20 Lovely Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell

What comes to the mind of everyone who hears the word “valentine” is exchange of gifts between lovers because it is a day for celebrating love and lovers. Even people who aren’t in a relationship buy gifts for their friends, parents, or crushes. 

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If you want to make use of the valentine season to make some good money, we’ve got you covered. This post contains a list of fast selling valentine crafts to make and sell for money. 

Tips to Sell Your Valentine Crafts

Photo of heart shaped papers; there are lovely valentine crafts to make and sell

Note that valentine is not just for lovers only, but people use this day to express love to people who matter in their lives. So your valentine crafts should be heartfelt things that people can give to their loved ones as a token of love and affection. 

These days, a lot of people search for valentine gifts beyond chocolates and flowers. This is where crafts come in, because apart from being beautiful and long lasting, crafts are given as an expression of love. 

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So, make your valentine crafts with quality materials so that your customers will refer people to you and you will make more sales. You can also offer personalization for customers who want their valentine gifts customized. 

Personalization is a trend that is on demand these days and personalized crafts are always a hit and constantly sought for. 

Below are 15 heart-warming valentine crafts to make and sell. 

Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell

1. Valentine’s Day Pennant with Circuit 

This valentine craft is easy to make and you can easily customize it according to your customers’ needs. 

The best part about this valentine craft is that it can both serve as a valentine gift and also a home décor item after valentine’s day. 

To do this craft, you will need iron on vinyl which is a type of vinyl material that can be ironed onto fabrics and other materials like metals, paper, or wood. 

You simply use an iron, a Cricut EasyPress or a heat press to adhere the iron on vinyl to your material. The iron on vinyl already has a special adhesive on one side but it is only activated by heat. 

You will also need to have a little knowledge of graphic design, or how to use design software to make this valentine craft. 

You can check out the whole process here. 


2. Easy DIY Valentine Wreath 

This is another perfect valentine craft that can serve as a gift and also a home décor after the day, and it can also be easily customized. Another bonus about this valentine craft is that it is so easy to make. 

Wanna make this and sell? Watch below to see the easy process. 

Easy How to Make a Valentine Wreath / DIY Wreath / Mesh Wreath Tutorial

3. Valentine craft for kitchen 

A lot of women or even men who love cooking will love this special valentine craft. 

Giving this craft as a valentine gift will remind a loved one of the giver’s care and it is also a way of telling your lover that you two are inseparable. 

This craft is perfect for display all year long in the kitchen. 

This craft is quite easy to make if you are good at woodwork. Watch below to see the whole process of making this valentine craft. 

Easy to Make Woodworking Gifts for Valentine's Day, My Best Four Projects

4. Rustic Button Valentine Heart Décor 

If you are looking for another simple but hot selling valentine craft to make and sell, then you should do this. You can even customize it to the taste of your customers. 

You can use different colors and designs. Click here to see how to make this beautiful valentine craft. 

Valentines Room Decor Ideas - Rustic Valentine Decorations Inspo - Valentines Day Ideas

5. Valentine Jewelry 

Jewelry is one of the best selling items on Etsy (what sells best on Etsy), and it will probably sell more during the valentine period. 

You can make beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. and sell them to make some good money. 

If you would want to do something like that found in the picture above, then watch below to find out how to do it. 

This valentine craft is easy to make and even economical. You simply use pre-cut leather hearts to make them and personalize them using leather alphabet stamps. 

Easy to Make Woodworking Gifts for Valentine's Day, My Best Four Projects

6. Valentine KeyChains 

This valentine craft is one of the best to sell because it isn’t gender specific, and almost everyone makes use of a keychain. 

Also, key chains are cheap and easy to make. They are also versatile and you can easily customize them according to the needs of your customers. 

You can make each of your keychains unique and of beautiful colors. 

Learn how to make beautiful valentine keychains here. 

Valentine's Day Pop-up Book Keychain DIY | How to make Valentine's Day Pop-up Book

7. Valentine love letter pillow 

This is an awesome valentine craft that will make huge sales. There are many possibilities with this craft. It is also a highly customizable craft. 

You can design your valentine love letter pillow using your customer’s letters with a cricut

Learn how to make a valentine love pillow here. 

DIY Love Letter Pillows - Home & Family

8. Valentine’s day mug 

This is another popular and in demand valentine craft to make and sell. 

You can easily customize coffee mugs with permanent vinyl. Make them in various colors, sizes, and attractive words. 

See below the step-by-step tutorials on how to make customized valentine’s day mugs. 

Mug Printing for Valentine's Day | Easy Mug Printing

9. Handmade valentine’s cards 

Do you think handmade cards have gone out of fashion? We are sorry to let you know that’s not true. The demand for handmade cards is on the rise and a lot of people like them because they are tangible instead of text messages. 

Another bonus about handmade valentine’s cards is that they are easy and cheap to make. You don’t need costly supplies, and they are also lightweight to ship. 

See below how to make handmade cards for valentine.

How to make Valentine's day card/Handmade Valentines Card/Valentine's day card making/Valentine card

10. DIY Sweetheart Glass Block 

Another wonderful valentine craft to make and sell is the sweetheart glass block. All you have to do is fill the block with the recipient’s favorite candy. 

Then put on some texts using vinyl and you are good to go. Below is how to go about it.

How to make a decorative glass block

11. Heart Shaped Bath Bombs 

You know that bath bombs are now a fad. This new fad will make huge sales on valentine day especially when customized according to the needs of your customers. 

This valentine craft is easy to make, attractive, and highly customizable. You can make them in various shapes, colors, designs, scents, etc. 

Check below to see how you can make beautiful bath bombs as your valentine crafts to make and sell. 

HOW TO MAKE HEART SHAPED BATH BOMBS | the bath bomb press | bioglitter

12. DIY Scented Candle Carved with Initials 

This unique valentine craft will sell well because scented candles are in huge demand. Almost everyone loves them. They are used on all occasions and valentine is not an exception. 

You can customize yours by adding the initials of the recipients. Make them in various colors, scents, shapes, etc. and you will make good sales.  

This valentine craft is easy to make. Learn how to make it below. 

CANDLE CARVING | Camellia | How to Make Soft Candle | EASY | DIY | Satisfying |

13. Love Coupons 

This easy to make printable love coupons will sell fast in the valentine season. You can even sell these on Etsy where people simply download the file after paying. 

See how to make love coupons below.

How to make a tear off love coupon book | Valentines day - 117

14. Heart Crochet Scarf 

If you are good at making crochet, then you will make money selling this fast-selling valentine craft. It is cozy, fashionable, and almost everyone would love to gift one to their loved one. 

Watch below to learn how to make them. 

How To Crochet the Heart You Scarf

15. Paper Flower 

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love flowers. This will make a perfect valentine gift. But real flowers have a disadvantage, they fade quickly in a few days or weeks. 

You can make paper flowers and this can last for eternity. Another awesome thing about paper flowers is that they are incredibly beautiful. 

See below how to make beautiful paper flowers as valentine crafts to make and sell. 

10 Simple and Beautiful Paper Flowers - Paper Craft - DIY Flowers - Home Decor

16. Valentine Special Cupcakes 

Cakes, chocolates, and other treats still remain a sweet way for people to express their hearts to their loved ones. 

Cupcakes are easy to make and decorating them doesn’t take much time. 

See below how to make dark chocolates cupcakes with red velvet frosting as your valentine crafts to make and sell. 

Red Velvet cupcakes \ super moist \ With dark chocolate ganache frosting\

17. Homemade Heart Shaped Chocolates 

You can sell these chocolate bars in your neighborhood or online, and make good money during the valentine period. 

You can prepare yours using healthy and nutritious ingredients so that your customers can buy as much as they want without being bothered about their weight. 

Learn this healthy recipe below. 

Homemade Filled Chocolate | How to make heart shaped candies for Valentine's Day

18. DIY Letter Blocks 

Are you looking for a perfect valentine craft to make and sell for book lovers? If yes, then go for this. 

You make the background of each block to be a page from a book. You can make your love backgrounds to be popular pages from the greatest love stories. 

This can also serve as a good home décor even after valentine. See the process of making this beautiful valentine crafts below. 


19. DIY Pallet heart 

If you are good in woodwork, then get your wood and saw ready to make some valentine craft that would sell well. 

Crafts made with pallet wood are popular and in high demand. Everyone loves that farmhouse/magnolia style look. 

Learn how to make this valentine craft here. 

How to make a PALLET wood HEART 💙 (in slow motion!)

20. DIY Love Heart 

This valentine craft on our list stands out among others. It is unique and you can personalize it with any word of your choice using cricut vinyl cutouts for the wording. 

Learn how to make this here.

DIY Heart Ornaments 💖 Beautiful Valentine's Day Cricut project


One of the best methods of making money with crafts is to be on top of holiday and seasonal craft trends. So, strategically plan your crafts around a holiday or special period because a lot of people will be looking for what to buy. 

We hope you get a lot of ideas for valentine crafts to make and sell, from this post. And remember, nothing says “I love you” sweeter than handmade gifts.

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