15 Unique Crafts To Make And Sell For Profit

People love shopping for local and handmade items as gifts, home décor, and other uses in their homes. If designing, crafting, and creating items are what you enjoy doing, you can earn from this hobby and make good money. There are several unique crafts to make and sell for profit, and the best of them have been highlighted in this post.

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Benefits of Making Crafts For Adults

Crafting is not just for kids. It is also beneficial and highly relaxing for adults. It keeps your brain and mind active without getting you mentally exhausted. 

The benefits of crafting for adults are invaluable. Below are some of them: 

  • Crafting takes away stress and helps you to relax. While you are crafting, you enter a state of relaxation and wellbeing. Some scientists have classified this state of mind as a form of meditation because you get absorbed in what you are doing and don’t even know that time is going. 
  • You will get a feeling of satisfaction any time you are done making a craft. It is difficult to achieve this particular feeling in other ways. Seeing your creativity manifested gives you an internal joy that is difficult to explain. 
  • Crafting increases self-esteem and helps you overcome difficulties. It helps you absorb everything and you reach a state called “steady flow” where every worry and problem is forgotten and your whole mind just focuses on the craft you are creating. 

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As you continue in craft, you will master this and be able to control difficulties that happen in life. It also gives a feeling of achievement that increases self-esteem. 

  • Crafting helps to improve your mental agility and this, in turn, would help you control difficulties and unfamiliar situations. Following directions when making crafts help to calm down anxieties. 
  • Also, crafting for adults promotes decisive thinking and creativity. This will help you make better decisions. Crafting stimulates the creation of new brain connections and this has been proven scientifically to make one smarter. 

You will make better decisions faster than people who don’t do crafts. Crafting is a good way to exercise your brain. 

  • Crafting makes you feel happier thereby relieving depression. It oxygenates the brain and stimulates the secretion of serotonin, the happiness hormone. 

Crafting activates multiple areas of the brain. 

Photo of someone making crafts; there are various unique crafts to make and sell
  • It also improves brain and motor skills. While you craft, you force your brain to coordinate thinking with your hands thus training your fine motor skills. 

It improves your coordination and the precision of your hands. 

  • Crafting is an excellent way to express yourself as an adult. By choosing what to create, when to do it, the size, design, color, shape, etc. you are expressing yourself, showing your tastes, aesthetic senses, and even expressing your emotions. 
  • Making crafts together with family, friends, or a group helps you connect better with them and feel more united. It strengthens your bond with them. 
  • Crafting helps you create invaluable gifts which people will love and appreciate than the ones bought. 
  • Crafting is a good way to make money. When you make unique crafts and sell, it serves as a good source of income. If you are good with your crafts and have plenty of customers, you can take it up as a full time job. 

Therefore, check out ways to have fun, improve your health, and make money all at the same time with the following unique crafts to make and sell. 

Unique Crafts To Make And Sell

1. Jewelry 

Jewelry remains a top selling product all year long on Etsy. If you have a cricut machine, you will just need a few supplies to make these beautiful earrings for sale. 

See directions on how to make it.

Jewelry Making 101: Basic Techniques Turorial

2. Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs have been trending since 2015 and even till date, they are still trending so much so that the market for bath bombs is bigger than before. 

One good thing about this craft is that they are made with inexpensive materials. 

The basic ingredients for making bath bombs are Epsom salt, baking soda, food coloring, etc. and all these can be purchased at large quantities at a cheaper price. 

This means a high margin for you. 

You can watch how to make bath bombs below.

How I Make Bath Bombs - With Recipe!

3. Scented candles 

This is another fast-selling product that is sold all year round. The demand for scented candles is high, they also serve as great birthday or valentine gifts. 

If people love your scented candles, they will keep coming back and buying more for birthdays, anniversaries, dates, holidays, and even for relaxation. 

Make varieties of scented candles, of various colors, sizes, and shapes to give your customers a wide range of options to choose from. Some of them may even like to go for more than one if they like what they see. 

You can start a candle making business for under $100.

Need help making scented candles? Check out this video.

How to make scented candles - Candle making basics 101

4. Animal toys 

There are millions of pet owners who would get anything to keep their pets busy and occupied. 

The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals ASPCA estimates that there are 70 to 80 million dogs alone in the United States of America. 

The American Pet Product Association APPA also reveals that $60 billion is spent on the pet industry every year. 

This shouldn’t be a thing of surprise because people love their pets and they are willing to part with their hard earned money to see their pets happy. 

You can tap into this market and get some share of this money by making pet toys. If you want to sell fast, you should make yours eco-friendly made from low-cost recycle materials. 

You can check out this tutorial on how to do a rope chew toy for dogs. 

5 Super Easy DIY Dog Toys

5. Handmade soap 

Millions of people around the world have now incorporated safe, organic bathing and cleaning products in their daily lives. This movement is huge, so you can capitalize on it to make a good amount of money. 

Organic soaps are cheap and easy to make. They also serve as perfect gifts for friends and family. 

There are varieties of scents and natural dyes you can use to make your soaps unique. See this tutorial on how to make handmade soaps. 

Complete Beginners Guide to Soapmaking

6. Printed throw pillows 

The home decor industry is another huge market that makes about $62.5 billion each year. If you are looking for unique crafts to make and sell, then we advise you to enter this segment of the market. 

If you can make unique custom printed throw pillows that can allow your customers to express their identity and pride, you will make good sales. 

Printed throw pillows can easily be done at home without a screen printing shop. Watch this tutorial to find out how.  

Diy Printed Throw Pillow

7. Customized hand towels or dinner napkins 

These items above are important design pieces for people who love decorating their homes and people who love details. 

You just need a few low cost materials, basic sewing skills, and an eye for details to make beautiful hand towels or dinner napkins. You can even offer customized options at a higher price. 

They are so easy to make that in a few hours, you can create a large number of dinner napkins. This tutorial here will help you in making beautiful hand towels. 

How to make kitchen & Bathroom hanging towel/Cute & Easy hand towel /step by step sink towel/DIy

8. Keychains 

One item that will never go out of style is keychains. You can add dangling initials and other customized features to make yours stand out. 

You can use different kinds of materials, in different colors, shapes, and sizes to make keychains for your customers with different interests and habits. 

This will keep your market large. You can follow this step-by-step tutorials on how to make keychains. 

💛 DIY Keychains (Shrink Plastic)

9. Tote bags 

Tote bags are becoming more and more popular and more important than before as more states cut down on the use of plastic bags.

A report reveals that an average person uses about 425 plastic grocery bags each year. This is huge.

Tote bags are now important and used for shopping, as hand bags, etc. They are also inexpensive to make. 

You will sell well if you offer beautiful and unique designs, and even write unique words on your tote bags to attract customers and make your business stand out. 

You can see how to make a tote bag here. 


10. Gift tags/holiday ornaments 

Lots of families have this tradition: buying new holiday decorations each year. And most of them go for hand-crafted items because it shows the care the gift giver takes in making it and most hand-crafted items can be re-used year after year. 

No matter what you make or what your materials are, even if it is clay you use in making your gift tags, you will make huge profits. 

Check out  how to make gift tags here. 

Gift Tag Christmas Ornaments | DIY Christmas Ornaments | DIY Christmas Gift Tags

11. Planters 

<iframe src=”https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=7881368088313598″ height=”481″ width=”345″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” ></iframe>

Who doesn’t love plants? House plants are trending now due to their many benefits in the room. They purify the air, add to the beauty of the room, and even release a nice aroma that can help with sleep and relaxation. 

If you can make beautiful containers that can serve as planters, you will make good money. Make your planters unique in such a way that they speak to the different tastes and styles of your customers. 

Planters can be made with low cost materials and still look expensive when you incorporate different designs from contemporary to Victorian etc. 

See how you can create concrete planters here. 

How to Make Modern Garden Planters

12. Wall art 

The wall art industry is increasing and adding more to the US economy each year. This is a good industry anyone with a good sense of design can get into and make money. 

Make your wall art beautiful and even offer personalized wall décor to give your customers the allowance to decorate their walls with pieces that suit their unique needs. 

Check out this tutorial on how to make custom string art wall décor.

How to make string art wall decor

13. Magnets 

These are pretty inexpensive to make. In fact, you can make magnets for as low as $0.01 to 0.03 per magnet. They are beautiful and attractive to give as gifts. 

All you need to make magnets are some magnets, resin, drawings or images, and in a few hours, you will get hundreds of magnets that you can sell and make money. 

Watch this video to learn more. 

Custom Fridge Magnets Under Rs. 20 | Shivangi Sah

14. Children toys 

The kids toy industry is another blooming industry that will make you some decent money if you enter into it. 

All you need to do is create beautiful and attractive toys for kids of different ages. All you need are some paints, clothes, stuffing, etc. 

Here is a tutorial on how to make wooden children toys.

How to Make Wooden Toddler Toys

15. Carrying cases

Everyone has either a smartphone or a tablet or both. People carry these expensive gadgets with them wherever they go and this is why they are willing to invest in quality carrying cases or accessories that will keep their devices safe. 

If you can sew, you can make stylish and beautiful cases for electronic devices. This is a huge market with earning potential. 

See how to make a leather iPad case here. 


Crafts can make you healthy and wealthy at the same time. If you are good at crafts, why not try out the unique crafts to make and sell listed in this post and start your journey to wealth today.

Remember, the more creative and unique your crafts are, the higher the demand and the profit to be made.

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