Cute Newborn Socks To Keep Babies Warm And Cozy

New babies deserve fitting newborn socks as part of their regular clothing, not only to make them cute but also to keep their feet warm and snug. Newborns get cold easily at the feet because they don’t move around and if their feet aren’t well covered, especially in cold weather, it can lead to health issues.

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For your little one to feel good and comfortable at all times, I have the top best socks for newborns that you will absolutely love. It will fit perfectly on your little one’s feet, making them look cute while also keeping them warm.

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Benefits Of Socks To Newborns

While you may be wondering about the need to purchase a fitting pair of socks for your baby, here are some benefits to note:

It Makes Them Look Cute

This is one of the reasons many parents want to get their babies to wear socks even when they are not conscious of the other reasons for doing so. Socks complement your baby’s outfit and truly make him or her look cute and amazing.

It Makes Them Comfortable

Newborn socks are not designed to be thick. They are made up of cotton materials that offer softness, breathability, and comfort to babies’ feet.

It Helps To Regulate Body Temperature

It is more difficult for babies to regulate their body temperature and stay warm than adults do, especially premature babies because they have less body fat. So, they need external sources that help to keep them warm in cold weather. 

Therefore, asides from making your little one look great while wearing one of the best newborn socks, they also help to regulate the body temperature of babies making them feel comfortable.

When you are going out of your home with your little one in the cold weather, remember to take along with you an extra pair of socks so that in case one sock comes off their feet, you will always have a replacement to keep them warm.

Protection From Irritation And Injury

After a few months, it is not unusual that your newborn will begin activities like laying on the tummy, rolling, crawling, and even walking (in some cases). While your child engages in any of these activities their feet can come into contact with all kinds of dangerous and rough objects and surfaces. With the socks, babies’ feet are padded from danger.

Things To Check Out For When Buying Socks for Your Baby

Photo of a baby wearing newborn socks

Picking out the right pair of baby socks can be challenging for parents and that’s why a detailed guide is provided below to guide your selection out of the thousands of options available in the market.  


When buying socks, the first thing to check is the fiber content. You will realize that most socks are a product of different fibers which individually play a role.

For instance, spandex is the elastic fiber that allows socks to fit and stretch properly. 

The material must be able to keep a baby’s feet warm because their bodies are unable to regulate their body temperature.   

The types of babies socks that can be found in the market include;

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Azlon from Soy
  • Merino Wool


Cotton is the cheapest natural fiber that is often purchased by parents and it has good warmth retention. Make sure to look for organic cotton that is grown without the use of chemicals. 


Nylon is often combined with other materials to give strength and durability to the socks and also allows them to dry quickly.

Azlon from Soy

It is a sustainable textile fiber that is also referred to as”soybean protein fiber”. It has warmth retention allowing babies to stay warm and dry. Also, it is smooth and silky.    

Merino Wool

It is a breathable fabric that is suitable for toddlers who run around every day.  

Production Process

The two major things to check in the aspect of the production are toe seams and the type of sock top closure.

Toe Seams

Socks are usually knitted as a tube in the first stage of production after which they are closed using a toe seam that works across the top of the toes.  

The traditional machine method linked toe seams are bulky and extend beyond the cushioning of the sock. This could be uncomfortable and irritating. 

Another method is the hand-linked flat seams, that sit behind the cushioning of the sock so small and not easily detectable. It is more expensive than the machine linked and they are more comfortable for infants. So do well to check the toe seams of socks before buying.

Type Of Socks Top Closure 

Apart from the quality of the elastic that determines how well the baby socks will stay on, another factor is the type of sock top closure. 

The first is the single stitching which is difficult to gauge how tight the closure is but will leave a mark when too tight while the second which is double rib stitching offers more support due to the double thread structure.

The Socks Styles

The different socks styles fall into three categories.

Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are an expression of their name. It reaches only to the ankles so they are the easiest to lose and fall off.

Crew Socks

Crew socks cut between the knee and ankle socks in terms of length which ends under the calf muscle. It is the length of the most common socks for infants.

Knee High Socks

Knee-high, is also known as “over the calf” socks. It runs the length of the baby’s legs to a bit below the kneecaps. They are perfect for keeping a baby’s leg warm along with boots and dress shoes. For baby girls, knee-high socks can complement a skirt and it uses the double knitting technique to avoid rolling down. 

Best Baby Socks

The best baby socks are a combination of durable, cozy, and stylish. 


Photo of Bombas newborn socks

Bombas has successfully taken over a good portion of the baby socks market. It has different options for all weights of babies. The socks are made with an exact tension and stretch that will make them stay on without causing discomfort though this also implies that they can also be pulled off easily by a baby.  


  • Has 77%cotton
  • 1% spandex
  • 21% polyester
  • Sizes available for a-day-old to 12 months 


  • It is very comfortable
  • Best for occasions
  • Variety of designs, styles, and colors 


  • Limited color options

Buy It Here On Bombas

Hungry Caterpillar Rattle Socks

Photo of Hungry Caterpillar Rattle newborn socks

Just wear these lovely cotton-poly-blend socks over your little one’s feet and let them enjoy the events that take place as they kick around the caterpillars or strawberries, learning their first lesson. 


  • Contains 71%cotton
  • 26% polyester 
  • 3% spandex
  • One size available for babies of all ages


  • It is entertaining 


  • Hand washing is recommended 

Buy It Here On Amazon

Gerber Terry Socks

Photo of Gerber Terry newborn socks

This product comes in preemie size which makes it possible for a baby’s feet to be well covered. It can be rolled up to your desired length and is very suitable for tiny babies that you may have a challenge getting their size.


  • Made up of 3% spandex
  • 17% nylon
  • 80% cotton


  • It is super soft
  • It can be rolled up to your desired length.
  • Very affordable
  • Machine wash


  • Available only in one color

Buy It Here On Amazon

Hudson Baby Socks 

Photo of Hudson newborn socks

As your baby grows, he or she has reached the phase of pulling off socks from off the feet. With Hudson baby socks, it is a bit difficult for them.


  • Has different patterns 
  • Has elastic ankles
  • Stretchable fabric
  • 2% spandex
  • 25% nylon
  • 73% Cotton 


  • Very affordable
  • More secure fitting
  • Allows free foot movement
  • Machine wash


  • Knee-high may become too warm
  • Socks may release an odor after putting it on for some time

Buy It Here On Amazon

Jumping Beans

Photo of Jumping bean newborn socks

These short crew socks are simple to put on, making them a perfect choice for the summer season. The thin fabric offers the feet absolute protection and keeps them cool.


  • Made up of spandex, polyester, and cotton. 
  • Sizes are available for up to 2years


  • Machine wash 
  • All white making it an easy wash
  • Very affordable


  • No color options 
  • Buy It Here On Amazon

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  1. Should Newborns Wear Socks To Bed?

While in bed, socks prevent the feet from Ultraviolet (UV) rays by being a protective layer. It also keeps cold feet warm and allows your baby to sleep comfortably.  

  1. Do Babies Need Socks All The Time?

No, babies don’t need to have on a pair of socks at all times. The temperature determines the best times socks should be worn. 

  1. How Long Should A Newborn Wear Socks?

Babies should wear socks till they are at least 18 months old.

  1. Why Are Socks Important For Infants?
  • It makes them look cute
  • It makes them comfortable
  • It regulates their temperature.
  • It protects them from injury

Final Thoughts

Socks are a type of additional clothing that acts as an essential layer to shield babies from injuries and illness. Newborn socks are not just lovely for babies but also have important benefits as discussed above. 

Expectant mothers must therefore include baby socks when shopping for their little ones. Cotton socks are usually best for outdoors.

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