is America’s largest provider of healthcare services and prescription. They manage over 9,500 pharmacy stores, they have a thriving online pharmacy, and 1,100 little clinic locations. 

Work at home insurance jobs you can find with this company are: 

  • Dedicated transplant claim processor 
  • Actuary – Cred – Medicare supplement insurance 

14.  Insurance job boards 

Apart from companies or general job boards, you can also find work at home insurance jobs from insurance job boards. Here are some legit insurance job boards where you can find legit work at home insurance jobs from the best companies. 

On these websites, use the following keywords to easily find work at home insurance jobs: “Work from home”, “telework”, “remote”, “telecommuting”, etc. 

 How Much Can You Earn Doing Work At Home Insurance Jobs?

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It is quite difficult to place an exact salary for insurance work at home jobs because there are many types of roles and duties in the insurance industry and each has their own pay and compensation. 

However, we were able to compile the ranges for some common job roles in the insurance industry according to

Note that these are just rough estimates and they can differ. How much you earn from insurance work at home jobs depends on key factors like your experience, whether you’re working full time or part time, and also depends on the company. 

So, below are estimated salary ranges for some important roles in the insurance industry. 

  • Insurance sales agents make about $51,535 a year plus commissions 
  • Insurance brokers make $83,278 a year 
  • Premium auditor makes $74,858 a year 
  • Insurance claims adjuster make $47,404 a year 
  • Insurance appraiser makes $60,648 a year 
  • Customer service representatives make $36, 796 a year 
  • Insurance underwriter makes $70, 049 a year 
  • Insurance risk analysts make $66,947 a year. 


The insurance industry is a steadily growing area and you can find your place there. 

If you love work at home insurance jobs, this post will give you ideas on different job roles related to insurance, and legit places to find them. 

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