How to Make Money as a Teenager [22 of Our Favorite Ways]

This generation is the future. Teenagers are generally courageous, curious, and adventurous. Their sense of curiosity and dexterity is a huge plus in risk-taking, which is a key necessity of entrepreneurship. 

Teen entrepreneurs are awesome and interesting business people. There are a lot of things you would learn doing business which would also impact relationships with other people – at home and in society.

Why Should You Start Making Money As A Teenager?

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Making money as a teenager will help to understand how money works – profit, loss, gross and net profit – capital and all-important business terms which would be of importance in the other part of your lives. 

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Doing business will teach you valuable and indispensable life lessons. And you’d agree that there is no better teacher than acquired life experiences. 

As a teenager, you will also learn how to become responsible, honest, how to persevere, to develop integrity, to be hardworking, to acquire communication skills, time-management, and gain good leadership skills in the course of running a business. 

Business can be quite tough and most times without fun. Because breaking off a bad business deal with someone nice isn’t fun. Finding a perfect balance between a customer friend or boss with workers can be hard and daunting.

How Can Teenagers Make Money Without A Job?

Teenagers have a million and one way they can make money. Some ways require huge funding while many others require little to no funding. Great ideas teenagers can consider include blogging, pet sitting, social media influencing, YouTube videos, paid surveys, social media management, dropshipping, and several others. Selling the skills you already have on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr is another option to make money as a teenager.

We have enlisted some great ways you can begin to start making money almost immediately with considerable funding.

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Here Are Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

1. Home Tutoring

If you think you are very brilliant, and you have a thing for tutoring, you could start a home tutor business. Let the classes held at your home or at the home of your students, this would subtract the cost of making extra expenses for space. Tutorials could be scheduled to hold in the mornings, evenings, or holidays based on your own availability – and that of your students. Gain the trust of friends, families, and neighbors who may need the service. Create lessons, or you may simply focus on helping them get their homework done.

Since this form of business can be run from home, the cost of a startup is relatively low. A little cost can go into advertising, but you should begin with people who know you – connect with school students around. Most home tutors charge hourly and focus on a specific subject or more, depending on negotiations. You could also do a feasibility study of your location before launching out. Home tutoring is very lucrative and rewarding.

2. Music Lessons

Giving music classes is a great way to earn money as a teenager. You will also be able to improve your music skills and even become a multimillionaire music person in the future. Most wealthy famous musicians have stories of music activities as children. 

Get good training in an aspect of music early. You could learn how to play a musical instrument like the piano, guitar, flute, etc. You could learn the rudiments of music. And if you believe you are already good in an aspect of music, he could teach others for a fee.

Starting music lessons require very little if you already have access to the required musical instrument to start with. The music students would be expected to come with their own musical instruments. You will need to get some music sheet for them while they take classes at your home, or at their own homes, or even in a school environment if possible. 

You should make findings on charges, to begin with, and as a teenager may have also had some paid classes, then you should have some idea of the cost. Let charges be very moderate and considerate, while you can increase gradually as time goes on. This business is very profitable.

3.  Gift-Wrapping Business

You can also keep yourself busy for a side-income with gift-wrapping business. You can get busy with this business after school or during holiday breaks. In fact, most jobs will only come at weekends, during holidays, and especially festive seasons. 

You can consider getting booths within your school environment or render the service from home. You will need to invest some time and money building creative looking booths and buying supplies. The gift-wrapping business has a really good profit margin.

4. Social Media Marketing Business

Many parents feel uncomfortable when they find their teenagers regularly on social media. But the good thing is that if you channel that love for social media beyond just whiling out, you will be able to start a business that will become a huge success in some years to come.

Most teenagers already have basic skills to start a social media marketing business. You can out in for some online courses on the business. There are some basic things you need to know that would help you start out, while you gather more knowledge as you go on. The beauty of social media marketing business is that you can begin with just your phone and wifi. Does everyone not have a smartphone?

You can work for clients anywhere in the world. You can also sell your own skills or products, or sell other people’s products for a commission with good knowledge of social media marketing, to people anywhere in the world.  Potential clients can range from individuals to large corporations. People who earn high in this business earn over $100,000 annually.

5. Live-Streaming 

Do you find you have so much interest in games? Then you can actually earn good money while playing video games! With enough enthusiasm and drive, you can register with streaming services such as Twitch TV. 

You must be prepared to spend lots of hours each day streaming gameplay and building followership. Those who are able to gather enough followers to become a partner will be opportune to get paid for the traffic they are able to generate. For instance, followers can be 500+ on Twitch.

You would also need very strong skills in gaming to be able to garner enough followers. You can leverage social media to promote yourself, respond to comments from people and also build a huge online presence. You just need to be able to build good followers who will become partners on your streaming site. The juicy thing is that, with this streaming concept, you can actually make thousands of dollars every month. And that is just doing exactly what you love doing.

6. Freelance Writing Business

There is an unending opportunity for freelance writers both online and offline. The beauty of this is that you do not always need some huge qualifications to start. Teenagers with good writing and communication skills can start off immediately. With the vast opportunities the internet has provided, you can begin to gain so much trust and connections anywhere in the world with your writing skills.

Individuals and corporations are producing lots of content on the internet in a bid to reach their target audience everywhere in the world. In essence, the service will always be required, especially as long as the internet exists!

Freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are good places to get clients that would pay well. Startup costs are low if you already have access to a computer and wifi. You have the potential of generating  thousands of dollars annually, especially when you are able to find long-term clients

7. Sell Children’s Books

Do you enjoy drawing, reading, writing, and telling stories? Starting a children’s book business may be a really good idea for you. Children’s books are constantly being patronized than adult books. 

The startup cost for this business can be a little high if you’d rather consider self-publishing, however, the earning potential is very huge. Successful children’s book authors make up to $100,000 every year! That’s pretty big.

8. Photography Business

If you have a thing for taking good and creative pictures, you may consider having some trainings in photography. You do not really have to pay for some formal education in photography. You can opt for a personal teacher, or get free online courses to cut costs.  

As a teenager, you will need a lot of practice and self-creativity to improve your craft. It is a great idea if you can find jobs at social events and school events. Most photography jobs come at weekends and holidays. So, it is a great business idea that may not encroach into your education.

However, startup costs can be a little high. You will need a good camera, a computer with editing software, and lighting equipment. While improving skills, you should take time to cover weddings, birthdays or other special occasions. He may even do a couple of coverage for free to gain trust, expertise, and connections while only charging for printing or production of required copies.

9. 3D Printing Design Business

This business idea is fine for anyone with experience in sculpting, carving, or other modeling experience. You will also need to have a good understanding of the mechanics of 3D printer and study the market for 3D printed products. Most people who purchase 3D printed products have some peculiar needs that are only met by people with a professional understanding of the software used. 

As a teenager, you would need software, printer, website, and some marketing moves to attract potential customers. You’d also need some design products to build a name for yourself in the business. The earning potential of the business is huge and reliable.

10. Graphic Design 

A lot of teenagers are already involved in this business and it is merely stating the obvious that you can do well with this business. The business involves creating art designs for websites, magazines, physical products, logos, flyers, banners, and so much more. 

Teenagers with an artistic mindset will find this business really interesting. With a good computer and a few graphic designs, you can start out. Most graphic artists liaise with advertising agencies or work on freelancing and social media platforms. You can start from your school, friends, neighbors, or with fellow members in religious centers. 

You can charge hourly or per job. The graphic design business is lucrative if you develop good skills in it.

11. Art Lessons

Giving art lessons can be rewarding for you if you love art and also enjoy meeting people. You would need to have a structured lesson outline in place to follow so that students learning can have a path to follow as they improve on the skill.

You can begin with just a few items such as pencils, brushes, and paper. Acquiring more professional tools as the business grows. Your art students attending classes would be expected to provide the tools they will be needing.

The business can be started with a very little cost from the comfort of your home. You may also want to consider getting a space at school to give lessons to interested school students. The level of your skills and the nature of classes will determine how your rates are set. But then, this is a great way for teenagers to start raking in their dollars.

12. Makeup Artist 

Teenagers with good skills in applying makeups and working with other people will find fun in this business. There are countless opportunities in diverse social media platforms. Instagram is a great place to post your work for customers. Starting out as a volunteer artist is something you should consider to build a presence in the business. You should keep a good record of your work to build your portfolio.

Startup costs are fairly low. And this is because most makeup artists work at their homes or at their clients’ homes. Make findings on professional materials to meet up with demands. This business can fetch you up to six figures every month!

13. Data Entry 

Are you a detail-oriented person who is also versatile with spreadsheet and word processing programs? Then this business might be a very good thing to consider. A student with a busy schedule can find a flexible part-time data entry work.

The startup cost is low, and the work can be effectively done from home. You’ll need a computer, and can handle a handful of clients, while also establishing a good relationship with them which should increase referrals – making the business steadily over time.

14. Illustration Business

Talented and artistic teenagers can make good cash with illustrations. Some of the potential jobs would include designing storyboards or creating cartoon characters. You would also need to keep up with digital illustration technologies to be at par with the market trend.

The startup cost is relatively low. Start small by creating illustrations for your local publications, designing special gifts for your family and friends, and for school newspapers. As reputation grows in the business, you can begin to earn lots of cool cash.

15. Pet-sitting

Pet-sitting is a great idea for responsible animal lovers who really desire to make money doing what they enjoy most. You will be offering services like drop by feeding, walks, or in-home care as an alternative to kenneling.  

Most pet-sitting businesses are done away from home and can be started with just a little funding. You should advertise yourself by word of mouth – it is very effective and preferable for this kind of business. The business has very good growth potentials too. Independent business owners who work full time, earn as much as $60,000 annually.

16. Babysitting Business

The babysitting business is recently estimated to worth $5 billion annually! Any serious teenager who has a love for children will do excellently well in this business. Parents often find it difficult to get a reliable and trustworthy childcare option. So, when they do, they are not likely to let go of this valuable resource. They will also make their friends know about it. The business can also be easily managed with its extreme flexibility. 

Cost for startup and maintenance is low, which in turn helps to maximize profits. While most one-person ventures remain small, it is however very possible to expand in babysitting. You can grow by matching clients with well-vetted babysitters around you. 

17. House-Sitting Business

Any responsible teenager looking to support others while also making money will find this a great opportunity. House-sitters should also be pet lovers as they will be taking care of a variety of pets. While the growth potential is good, the house-sitting business relies on the good reputation the business owner is able to build with clients and consistency of work.

This business can be an excellent business for weekends and holidays. It is also very lucrative.

18. eBay Store

eBay store is great for teenagers who are already familiar with the platform. Motivated self-starters who know exactly what sells, how to effectively price products, and how to get listings noticed will do excellently well. This business can also be built around personal interests and experiences, which make it fun and lucrative.

The startup cost is low, while growth potential is limited only by the seller’s scope and time. It would be great if you are able to find a specialized area or niche to sell popular suitable products. Earning potential has no limit once things get rolling.

19. Social Media Influencer

Are you an influencer on social media? You should build a brand for yourself and don’t abuse the opportunity. Social media influencers who are serious with business can promote products of different brands and earn huge income.

The startup cost is low. And since you are already constant with using the internet, there is really no serious expenses to incur. Do some research on how you can get willing individuals and corporations to promote their products or services on your page. The good thing is that if you are a serious type, you will easily get people to write to you to have their products advertised to your audience.  You will make cool cash. 

20. YouTube/Tiktok Personality

Google-owned media platform, YouTube has become very huge for influencers and entrepreneurs. Tiktok has also stepped into the big game.  You can easily begin a channel centered around a nice niche like travel, fashion, or DIYs (Do-it-yourself). There are a host of other beautiful niches to consider.

You will be able to earn huge revenue through advertising once you have been able to build a large following and views. Many corporations and individuals will reach out to you to advertise their goods on your YouTube channel.

21. Car Washing Business

There is a high demand for this service. As a dexterous teenager who is very hardworking and determined to succeed, you will make something big with this business. Look out for a good location for this business, you can consider you home too. 

You could also reach out to friends, neighbors, and families who need this service or know someone who needs the service. Go to their homes to do the washing of their cars and get your pay. In a very short time, you will definitely be needing more hands to support you in the business.

Getting a well-situated place where lots of cars ply daily is a good move for this business. The starting cost is low. But you will need to acquire professional equipment as the business grows. Ensure to do a proper survey about the need for this service in your neighbor.

22. Sell Digital Products

You can self-publish on Amazon Kindle, Payhip, Selz, Fiverr, and other online platforms. If you are very good at creative writing, research, short stories, etc. You can write books on interesting topics that would get your audience fascinated.

Amazon Kindle has made the process of getting your work published a walkover. You can write that long fiction or non-fiction ebook and make money on it with Amazon Kindle. In fact, the traffic you need to get the ball rolling for your product is already available on the platform. You can also sell your other digital products harnessing diverse online platforms to get your bank account smiling.

That’s it!

Hope you found some great ideas to make money as a teenager. Let us know some of your favorites in the comments section.

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