How To Get Work From Home Call Center Jobs (+ 7 Companies Hiring)

Work from home call center jobs are becoming increasingly popular, and are great options for those who enjoy remote working. 

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In this post, we explain what a work from home call center job entails, the advantages, and where to find well-paying work from home call center jobs. 

What Is Work From Home Call Center Jobs?

Work from home call center jobs also known as virtual call center jobs provide customer care solutions to clients remotely. It is done outside an office setting, usually in the home of the call center agent. 

Most of the clients needing these services are businesses that fall into many categories. A lot of companies hire call center agents for their business needs. 

While some companies contact Business Process Outsourcing Firms (BPOs) to provide call center service to them for a fee, many of the work from home call center jobs are home-based. 

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Work from home call center jobs are among the most popular freelance jobs out there. 

What Is The Work From Home Call Center Job Description?

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Your duty as a call center representative is to provide customer care solutions to clients. 

Some of these clients are car rental services, insurance companies, retail chains, technology brands, etc. These businesses listed have customers and the call center agents connect the customers to the businesses. 

There are two main categories of call center work from home jobs: the customer service and the sales. 

Customer service call center agents receive calls for businesses and the type of calls you get depends on your client. Your job is to provide troubleshooting advice to customers, address any questions they have, and explain more about the business to them, like the benefits of the health insurance company.

While, call center representatives working in sales may receive calls and even make calls for businesses. Your duty here is to meet sales goals. 

You may have a car rental company as a client, when a customer of the car rental company calls, you have to try and sell upgraded features to them. 

Work from home call center jobs usually pay per hour and there are also commissions for any sales made. 

So, as a work from home call center representative, you can work at home as an independent contractor and you can also work for companies. 

If you work as an independent contractor, you will pay self-employment taxes and these taxes are not deducted from your pay. 

What Are The Qualifications For Work From Home Call Centre Jobs?

Every call center company has its own unique qualifications but the basic requirements are the same. Some levels of skills and experience will be needed. 

Below are some of the most demanded qualifications for a work from home call center job: 

  • You need 1 to 2 years of customer service experience or call center experience. 
  • 1 to 2 years of sales experience. This is needed for sales and marketing roles. 
  • Proficient typing skills or a minimum WPM (Word Per Minute)
  • Proficient use of phones, computers, and web browsers 
  • Self-motivated and able to manage self while working alone.
  • A dedicated workplace or a private and quiet home office. 

Some companies may require more than the basics listed above, this depends on the position. For instance, if you are taking inbound calls for a medical service, you may need work experience in the medical field. 

Some work from home call center jobs require college degrees or some sort of educational requirements. 

Tools And Equipment You Will Need For Work From Home Call Center Jobs

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Most work from home jobs have equipment requirements which you must have. Some of the most common ones are: 

A good laptop or computer 

You need a quality laptop or computer that is in good working condition. It also should have sufficient computer memory. Some work from home call center job companies demand that their workers have computers with at least 1GB to 2GB of RAM. 

They also have requirements for good computer processor. A high processing system guarantees speed. Check out the best laptops for working from home.

Cordless or wireless headset 

You will need this to make or receive calls. Some companies demand that you have a corded headset that can connect to a landline while other companies are okay with a USB headset or a wireless one. 

A fast internet connection 

Most work from home call center companies require a fast internet connection but the specific internet requirement may vary from company to company. You may need a DSL connection or a cable. 

You will also be required to meet certain download speeds. 

Benefits of Work From Home Call Center Jobs

Gaining relevant knowledge & skills 

Doing this job will give you the opportunity to be educated in almost everything. You will have ideas on lots of things like product training, customer service, programs, and even computer skills. 

These skills will help you in every job that comes your way. 

Excellent communication skills 

You will learn the entire spectrum of communication skills doing this job. You will be able to offer quick, efficient, and pleasant advice via call. Also, you will learn the different communication styles, listening skills, and the art of asking quality questions so as to get to the root cause of the problem. 

Communication is a great human connection and it is critical for personal and career success. 

So while doing this job, you will become a pro at communication. 

Great compensation and benefits 

You will earn a lot in exchange for the impact you have on a company. You will have generous paid time off, monthly incentives and bonuses, and even paid holidays. 

Some roles don’t require a college degree. In this work from home job, your work will speak for you and if you are very good at what you do, you will climb up the career ladder faster than you know it. 

Disadvantages of Work From Home Call Center Jobs

It may be stressful

This job may be stressful with unpredictable hours. Most companies have a global audience, so their clients may be in different time zones than yours. 

So you have to be prepared to work nights and even weekends because you are working with different customers from around the globe. 

Even though it is stressful, the pay will be worth it and you will learn a very important skill – problem-solving skill. You will also learn how to work independently despite the stress. 

After a while of working despite the stress, you will be able to provide exceptional customer care service even when you feel tired. This will definitely prepare you for leadership positions and future challenges. 

Your team may have high turnover 

Your job is primarily phone-based and you may be required to work 8 or 9 hour shifts. However, this depends on the company’s policy location, and state law. 

Before you know what’s happening, you’ve sat down for long periods of time talking to multiple customers throughout the day. 

Sitting down all day can lead to body pains and aches. So always remember to check your sitting posture, drink enough water, and take short breaks. 

You can also invest in a good standing desk, so you can change positions. A good pair of headphones can help you walk around, exercise, and still solve your clients’ problems. Check out this work from home ergonomics.

Companies Where You Can Find Work From Home Call Center Jobs

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1. Enterprise

This company, Enterprise Holdings, is the parent company for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent A Car. 

They offer virtual call center jobs for general customer service and car reservations. They have opportunities for career advancement for these positions. 

Enterprise hires work from home call center representatives. You can view their current list of vacancies here but you have to live within the state that is mentioned in the job posting. 

If taken, your employee benefits include paid time off, 410K and profit sharing, medical, dental, and vision insurance, and more. Their pay also starts from $13/hour. 

There are also individual and team bonuses along with commission pay. Individual bonus can be as high as $800 per month and team bonus can boost hourly earnings. 

All Enterprise work from home call center jobs are full time and you are required to work 40 hours per week. Workers work on schedule and schedules are made in advance and they don’t rotate weekly. 

Your scheduled start time is between 11 AM Central Time to 1:30 PM Central Time. 


This is a well-known virtual assistant company that offers technical support services to businesses. Their clients are businesses that sell software, electronics, and many more. 

They hire tech support agents for the position of virtual call service agent. They have individual job listings and job titles that include Customer Service Technician and Technical Customer Solutions Professional. 

Also, they hire work from home call center agents as employees and their employee benefits include paid time off, reimbursement, tuition, medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid training, and more. 

Their pay rate varies and this depends on your role. For instance, a full time customer service technician receives $9.50 to $10.25 per hour. 

All job listings on are full-time positions and sometimes extra hours are required. 

The job requirements on are based on the position you applied for but most of them need some required skill and experience. 

Some of the requirements of are: 

  • Excellent oral and written communication 
  • Ability to work very fast 
  • Ability to quickly learn technical concepts 
  • Problem-solving skills and 
  • At least one-year experience working in a customer service role. 

3. Concentrix

This global company offers a wide range of business services to clients. And they have lots of work from home opportunities for call center services. 

They even hire virtual call center agents who work from home and their employee benefits include health insurance, performance bonuses, and paid training. 

Concentrix pays per hour versus talk time and the minimum rate is $10.00 per hour. Geographic location also affects pay rates. They pay once in two weeks and you can choose the method of your payment if through direct deposit or pay card. 

Concentrix has work from home call center job offers for full time, part-time, and seasonal positions. You can work a maximum of 40 hours a week, where you work shifts. Scheduled shifts are between 5 AM to 11 PM and the specific shift details vary with every client. 

Their job requirement for work at home call center agents are:

  • Organization 
  • Focused 
  • Independent 
  • Effective communication 
  • Keyboard typing skills 
  • And some positions need the required work experience and educational requirements. 

They also have technical requirements but this varies with each client. The specific technical requirements are included in every job listing. 

4. ACD Direct 

This company provides contact center service for businesses and they hire independent contractors to provide call center service to businesses and also to non-profit organizations. 

They also hire people to provide data entry and web chat services to businesses that need them. 

When you apply for a work from home call center job with ACD Direct, you will be asked to submit a voice sample, onboarding documents, complete certification process, and pass a test call. 

The certification process takes about 6 hours to complete. 

They pay their inbound phone agent $0.20 to $0.32 per minute of talk time and for an hour of talk time, you get $12.00 to $19.20 per hour. 

You can earn more for meeting incentives or projects. They pay twice a month through direct deposit. 

ACD Direct don’t have any minimum work requirement but they take note of agents that are consistently active and they renew contracts with such agents. 

You will be given the freedom to set your own schedule using their online tool and there are day, night, and weekend shifts. 

Their basic job requirements are:

  • Being a team player 
  • Self-motivation 
  • People-friendly 
  • Phone skill 
  • Organization, etc. 

You can find out more information about their technical requirements and home office requirements.

5. Liveops 

This company is a well-known call center service provider and they hire virtual call center agents as independent contractors. 

Over 20,000 people work for Liveops as independent work from home call center agents. You can get work from home call center representative jobs for roadside assistance, retail, life & health insurance, and more. 

Liveops pay based on performance and the role you apply for. They pay their call agents $0.25 per minute of talk time and this converts to $15 per hour. 

They pay twice a month through check or direct deposit. 

Liveops don’t have hourly requirements, but some of their job listings may have minimum hourly requirements (It depends on the business hiring) and they take note of inactivity when renewing contracts. 

Their job requirement is based on the specific needs of the client but they also have  their minimum technical requirements. Some of the job listings even state the exact model of headset you must use. 

Non-Call Centers Companies Where You Can Get Work From Home Call Center Jobs

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There are some companies or websites that connect freelancers to businesses or individuals that need their services. They don’t offer call center jobs from home as their exclusive services but it is included in their services. 

You can subscribe or register on some of these websites so that when an opportunity is made available, you can easily see it and apply. 

You will see the pay, requirements, and other things you need to know when reading about the job description on these websites. They include: 

6. Flexjobs

This website offers a subscription service for job seekers and most of their job opportunities are flexible and remote. They have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

On flex jobs, you can be 100% sure of any job you see there because they fully vet and verify every position listed on the website. You are sure of a safe and positive job experience using their services.  

7. Indeed

Indeed is also another job search website like Flexjobs. You can create an account and upload your resume for companies to find and hire you. You can also apply for jobs listed on the site. 

When you register with them, which is free, you will choose the job you are interested in; in this case, it will be work from home call center jobs. 

You will be notified anytime there is an opening for such jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the salary of a call center representative? 

Glassdoor estimates that the yearly national salary for a call center representative is $30,061. 

Do work from home call center companies have any employee benefits? 

Yes, some companies offer additional benefits and these include employee assistance programs, healthcare plans, paid time off, and 410K plans. You can also check out these full time work from home jobs with benefits.


Work from home call center jobs are one of the easy work from home jobs. A lot of companies require the services of call center representatives and most do not even require extensive experience. 

As long as you have the required equipment and the necessary communication and relational skills, you are good to go. 

That is why we put together this post to explain everything you need to know about this job and the companies that offer these jobs. Take advantage of this knowledge and start earning as a work from home call center rep.

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