15 Recommended (& Easy) Jobs For 8 Year Olds

Easy jobs for 8 year olds exist. It is never too early to learn entrepreneurial skills, money management and responsibility. 

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If your elementary schooler has an entrepreneurial spirit or if you want to encourage your 8-year-old to learn about money and business at an early age, this post will unveil easy jobs they can do for money. 

Your 8 year-old will learn the value of work and how to make money. They will also learn valuable lessons that will help them in their adulthood. 

Below are recommended jobs for 8 year olds:

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Jobs For 8 Year Olds

1. Wash windows 

Most 8 year olds may have difficulty reaching high windows, but you can improvise by offering them a retractable pole or learning tower

This is one of the easiest and safest jobs for 8 year olds to do and earn money. 

2. Walk the dog 

Give your 8-year-old a small fee to walk the dog every day. This should be a quick walk around the block and it will even serve as exercise for your child and keep him fit. 

If your child loves animals or they are good at handling dogs, they can earn more by including other dogs in the neighborhood. 

3. Spring cleaning 

Regular cleaning in the home are chores, but when it comes to intense cleaning and organization like spring cleaning, it should be taken as a job for money to give your 8-year old. 

During spring cleaning and organization, your 8-year old can clean out the closets and under furniture for money in addition to their regular jobs. 

4. Tend the garden 

Photo of a boy in the garden; gardening is one of the easy jobs for 8 year olds

A good way to reduce boredom and keep your child busy during winter and summer breaks is to engage them in gardening for money. 

These jobs are easy for kids and have some benefits; they will learn more about plants and agriculture, it makes them physically fit, and they get healthier as they interact with nature. 

Gardening jobs suitable for 8 year olds are:

  • Pulling out weeds 
  • Watering plants 
  • Planting seedlings 
  • Pick vegetables when ripe 

5. Rake leaves 

8 year olds can rake leaves in your yard during fall. Make sure you teach them how to handle the rake to avoid wounding themselves. 

6. Shovel snow 

Have you noticed that most elementary schoolers like to get outside in the snow and shovel them? If your kid likes snow, let them dress properly and let them have fun in the snow and also earn money doing so. 

They can even shovel snow for nearby neighbors and get paid. 

7. Clean car 

8 year olds like washing cars, it is a great job that delights them. If your kid is too short, he/she may need help reaching the top of the car and washing the exterior. 

8 year olds can:

  • Wash the car windows
  • Vacuum the crumbs from the seat 
  • Clean the interior 

8. Sell their old toys 

Photo of a boy with his toys; selling unused toys is a great job for 8 year olds

This is another creative way to make entrepreneurship fun for your kids if they don’t like indoors and outdoors jobs. 

As kids grow, they begin to outgrow their toys. If your child has lots of unused toys lying around, or toys that they don’t want anymore, you can teach them the art of sales. 

They can take their old or unwanted toys to a consignment shop and get one lump payment. Or they can sell their toys individually for a bigger payout – this can be done online on sites like E-bay.

Also, during summer months, you can help them set up a yard sale in your yard. 

This will help them get rid of their old toys and also give them some money. They will also learn how to sell and make money from a tender age. 

9. Recycle bottles and cans 

If you live in an environment or state with bottle deposit laws, you can allow your kid to recycle and earn between 5 to 10 cents per bottle. 

They can collect cans and bottles at home, they can ask neighbors, friends, and family members if they have cans and bottles to donate.

When your child has enough bottles and cans, you can now take them to the recycling center to get their money. 

10. Fetch golf balls 

Do you live near a golf course? Are you a member of a country club? If your answer to any of these questions are yes, then you can allow your child to collect golf balls and get paid for it. 

They will get the balls, clean them, and resell them to golfers for a fraction of the original price at the pro shop. 

11. Sell crafts 

Photo of a boy making crafts - one of the great jobs for 8 year olds

Is your 8-year old creative? Why not encourage them to sell their crafts? They can sell them online at e-commerce stores like Etsy or at local markets to get money. 

12. Sell school supplies 

If your child’s school permits this, you can let your child take extra school supplies and sell to their friends. 

Supplies your kid can sell at school are: 

  • Pencils 
  • Erasers 
  • Notebooks 
  • Fun stickers, etc. 

13. Collect garbage 

On trash day, your 8 year old can collect trash cans in the neighborhood, take them to the curb and bring them back after the trash has been collected for money. 

Teach your child to use gloves and dress properly for that and they should also wash their hands immediately after doing so. 

14. Lemonade stand 

If your 8 year old wants a job like an adult, you can set up a lemonade stand for him/her. This will not only help them make money, but it will teach them a lot of business concepts from a young age. 

Help your child set up the stand and make the lemonade and they make money by selling their goods to neighbors and passersby. 

15. Bake sale 

Does your elementary schooler like cooking or baking? If yes, you can take it to the next level. You help them bake sweet treats which they can sell in the neighborhood and make money. This can be done in addition to having a lemonade stand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Photo of a boy gardening - a fun job for 8 year olds

Is it easy to find jobs for 8 year olds?

Not always. To be frank, finding jobs for 8 year olds can be difficult but there are creative ways to go about this and encourage your little entrepreneur. 

How do I differentiate jobs for money and chores for money? 

Well, at this age, it can be difficult to differentiate between chores your kids do for allowance and jobs they can do for money. Tying your child’s allowance to chores they do at home may make chores look like a job to him/her. 

But there are differences between doing chores for money and working for money. If you are confused on where to group certain work, use this simple rule: ‘If the job is what you do yourself around your house on a regular basis, it is a chore. If it is what you would hire someone to do, then it is a job for hire.’ 

This simple rule will help your family know which household tasks to classify as jobs and which are kid-friendly chores. 

Can 8 year olds work outside the house? 

No! For their safety and so that you can provide guidance and assistance as they work, it is best for them to work around the house. Don’t allow them to go and work for strangers or distant neighbors. 

Can 8 year olds engage in online jobs? 

Well, they can, but there are restrictions because most online jobs are professional, some of them require a certain level of skill or years of experience which an 8-year old may not have. 

However, there are some online jobs that are suitable for them. Examples are: 

  • Taking surveys 
  • Selling their crafts online 

Note that you have to check out the credibility of a website before letting your kid use it and you should also find out if there is an age requirement (most websites have). 

How can I encourage my child to save money earned from the job? 

Ask him or her to save money for their desired toy or game. This will not only help your child make money, it will even motivate them to work harder. 

Can I let my child use some small tools for cutting grass? 

We won’t advise this because they don’t yet know how to handle these well like adults. Even small gardening tools have little blades that can cut their hands and lead to some accidents. 

Let them use their hands in pulling out weeds, don’t allow them to engage in gardening activities that require the use of sharp tools. 


An 8 year old who learns how money is made and how it works early on is at a vantage point financially. 

With the jobs listed in this post, you can help your 8-year old pick up the entrepreneurial spirit and learn how to make and save money from a young age. Also check out amazing money books for kids.

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