Apron Belly ; What It Is & How To Get Rid Of It

In case you haven’t heard of the word “Apron Belly”, you may be wondering what it is. It is a common condition affecting a lot of people. Apron belly is characterized by a big stomach. 

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This condition occurs when your stomach and fat surrounding the internal organs expand due to weight gain or pregnancy. When this happens, additional fat deposits in the omentum; which is an apron-like flab under the muscles of the abdomen and in front of your intestines. 

Hence the name apron belly. This condition is also known by other names like: 

  • Mother’s apron 
  • Pannus stomach 

The medical name for this condition is pannus stomach. 

The size of an apron belly varies, depending on the individual. Apron belly ranges from hanging to the top of the pubic area to the upper thighs or even a person’s knees. 

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Two Main Causes of Apron Belly

The main causes of this condition are weight gain and pregnancy. 

Life comes with a lot of changes, pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, and other surprises we meet on the way of life. All these affect the body in one way or the other. 

Dangers Of Apron Belly

Apron belly can increase the risks of certain cancers. It also increases one’s risks of diabetes and heart disease. This is why we advise you to address this condition because apart from these diseases mentioned, it also causes physical and emotional discomfort. 

Some many people feel shame or are stressed because of their apron belly. This condition can be prevented and managed and that is what this post is all about. 

How to Manage Apron Belly

Apply anti-chaffing creams 

The skin under an apron belly can chafe or rub, this can cause discomfort and irritation, and anti-chafing cream will prevent this. 

Chaffing is uncomfortable but these creams Body Glide Original and Monisat Care can help prevent and stop chaffing. 

Use anti-fungal powders 

People with an apron belly are prone to developing yeast rash under their belly flap. You can use anti-fungal powders to prevent this and they also keep the area dry all through the day. 

Support bands or clothing 

These are designed to support the abdominal area to conceal an apron belly. It also prevents skin sagging and relieves back pain due to carrying extra weight in front of the body. 

Wear compression pants

Compression pants help manage apron belly very well. They help you live comfortably with this condition and even reduce it. Get it here

Use surgical scrub once a week 

If you had a C-section in the past, you may know what surgical scrubs are. They are used to kill everything on the skin. This helps in reducing your risks of infections. 

You can get a bottle of Hibiclens on Amazon and use it once a week around that region. 

Keep the area of the apron belly clean and dry 

You have to maintain good hygiene in that area to prevent rashes and other skin problems. The skin under an apron belly is prone to rub and trap moisture and heat, this makes it susceptible to irritations and rashes. 

Apart from these relief remedies above, you have to find the right treatments to reduce or remove your apron belly. 

Wear breathable clothing 

Tunics, yoga pants, and other breathable will help people with apron belly. Dresses and skirts can also keep air flowing into the region of your abdomen thereby keeping the skin underneath dry. 

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Remedies For Reducing Or Removing Apron Belly

If you are interested in removing your apron belly, there are several options you can consider. But first and foremost, you have to know that your overall health is the priority, so you shouldn’t subject yourself to dangerous or quack treatments. 

The only healthy ways to reduce or remove your apron belly are through diet, weight loss, and surgical options. 

Weight loss by exercise 

Overall weight loss reduces fat deposits in the body, so treating your whole body instead of just the apron belly is the best way to go about this. 

Some people are advised to focus on the stomach when trying to deal with apron belly. They are told to do stomach crunches or sit-ups. While these exercises are good as they strengthen the abdominal muscles underneath, they don’t make your apron belly disappear. 

This happens because there are 2 layers of fat in your stomach region while the arms and legs just have one fat layer. Your body stores fats near your vital organs as a great survival tool, this is why the abdominal muscles store a lot of fats and they are the most difficult to get rid of. 

So, when you do a sit-up, you are developing specific muscles in your abdomen, but they will still be surrounded by 2 layers of fats. 

This is why you shouldn’t focus on stomach crunches. The best types of exercises that reduce apron belly are those that you move in many kinds of ways. 

When various kinds of whole-body movements are combined with the right diet, you will not only improve the appearance of your apron belly but your overall health. 

Exercises should be part of your healthy lifestyle and make it a commitment so that you will have lasting results. 

The best exercises you should take part in are: 

  • Walking 
  • Jumping/skipping 
  • Biking 
  • Swimming 
  • Stair climbing 
  • Rowing 
  • Cycling, etc. 

Aim for 45 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercises daily if fat loss is your goal. 

Exercises that can help you tighten and tone up while losing body fats and weight are strength training. Work on your glutes, calves, back, abs, arms, shoulders, and chest. 

Work on each of these muscle groups at least twice a week to reduce apron belly. Try to complete at least 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps for each exercise. 

You can use your body weight as resistance or you use weights or exercise bands. If you don’t have the equipment, you can try squats, chair triceps dips, lunges, or push-ups. 

Even though we advise that you should choose exercises that target the whole body, it is still good to include some abdominal exercises to tone your muscles and shrink the midsection. 

Abdominal exercises you can include in your exercise routine are:

  • Traditional crunches 
  • Sit-ups
  • Bicycle crunches 
  • Russian twists 
  • Leg raises 
  • Side planks 
  • Shoulder touch planks 
  • Plank rows 
  • Plank jacks 
  • Plank holds 

These will help tighten your tummy and tone your waistline. 

Weight loss by healthy diet 

Photo of junk food. A healthy diet is necessary for removing Apron Belly

Most of your diet should be low in calories, reduce your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories daily. 

You have to eliminate unhealthy foods and drinks from your diet like soda, sweets, alcoholic drinks, white rice, white bread, refined grains, and other sugary foods. 

Also, avoid fried foods, hot dogs, bacon, deli meats, ham, and other processed meats. Reduce your intake of red meat to also lose weight and reduce your risks of developing certain types of cancer. 

Increase your intake of whole plant foods, varieties of fruits and vegetables, and herbs. Get your proteins from un-breaded chicken, free-range eggs, free-range chickens and poultry, legumes, seitan, tofu, and raw milk (if you must take milk). 

If you have lactose intolerance which about 60% of adults have, then avoid milk totally because it can worsen this condition by accumulating mucus and fat in your gut. 

But if you don’t have lactose intolerance, then take Greek yogurt, protein bars, protein shakes, etc. 

Take more non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower, leafy green vegetables, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms. 

Your source of healthy fats should be avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, nut butter, hummus, olives, coconuts, etc. 

Replace refined grains with whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, oatmeal, and other whole grains. 

When eating, half of your plate should be filled with starchy vegetables, and the other half proteins, fiber-rich starches, and heart-healthy fats. 

Start making these dietary changes one at a time until healthy eating becomes a habit. Then you will get your desired result.  

Avoid alcohol totally as it can hinder all your efforts in getting rid of apron belly. It has high calories and also increases your risks of certain diseases like liver disease and cancer. 

If you want a tight midsection, give up on alcohol totally. 

Increase your intake of water 

This is another potent remedy for apron belly. It helps you control your calories and food intake. Take at least 2 cups of water when you wake up in the morning. 

Take 2 cups of water before each meal to help control your food intake. You should listen to your body though but aim for 16 cups of water daily. 

Invest in a good water bottle and carry it with you throughout the day to ensure that you are not dehydrated and drinking enough water. Water helps to drop weight and tighten your midsection. 

Take in lots of watery fruits and veggies, they contain the purest water on earth. Take in smoothies, herbal teas, lemon water, and probiotic drinks like kefir. 

All of these will help you lose weight and burn fat. 

Have sufficient sleep 

One of the best ways to keep your hormones and appetite under control is to sleep well. It also energizes you and helps you complete your daily exercise routines with ease. 

Studies have linked sleeping less than 7 hours with a higher body mass index, (BMI) and even abdominal obesity. 

If you want to get rid of apron belly, aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Sleep in a cool, dark, and quiet room. Avoid high intensity exercises before going to bed. Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol. 

If you are having sleep problems, see your doctor to treat underlying health issues causing this and you can take natural sleep aids. They are better, safer, and healthier than addictive sleeping pills that have adverse side effects. 

Manage stress 

It would be difficult to lose weight if you are constantly under stress. Stress worsens apron belly, it contributes to overeating and excess calorie consumption. 

Stress causes abdominal obesity, overweight, and underweight. It can hinder your success if you are trying to get rid of apron belly. Adopt these stress-relieving therapies and reduce your apron belly: 

  • Spend time with friends and family 
  • Pray/meditate 
  • Take a vacation 
  • Reduce your schedules to make them less busy 
  • Go on bike rides and outdoor walks 
  • Engage in regular exercise 
  • Massage 
  • Yoga, etc. 

Remove any stressor in your life, it could be a bad job, a bad relationship, etc., and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. 

Take care of your mental health 

People who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other disorders like phobias can find it difficult to lose weight as this affects their health. 

These emotions can lead to unwanted weight gain and emotional eating. You have to seek treatments to address these so that your hormones won’t be affected as this can cause stress and obesity. 

Treatments for mental health are lifestyle changes, change of diet, and nutritional supplementation. In some cases, drugs are administered, and going for counseling such as cognitive or dialectical behavioral therapy (CBT or DBT) also helps. 

Surgical and non-surgical treatment options For Apron Belly 

Some people have some extra skin left behind when they lose weight or fat. This is not always the case, as some individuals have a lot of excess skin while some don’t even have it at all. 

So people who do have extra skin after losing weight and fat usually go for these surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Laser procedures 

This is a non-surgical procedure in which the lasers are used to get rid of some belly fats. It is used to remove troublesome fats from other areas of the body apart from the abdomen. 

It works by melting fats under the skin, as the laser melts the fats, a small tube removes it and the incision is stitched shut. Laser procedures are less invasive than surgical options. 

Laser procedure is not appropriate for breastfeeding mothers. People who have obesity or some medical conditions are not also eligible for this procedure. 

Cool sculpting Procedure 

This is a fast and elective procedure that is less invasive and doesn’t involve surgery. In cool sculpting, the extra fat that causes the abdominal apron is frozen using a cooling applicator. 

Your body processes these fat cells as wastes when they freeze. During this procedure, each area of your body can take 30 to 60 minutes and some people can need several sessions. 

This depends on the amount of fat in the abdomen or each area. 

It is important you note that cool sculpting takes time to show results, it might take up to a month before you notice a difference while it may take up to 3 months to see full results. 


This is a surgical procedure used to remove apron belly (the pannus). This procedure is different from a tummy tuck, it removes extra skin and fat thereby tightening the abdominal muscles. 

A panniculectomy can sometimes be combined with a tummy tuck or other abdominal procedures. But you have to meet certain standards before they can perform this procedure on you. 

Powerful Herbal Remedies For Apron Belly

Photo of herbs good for reducing Apron Belly

1. Curcumin 

One of the causes of apron belly in women is hormonal imbalance, especially that of estrogen. Estrogen reduces during menopause and this hormone helps women regulate weight, reduce inflammation, and regulate metabolism.

Curcumin is a phytoestrogen (plant hormone) and the main medicinal compound in turmeric. It balances the levels of estrogen in women naturally without any side effects. 

Take Curcumin together with black pepper to lose weight, abdominal fats, and relieve other symptoms of menopause. 

2. Moringa 

A reduction in estrogen can cause inflammation, and this can make fat cells expand and fill the abdomen, thereby increasing the absorption of fat and weight gain. 

Moringa leaves have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, more than that of Curcumin. They also help relieve nutritional deficiencies as moringa contains a little of everything that your body needs. 

Nutritional deficiencies affect mental health and moringa can help correct this. It also burns fat and regulates weight. 

3. Ginger and lemon 

This powerful combination can burn very stubborn fats if combined with a good diet and exercise. Take this herbal tea on an empty stomach in the morning and before meals in the afternoon and evening. 


As you can see from this post, apron belly happens but you don’t have to live with it. 

We hope you find what will work best for you here. And remember to always work with a doctor in anything you choose to do, so that you can reduce risks and other fatalities. 

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