25+ Easy Crafts To Make And Sell (in 2022)

Crafts making is a skill that can bring you money and also has its benefits. The ability to create a thing from scratch has a way of improving your mental health, and reducing anxiety & stress. Also, you don’t have to be a crafting expert to make beautiful items that sell. Though some of these crafts may require some technical skills, there are other easy crafts to make and sell that you can venture into as a beginner.

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Crafts making can be taken as a side hustle to earn extra income or as a full-time business. Whichever you choose, this is a concise list of easy crafts to make and sell for good money in 2022.

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Cheap And Easy Crafts To Make And Sell

The following crafts cost very little and are easy to make.

  1. Candles

Candles are used to provide light or cause heat. Luckily, candles can easily be made at home with no prior experience in candle making. By purchasing a candle-making kit to experiment with it or following the guide to making candles, you can start making candles in a short while. The retail price for a candle is an average of $1.99.

A Beginners Guide To Making A Candle
  1. Tote Bags
Photo of  a lady with shopping bags; tote bags are some of the easy crafts to make and sell

Tote bags are often used for carrying shopping items but can also be used for other activities that involve storing things and moving them from place to place. They are very popular in use and are made in different sizes depending on the weight of items they are designed to carry.

If you have good sewing experience, you can create and sell tote bags with ease. Learn more here. Tote bags are sold between $34- $50.

The Perfect Tote Bag Tutorial! - Learn to Sew Series
  1. Jewelry Hangers

With jewelry hangers, you can have your earrings and necklaces organized. Your pieces of jewelry will stand on their own and never tangle. It is one of the easy crafts to make and sell to those who have issues with storing their pieces of jewelry.

Making a jewelry hanger is easy and can be done from the corners of your home. Jewelry is sold for about $11.99 a piece, though some may cost more.

DIY Jewelry Organizer
  1. Plant Pots
Photo of plant pots - some of the easy crafts to make and sell

Plant pots which cost an average of $1.25 are very good for planting and can be placed in any area of the house. Also, plant pots may be terracotta, clay, or ceramic and they are used for transporting plants, growing tender plants, starting seeds, and much more.

With the variety of uses attached to this item, you don’t need to be convinced about the high demand for it, hence the assurance of making sales when you make them. With your knowledge in making plant pots, you are certain of making a good income from this craft business.

The Way Making Flower Pots || Simple and Beautiful || DIY Pots Cement At Home Easy
  1. Face Mask

The demand for face masks increased recently. People use face masks to prevent them from contracting a cold and to reduce their chances of inhaling harmful substances like dust and chemicals, for those working in industries that make use of these chemicals in their production process.

If you have prior knowledge of sewing, you won’t have issues venturing into the face mask business.

Face masks are very easy and convenient to make, and a pack of them containing 50 disposables is sold at an average of $10.

How to Make a Face Mask

Easy Wooden Crafts To Make And Sell

The following are wooden crafts ideas that can fetch you cash.

  1. Photo Frames

Photo frames are used to display photos while adding more style to them. Your wooden picture frames should be beautifully crafted with pictures in them so your potential clients will know what they are at first sight hence encouraging their patronage.

Wooden photo frames are sold between $200 -$250 per square foot and you can learn to make them here.

How to Make a Picture Frame 3 Ways | DIY Woodworking
  1. Wine Racks

If you want easy crafts to make and sell, you should learn to make wine racks because it is one of the crafts that sell well. Wine racks are perfect for displaying bottles of wine in the home. Some wine racks are designed to accommodate both wine bottles and wine vessels, and they can also be used to display wine drinks for commercial purposes in your store.

Wine racks with the capacity of holding up to 100 bottles of wine can be sold for as much as $4000.

How to Build a Wine Rack
  1. Holiday Signs

Another woodwork crafts that are fun to make are holiday signs decorations. They are used to signify the celebration of an event for instance; Christmas, Independence Day, and many more.

They can be sold for between $100 – $500 (depending on the length of the sign), which is an awesome amount to make if you know how to create beautiful signs. However, in case you don’t know how to create them, learn how to make holiday signs here.

DIY Wood Signs Home Decor | Trace and Paint | Winter Christmas Sign
  1. Coaster Sets

Coasters are used to protect any surface that you place a drink on. They are simple to make and you can sell a set for between $15- $30. You can easily learn how to make wooden coasters.

How to Make Wood Coasters: Tips and Jigs for Batching
  1. Coat Hanger

Wooden coat hangers which cost an average of $29.95 are also referred to as clothes hangers. They are used to keep coats, shirts and other related clothes in place, organized, and free from wrinkles. Learn to make coat hangers for free and start making extra income.

Making Traditional Wooden Coat Hangers

Easy Crafts To Make And Sell For Christmas

Here is a list of easy crafts to make and sell during the Christmas season.

Photo of an handmade bag; one of the easy crafts to make and sell
  1. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments or bubbles are often used to decorate Christmas trees during the festive season. They are usually made in different shapes and can be made with glass, metal, plastic, wood, or ceramic. You can easily learn to make Christmas ornaments from the comfort of your home. They can be purchased at $15 for 12 pieces.

Christmas Ornament DIY | How To Make Christmas Ornaments At Home | 2014 Christmas Tutorial
  1. Santa Claus Costume

Santa Claus Costume is a big part of the Christmas celebrations and it is always in high demand and appreciated during this season. Therefore, it is a perfect time to earn extra cash if you are good at making the costume.

Did you know that aside from making the costumes for humans, you can also try sewing some for pets like dogs? This will boost your sales because those who regard dogs as a part of the family become your customers. You can learn more about making Santa costumes for free and you can sell Santa costumes for $49.99 and above.

Diy Santa Claus Costume
  1. Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas gift baskets are amazing and easy to make. They are usually used to send goodies to a special one during the festive season. Their selling price is between $45- $50. Find out more about making a Christmas gift basket

DIY Gift Basket Tutorial - Christmas Gift Basket - GiftBasketAppeal
  1. Christmas Greeting Cards

Festive cards are often part of an individual and families’ budget every Christmas because they are usually given to friends and families to express their feelings during the period. It can be sold for $2 or more, for higher-quality cards. Watch here to discover how to create a beautiful Christmas card.

3D Christmas Pop Up Card | How To Make Christmas Tree Greeting Card
  1. Wrapping Paper

If you are good with designs, making beautiful wrapping papers is a good avenue for making money during Christmas. People are always in need of wrapping sheets for presenting gifts to friends and loved ones. Discover how to make wrapping paper and start selling at an average of $12/roll

How to Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Easy Crafts To Make And Sell On Etsy

Photo of someone making crafts; there are easy crafts to make and easy crafts to make and sell

Online platforms like Etsy are some of the easiest and best places to sell your craft for money. However, not knowing the easy crafts to make and sell on Etsy may be a challenge but with the creative ideas provided below, you will find what to sell on this amazing marketplace.

Some of these crafts include;

  1. Etched Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon is a long handle spoon made of wood that is used for stirring ingredients while cooking. You can make etched wooden spoons and sell them on Etsy at an average of $13.99 per one.

Etched Wooden Spoons
  1. Painted Dishes

Painted dishes always come out beautiful and your ability to come up with great designs will help you stand out among several competitors. You can sell them for $25 on Etsy. Get a free tutorial on how to create amazing painted dishes.

How to: Paint Dishes Permanently
  1.  Needle Case

A needle case is used to hold a needle in place and prevent it from slipping. It is one of the surgical equipment used when suturing wounds. A handcrafted needle case can be sold for an average of $6.99 on Etsy. Here is a free tutorial on how to make a needle case.

How to Make a Needle Case
  1. Pillow Cover

Pillow covers are lovely products that can be learned here and sold for $17.49 on Etsy.

How to Make an Envelope Pillow Cover

Easy DIY Crafts To Make And Sell

Here are a few easy DIY crafts to make and sell for cash.

  1. DIY Fabric Pots

DIY fabric pots will make a great homemade gift. They are used to grow vegetables and medium-sized plants at home.

You can learn how to make fabric pots and sell each for about $21.99.

How to Make Fabric Grow Bags
  1. DIY Sunglasses
Photo of sunglasses; some easy crafts to make and sell

This is one of the cutest and easiest things to make and sell for cash. Plain white color or any solid color will make it super creative. It costs between $150 – $500. You can learn how sunglasses are made here.

How To Make Your Own Custom Sunglasses
  1. DIY Lace Bowls

Lace bowls are used to hold small trinkets like candy, earrings, keys, and many more. You can make lace bowls easily from the four walls of your home sell them for $22 apiece.

  1. DIY Pet Pillow

Pet pillows are decorative pillows converted into stuffed animals. This toy-looking pillow is an attraction to children and pet lovers. You can make pet pillows for children and pet lovers and sell them around $15 each.

How to make a Pet pillow

Easy Quick Crafts To Make And Sell

  1. Wine Cork KeyChains

This is one of the simplest crafts that can be made easily even if you have never tried it out. Just a few wine corks will get you started. However, for a perfect job, you can check below for a free tutorial. Twelve pieces of wine cork keychains are sold for an average of $14.49.

How to Make: Wine Cork Keychains (EASY)
  1. Hot Handle Holder

With hot handle holders, you don’t need to look out for any other holder to assist you in holding hot objects like your cooking pans and pots. This heat-resistant product is so easy to make and use. You can learn more about how to make a hot handle holder and sell it around $6.

How to Sew a Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover
  1. Pocket Notebooks
Photo of pocket notebooks; one of the best and easy crafts to make and sell

Pocket notebooks are easy to move around without discomfort. They can be sold for $16 and are capable of capturing things that you find interesting. Do you want to learn how to make pocket notebooks? Check here for details.

How to Create DIY Pocket Notebooks

Final Thoughts

Crafts making allows you to think deeply and bring out your hidden talents and creativity which in turn gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can satisfy a need or provide a solution to a problem.

When deciding on easy crafts to make and sell, focus on those that are always in demand and those that you can keep making consistently, because it will help you to build your brand, grow your customer base, and be assured of profitability.

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