80 Cool And Unique Ice Nicknames

The magical feeling of winter is nostalgic. The sparkling ice formation gives an enchanting feeling, and so do the names that are connected to the winter season.

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There are numerous ice nicknames you can give to your baby if you feel like they represent the enigma of winter or maybe they were born during the winter season. These names are available for girls and boys and we have listed 80, so you have a huge list to choose from.

Let’s look at these names that mean ice, snow, or winter, their meanings, and their origins. 

Girls’ names that mean ice or snow

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  1. Alaska

Alaska is an Aleut name. It means, “great land.” This is the name of a famous state in the United States.

  1. Alba

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Alban is a Latin name that means bright and white. It is the name of a famous American actor and businesswoman Jessica Alba.

  1. Bianca

Bianca is an Italian name that means white. This name was used by Shakespeare in the famous play, Othello.

  1. Aeronwen

This name is of Welsh origin and it means Snow White Berry.

Snowberry is an edible fruit that grows in moist and shady conditions.  Though edible, it can become poisonous if taken in large quantities. You can find this fruit around floodplains, riverbanks, and forested areas.

  1. Alba

Alba is a Latin name that means white and bright. It also has a Spanish and Italian version which means dawn or sunrise. 

Though Alba is a unisex name, it is mostly given to females. In Spanish, it is used as a surname in the case of the actress Jessica Alba, or a title in the case of the Spanish Dukedom of Alba.

  1. Alcyone

This name is the Latin version of a Greek name that means Kingfisher.

  1. Amihan

This is a Philippines name which means winter storm. 

Though the Philippines do not take this name to represent winter storms in general, Amihan is the period when the weather is dominated by the cold northeast winds. This period usually begins in November or December and extends to May or June.

  1. Aneira

The name Aneira has a Welsh origin It means very snowy or much snow. 

People of Welsh origin used this name in the early 20th century after adding the prefix “An” to the name “Eira” to get the name “Aneira.”

  1. Blanche

Blanche is a French and English name. it means white.

It was famous in the late 19th and 20th centuries. it was previously used as a boy’s name, but about 917 girls and seven boys got the name in 1891.

  1. Crystal

Crystal is a Greek name that means ice. It can also mean white snow in a crystalline shape. This name is famous among baby girls. 

  1. Elsa

Elsa is an English name. it is the short form of Elizabeth. It is connected to the chief character in Frozen, a famous Disney movie.

  1. Eira

Eira is a female name in Welsh that means snow. However, people in Norway and Sweden know this name to be the modern form of the name Eir. Eir is an ancient Norse name that means mercy. 

  1. Eirwen

 The name Eirwen is of a Welsh origin. It means white snow.

  1. Frostine

Frostine is a popular French name that means snow. It also means Ice queen and is beautiful for an adorable baby girl.

This will be a unique name if you think that Elsa is too common.

  1. Iclyn

Iclyn is an English name that means winter or ice, and compassionate. It sounds like icicles. The alternative spelling of this name is Icelyn and Icelynn.

  1. Ivy

Ivy has an Old English origin and means faithful. It also means vine and a famous winter-hardy plant.

This name has an ancient Greek culture and signifies fidelity. Even couples in Greek are given Ivy wreaths to signify faithfulness and eternity.

  1. Holly

This is an English name that means winter berries. 

The name Holly started in English-speaking Christian countries because of its connection to Christmas. Parents usually give their girl children this name when they are born at Christmas. 

  1. Merry

Merry is a female name with an old English origin. It means “guardian of the sea” or “happy.” It is usually associated with the Christmas feeling of joy and happiness.

  1. Neve

Neve is a feminine name of Irish and Latin origins. It means snow, radiant, and bright. You can use this name for your beautiful bundle of joy if you love the falling off beautiful snowflakes. It is also a unique name for you if you love to create snow angels.

  1. Noella

Noella is a French girl’s name that means Christmas. It comes from the French word Noel, and it’s used to describe the Lord’s birthday.

 Noella is the feminine alternative of the male name Noel.

  1. Nieva

Nevi is a Spanish name that means snowing.

  1. Olwen

Olwen it’s a lovely name that comes from Welsh mythology. It means white footprint or white track. 

According to this mythology, legend, Olwen was so fragile and gentle that her footprints would grow white trefoils.

  1. Kori

Kori is a beautiful name that means maiden or ice. You can use it as an alternative to the traditional Katherine. The male vision of this name is Corey.

  1. Korah

Korah is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin. It means ice. This name can also be spelled Cora.

  1. Hika

Hika is a  name of Japanese origin that means ice perfume, ice petals, or ice smell. It is a short and sweet feminine name that gives off good vibes.

  1. Kirsi

Kirsi is a Finnish name that means frost. This name is usually associated with ice and is popular with baby girls. 

  1. Isdis

Isdis is an Icelandic name that means ice goddess. Though the name is quite unusual, it is very charming for baby girls.

  1. December

December  comes from Latin word decem, it is a winter month that’s full of ice and snow. This name will give an icy feeling to your baby girl that’s born this holiday month.

  1. Talvi

Talvi is a Finnish name that is connected to ice; its true meaning is winter. Since winters in Finland are always so cold and come with lots of ice, it can give this name to your baby. Some great nicknames for the name Talvi include Tally or Tal.

  1. Isolde

The true origin of this name is not known, but many people believe it comes from Celtic or Germanic origin. The name means ice battle and is very lovely for a baby girl.

  1. Isey

Isey it’s an Icelandic name that means ice island. This name is sharp, sweet, and easy to pronounce.

  1. Enya

This name is quite the opposite of ice, though it is usually used together. It means fire.

Parents interpret this name as “a little fire may be what you need when ice starts taking over the area.” That’s the meaning of Enya.

  1. Jaki

This name has an Icelandic origin and it means ice flow. You can pronounce it as Jackie, but Jak is the perfect nickname for it.

  1. Snow

This name is of the old English origin. It means precipitation, and is for your baby if you are obsessed with ice and snow. 

Snow means what it is, and there aren’t tendencies for it to have funny meanings that you may not know about. also, snow is a wonderful name itself.

  1. Skadi

Skadi is the name of a Scandinavian goddess. This is believed to be the goddess of winter and hunting. It is believed that wouldn’t let the ice and snow from the winter month prevent her from getting to where she wants to be. 

This is a very creative name for your female child if you want her to always be determined.

  1. Demetria

 Dementria is also the name of another winter goddess and is a good alternative for Frostine and Elsa. You can use the name, Demi as a nickname for your baby girl called Demetria.

This is the full name of Demi Lovato, the popular singer, and Demi Moore, the actress.

  1. Isa

Isa is a feminine name of Frisian origin. It means ice. This is also an area covering the northern edge of Germany.  

  1. Qinoq

Qinoq is a very enchanting Greenlandic name that means “ice sludge.” It has a unique application to ice and is quite uncommon too.

  1. Jokla

This Icelandic name means “glacier” or “icicle”. Its male version is Jokull. This name is quite rare, distinct, and memorable for a beautiful girl.

  1. Nilak

This is a Greenlandic name that means “freshwater ice”. It gives such a fresh meaning, and it is uncommon too. This makes it a unique ice nickname to keep at heart.

Boys’ names that mean ice or snow

Photo of cute baby boy in snow; ice nicknames are cool
  1. Aisi

This is a Tongan name and Tonga is a state in Polynesia. This name means ice and is short and sweet for boys.

  1. Aspen

Aspen is a middle English name that means a heart-shaped tree. It is usually associated with ice-cold weather. People mostly think of Aspen in relation to the Colorado ski resort that people visit in winter.

  1. Agdluak

This name has a Greenlandic origin and it means “a hole in the ice for fishing.” 

If you’re passionate about ice fishing, then this may be a great name for your child.

  1. Alban

 This name has a Germanic origin and it means white. It is gotten from the Latin word Albus which also means white. It has the same origin as the word albino.

  1. Albus

This name has a ancient Roman origin and it means white or bright. It was used in the popular Harry Potter series.

  1. Alpin

This name has a Scottish origin and it means white. It has gotten from the name Ailpein which was used by Celtic people in the Iron Age.

  1. Andri

The name and remains snowshoe. It has an old Norse origin.

 Andri is also Swiss alternative for the name Henry.Henry means home ruler.

  1. Ayaz

This name has a Turkish origin, and it means cold, dry air. Though it is a lovely name for boys, families outside of Turkish origin rarely use it.

  1. Aquilo

This name has an ancient roman origin. It means north and was the name of an ancient Roman god. It is believed that this god used to blow his cold breath upon the earth to cause winter.

  1. Bai

This is a Chinese name that has different meanings including white, pure, cedar, cypress tree, etc.

  1. Barys

This name is the Belarusan alternative of the name Boris. It is the name of a professional ice hockey team Barys Nur-Sultan.

  1. Bela

This name has a Hungarian origin and means white. Though there are contentions that the name was gotten from the “belu”, a Slavic word, it was the name of the four kings of Hungary.

  1. Boreas

This name has a greek origin and is related to ancient greek mythology. It was the name of the Greek god of winter and north wind.

  1. Blanchard

This name has an Ancient Germanic origin and it means hardy or white. It was most popular in the 1980s when over 1000 boys had the name in the United States.

  1. Blaze

Like the word, Blaze is an old English name that means snowstorm or fire. It has almost the same application as the female name Enya, which represents “fire is the little thing you need during the icy season.”

  1. Boris

Boris means wolf, short, or snow leopard, and it has a Russian origin. This name was most popular in the 1960s.

  1. Boro

 This is the Croatian or Serbian version of the name Boris.

  1. Caecius

This name has a Latin origin and it means blinder. It was the name of a Greek God that is always pictured holding a shield of hailstones.

  1. Columban

 This name has an Irish original it means White dove.

  1. Delwyn

This name is of Welsh origin and it means white and pretty. 

People who do not speak the Welsh language may believe this name is for girls name because of how feminine it sounds. However, Welsh means that end with “wyn” are masculine.

  1. Dong

This is a Chinese name that means winter.

  1. Douglas

 This is a name that means the name of the Christmas tree. It is a pretty common name and is the name of the popular author, Douglas Adams.

  1. Farbauti

This name is a symbol of strength and power. It was the name of an ice giant ruler Norse Jotunn.  The direct meaning of this name means dangerous striker or cruel, and can be used in relation to ice.

  1. Himanshu

This is a Sanskrit name that means ice. It is an elegant and uncommon name for boys, and it carries a lot of ice feelings. It is such a lovely ice nickname for a newborn.

  1. Isar

This name has Old Norse and Icelandic origins. It means “ice army” and denotes strength for a boy child. Even the pronunciation sounds powerful.

  1. Isjbrand

Isjbrand is a Dutch name that leaves a lasting impression. This name is said to come from a combination of some Germanic words like “ice” and “iron”, alongside “brand” that means “sword.”

  1. Isjborn

This is an Icelandic name that means “ice bear.” This name is unique, complex, and unforgettable. It sounds like a fearless name for a unique baby boy.

  1. Ledimir

This name is of Serbian and Croatian origin. It means “ice peace” and sounds harmonious.

  1. Rudolph

This is an Italian name that means Red Nose reindeer. It has gotten from the Santa Claus Sledge, and it’s usually used in relation to snow, ice, and Christmas.

  1. Sikivat

This is a unique Greenlandic name that means “thin ice” or “new ice.” It sounds enigmatic, with layered meaning.

  1. Jokull

This cool-sounding name has an Old Norse origin, and means “glacier” or “icicle.” It is a very rare and unique ice nickname for boys.

  1. Nicholas

Nicholas is the Greek name that means victory of the people. This is the name of the famous Santa Claus known as Saint Nicholas.

  1. Noel

 This is a famous French name, which means Christmas. It is the male version of Noella.

  1. North

 North is a male name of the Proto Indo European origin and it means a direction. It’s usually associated with the coldness of northern cities.

  1. Robin

Robin is an old Germanic name that means shining and bright. It was used in the famous Batman series and is the name of a popular bird in Europe.

  1. Urmas

This name has an Estonian origin and means catkin or frost.

  1. Whittaker

Whittaker is an English name that means from the White field. One great person that has this name is Robert Whittaker, who is a famous Ecologist.

  1. Wren

Wren is an English name that means “the name of a winter bird.” This is the name of a famous English architect, Christopher Wren. 

After the Great Fire of London, this man was the person who rebuilt many churches that were destroyed.

  1. Yas

This is an American name that means snow. It became popular after it was used in Kerouac’s novel, On the Road. 

  1. Yule

This old English name is an abbreviation of Yuletide. It is usually related to the winter solstice and the Christmas season.

Which is your favorite ice nickname?

It can be quite a challenge to settle on a unique name that means ice, snow, or winter for your baby, but go for the one that resonates most with you. 

Maybe you have an origin you love or you need a name that represents the family heritage. Keep these in mind when making a choice.

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