20 Suitable Jobs For 9 Year Olds

Are you looking for jobs for 9 year olds? If yes, that’s great because jobs for 9 year olds help your kid learn about money from a young age. By the time your child becomes a teenager and ultimately an adult, he/she will be more financially literate than their peers. 

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It will also help them learn how to handle and spend money wisely. 

If your 9-year old is looking for ways to make money, you can guide them and suggest the jobs listed in this post. 

Easy Jobs For 9 Year Olds

9 year olds are naturally helpful around the house. A great and easy way to teach them about money, business, and savings, is to offer them simple jobs around the house to earn money. 

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9-year olds are not old enough to be left on their own so they still need parental supervision while carrying out their work. You also have to teach them valuable skills, and about the various aspects of business. 

Below are easy and legal jobs for 9 year olds. 

1. Babysitting 

A 9-year old is old enough to look after babies but with adult supervision. They can act as your extra set of eyes when you are busy at home and you need help with the baby. 

They can babysit for you while you:

  • Cook 
  • Do laundry 
  • Do a quick online job, etc. 

2. Organizing assistant 

If you need a smart way to make your 9-year-old engage more in cleaning the home and maintaining it, then give him/her the role of an organizing assistant. 

The assisting roles for 9 year olds include: 

  • Decluttering the home 
  • Sort and stack items 
  • Organize the home 
  • Clean the home 
  • Trash items that are no longer needed 
  • Organize things after sorting them out 

3. Business assistant 

If you need a business assistant or know someone who needs an office assistant, why not recommend your 9-year old? 

Business assistant jobs for 9 year olds involves: 

  • Arranging files 
  • Putting documents in the shredder (with adult supervision) 
  • Cleaning office desks and seats, etc. 
Photo of a boy in a garden; gardening is a fun job for 9 year olds

4. Gardening 

If your 9-year old loves being outdoors, there is a probability that he/she will prefer outdoor jobs to indoor jobs. 

Gardening will be a great job for 9 year olds who love being outdoors. They can: 

  • Pull weeds 
  • Water plants 
  • Plant seedlings 
  • Transplant seedlings (under adult supervision) 
  • Pluck vegetables when ripe 

As they get used to this, they can even offer their gardening services around the neighborhood. 

5. Rake leaves 

During the fall when there are lots of dried leaves on the ground, you kid can help rake them. You have to show him/her how to use rakes in a safe way and when you are sure that they can do this on their own, you let them rake the leaves for money. 

They can make more money by offering their services to neighbors and family friends. 

6. Vegetable stand 

If your child is good at gardening, then you can help them set up a vegetable stand where they can sell their fresh veggies when they harvest it. 

Gardening is a simple activity that can earn 9 year olds money. Help your child plant and tend the garden throughout summer. 

7. Sell crafts 

Photo of two boys making wood crafts; selling crafts is one of the great jobs for 9 year olds

If your 9-year-old is creative and good at crafts, you can encourage them to make and sell their crafts both online and offline. 

Handmade items are popular and in high demand, your child can take advantage of this trend and make good money. 

Some crafts a 9-year-old can do with a little assistance are: 

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Simple wood work  
  • Painted artwork 
  • Drawings 
  • Molded objects 

The area they would need your help the most is to help them sell their crafts. You can open an Etsy account for them so that they can sell their crafts online. 

8. Baked goods 

Does your child love to bake? Help them start a baking business where they can sell their baked goods to make extra money. 

You can help him/her come up with a menu and even help bake the desserts. You can also help in the sales, advertise it in your neighborhood and tell family and friends about your kid’s baking business. 

Ways you can help your 9-year old sell baked goods are: 

  • Set up a stand in your yard where neighbors and passersby can buy 
  • Your child can go door to door selling their baked goods in the neighborhood and to neighbors they trust. 
  • You can set up a stand at your local farmer’s market to sell your goods 
  • List the baked goods for sale on Facebook 
  • Ask your colleagues, family, and friends for custom orders 

9. Make YouTube videos 

Does your 9-year old love the internet and love being online? Does he/she love being in front of the camera? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you should consider videotaping them and uploading it to YouTube

However, this particular job will need a lot of your supervision, but this shouldn’t discourage you considering that your child likes it, and the amount YouTubers earn in a year. 

If your child has special talent, encourage them to make YouTube videos. He/she should be in charge of planning the videos and responding to comments on their channel. 

You have to vet their replies for rude or inappropriate comments. Below are some ideas you can present to your child to consider:

  • Play video games 
  • Talk about their favorite toys or games 
  • Unbox toys 
  • Play with toys 
  • Bake or cook 
  • Sing or dance 
  • Talk about their garden 
  • Make crafts, etc. 

10. Sell their used toys 

Your kid should probably have some old or unwanted toys lying around. Why not let them sell it and make money? They can sell it at the thrift shop or online. 

If they choose to sell it online, you can help them list the toys on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can help them deliver when they sell and give them the money to keep in their safe or piggy bank. 

You can also open an eBay account for your 9-year old and help them list their toys online. If they want to sell more, they can find used toys at yard sales and thrift stores. 

They can buy these and list them on their online shop. 

11. Rent their games or toys 

Photo of a boy playing games; renting out games is a way for 9 year olds to make money.

If your 9 year old has toys and games that they still use and like and therefore won’t like to sell them, they can rent or lend the toys to their friends for money. All they need to do is set up a rental business. 

This job for 9 year olds involves them charging their friends or anyone who wants to use their games or toys a fee. This is a cool way to earn extra spending money. 

12. Sell framed flowers 

If your child loves making, arranging, and decorating with flowers, this will be a good way for him/her to make money. It is cheap and easy to make and it is also lucrative and beautiful. 

Allow them to pick flowers while you buy the frames for them. Then, they will simply arrange the flowers in the frame and sell them. 

Encourage them to make their framed flowers beautiful and presentable so that they can sell well. They can also sell their framed flowers online. 

13. Sell Lemonade or fruit juices 

This is another classic job for 9 year olds. It is cute to see a 9-year old running a lemonade stand. It will also help them learn valuable business skills and lessons at a young age. 

They will also learn how to deal with change, they will learn about customer service and pricing from a young age, and how to grow and manage money. 

With your supervision, help your child set up a lemonade stand. This is one easy job for kids to do and make money. 

You can read the story of Alex’s Lemonade Stand here. Alexandra Scott was a little girl diagnosed with cancer, she set up a front-yard lemonade stand to raise money and give to doctors to help them find a cure for cancer. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation still exists today and it has been raising millions of dollars to fight childhood cancer. 

14. House management 

This is another easy job for 9 year olds. All your child has to do is tell friends, family, or neighbors that are travelling that they will do house management for them. 

This involves doing low-strain tasks like:

  • Feeding their pets 
  • Watering their plants, etc. 

15. Walk dog 

Photo of a boy with a dog;  walking dogs is one of the best jobs for 9 year olds

Dogs and kids have something in common; they are both full of energy. 

If your kid loves animals or loves walking dogs, they can make good money doing so for you and some neighbors who also want that service. 

They can engage in this after school or when they are out of school. This job for 9 year olds is a great way for them to exercise and it can even help them go to bed early as they get tired when they come back from walking dogs. 

16. Pet sitting 

If people in your neighborhood need someone to watch their pets while they are at work, busy, or traveling, your kid can do so and earn good money. 

If your kid loves animals, this is a good job for him/her to earn extra money. 

17. Read for the elderly 

The elderlies are so fond of children and always like having them around. 

If your child also loves being around old people and helping them out, then you can suggest to them to look for retirement homes in your area. 

If you have one in your area, you can help your child work out a book reading deal where he/she reads out loud to these old people and gets paid. 

You can make your child little business cards to make their business legitimate. 

Note that your child has to be a good reader to pick up this job for 9 year olds or else he/she should consider other jobs for 9 year olds. 

18. Shopping assistant 

Kids love shopping – going shopping with you is a dream come true for them. Let them help you at the supermarket while you pay them for their services. 

You simply ask them to pick out some of the items on your list. This will help them learn many things from a young age: 

  • They will learn the price of commodities 
  • They will know the different items 
  • How much inventory you need to stock up 
  • They will learn budget planning from a little age 
  • They will learn how to deal with real-life situations concerning budgeting and buying in their adulthood. 

As time goes on, they can even shop for family, friends, and neighbors and get paid. 

19. Car wash 

If your child loves washing cars, you can encourage him to start doing this for neighbors and get paid. 

You can even help your child set up a car wash business in your neighborhood. 

Give him the proper equipment needed like sponges, brushes, towels, and appropriate soaps. Also help him set a price, advertise to the neighbors, friends, and colleagues. 

Encourage your child to save the money gotten. As time goes on, he can buy a dustbuster to clean the interiors. 

20. Play musical instrument 

If your child is good with music and can play some musical instruments, he or she can play in public places and earn money. 

He can also be invited to play at occasions and gatherings and paid for it. 

Playing musical instruments for money is a good and easy way for a 9-year-old to earn from their hobbies. 

If your child loves music but is not yet good at playing any instrument, you can enroll him/her in a music school. As they learn, they will be able to earn from this skill. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Photo of a 9 year old with a dog

Is it easy to find jobs for 9 year olds?

Not really. Finding jobs for 9 year olds can be difficult because they are not permitted to work at this age. 

It is from the age of 16 that some non-hazardous jobs are permitted for children by the law. Going against this would be regarded as child labor and there are consequences. 

But there are creative ways (like the ones listed in this post) you can go about this and encourage your child if they want to work and earn money from a little age. 

How do I differentiate jobs for money and chores for money? 

Well, at this age, it can be difficult to differentiate between chores your kids do for allowance and jobs they can do for money. Tying your child’s allowance to chores they do at home may make chores look like a job to him/her. 

But there are differences between doing chores for money and working for money. If you are confused on where to group certain work, use this simple rule:

If the job is what you do yourself around your house on a regular basis, it is a chore. But, if it is what you would hire someone to do, then it is a job for hire. 

This simple rule will help your family know which household tasks to classify as jobs and which are chores. 

Can 9 year olds work outside the house? 

Yes! But with rules and parental supervision. 

Tell them they can only work within the neighborhood and for people you know and trust. Don’t permit them to work for strangers or go into anyone’s home that they are not familiar with. 

Can 9 year olds engage in online jobs? 

Well, they can but what they can do has restrictions because most online jobs are professional, some of them require a certain level of skill or years of experience which a 9-year old may not have. 

However, they are some online jobs that are suitable for them, examples are: 

  • Taking surveys 
  • Selling their crafts online 
  • Doing YouTube videos 

Remember that you have to check out the credibility of the website before letting your kid use it and you should also find out if there is an age requirement (most websites have). 

How can I encourage my child to save money earned from the job? 

Ask him or her to save money for their desired toy or game. This will not only help your child make money, it will even motivate them to work harder. 

Can I let my child use some small tools for cutting grass? 

We won’t advise this because they don’t yet know how to handle these well like adults. Even small gardening tools have little blades that can cut their hands and lead to some accidents. 

Let them use their hands in pulling out weeds and don’t allow them to engage in gardening activities that require the use of sharp tools. 


The jobs for 9 year olds listed in this post will help your child gain experience, skills, and financial literacy from a young age. Remember to give them your love, support, and advice as they journey into becoming young entrepreneurs.  

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