22 Cool Jobs For 17 Year Olds To Earn Money

So, you are 17 and should be making your own money by now? You’re right. But what kind of jobs for 17 year olds will fit your school schedule, and who will hire you when you don’t have much working experience? 

image of jobs for 17 year olds

Jobs for 17 year olds can be a bit challenging to find because they have little or no experience in the workforce. However, since there are provisions for entry-level positions (which require little or no experience), they can start with that.

Sticking to entry-level jobs doesn’t mean that 17 year olds don’t have marketable skills; they do. Some of them have hobbies that make them relevant to employers.

However, this doesn’t mean that people who don’t have job-related skills are entirely left out. Even with little no skill, you may have other valuable skills that can make you fit into a new position. These skills could be keenness to details, organization skills, communication skills, etc.

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Also, about 30% of students between the ages of 16 to 19 have jobs while in school, and if they could find something tangible, you will too. This blog post will help you do just that.

Jobs for 17 year olds that pay well

The following jobs for 17 year olds pay well. You can find most of these jobs on job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, etc.

  1. Web developer

Teenage web developers make a lot of money, and it’s a kind of job 17 year olds would easily do. To become a teenage web developer, you need to learn how to code. You will likely earn about $28 per hour for this job.

Photo of a web developer; one of the well-paying jobs for 17 year olds

You will be working closely with a web designer or your clients, to ensure you create a highly functional website for them. Also, you may be required to create unique solutions to suit your client’s needs.

  1. Blogger

As a blogger, you can make money writing about the things you love. This could be fashion, cooking, sports, animals, etcetera. It is one of the highest-paying jobs for 17 year olds, and with basic writing skills, you can thrive in the area.

You only need to get a good blog theme and consistency to create interesting content. Remember to use lovely pictures to beautify your blog. 

When you have a good audience base, you can start advertising or selling on the blog for money.

  1.  Youtuber

Still another high-paying job for 17 year olds, you can make thousands of dollars a month from Youtube by just creating simple videos. These videos could be about anything from DIYs to life hacks, gaming tricks, or even teaching people how to use some stuff.

Though getting your youtube channel off the ground can be a bit challenging in the area of getting subscribers, you will likely thrive if you consistently create high-quality videos.

  1. Video/photo editor

If you are great at taking photos or making video clips, you can take a role as a video or photo editor. You don’t need to have any formal employment with a company to make money, as you can do this job as a freelancer. 

Photo of computers; video editing is one of the cool jobs for 17 year olds

Photo and video editing jobs for 17 years old pay well, and you can earn about $34 an hour for editing photos and $18 an hour for editing videos.

The most interesting part about this job is that it is highly flexible, and you control your schedule, activities, and workload.

  1. Graphics designer

Even with basic graphic design skills, you can make money as a freelance graphics designer. An average freelance graphic designer earns about $29.84 an hour from just spending a little time creating digital images for individuals or companies.

The challenge with this job is that many professional graphic designers on Fiverr have already made a name in the niche. But not to worry, you can still carve out a place for yourself with a strong portfolio. 

Also, some individuals and companies prefer to work with entry-level graphic designers because they can mold them to fit what they really want in the company instead of working with professionals that may not be that flexible to suit their client’s unique needs.

You can advertise your skills on social media instead of using freelancing platforms that require the users to be up to  18 years.

  1. Social media manager

Most 17 year olds understand social media better than an average adult. If you love exploring social media platforms, you should consider taking a job as a social media manager.

For this role, you will be creating content, responding to comments, scheduling posts, and helping the account owner with their campaigns and social media strategies. 

The average pay for social media managers is $18.39 per hour.

This job is highly flexible since you most likely will be working as a freelancer, giving you more control of the amount of work you do and the number of clients to work with.

  1. Camp counselor

An average camp counselor earns $13.28 an hour, and that’s a good one for 17 year olds. Your primary duties are ensuring that kids around the camp are safe and engaged, with crafts and fun skills. You may also be required to direct them through sporting events.

Photo of kids in camp; being a camp counselor is one of the jobs for 17 year olds

Depending on the camp you work with, you may be asked to assist in cleaning and cooking, and sometimes staying overnight on site. 

If you’re not comfortable with overnight jobs, choose the camp counselor jobs that only require you to stay during the day.

Though camp counselor jobs are mostly done during the summer, there are also openings for the winter and spring break.

Some camps open during teacher-in-service days and holidays, providing kids a great place to have fun when their parents are away. 

Also, you can even work with some after-school programs called ‘day camps.’

  1. Freelance writer

Though you will not be able to get on most freelance platforms as a 17 year old, you can still find jobs as a freelance writer by directly contacting blog owners or social media posts.

Some companies gladly hire teens to write for them if their target audience is teens since they understand their market more.

As a freelance writer, you can earn up to $30  an hour with the flexibility you need.

If you are skillful in writing, advertise your skill on social media or use other great approaches to get clients.

Jobs for 17 years old near me

  1. Housekeeper

You can earn up to $15 for just cleaning other people’s homes. Though you may not work for housekeeping services at 17, you can do this for families in your local area.

The chores you’ll do on the job are similar to what you do in your own house. Also, you’ll find it easy to manage your schedule and availability for work. Just negotiate with the homeowners.

  1.  Restaurant server

When thinking of jobs for 17 year olds near me, consider being a restaurant server. 

Many local restaurants are looking for extra hands to help the business, and you can get this job without any necessary experience.

The pay can be up to $15 an hour alongside the tips you will be getting from customers. However, you must be willing to offer exceptional service to qualify for better tips.

You could spend time dropping off food, taking customer orders, serving drinks and food, etc.

  1.  Movie theater employee

Movie theater roles are great jobs for 17 year olds because they are pretty straightforward. You can quickly earn between $12.16 an hour from just dishing out confections, checking or selling tickets, or cleaning the place.

Besides your regular earnings, you will also get other money-saving benefits like discounted concessions and free movie tickets.

  1. Photographer

One of the most interesting jobs for 17 year olds near me is the photography job. You can earn money doing photography jobs for people in your neighborhood, taking pictures of them during family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, etc. 

You can also sell your photographs online on iStock, Shutterstock, etc.

Companies will gladly buy photos from you to upload on their site if they are sharp and high quality. Just ensure you use the right keywords to help searchers discover your photos. 

  1.  Babysitter

Many parents need responsible teens that will babysit their kids for them. As a 17 year old, you’ve likely cared for your younger sibling and can employ the same skills to care for someone else’s child.

Since you are 17 years old and may not be able to find openings for babysitting jobs on sites like care.com, you can still be a babysitter for your family members or families in your neighborhood.

You do not need any exceptional training for this job, but having an idea of basic first aid is an advantage. Also, you may be responsible for keeping these kids safe, putting them to bed, feeding them, and playing with them. Your job responsibility is mainly dependent on the age of the kids.

  1.  Lifeguard

If you are a great swimmer with an idea of first aid, CPR, and other safety requirements, you can take a job as a lifeguard in your locality and earn about $14 per hour.

Your duty as a lifeguard will mainly be ensuring the swimmers follow the pool’s safety rules and regulations and watch out for people who have safety issues in the pool.

Also, you must be smart and alert to do the job of a lifeguard because there will be times when you need to spring into action to save someone’s life quickly.

Though this job is most common in the summer, you can still find these openings during any other time of the year if there are indoor pools in your locality or you live in warmer areas.

Jobs for 17 year olds online

  1. Seller on Etsy

Are you a craft person? Then you can make crafts for money by selling them on Etsy

There are numerous things to sell on Etsy, from cookies to personalized T-shirts, key chains, bath bombs, jewelry, and even your grandma’s embroidery pieces.

Sounds like a good idea? Set up a store on Etsy and start selling. Check out what sells best on Etsy.

  1.  Seller on Amazon

You can take up teenage selling jobs for 17 year olds on Amazon to make money.

Wondering what to sell? Start by finding cheap or free things, package them, and take professional photographs of them, then post them online with a great description.

You must always be available to package and ship your goods over to the buyers when they order the item.

  1.  Transcriptionist

Transcription jobs for 17 year olds are great and available. For the job, you will watch video recordings or listen to audios and then write out what is said in the file.

Your writing should convey the message in the same context to the readers. For this, you may need to use special characters to indicate silence or communicate emotions. Find out how to become a transcriptionist.

  1.  Translator

If you fluently speak more than one language, you can take up translator jobs as a teenager and translate for money. Your duty as a teenage translator is to translate documents you received from one language to another language, ensuring the work is error-free and similar in context to the original.

Photo of a translate sign;  translating for money is one of the great jobs for 17 year olds
  1.  Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant jobs for 17 year olds are very common now, and as a teenager, you can make money assisting people with their tasks online. 

There are many busy people out there who do not even have time to do basic things like filling in data, making phone calls, replying or sending emails, etc, and are willing to pay people to assist them. 

Though these are essential tasks, you must be willing to work hard and professionally to earn enough money as a virtual assistant.

  1. Website manager

Are you good at navigating and managing websites? You can become a website manager to ensure people’s websites work appropriately. 

As a teenage website manager, you will likely be ensuring that information on the website is up to date and find new ideas to improve the website functionality.

Besides the basic job description, you have other responsibilities like doing whatever your client wants you to do on their websites for them.

  1. Dog Walker

If you enjoy spending time with pets, then you can walk your neighbor’s dogs to the park and back. You will be surprised that many people are willing to pay for this job as most of them are too busy to take their dogs for a walk.

You must be responsible for ensuring these dogs cover a distance by walking them for a certain amount of time, and you must be sure that they stay safe and return healthy. 

Photo of dogs; being a dog walker is one of the jobs for 17 year olds
  1. Garage cleaner

Most people find it tiring to clean their garages. They will gladly pay teenage garage cleaners to clean up the place for them. As long as you’re not allergic to dust, you can help people decongest their garage and clean them. If you’re good at it, owners may pay you to come back and clean parts of the house.


Can 17 year olds get a full-time job?

Depending on the state laws governing your area, you may likely not be allowed to work for more than 40 hours a week or 8 hours a day. And you may not even be allowed to work at night between 10:00 PM and 6:00 Am.

How long is the shift for 17 year old work?

17 year old workers should not work more than eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. Also, if your work time is longer than 4 ½ hours, you are entitled to a 30 minutes break.

 How can I get a good job at 17?

To get a good job at 17, search for job ads on social media or Google ads, apply for jobs in your locality or online and follow up with these job applications. Also, do well at the interview, and you will get a good job.

What are the best jobs for 17 year olds?

The best jobs for 17 year olds include freelance writing, customer service rep, graphic designing, web developer or web designer, virtual assistance, blogging, owning youtube channels, etc.

What are the best first jobs for 17 year olds?

Most people likely start their first jobs with basic things like pet sitting, babysitting, or shoveling snow. You can get these jobs by advertising with your family and friends and can get more clients by going online.

What are the best jobs for 17 year old girls?

A 17 year old girl can take up assistant hairdressing jobs, fashion design jobs, hospitality jobs, cabin crew jobs, blogging,  owning a youtube channel, etc.


Jobs for 17 year olds are pretty common and can be gotten online or offline. However, since you are not the only one searching for a job, you must have something that increases your chances. This could be developing your interpersonal skills or acquiring some in-demand skills for teens.

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