8 Best Work From Home Companies In 2022 (That Pay Really Well)

Remote working is gradually becoming the most coveted work style out there with companies using it as a means of sourcing and retaining their best employees. Interestingly, technology has made it easier for best work from home companies to also find the best hands within a country or even throughout the world. 

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With this work arrangement, employees are now seeking remote positions that help them attain work-life balance. Do you love to work remotely but don’t know how to go about it? The following best companies to work from home will help you have a broad view of where to start.

But first…

What Are Work From Home Companies?

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Work from home companies are companies that do not require the physical presence of employees in a physical office. Staff members are allowed to work from home using a wide range of software and other technological approaches.

Things That Can Be Done While Working From Home

Work-from-home jobs cut across many professions, some of which are;

Customer service representative, accounting and finance, marketing, education, writing, e-commerce, project management, fashion designing, graphic designing, and so many others. 

The following are things that can be achieved while working from home;

  • Seminars
  • Schedule meetings
  • Project management
  • Reviews
  • Presentations, etc.

Merits Of Working From Home 

The following are some advantages of working from home;

  1. Better work-life balance: working from home will make the employee have more time to socialize with friends and families – this means happier staff and better productivity.
  2. Improved savings habit: working from home helps cut down expenses on commuting, gas, parking fees, clothing, feeding, and car maintenance. Once this is achieved, the employee stands a better chance of saving in these areas.
  3. Satisfied employee: what more can give better satisfaction than working from within the four walls of your home without going through the stress of commuting to the office.
  4. Flexibility: it makes employees work at the best time that is most convenient for them and in doing so they get better productivity. So, these schedules can be developed around other activities demanding attention and in the end, a better work-life schedule is created.
  5. Cost-effective for the employer: it drastically cuts down on the cost of running an office space, provision of office supplies, and other things to keep the office up and running.

Demerits Of Working From Home

The following are some demerits of working from home

  1. It might be difficult to concentrate when you work-from-home
  2. Interruptions during business calls
  3. Unavailability of office equipment
  4. Employees lack motivation
  5. No team spirit
  6. Employee isolation
  7. It could lead to burnout
  8. There is usually a workplace disconnect

Best Work From Home Companies

Photo of a woman working from home. There are best work from home companies that pay well.

Check out the following best work from home companies and subscribe to the one that is best suitable and convenient for you;


About Company:

For over 40 years – TTEC helps brands create a simple, personal, and amazing user interface between a company and the customers. This can either be through the phone, mobile app, or social media. Interestingly, TTEC ranks among the good work from home companies where you can have a rewarding career. 

Some Remote Jobs available on TTEC:

  • Manager, WFM administration
  • Sales representative
  • Customer service representative
  • Senior marketing manager
  • Desktop support analyst
  • Executive assistant
  • Associate consultant, technology consulting
  • Senior network engineer

Read What People Are Saying About TTEC:

“Good if you are the right person” (Customer Service Representative)

“Ability to work remotely/paid training/paid licensures by the company” (Medicare Insurance Agent)


About Company:

At Dell Technologies – clients are assisted in building a formidable world of a digital platform where information can be securely kept. The team is made up of smart, strong, and committed people who drive success in all that is done.

Some Remote Jobs available on Dell:

  • Principal systems development engineer
  • Data protection solutions – sales specialist
  • Account executive, direct sales/public sector
  • Software engineer
  • Full-stack developer for industrial automation
  • Global alliance telco account executive

Read What People Are Saying About Dell:

“Culture that is more than pizza parties and free breakroom snacks” (Marketing Strategy Lead)

“Dell used to be good, then it went public and was eaten by EMC” (Technical Support Engineer)


About Company:

Intuit is a company that helps individuals and companies build a strong financial software that can be used to keep the business up and running.

Some Remote Jobs available on Intuit

  • Tax and bookkeeping expert
  • Customer experience leader
  • QuickBooks live expert bookkeeper
  • Head of social marketing
  • Learning facilitator
  • Payroll specialist
  • Digital sales consultants
  • Partner development manager

Read What People Are Saying About Intuit:

“Great place to work and learn” (Full Service Credential Expert)

“Slow pace and red tape get in the way of innovation. Benefits and pay seem average for a tech company” (Business Development)


About Company:

Audible is an Amazon and e-commerce platform where listeners can access inspiring, entertaining, educational audiobooks anytime, anywhere, and any day. It started operations in 1995 and by 1997 it had produced the first digital and portable audio player.

Interestingly, working for Audible attracts the following benefits;

Amazon discounts

Discounted sport clubs

Health benefits

Time off and

Amazon stock units

Some Remote Jobs available on Audible:

  • Software developer
  • Graphics designer
  • Customer service representative
  • Visual designer

Read What People Are Saying About Audible:

“Productive and fun place to work” (Freelance Producer)

“They provide a great cover because you deal with a tremendous amount of stress” (Customer Care Representative)


About Company:

Hopper is the only award-winning travel mobile app that makes use of data to predict airfares and accommodations. Besides, it predicts the best time to buy your air tickets. It is user-friendly, has no ads or other pop-ups, and has no spam. 

Some Remote Jobs available on Hopper:

  • Senior engineering manager
  • Product and revenue leader – flight marketplace
  • Software developer, full-stack/mobile
  • Senior product designer – payments
  • Head of marketing analytics 

Read What People Are Saying About Hopper:

“Hopper is doing things the right way” (Technical Account Manager)

“Great place to grow professionally, smartest people you’ll ever work with” (Director in Boston)

“Awesome people, product and opportunity” (Product manager in San Francisco)


About Company:

This is one of the best work from home companies that simply produces email marketing software that helps you to grow your audience, builds a loyal community, and at the same time earn a living online.

Some Remote Jobs available on ConvertKit:

  • Chief revenue officer
  • Full-stack engineer
  • Director of products
  • Engineering manager
  • Senior software engineer
  • Product specialist
  • Customer success

Read What People Are Saying About ConvertKit:

“One of the best companies I’ve worked for” (Product Specialist)

“Great company, hard to get hired on full time” (Surge Support)

I love my company” (Community Manager in Boise, ID)

Kaplan Inc

About Company:

Kaplan offers a wide range of educational services ranging from test preparation, language training, student recruitment, online enablement, and other higher education services to individuals and corporate organizations. So, if you are looking for one of the best work from home companies to work for – choose Kaplan Inc.

Some Remote Jobs available on Kaplan

  • Enterprise Sales Executive
  • Strategic Account Executive
  • Software Engineer
  • Instructor
  • Hiring Specialist
  • Securities and Insurance Instructor
  • Med Instructor Pathology

Read What People Are Saying About Kaplan

“Good company strong reputation” (Strategic Account Executive in Madison)

“Positive work environment” (Enterprise Sales Executive)

“All looks good at the start” (Technology Analyst in Fort Lauderdale, FL)

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

About Company:

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions is an innovative organization that is committed to offering excellent customer service to both consumers and healthcare clients; and since 2008, it has maintained the top spot as a company that is continuously supplying WFH jobs.

Some Remote Jobs available on BroadPath Health Solutions:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Broker Support Agent
  • Provisioning Assistant/Business Analyst
  • Training Coordinator
  • Workforce Management Analyst

Read What People Are Saying About BroadPath Health Solution:

“No vacation, no paid holidays, no raises” (Provider Service Representative)

“Leadership cares about seeing you excel” (Medical Customer Service Representative)

“Overworked, micromanaged, underpaid” (Customer Service Representative in Tucson, AZ)


  1. What Is The Highest Paying Work-From-Home-Jobs?

If you are looking for the highest-paying remote-jobs, check out the following;

  • Data scientist
  • Software engineer
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Technical writer
  • System administrator
  • IT project manager
  • Web designer
  1. Is It Worth It To Work From Home?

Looking at the merits and demerits of working from home – those who work remotely are less likely to quit their jobs, deliver better productivity, and have higher job satisfaction. So, the choice is yours to decide.

  1. Which Company Is Best For Working Remotely From Home?

The following companies are the best for working from home;

  1. How Hard Is It To Get A Work From Home Job?

Getting a work-from-home job isn’t difficult. However, some work-from-home platforms might be overcrowded but with patience and continuous skill development – you are sure to land your dream remote job.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the best work from home companies. However, before settling for a remote job, you should answer the following questions:

  • Are you tired of commuting to work daily?
  • What’s your interest in going to an office every day?
  • Did you relocate to an area where there are few or no jobs?
  • Have you been told by your company to work remotely?

So, whatever your reasons might be – you need to know that there are pros, cons, and etiquettes associated with working from home.

Get your applications ready and let the search for a remote job begin. You could use Linkedin for better networking, after searching through the best work from home companies provided in this post. And when the job finally comes – give it all it takes to excel.

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