22 Best Jobs For 11 Year Olds

Sometimes, kids may want to earn money themselves, other than the allowance they get from their parents. Perhaps they want to take care of some needs, buy a gift or learn how to save. Therefore, they can choose to engage in simple jobs for extra income. So, if you have a preteen, these jobs for 11-year-olds would help you to guide your wards in their desire to earn.

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Although it may be a challenge for a kid to get hired, some jobs are suitable for kids even though the payment may be lower than the regular amount. But, your child will still be able to make some money. Below are some of the best jobs for 11 year olds.

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Best Jobs For 11-year-olds

The best jobs listed under this category are those jobs a preteen may find easy and convenient for their age.

Dog Walker

This preteen work is suitable for children that love being around pets. They can make money while engaged in what they love doing. However, before allowing your children to be involved in this job, be sure that your child is comfortable walking with that particular pet. Your child can earn up to $20 daily as a dog walker.


This is one of the best jobs a preteen can easily take up and make some cash. For neighbors that may be away for some hours of the day while leaving their little ones at home, your child can take up the responsibility of caring for them till their parent returns. A child that babysits earns up to $15/hour.

Car Wash

Preteens can be engaged in washing cars for neighbors, family, and friends and get an average of $12.49 for each car.

Mommy’s Helper

This job shares similarities with babysitting but the difference is that the parents require the assistance of a babysitter while they go about some other activities around the house. The parent can concentrate on her task because she won’t be distracted by her little ones. A kid can earn up to $15 per hour for working as a mommy’s helper.

House Chores

The pay rate for doing house chores is determined by the age of the child. A 9-year-old engaged in doing house chores for money will earn $9 per week, a 10-year-old will get $10 while an 11-year-old will get $11 every week, and so on.

Some of the house chores include keeping the room clean, washing the dishes, folding clothes, feeding pets, etc.

Working On The Farm

Preteens who work on the farm are limited to certain jobs and restricted by some environmental factors. For instance, children will be limited to picking strawberries and they are only allowed to work in a non-hazardous environment.

Therefore, employers that hire child labor are also conscious of the ability and health of the child involved. Children make an average of $4.25 per hour working on the farm.

Online Jobs For 11 Year Jobs

Photo of a boy using a computer with his mom; there are jobs for 11 year olds

For you to work effectively online, you need a good device and reliable internet access, then you will be able to make some extra cash from any of the jobs listed under this heading.

Publish Stories

If you find writing interesting, you can write short and interesting stories which can be published online. Some of the websites that pay you for writing are; One story, Fireside magazine, Take a break and you can earn up to $60 for each story that is accepted.

Note that the pay rate and other requirements for each website differ so you need to find out the conditions for your chosen sites (your parents should guide you).

Take Surveys

Several online platforms will pay you for completing surveys sent out. The payout is usually very small for instance you can earn an average of $1 per survey completed.

Some of the platforms that pay for surveys are; Grabpoints, Quickrewards, PaidViewPoint.

Logo Designer

Some kids are usually very talented and able to do some amazing things beyond their age. One of these is the ability to design logos so if you are privileged to have such a unique talent as an 11-year-old, the time is now for you to make money doing so.

So many companies will be willing to pay you for this service if you are very creative and offer lovely logo designs. You can earn as much as $200 per logo design.

Sell Photos

If you love taking photos, this is an opportunity for you to make some money.

To get started, you will need to get a good camera and good locations with which you can take good pictures and sell those pictures online to people and businesses who purchase photos to be used for their web pages and presentations. You can make up to $99.50 from selling photos online.

Play Games For Rewards

There was a time that playing games was seen as a form of wasting time, but now there are online platforms that pay you for playing games. And you can make at least $1,000 playing games online. Some of the platforms that pay you for playing games include; Mistplay, Drop, Gamehag. Check out other games that pay real money.

Unique Jobs For Preteens

Some examples of unique jobs for preteens that pay well are;


As an 11-year-old, if you are skilled in art, and have access to art supplies, you can connect to those who will be interested in purchasing your artwork. Your parents can help you with getting potential customers. You can also sell them outside the front door of your house, at your school’s talent show, art fairs, etc.

Although the amount you will sell your artwork will depend on the cost of materials and the number of hours put into it, an artwork can cost as much as $500.

Musician/ Performer

Photo of a child singing; music is one of the fun jobs for 11 year olds
  • This is another unique job for preteens that can become a source of income. However, if you are not talented with singing, but you love it, then you can learn how to become one.

As a musician, you can entertain at kids’ birthday parties, go to competitions that accommodate your age group, and interestingly you can also start a music band with some of your friends. You can get up to $1,030 per hour as a performer.


Child modeling is in high demand and the earning is impressive. Certain advertisers are constantly in need of children to help promote their products. This can be a good avenue for making money as an 11-year-old because you can make up to $250 within an hour from modeling.


As a preteen who loves acting, you can maximize this talent by partaking in movies, television shows, and other related activities. From acting, a child can make as much as $3,575 weekly.

Traditional Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

Here is a list of traditional jobs for 11-year-olds.


If you stay in an environment with a bottle deposit, you can encourage your preteen to collect bottles and cans in the neighborhood and gather them at the recycling center in exchange for cash. You can earn 10 cents per bottle which will turn out to be a whole lot of money when you gather plenty of bottles and can.

Plant Sitting

If you have neighbors who would like to hire someone to tend their houseplants, it is an opportunity that you can take and earn up to $15 daily.


There are several jobs your child can do around the yard aside from pushing a lawnmower. Examples of these jobs are watering the flowers, weeding the garden, and trimming bushes.

Employers for yard work usually pay an average of $10 an hour but for a large yard, $15 may be offered.

Office Assistant

It is easy for an eleven-year-old to help with several tasks within the office environment like sorting, filing, organizing, and shredding. So if you have a preteen that will be willing to take up this type of job, encourage them to do so and earn an average of $12 per hour.

Paper Route

This is a suitable job for your child if he is an early riser. He can deliver morning papers and earn about $11 per hour.

Seasonal Jobs For 11-year-olds

Seasonal jobs aren’t found all year round; they just pop up occasionally and you earn by engaging in them whenever they are available.

Shoveling Snow

People desire to get the snow out of their sidewalks and driveways without getting out of their house so the only way they do this is to hire hands to do the job for them while they pay cash in return.

You can send your preteens out to help your interested neighbor to help them shovel snow and make extra cash in return.

Kids can make up to $20 from shoveling snow

Gift Wrapper

Photo of a gift box, wrapping gifts is one of the best jobs for 11 year olds

During festive seasons like Christmas, you make some extra cash by helping to wrap gifts for customers. You can earn $2 per wrap which may not take you more than 5 minutes. So this implies that if you want more money, then you should wrap more gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

  1. Can An Eleven Year Old Get A Job?

Naturally speaking it may be impossible to secure a job if you are below 14 years but there are light activities preteens may be allowed to be involved in for money.

  1. Is It Safe For An 11-Year-Old To Work?

It is safe and okay for an 11 year old to work because it teaches them to be independent and also helps them to understand taking responsibility.

  1. Will An 11-Year-Old Working Be Termed As Child Labor?

The type of work the child is involved in will determine if it will count as child labor. For instance, sending your kid to do chores like washing clothes, working in the garage, or cleaning the home for other people for money may count as child labor while activities like acting, singing, writing or any other that can improve the child while he or she earns, will not be termed as child labor.

  1. Can 11 year olds Work At McDonald’s?

You must be at least 15 years old to work in McDonald’s.

  1. At What Age Can I Work At DollarTree?

You must be at least 16 years old to work at DollarTree.

Final Thoughts

Preteens at eleven should be allowed to work to teach them how to gradually become independent and take responsibilities, hence developing them to maturity. Allow your kids to engage in tasks that match their age, not rigorous ones that can easily wear them out.

Having had a grip of the different jobs for 11-year-olds, it’s time to help your child make the right choice by making them understand what each job type entails.¬†After making your choice, you will have to help them in getting the equipment they might need to get started. Also, don’t forget to always be available to guide them and also monitor their money management.

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