50 Adorable Couple Christmas Picture Ideas

Couple Christmas picture ideas help couples log some great family memories. 

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Christmas is a time for couples to spend quality time together and with their loved ones. Couple Christmas picture ideas make the holiday fun and memorable. 

This post is for couples looking for Christmas photo ideas, posing ideas, and even suggestions for props. We’ve got you covered. 

Christmas Picture Ideas For Couples

1. Autumn sun 

It’s a wonderful idea to have your holiday photos in the cool air of autumn. If you love autumn, go for a family photoshoot wearing your best autumn clothes. 

You can shoot “a day on the farm” or “pumpkin patch”. 

2. Among the trees  

This awesome couple Christmas picture idea shows your family selecting a Christmas tree. This photoshoot should show off your family’s most glamorous Christmas clothes in a natural setting. 

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You can take a cozy bright red blanket to give a burst of color. There are many ways you can make this photoshoot special. 

3. Festive in flannel 

Many people love flannel because it is a stylish favorite, especially when you dress your little children in matching patterns. 

This awesome couple Christmas picture ideas can be kept casual by shooting your family taking a winter stroll with the kids matched in cozy flannel dresses. 

4. Sunlit fun 

In this breathtaking photoshoot, you and your spouse head out before dusk for a cozy walk. Go with your camera or hire the service of a professional photographer. 

Wear subtle earth tones to blend with the winter surroundings and reflect the light. Capture the height of the winter sun with you and your spouse. 

This couple Christmas picture idea is perfect for any climate that doesn’t get snow in winter. 

5. Family outfit 

You can start your own family Christmas tradition by breaking the matching Christmas suits for the photoshoot. The kids will always look forward to this. 

Ensure that you take a shot before you head off to school and work on the last day before the holiday break. Compile these pictures into a photo book as the years go by. 

Your children will cherish these memories. 

6. Shades of red 

This is an awesome couple Christmas picture idea for a young family. Mom, dad, and the kids all dress in different shades of red. The little children should be dressed in a brighter red festive sweater. 

The family members should strike a stylish pose for this awesome photoshoot. 

7. Use Christmas props 

Get or make Santa beards and hats using paper and wooden skewers. You can also use antlers and red noses. 

Get creative with your poses when taking pictures. Don’t be shy or afraid to get silly. Your friends and loved ones will be delighted to see the giggling grins and a little sass. 

If you want to share your mini-stories, you can use a multi-photo card. 

8. Casual and cozy

This is best for a young couple with their first kid. Take a photoshoot of your young family selecting a Christmas tree, the first tree for your baby’s first Christmas. 

Show your joy by donning your favourite winter outfits with the newest member of your family. This photoshoot will be a memorable one and your child will grow to cherish it. 

9. Minimal and modern aesthetics 

You and your spouse can have a portrait of you two sitting in a modern living room. The Christmas brick and solid-colored walls will make the perfect backdrop to allow your personalities to shine through. 

10. Display the ring 

Are you and your fiancé or fiancée ready to tie the knot? Then this awesome couple Christmas picture idea is for you. You can use this as your engagement photo and also use it as your personalized Christmas card. 

To take this shot, you two should head out for a snowy walk and show off the ring in a well-planned pose. 

11. Black velvet 

Ensure the colors of the scenery shine through while you and your spouse wear deep and cozy fabrics like velvet or wool. 

If you have little children, you can match them with mom or dad to give extra cuteness. 

12. A night at home 

This photoshoot shows your family cozying up in your living room. Start the fire in the fireplace, set up a play area close to it, and gather the whole family for a casual but timeless photo. 

13. Cozy Christmas 

This photoshoot shows the family celebrating Christmas at a cottage. 

They sit around the fire roasting marshmallows. Or you can choose to capture your outdoor family Christmas tradition like enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire pit or going to pick up the wreath. 

14. Holiday baking adventures 

Making cookies on Christmas eve is a common family Christmas tradition. Wear some festive hats and matching custom aprons and get into the kitchen to mix some dough using customized wooden utensils. 

Nothing is cuter than having candid shots of flour on the nose and kids measuring ingredients. 

15. Vibrant reds 

One thing about this photoshoot is that it is a great way to show how your family has evolved over the years. 

Your family has to choose a pose they can recreate every year showing a timeline of your family’s growth. 

The family members should wear red outfits to pop against the stunning backdrop of a snowy scene. 

The whole family will stand out when they are together for a group portrait. 

16. Tangled up 

This couple Christmas picture idea depicts father, mother, and children rejoicing and celebrating Christmas by sitting on the living room floor. The interior should be beautiful and bright with Christmas trees and decorations. 

You can use strings of lights as a photo prop, it helps to brighten your image.  

17. Show your monogram 

Couples take Christmas photoshoots with custom mugs filled with hot chocolate and a tower of whipped cream for a holiday photo pose. 

Personalized mugs make awesome props for Christmas photos. This is another great couple Christmas picture idea for newlyweds. 

18. Catch the romance 

You and your spouse should wear the same combination of cuddly shots and go for a snowy walk. Have a professional photographer go with you and capture this romantic moment. 

This is timely especially if you plan to announce your engagement or wedding in your custom holiday cards. 

19. Baby announcement 

Are you and your spouse looking for a unique photoshoot idea that doubles as a new baby announcement? 

Take a shot of your belly or your wife’s belly while you both are taking Christmas photos. You can use this to adorn your Christmas cards. 

20. Rustic in green 

Get yourself the perfect outdoor setting by transforming your backyard into the perfect holiday wonderland backdrop. 

Get some tree trimmings, dangle some ornaments (it would be better if they were customized), or some custom stockings on shrubs and low-to-the-ground trees. 

If you want some added shine and sparkle, hang some tinsel and viola, you can have your perfect couple Christmas shoots there. 

Christmas Picture Ideas For Couples With Pets

Photo of a couple with pets; a great couple Christmas picture idea

1. Pets in the picture 

Dress up your cat and let it take part in the Christmas photoshoot. Dress your cat up in colored pet bandanas, pet tags, toys, and a personalized collar.  These will add a special touch to the photo. 

Try and catch your little ones bonding with your pets in matching colors. Your kids will appreciate this heart-warming photo. 

2. Couple snuggle

You can have a shoot of you and your spouse playing on a bed with your dog in a homemade tent. This photoshoot depicts that it’s a holiday evening and you and your spouse are having fun with your dog. 

Show off the neutral energy of your family and also let yourself loose during this photoshoot. You and your spouse can even get snuggled up together and wrapped in a cozy fleece blanket. 

3. Bring the pup 

This photoshoot shows a happy Christmas. The father, mother, children, and dog with garland gifts and tree head out in the snow. 

Make sure the furry family member shows in the photo. You can have this photoshoot in the park or tree farm. 

4. Pull the sleigh 

This is another wonderful couple Christmas picture idea showing their furry family member. 

We all know that dogs are excellent models especially when they have the opportunity to get silly. 

So, capture your family members in a tree-cutting adventure with your dog being part of it. A professional photographer should be there to capture every fun moment. 

5. Dog at a Christmas tree farm 

Your four-legged friend is a part of your family and loves to go everywhere with you. We suggest you take your dog along with you when going to the Christmas tree farm and have a good photoshoot with it. 

You and your spouse and your dog. 

Christmas Card Picture Ideas For Couples

Photo of cards; a great couple Christmas picture idea

As you receive lots of picture greetings this holiday, you and your spouse can join in the fun and send out yours. Even if you don’t have kids yet, (because most people feature their adorable kids), these ideas are still awesome. 

If you have children, then you can include them in the picture. And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

1. Go for laughs 

Send out cards that contain a lovely picture of you and your spouse laughing together. It will get everyone talking. 

Or you can have a close-up as both of you take a bite out of a slice of pizza with the caption: “pizza on earth”? Or you have a photo of you carrying a stack of wrapped gifts close to your spouse wearing a sweatshirt with the inscription “bah humbug”. 

You and your spouse can take a trip to the mall and take an actual photo of you two with Santa. 

2. Include others 

You can include a close family member or you showcase one photograph of the both of you and then add little snapshots of parents, brothers, sisters, or best friends. 

Choose a Christmas card design for multiple pictures. You can add this quote by Burton Hillis: “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” 

3. Feature pets 

Take photos of your pets like dogs or cats or any other furry friends that are part of your family. Adding your beloved animal friends to your greeting cards will create a cute and appealing photo Christmas card. 

You can dress them up in Santa hats or felt antlers made specially for pets. You can capture them popping out of a gift box or take a picture of them in the middle of your holiday decorating mess with the caption: “Deck the halls”. 

4. Use then and now pictures 

This will make your holiday card unique and add a touch of nostalgia. Use one or two old pictures of both of you together. If you are a new couple then you can use baby pictures of both of you. 

Older couples can use pictures of when they first met. Choose a card format that shows multiple pictures. Remember to add the date the photo was taken as a caption on the older snapshot. 

5. Make a statement 

If you and your spouse have something to say, you can blend it into your Christmas greeting card. 

For instance, if you two volunteer to help stray animals, you can take the picture of you both at an animal shelter with homeless cats and dogs and encourage people to adopt or remember these animals in need. 

If you are passionate about your faith, choose a religious design and add your favorite bible verse to your photo Christmas greeting card. 

6. Reveal your interest 

Use a picture of you and your spouse that reveals an activity you both love. If you two are avid skiers, use a photo of you two on the slopes. 

If you both are beach bums, have a photographer take a photo of both of you building a sand woman. You can work your interest into your holiday card. 

7. Recap the most important event of the year 

You can show your friends and relatives what’s new instead of writing lengthy newsletters. If you recently moved to a new apartment, take the picture of you two in front of your new house. 

If you took a vacation to some exotic locations, share the memories of your trip with your photos. Introduce your fur baby in photo form if you got a new pet. 

Whatever it is, you can show it on your holiday greeting card. 

Fun Christmas Picture Ideas For Couples

Photo of a couple in front of a Christmas tree; a lovely couple Christmas picture idea

1. Christmas crowns 

In this photoshoot, you can capture all your favorite Christmas family traditions with the whole family. Come with a camera to your annual Christmas party. 

You can have a photoshoot of your multi-generation family sitting at the Christmas dining table, wearing paper hats from Christmas crackers and reading jokes. 

If your family chooses to celebrate outside, and then make sure you showcase the warm winter lights. 

2. Cityscape Christmas 

Are you and your spouse or family celebrating Christmas in the big city? Then take advantage of the environment. 

Take shots on the unique streets and brick backgrounds to give you an urban and stylish photoshoot. 

3. Capture sleeping babies 

If you and your spouse have a baby or babies, you can get a Christmas portrait of your cute little born wearing a Santa hat. Take the shots when they are squishy and poseable. 

Place the baby or babies next to a gift box with a Santa hat on, or you can place them on a festive personalized pillow. 

If you want to add some flare, add some twinkling Christmas lights in the background. 

You can use this picture to make your baby’s Christmas card. It is great if you are celebrating a Christmas birthday. 

4. Storybook time 

If you and your spouse have a child or children, you can dress them up in pajamas with a teddy bear reading their favorite bedtime story around the Christmas tree as a family Christmas tradition. 

They can use their favorite Christmas book if they have one. The teddy bear can be customized and it should be big. Kids will grow up to cherish these photoshoots. 

5. Let it snow 

This fun couple Christmas picture idea is to catch some snow during your photoshoot. This winter family portrait is best for newly married couples as it helps them commemorate their first Christmas together. 

You and your spouse should wear vibrant festive outfits and stand against the white wall of winter. 

6. Snowy scene 

This playful and fun couple Christmas picture idea should depict the family, especially the kids hopping on a tractor to pull the year’s mini Christmas tree up to the house. 

Use easy props in your backyard to get this playful family photo idea. 

7. First snowfall 

When the first snowflakes of the season start falling; head out with your spouse and kids for this awesome photoshoot that captures all the moments of wonder. 

This picture will be a great opening series in your photo album. 

8. Out for a walk 

All the members of the family let go of some energy around the holiday. This photoshoot should show the whole family members dressed up in their best holiday wear and head out for a country walk holding each other’s hands (hand-in-hand). 

9. Gift reveal 

This fun photoshoot will be a memorable one and loved by all members of the family. 

It should be done on Christmas morning to capture the priceless reactions of your family members. Have your camera ready or hire a professional photographer. 

Have everyone sit on the floor around the Christmas tree and open their gifts. Then the photographer captures their looks of surprise the moment they open their special gift. 

10. Letter to Santa 

Another fun couple Christmas picture idea is to capture their little kids writing a letter to Santa and reading the note before sending it to the North Pole. 

Christmas Picture Outfit Ideas For Couples

Photo of a family in matching attire; an adorable couple Christmas picture idea

1. Cozy in plaid 

Christmas falls in the cold season – winter. However, there are still lots of outdoor activities couples can engage in. 

Couples or families can dress up in red and black plaid, pair it with white, gray, or other neutrals to be both fashionable and cozy for an outdoor couple Christmas photo. 

2. Christmas party attire 

A lot of Christmas parties have a touch of upscale formality. So, you and your spouse may need to dress up a little more than you are used to. 

Pair neutral colors in a fun print with fashionable pairs of shoes to look classy and festive. 

3. Sweet as candy 

If you have kids and are looking for Christmas photo outfit ideas for them, this is for you. Use seasonal-treats themes to create some sweet inspiration. 

Get them candy-cane-inspired red and white stripes. This photo will look adorable on your family Christmas card. 

4. Keep it simple 

You and your spouse want a simple photoshoot? Wear something simple and comfortable like a white blouse and a pair of red boots. This will come out simple but also capture the spirit of the holiday.

It also keeps your feet warm and dry in the snow. 

5. Announcing baby 

Do you want to announce the arrival of your bundle of joy next year but can’t pick the right outfit for it? 

Include an ultrasound photo in your family pictures. Wear a floor-length gown to show off your bump and use a coordinated color scheme to tie the look of your entire family together. 

6. Textures and patterns 

Christmas is that wonderful time of the year to play with textures and patterns in your outfits. 

Wear a soft plaid shirt with an airy and polka-dotted skirt. This will give you a warm and bright look. 

Add your favorite pair of shoes to complete your looks. 

7. Classic Christmas sweater 

You never thought of taking a picture with an ugly Christmas sweater right? Well, it might surprise you to know that ugly Christmas sweaters are trending these days and we don’t think they will ever go out of style. 

If you want to wear a Christmas sweater for your photo, choose a basic red cable knit sweater or a sweater with a simple design and just a few colors. 

8. Family Christmas traditions 

While planning the perfect Christmas outfit for you and your spouse and kids, if you have; don’t forget that you need a few props. 

Common family Christmas traditions like leaving milk and cookies for Santa will give a great inspiration to your Christmas photo idea. 

9. Christmas as a couple 

If you want to take a Christmas photo with your better half, you should look for Christmas outfits that complement each other.

For instance, if your spouse is wearing a seasonal color or pattern, you should wear something warm and neutral. This will ensure that none of your outfits look too busy in the photo. 

10. Be yourself 

The best way to feel and be yourself in your Christmas photos is to be yourself. 

What do you like wearing? How are you known to dress? What are your best brands and styles? 

Why not use that in your Christmas photo with your lovely spouse. 


We hope you now have a lot of ideas on how to take pictures with your loved ones. You can bookmark this page so you can come back easily when you need ideas. 

Also check out these amazing Christmas eve traditions for magical moments!

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