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How did you find me?

Did you google “How to make money blogging” or “How to work from home with kids”?

Or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and started a blog following one of the numerous “How to Start A Blog in 20 minutes” tutorials (install wordpress yada yada) only to find yourself 3 months later, still devouring blog income reports on pinterest, and still searching for how to grow your blog so you can match the numbers you’ve see thrown around.

I totally understand your struggle.

Me every time I read “One-click Install”

how to start a blog and make money

But maybe, you aren’t any of those. Maybe you’ve managed to wade through all the noise and found your groove. You’ve mastered the traffic game. Great!

Do you rock emails too? Do you automate? Do you make money, while you chase your toddler around sleep?

My mission here at FBM is to present the very best strategies that help you get the most done in the least time. I’m here to help you make real passive income no matter where you are in your journey. Because that’s the reason why moms start blogs right? To have ‘jobs’ that let us earn money from home SO WE CAN SPEND TIME WITH OUR FAMILY. That’s our why!

Where To Start

  • Want to start a blog but don’t know what to blog about? This list of profitable blogging niches shows not just what’s hot but who’s succeeding there, how much they make, how old their blog is and how they make their money.
  • Already picked a niche? Find out if it’s viable this free checklist.
  • Now to really start a blog. Forget all those start a blog in 20 minutes posts, this is how to start a SUCCESSFUL blog. I’ve found that even those who already started a blog get to learn a lot from this post.

Phase #2

Want more traffic?

Want only the templates? Grab them here.

Traffic not converting to leads?

Want even more blog power?

Hire me to audit and optimize your blog or pinterest profile!