Stylish And Trendy Maternity Clothes (+ Top Stores To Shop)

Whenever maternity dressing is mentioned, it simply refers to unique, stylish, and trendy maternity clothes that are designed specifically for pregnant women.

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As an expectant mom, your changing body shape gladdens your heart and that of those around you, especially your spouse. However, it is also an indication that you would need to change your regular clothing to that which matches your pregnant body shape.

What To Look Out For In Maternity Clothes

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When searching for new sets of clothes to match your growing body, you should consider the following points:

Seek Comfort Above Fashion

It is alright to choose fashionable maternity wear while pregnant however, you should know that the comfort and health of you and your child should be placed first.

Maternity pants should be elastic and loose at the waistline so as not to hinder the flow of blood to the stomach or disturb the baby’s free movement. The belly band provides support around the waist and holds up unzipped skirts, jeans, or pants.

Make It Size Wise:

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Maternity style clothes are designed in a way that extra space is created to accommodate your protruding belly and bust. Though there are women who don’t choose maternity clothes but instead settle for oversized clothes. If you are currently in the workforce, you should ensure that the clothes do not breach the standards of your professional dress code. 

Exercise Clothing:

Exercising during pregnancy is very good and it helps to improve the health of both mother and child, except your doctor says otherwise. In choosing your exercise clothes, make sure they are loose-fitting, airy, and comfortable.

Choose only natural fibers such as spandex, cotton, Lycra, etc. These fabrics help to regulate body temperature.

Inner Wear

During pregnancy, it’s not only your stomach that changes in size but your breasts do get heavier and tender. This is an indication that you also need to shop for new maternity underwear that will accommodate your growing breast size.

Select bras that are made out of natural, breathable fabrics; like silk and cotton silk, to absorb the sweat between the breasts and provide support for your shoulders and back. 

Pregnancy Wears You Can Buy

It is lovely when expectant moms dress up because it gives them a sense of beauty and enhances their self-confidence. For lovely outfits that match your everyday activities, you should select from any of these.

Maternity Coats

During winter, a maternity coat is important for expectant mothers to keep them warm and comfortable even with their bumps. There are coats that are specially made for pregnant women roomy enough to accommodate your changing body shape.

It is a good investment to make and doesn’t become useless after your baby is born. This is because you can always have it available for the cold days and it will reduce the stress of figuring out a good cold outfit.

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity jacket


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Maternity Swimsuits

Maternity swimsuits are made to accommodate your body shape so you can feel confident and comfortable when you go swimming. No matter the stage of your pregnancy, you will always find the right and perfect swimsuit for your baby bump. 

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Maternity Bras

As your belly expands, your breasts also do, so much that you may not be able to continue with your normal size bras. As soon as your old bra is unable to accommodate your breasts, you can go for options like; maternity bras which provide extra support, bra extenders that can be used to adjust the length of bras, and comfortable nursing bras that remain useful for breastfeeding when your baby arrives.

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Maternity Wrap Dresses

Embrace wrap dresses and you will have a composed look at your office and even when you are out on a date. You can also adjust it to fit your size at every stage as your bump grows higher and bigger. 

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Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are one of the topmost trendy pregnancy clothes. It is an ankle-length garment that blends well with every occasion. It is an all-in-one garment because it can be worn as official wear to your office and also serve as an outfit to the grocery store. They are usually made with fabrics that are very lightweight and breathable, ideal for the summer. 

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity clothes

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Maternity Jeans 

Maternity jeans are jeans made specifically for moms to be and their whole essence is to give room for your growing bump. The jeans will either have a higher waistband at the bump area or a low cut that sits beneath your bump. 

A pair of maternity jeans or bootcut are made in different designs that may make you settle totally for them even after childbirth just like many other moms have done, 

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity jeans.

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Maternity Leggings 

Trendy maternity clothes are all about making you feel comfortable and cute during pregnancy They could also help to minimize pains like heartburn and back pain  

There are certain days when jeans may not be appealing to you, so on such days, you can dress up with your maternity leggings. A pair of leggings with a loose-fitting top will leave you comfortable-ready for any activity. 

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Maternity Tops

Maternity tops are trendy maternity clothes that must be included on your list. They are important while you are pregnant and also remain useful after childbirth. In every color, these tops provide that fashionable edge to pregnancy wear. 

A good option for a hangout with friends or official wear to the office. You will look stylish yet comfortable. For the colder months, you can feel warm and cozy in long maternity tops which accommodate your bump and show off your figure.

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Maternity Pajamas

Quality pajamas are often a treat for expectant and first-time moms. Maternity pajamas are designed for function and fashion, and are definitely worth the investment.  

Good pregnancy pajamas are made from breathable fabrics, have a relaxed fit, and are roomy enough to allow your growing breasts and bump. They can be worn in bed, at the hospital, or while at home.

Several maternity pajama sets can also be used while nursing your little one.

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity clothes

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Maternity Gowns

Maternity gowns are compulsory mostly in summer. Moms who spent most part of their pregnancy during the hot weather will accept that it’s not an easy season. This is true because you will experience many sweltering days. However, putting on the right clothing can make a lot of difference.

This is one of the exact purposes of maternity gowns and so you should opt for enough of them to take you through the phase of your pregnancy.

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity clothes

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Maternity Robes

A good maternity robe has more fabric compared to the regular one. This is to provide room for a growing belly and extra coziness after your baby has been delivered (during the postpartum period). It is important to select a robe that’s made from a comfortable and soft fabric that can be washed easily in the washing machine.

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity clothes

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Maternity Shorts

Pregnancy in warmer weather implies that you need a good pair of maternity shorts.. It comes in different forms and keeps you cooler than a pair of elastic band jeans or maternity leggings.

Maternity shorts should certainly be a must in your wardrobe.

Photo of a woman in trendy maternity clothes

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Places You Can Get Maternity Clothes

You can purchase your maternity clothes from any of these platforms.

HATCH Collection

HATCH Collection produces and markets maternity wear clothes. It provides high-quality garments that will grow with you from the first trimester till the day of delivery because it offers products for pre, during, and post stages of pregnancy. For instance classic lent dresses, cashmere knitwear, designer denim, and more.  


PinkBlush is one of the best marketplaces to purchase maternity clothes. The online store provides all categories of plus-size outfits and it is the best place to get gorgeous dresses at affordable prices.       


ASOS is an online fashion retailer that is targeted at young trades several brands alongside its range of clothing out of which maternity outfits are part, it sells globally to countries from fulfillment centers in the USA, UK, and Europe, Fulfilment centers are centers that manage the logistics responsible for getting an order across to the customers.


This online store initially operated mainly as a shoe store before becoming a dealer in clothing that involves garments for expectant and nursing mothers.


Storq is known for its stylish soft and trendy maternity clothes and they are a community that welcomes expectant mothers. With their campaign monitor, they send newsletters containing fun advice for mothers to be.

Old Navy  

At Old Navy, you can easily shop for the latest fashion essentials designed for expectant mothers, at an affordable price. It has comfortable maternity new arrivals designed for each stage of your pregnancy. From soft t-shirts, cozy hoodies, pants, sweaters, and official casual blouses. 

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a unique period that gives you a lot of reasons to pamper yourself. As your body begins to change, it becomes compulsory to shop for pregnancy clothes. Gone are the days when maternity clothes were meant to be oversized to hide the bump. These days you should shop for comfortable and trendy maternity clothes. 

Make your selection from the lovely options discussed above.

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