8 Best Jeans For Apron Belly

The right pants can hide an apron belly, and jeans does this well because it is denser than other fabrics.

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But finding the right styles and sizes of jeans that conceal your tummy perfectly can be challenging.

That is why we have compiled some of the best jeans for apron belly, and hopefully, you will find the best fit for you. 

Our Best Picks

  1. Levi’s Women 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans
  2. ALLABREVE Women Plus Size High Rise Distressed Denim
  3. Democracy Women’s Plus Size Ab Solution Ankle Skimmer
  4. NYDJ Curves 360 Released Hem Skinny Jeans
  5. Vanberfia Women Mid Waist Stretchy Patchwork Denim Jeans
  6. Lee’s Women’s Relaxed Fit Side Elastic Tapered Leg Jean
  7. Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Plus Size Suki Mid-Rise Jeans
  8. Gboomo Women’s Plus Size Skinny Jeans

But first,

What Is An Apron Belly?

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An apron belly is also called a tummy overhang. It happens when excessive fat has been deposited around your internal organs and in your omentum (an apron-like flap in front of your intestine).

This fat deposition can occur because of weight gain, or pregnancy.

Apron belly is more common in women than men. It can also be called pannus stomach, mother’s apron, belly pooch, etc.

How Do Jeans Hide A Belly Pooch?

Denim is heavier than most pants materials, hence, they can offer more support. And some jeans, especially the mid and high-rise ones have panels that help smoothen out your tummy, making it look much flatter.

Some even have more contouring colors, to hide your tummy and highlight your pretty areas. 

Though jeans are heavy, they are usually combined with other polyester and cotton in different percentages. This makes them more relaxed and comfortable to wear. 

Some jeans even contain lycra or other stretchy materials to make them expand more.

Also, it is more comfortable to wear jeans than wearing shapewear under your pants. 

How to Hide Apron Belly with Jeans

You can hide an apron belly well in jeans if you follow these steps:

  1. Choose a snugly fitting jean style

Jeans are available in straight, slim, and skinny styles, and they fit differently depending on your shape. Try all three to see which fits snugly.

It is best to avoid loose-fitting jeans because they can make your tummy appear larger.

  1. Choose the most comfortable size

It may be tempting to go for really tight jeans because you want to hide the tummy. But the most essential principle of fashion is comfort.

Also, too-tight jeans may divide your tummy badly, which shows through your blouse. Loose and baggy jeans will not hold you either.

It is best to get a professional to fit your jeans and help you choose your best fit. 

  1. Go for a darker jeans color

Dark colored jeans do not attract people’s eyes to your tummy region. You can use navy, dark grey, charcoal, or black jeans because they work best.

Bright-colored and white-wash jeans are the worst for hiding an apron belly. This is because they draw more attention to your tummy.

  1. Go for mid-rise or high-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans will leave your tummy hanging down. You will also feel uncomfortable wearing them because they cause a muffin top. 

Meanwhile, mid and high-rise jeans will cover your tummy and flatter your shape.

  1. Choose jeans with a firm waistband

A firm waistband will support your tummy better than the flimsy one. Also, the right waistband will rest well on your waist, enhancing your waistline.

It is easier to style your jeans when you have a form-fitting waistband.

  1. Choose ankle-length jeans

Jeans are available in different lengths and sizes, and they fit you based on how long your legs are. The right jean length should end at your ankle, but you can try different lengths to know the one that fits you best.

  1. Use jeans with zip fly

The zip and pocket areas of your jeans are the closest to your tummy. That means that they will draw attention to your tummy if they are bulky. Hence, go for jeans with simple pockets and zip-fly.

Jeans with a long button row will make your tummy look more protruded.

  1. Don’t wear belts over your jeans

A belt will draw attention to your waist region, so avoid them. If you must wear a belt to hold your jeans in place, then they are too big.

Also, if you feel like the apron belly is not too big and you will still look good with a belt, wear it with asymmetrical prints. Also, use a dark color belt to hide it more. 

  1. Wear the right tops

Jeans work well with asymmetrical or fitted tops. However, tops that rest on the top of your thigh will work better for hiding an apron belly. Tops that get past your top thigh region will look baggy.

Also, don’t wear tops that are not long enough to reach your hips. They will make your tummy more noticeable. 

Best Jeans To Hide Apron Belly

  1. Levi’s Women 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans
Photo of Levi’s Women 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

We rank these jeans high for comfort. It is fashionable, yet comfortable to help you run your daily errands. 

Levi’s is a highly reputable company for producing great wearables, including jeans. They know what plus-size women with apron bellies need and apply them in these jeans.

First, the jeans have a high waist and will mold in your tummy. It also has a zippered closure which helps you create a slimmer silhouette. Another thing you love is how this jean elongates your legs.

It is machine washable and comfortable to wear. It also has a high quality that will last long. 

You can find these jeans in standard and plus sizes. The plus sizes range from 35 regular to 40 regular. It is available in 27 colors/styles.

One thing you may probably dislike about these jeans is that they look more like jeggings instead of jeans.

  1. ALLABREVE Women Plus Size High Rise Distressed Denim
Photo of ALLABREVE Women Plus Size High Rise Distressed Denim, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

What made us love these jeans at first sight is the elastic waist. The waist will stretch to contain your tummy, no matter how big it is.

The fabric is comfortable to wear. It is also breathable and stretchy. You can wash it with your hands or in a washing machine, using cold water.

It has a button and zippered closure with five pockets. You won’t have a problem if this pair is the only jean that fits. It is available in 24 colors/styles. 

It has a simple style that is suitable for daily wear. You can also wear jeans with a blazer, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, etc. 

It is also available in four sizes:x-large, 3x-large, 4x-large, and 5x-large. Please wax the zipper to smooth before wearing the jean, and don’t bleach it.

Consider sizing down when buying these jeans, it may not be true to size. Also, these jeans may be a bit scratchy. 

  1. Democracy Women’s Plus Size Ab Solution Ankle Skimmer
Photo of Democracy Women’s Plus Size Ab Solution Ankle Skimmer, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

The ab region has always been a problematic area for moms with apron bellies. But wearing denim like this, which has an ab solution technology makes all the difference. 

This technology has a slimming panel to help mold and hold your tummy region. It also has a hidden elastic waistband to fit the apron belly, without leaving space at the back. The pockets are also strategically placed to make your butts look lifted.

The angle of these jeans is cuffed and will give you a simple and smart look. But you can choose the straight leg, jeggings, crop, or itty bitty boot styles according to your taste.

A mom complained that her actual size of the jeans didn’t offer much tummy control as promised. But you can get more tummy control if you buy a smaller size. 

The jeans are available in 6 sizes, and it is machine washable.

  1. NYDJ Curves 360 Released Hem Skinny Jeans
Photo of NYDJ Curves 360 Released Hem Skinny Jeans, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

This jean has no buttons or zipper, it is just straight pull-on high-rise jean with an elastic waist. This all-around elastic waist smoothens every part of your tummy equally. This is unlike some jeans the button area protrudes more through fitted tops.

We recommend these jeans because of the exclusive lift-tuck technology that tucks in your tummy and lifts your butt. 

The fabric is also comfortable to wear. It is a combination of cotton, viscose, modal, polyester, and elastane. Since the denim is stretchy, it won’t be too tight.

The hems are released and give a casual vibe. 

This jean is not available for plus-size moms. It is only available in the skinny fit type.

One more thing, these jeans are really hard to find. So grab them immediately and they are available on Amazon.

Mia loves these jeans

Mia Garcia is the founder and CEO of iToolab. She said:

“Trying to find more stylish clothes for the Fall. Try CURVES 360 by NYDJ. 

NYDJ is well known for its curvier garment offerings including the most successful plus size shapewear brand on the market, CURVES 360 by NYDJ. This design is specifically curated for people with an apron belly.

NYDJ CURVES 360 for Women by NYDJ, is a contemporary and fashion-forward fit that offers full coverage, high-waisted bottom with a subtle stretch for ultimate comfort. The fabric is very soft and fits nicely. It’s the kind of jeans you will want to wear all day – from 8 am to 8 pm.

I would say it smoothes out my tummy very well.”

  1. Vanberfia Women Mid Waist Stretchy Patchwork Denim Jeans
Photo of Vanberfia Women Mid Waist Stretchy Patchwork Denim Jeans, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

Fashionista moms will love these denim pant jeans. It is available in 7 color varieties and can fit small to 3x-large sizes.

Its high waist will sweep in the apron belly and seal with a zipper closure, giving you a slimmer silhouette. 

It is very stretchy to make you feel comfortable. Also, the fabric is a combination of polyester, spandex, and denim. 

The fabric is also lightweight and soft. Even when you’re not used to wearing jeans, you will feel good in this.

You will look fabulous rocking these unique patchwork jeans for casual, traveling, outdoor events, parties, or school.

These jeans are machine washable, but the real color of the item may be slightly different from what is shown in the picture because of the computer displays.

  1. Lee’s Women’s Relaxed Fit Side Elastic Tapered Leg Jean
Photo of Lee’s Women’s Relaxed Fit Side Elastic Tapered Leg Jean, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

These high-rise jeans use 85% cotton, 14% polyester, and 1% stretch denim. Like the name, it is a relaxed fit and will fit your curves very well. Moms that are not used to the strong jeans material will enjoy wearing this.

The fabric is mid-weight. It also has elastic sides and a button closure to accommodate the apron belly or pear shape. 

Buyers on Amazon love these jeans but say that the jeans are too long. Another mentioned that she has to fold it three times to get to her ankle. 

Also, it may not be true to size. You may need to order a bigger size to fit. For instance, if you use size 26, size 28 may be more fitting for you. 

Besides this, they enjoyed using the jean to conceal their apron bellies.

This jean is available in 3 color shades and 21 sizes, ranging from 16 to 30. 

  1. Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Plus Size Suki Mid-Rise Jeans
Photo of Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Plus Size Suki Mid-Rise Jeans, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

Though this jean is mid-rise, it can still provide as much support to your tummy as a high-rise. The mid-rise can even come up to your belly button, depending on the size of your belly. 

It uses a zip fly and button closure to conceal the tummy better. 

This jean is machine washable, and according to the manufacturers, it has a dark indigo eco-wash that conserves, water, energy, and chemicals. 

For most people, these jeans fit true to size, but a few complained that they were too small. So, you may want to go one size higher.

It is available in 9 color varieties and 21 sizes, from 12w x 29l to 24w x 33l. However, some sizes are not available in between, so you can go check for yourself.

  1. Gboomo Women’s Plus Size Skinny Jeans
Photo of Gboomo Women's Plus Size Skinny Jeans, one of the best jeans for apron belly

Check price on Amazon

One reason we love these stretchy plus-size jeans from Gboomo is because of their contouring. 

The tummy area has a darker shade to make the apron belly less visible. The thigh region on the other hand has a brighter shade to make your thigh region more pronounced, making you look curvier.

The high waistband also comes with two buttons for more support. 

The ankle length of these jeans, their five pockets, and their zipper fly gives them a casual look. This makes it suitable for dates, vacations, work, and other daily use.

These jeans are available in 34 color varieties and 7 sizes, from 14 plus to 26 plus. Please check the price chart on the product’s page for more information on sizing.


What type of jeans should I wear to hide an apron belly?

High-waisted jeans can hide an apron belly. They will create sleeker lines and elongate your frame to make you look thinner.

Where is the best place for buying plus-size jeans?

Amazon.com is the best place for buying plus-size jeans. You will always have a wide variety to pick from, and there are good return policies.

Should I Wear Shaping Jeans?

Maybe you felt more comfortable with baggy pants because they don’t show the overhanging belly, but shaping jeans can turn your fashion life around. 
They can help smoothen out those lines you desperately want to hide and make your tummy look slimmer. 
Also, shaping jeans work as shapewear and can give more shape to your blouse. 


The jeans we’ve mentioned here are some of the best for hiding an apron belly. They are also comfortable to wear. 

Though it is okay to dress to hide an apron belly, do not focus too much on hiding the tummy, rather concentrate on wearing clothes that flatter your entire body. 

You may not be able to wear clothes for slimmer bodies, but there is also beauty in wearing clothes for plus size. Your plus-size body is beautiful. 

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