10 Best Clothes For Apron Belly 

Do you have an apron belly? Society might have made you feel your worst, but that’s about to change with these perfect clothes that accentuate your curves, despite your tummy size.

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Read this post to learn the types of clothes you should wear to flatter your body and emphasize your better features. 

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Before considering them in depth, let’s talk about what an apron belly really is.

What Is An Apron Belly?

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An apron belly is the extra part of the tummy that hangs under the abdomen when excessive fat accumulates in the omentum.

The omentum is an apron-like flap that lies in front of your intestine and underneath your abdominal muscle. People also call it an “apron.” That is where the name “apron belly” came from.

The fat in the omentum accumulates during pregnancy or weight gain. That is why both men and women can have apron bellies. But because of pregnancy, an apron belly is more common for women. 

People who have lost a lot of weight can also have an apron belly if their skin sags. That is why it is wise to do toning and strengthening exercises when losing weight. 

Sometimes, apron belly is not something that just goes away, so you must find ways to style yourself nicely even with the belly.

How To Dress For Apron Belly

  1. Make the most out of your underwear

The first thing to consider when dressing to cover an apron belly is your underwear. They can make or break the look. In fact, wearing the right underwear or lingerie will make the best dress for an apron belly work better.

Avoid underwear that brings out ugly lines around your tummy region. It must not always be shapewear, but you will look and feel better if your panties cover your tummy.

Shape wears are great for special occasions. They will push the tummy in and make you look more fit in your lovely dress. 

  1. Wear wrap dresses

Wrap dresses look good on women, despite the shape and size. The v-shape neck of the dress will emphasize your shape and draw attention to your chest, instead of your tummy.

The wrap on the other hand will hide your tummy. The pleats that form when you tie the belt by the side cover the tummy.

  1. Empire line dresses

You can always count on empire line styles to hide your tummy. Since they hold you directly under the bust, they make it look like you have a higher waistline and draw attention to the slimmest part of your torso.

The remaining part of the dress should be flared or a-lined to loosely hang over your tummy.

  1. Rock  lightweight flowy shirt 

Lightweight flowy shirts (tunics or trapeze) are fashionable and can cover the protruding tummy. They are even better when you wear them over tight rigid jeans or leggings that keep your tummy together. 

Another idea you can employ is to wear darker-colored tunics over bright-colored tights. The bright tights will draw more attention to the lower part of your body, not the tummy region. 

  1. Wear leggings to tuck in the tummy

Leggings are comfortable clothing, and can also give you a slimming effect. However, you can only expect this from thick and rigid high-waisted leggings.

More elastic leggings can fold into the lines in your tummy, enhancing what you want to hide. 

You can also use jeans to hold things down; the same principles work for them. They should be tight and rigid to hold your tummy in.  

  1. Avoid wearing belts and other accessories on your tummy

Accessories grab attention and they will make people notice your belly more when you accessorize your tummy region. 

If you must wear a belt, use it on the smallest part of your torso, which is just under your bust.

  1. Cover your pants with tops

Let’s accept it, there are days we feel like tucking in our shirts and letting the pants show fully. Of course, you can wear that on a day you feel like you shouldn’t care about what people have to say. 

But if you want to look your best, always cover your pants with tops. If you must tuck them in, use shapewear with high-waisted trousers for curvy bodies. Also, ensure that the pants are rigid and thick enough to compress the tummy.

  1. Use dresses with prints

Pattern dresses are engaging for the eyes. They take the eyes away, according to the direction of the pattern. This makes it difficult for people to see the tummy.

Also, you can rock prints in any season. You only need to choose your shoes wisely, depending on whether the weather is hot, cold, or somewhere in between.

  1. Wear asymmetric clothing

Asymmetric clothing can create diagonals or vertical lines, even if these lines are not physically present. These lines make you look slimmer.

You can go for fitted or loose dresses depending on how much tummy you want to hide, but you can count on them to do the job perfectly.

This kind of clothing flatters your body and can cover any body area that you want to cover.

Best Clothes For Apron Belly

  1. Braceability Plus Size Bariatric Abdominal Stomach Binder
Photo of Braceability Plus Size Bariatric Abdominal Stomach Binder, one of the best clothes for apron belly

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Plus-sized moms know that not all high-rise panties and shapers hold them well. That is why this abdominal stomach binder works great.

Though it was specifically designed for swelling and hernia, it supports an apron belly and holds hanging belly fat. You will also find it useful after a cesarean birth.

This bandage can make your body look more feminine. It is available in four sizes, M/L to 4XL.

Mia loves using support bandages

Mia Garcia is the founder and CEO of iToolab. She said: 

“I have an apron belly, and to make it look better I use support bandages to distend my stomach. There are numerous benefits to this method:

  • It makes my belly easier to conceal!
  • I can put the bandages on my belly before I put my clothes on. Now the bandages will not add bulk under my clothes but instead will create a flat surface.
  • With time, practice, and experience, you can use these techniques to make yourself look more curvy and feminine. If you are a straight male like me seeking to pass as female eventually you will have to learn how to manipulate your body in order to look more feminine.”
  1. QSCQ Pants For Apron Belly For Small To Medium Body Sizes
Photo of QSCQ Pants For Apron Belly For Small To Medium Body Sizes, one of the best clothes for apron belly

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This body-shaper tummy control can smoothen the apron belly and bring out your curves. It works like a women’s boxer brief and high waist brief that enhances your butt and keeps your waist slim simultaneously. 

It uses a soft and flexible fabric that you can hand wash or machine wash. 

Though it is available in small sizes to 6x-large, we recommend it for women with small to medium body sizes.

Small to medium-sized-bodied women will enjoy the curvy effect this shapewear provides. Since the main issue may be the apron belly, the underwear will take care of it, highlighting your other great features.

However, the underwear may unevenly divide the upper side of your body if you are plus size. This will make you look fat up there, with a slimmer waist, which is unnatural.

  1. Max Shape Women High Waist Shaper For Plus-Sized Women
Photo of Max Shape Women High Waist Shaper For Plus-Sized Women, one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

This panty doesn’t come with a bra, but will cover a wider part of your tummy and even help you maintain a good posture. Though it is comfortable to wear, you will feel some compression around your tummy region. However, that compression is to help bring out your curves.

It is available in 5 sizes, 3x to 7x, and is comfortable to wear. According to reviews, the shaper doesn’t roll down when you wear it. However, you must choose the right size if you want it to work for you.

The only challenge with this underwear is that it is not machine washable.

  1. Oten Women’s Deep V-Neck Faux Wrap Dress
Photo of Oten Women’s Deep V-Neck Faux Wrap Dress, one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

This wrap dress with a deep v-neck by Oten is flattery. It is a faux wrap dress, so you don’t have to worry about tying the belt properly. 

It uses a soft material that feels comfortable on the skin. It has a tulip hem, non-detachable tie belt, draped waist, and ruffle sleeves which makes it suitable for various occasions, including dates, church, or parties. 

It is available in 5 sizes, small to xx-large.

You will get the best of this dress when you wear a shaper underneath. Consider the underwear we recommended above for small and medium and plus-sized women.

One more thing, this dress is suitable for daily use. Busy moms will love it because it is machine washable. 

  1. Hanna Nikole Women’s Sleeveless Cape Dress With Chiffon Overlay
Photo of Hanna Nikole Women’s Sleeveless Cape Dress With Chiffon Overlay; one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

This plus-size pencil dress has a classic design and can create a slimmer look for your entire body. The cape will cover the apron belly, making the dress flatter your curves.

The dress is stretchy and suitable for summer. It doesn’t have any sleeves, just the cape draping over.

It is very versatile and works well as a casual, business, office, cocktail, church, and other type of events.

We love everything about this dress, except the fact that it is not machine washable. However, the style and comfort make it worth the extra hand-washing effort.

Follow the manufacturer’s size chart when buying this dress. You may not get the correct size when you use Amazon’s size chart.

  1. Shy Velvet Women’s Chiffon Party Dress
Photo of Shy Velvet Women’s Chiffon Party Dress; one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

This polyester chiffon short dress has pull-on closure and rocks well on high heels, boots, sneakers, or any other shoe. You can use it for daily wear, party gown, school wear, etc.

The dress will form a roomy shift silhouette on your body, hiding the apron belly. It hides it even better because it flows asymmetrically. 

We love the long sheer sleeves and cold shoulder cutouts. It will make an older woman look chic. 

This dress is not machine washable, and you must only wash it in cold water. 

It is available in 5 sizes, small to xx-large plus. The dress is true to size, so order you’re your usual size.

  1. Grecerelle Women’s Summer Long Maxi Dress
Photo of Grecerelle Women’s Summer Long Maxi Dress; one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

The maxi dress has a lovely floral print that keeps people’s eyes busy and distracted from the apron belly. It looks even better on plus-size women. 

This dress feels good to wear because of the soft high-quality fabric. The floor-length flowy hem softens your steps even more. 

You can rock this dress on lovely high heels with a pretty bag. Make this your choice if you want to steal the show in a wedding ceremony. It works well for parties, cocktails, or even as daily wear. 

This dress is available in 5 sizes, small, to xx-large. It is available in 34 colors/patterns.

  1. Milumia Women’s Elegant Belted Pleated Dress
Photo of Milumia Women’s Elegant Belted Pleated Dress; one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

This lovely pleated piece with flounce sleeves is available in 10 colors and 6 sizes (x-small to xx-large).

It is made from 100% polyester and has a pull-on closure. The pleated empire waistline will cover the apron belly, and the remaining part will flow out. If you feel like the belt is making your tummy show, you can wear it without the belt. 

Since it has a simple classy style, you can wear it to church, cocktails, parties, or as a smart casual. 

This dress is not machine washable and you cannot bleach or tumble dry it.

  1. BELONGSCI Women’s Mini Dress
Photo of BELONGSCI Women’s Mini Dress; one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

A free floral mini dress is one of the sexiest things you can wear to cover an apron belly. It is not body hugging and no one will tell that there is something bulgy in there. 

This fabric is very comfortable to wear. It is a soft and breathable high-density chiffon material.

Make this your top pick for summer, or autumn daily wear. It also rocks well for the club (which you should go to burn off some stress).

Your partner will not be able to take his eyes off you. Rock any of the 45 colors/patterns of this dress. You can find it in sizes x-small to 3x-large.

  1. Miluma Plus Size Women Empire Waist Asymmetrical Bohemian Maxi Dress
Photo of BMiluma Plus Size Women Empire Waist Asymmetrical Bohemian Maxi Dress; one of the best clothes for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

You can never go wrong with a wrap dress. This one will look even better on plus-size women because it accentuates their curves and the flowy a-line rests on their hips.

The v-neck and asymmetrical structure of this dress will give you a slimmer look. It looks good as casual outing wear, party wear, fall or summer vacation, and daily wear. 

It is available in 5 sizes, large plus to 4x-large plus. You can also find it in 10 colors/patterns.


How do I hide an apron belly with jeans?

High-rise and mid-rise jeans hide the apron belly well. This is because they support the area and firmly hold it together. Low-rise jeans will make your tummy hang down, avoid them. 

Do support bands get rid of an apron belly?

No, the support bands do not remove the fat causing the apron belly but hide it. However, it can prevent further sagging of the tummy.  


Dressing an apron belly may be challenging, but not impossible. The tips and recommendations we’ve shared above will help you to look your best, even with an apron belly.

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