Top 10 Doodle Boards For Kids

Doodle boards have awesome benefits and they are more than a note-taking tool or play tool for kids, they are also a “thinking tool” according to the Wall Street Journal

image of doodle board

Research has also revealed that doodling helps people retain information, understand new concept, and stay focused. It also eases impatience and helps people come up with new ideas. 

Sunni Brown, the Author of The Doodle Revolution reveals that doodling improves how people process information and also how they solve problems. 

Due to the immense benefits of doodling, the art is now gaining the spotlight and getting new respect. 

10 Best Doodle Boards

1. Water Doodle Portable Drawing Board

Photo of water doodle board

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This wonderful doodle board amazes kids as they see their doodles disappear before their eyes. 

It comes with four pens that can be filled with water and as your kid doodles with them, the drawing disappears as the water dries. 

The board is large and double-sided, this means your toddler can draw on the other side without waiting for the first side to disappear. 

There are storage slots for each of the pen on the board and the doodle board has an handle that is easy to grip. This makes it easy for your child to take his doodle board with him anywhere. 


  • Good for young toddlers that are learning how to draw 
  • Easy to carry around and travel with 
  • Comes with four magic water pens which won’t damage walls or clothing  
  • No need for wiping  


  • Marks were left behind after the water dried on the drawing surface
  • The pens can easily lost 
  • The board can easily get dirty

See more reviews on Amazon.

2. Cra-Z-Art Original Magna Doodle

Photo of Cra-Z-art magna doodle board

This doodle board is fun and interactive. It helps children expand their imagination and allows drawing without any mess. 

This brand is the largest doodle board available. It can be used to play games, draw pictures, write, etc. Things written or drawn on the board can be easily erased too. 

To erase, you simply slide the eraser located at the bottom of the board side to side and in an instant, a room is made for new drawings or writings. 

It is lightweight and can easily be taken on the go. It comes with a magnetic drawing pen and 3 assorted stamps that securely fit on the doodle boards. These provide hours of fun for your kid. 

It is suitable for kids 3 years old and above. A pack contains a portable magnetic board with eraser, 1 magnetic drawing pen, and 3 assorted magnetic stampers. 

Ronald Williams, founder of Best People Finder recommends this brand. He says: 

“I have recently bought one doodle board for my youngest kid:   Cra-Z-Art Original Magna Doodle.

The most noticeable thing about this doodle is it is durable and is designed ergonomically. Kids don’t get tired while writing letters, numbers, or drawing shapes on it. 

It has three stamps (of different shapes) that kids love to use. My kid doesn’t leave it anytime, and it has become his favorite toy”.


  • Has a large surface which offers your child enough room for creativity 
  • Comes with a magnetic pen, eraser, and stampers 
  • Easy to use 
  • Durable and sturdy 


  • The pieces are small and don’t stay in their spot making it unsafe for travel 
  • Not safe for toddlers, they can put the small pieces in their mouth and choke on them 
  • Some parents complained that the plastic is cheap 

Check it out on Amazon.

3. Matesy Doodle Board Sketch Pad for Kids

Photo of Matesy doodle board

This magnetic doodle board gives children a colorful and vivid world of drawing by displaying four bright colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. 

It is safe for kids and also easy to use. It eliminates the need for crayons, pigments, and chalk and thereby makes your home clean. 

You can easily change the form of this doodle board by removing the legs. This will enable your child choose their most comfortable position. 

Sharon, the co-founder of Philadelphia Weekly has this to say about this brand:  

“I highly recommend the Matesy Magnetic Drawing Board for your kids. My kids loved this doodle board since it displays four vibrant colors, blue, red, yellow, and green. 

It has a 10.9″ drawing panel paired with a slide eraser so the kids can easily start their drawing again. The board comes with four legs so it can act like a table and make drawing easier for the kids. 

The table legs are also removable if your child chooses to use them not in the table form. With the functionality and versatility, it really is a good doodle board for kids”.


  • Attractive and easy to use 
  • Can be used in two ways by simply removing the legs  
  • The magnets are easy to use 


  • Many users complain of the quality, that it is low
  • The back has a strong chemical smell and film 
  • The legs fall off easily 

Check it out on Amazon

4. Sgile Magnetic Drawing Board

Photo of Sgile doodle board

This doodle board has lots of features to keep a child hooked. It also teaches kids about shapes and alphabets. The magnets ensure that the shapes won’t fall off even when shaken. 


  • Large screen 
  • Teaches shapes, colors, and alphabets 
  • Has a sliding eraser that moves easily 
  • Portable and easy to use 


  • The stamps can pose a  choking hazard for kids less than 3 years old 
  • The shapes can get missing 

Check it out on Amazon

5. Vivitoy Magnetic Drawing Board

Photo of Vivitoy doodle board

This doodle board for kids has 4 different colored areas and a big screen to make doodling fun for your child. 

The drawing area has a wide and brightly colored frame with rounded corners and a sliding eraser that is easy to move. 

Some parents noted that when used in a moving car, the vibration can cause the iron particles to drop and this can make the pictures fade. This can be quite disappointing for a child who wants to keep the picture. 


  • Light weight for traveling 
  • Durable 
  • Comes with a drawstring bag 


  • Does not come with fun magnetic stamps 

Check it out on Amazon

6. Fisher-Price DoodlePro

Photo of Fisher-price doodle board

This mini-magnetic doodle board is designed for toddlers on the go. The pen tip is spring loaded and this prevents damage to the screen if your toddlers pushes it against the screen too hard. 

A string attaches the pen to the board.


  • Light weight 
  • Pen clips into the rear of the board 
  • Has a smooth eraser 


  • Does not come with fun stamps 
  • The magnet shapes don’t stay in place if you jostle the board too hard

Check it out on Amazon

7. Magnetic Doodle Board

Photo of Magnetic doodle board

The great feature of this doodle board is its extra layer of plastic thereby making the back smooth and more comfortable on the skin/lap. 

The string is generous enough to allow kids write on all areas of the board. 


  • Comes with 2 stamps for added fun 
  • Comfortable for toddlers 
  • Pen slot is big and a string wrapped around it 
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed kids


  • The stamps can easily be lost 

Check it out on Amazon

8. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Photo of VTech Write and Learn doodle board

This brand of doodle board from VTech has a small electronic screen above the drawing area which teaches kids to learn the alphabet by drawing numbers and alphabets. 

You can even customize this doodle board to teach your child how to write their names. 

A pack contains a doodle board and stencils to help kids draw complex images. 

This can be used as a simple magnetic drawing board but the drawing only shows in black and not in multiple colors like other boards. 


  • Teaches kids writing 
  • The animations are easy to follow
  • It plays music as the child uses it 


  • The electronic function uses 2 AA batteries 
  • It doesn’t show drawings in colors

Check it out on Amazon

9. 17 Inch Erasable Magnetic Doodle Board

Photo of 17 inch Erasable Magnetic doodle board

This is a large doodle board, it measures 17 X 13.77 inches. Kids will love it. 

It comes with three magnetic geometric stamps and a pen that has an ergonomic design.

This doodle board is durable, toddler-friendly and your kid will enjoy it for years. 


  • Large screen 
  • Light weight 
  • A round frame that prevents injuries 
  • Cute magnetic stamps 


  • It may be too large to take on a journey. 

Check it out on Amazon

10. Fly2Sky Doodle Boards with Multi-Colors

Photo of Fly2Sky doodle board

If your child loves colors and you want to get them something colorful, go for this brand. It is one of the best multi-color magnetic doodle boards you can find. 

It comes with a pair of stamps, pens, and stencils and has four color zones (green, yellow, blue, and red). This board gives your kid a unique checkerboard of bright primary colors that you won’t find on other doodle boards. 

It also comes with 2 pens so that if your child misplaces one, he can use the other one. 

There are etched numbers on top of the doodle board so your child can learn as they play. 


  • Multi-color doodle board 
  • Comes with a spare pen 
  • Manifold color options 


  • The size may be too small for older kids 

Check it out on Amazon

Benefits of Doodling

Photo of girls writing on doodle board

Doodling is therapy 

Doodling is more than drawing and it is more than an art. It is therapeutic. Doodling helps kids to: 

  • Relax and unwind after a stressful day or situation 
  • Relieves tension 
  • Stay focused 
  • Retain information and boost memory thereby aiding their academic activities 
  • Come up with amazing creative thoughts 
  • Grasp new concepts 
  • Improve their overall health 

Doodling does all these and even more. 

Improves thinking and memory 

Doodling can take a random thought and strengthen it into a purposeful whole. It helps children express creative energy and it also helps them ponder new frontiers of thought. 

Doodling improves thinking and memory in kids and it is a powerful way for them to learn the art of thinking. 

Science reveals that doodling and listening to classical music at the same time improves memory. 

Builds non-cognitive skills (non-thinking skills) and imagination 

The impact of doodling on imagination and creativity cannot be over emphasized. In fact, there is a virtual boot camp online that teaches teen girls how to doodle to improve their imagination. 

Doodling also encourages the development of non-thinking skills that can open the door for spontaneous creativity. It offers kids a relaxing way to focus, memorize, concentrate, and think. 

Relieves stress 

Experts have referred to stress as the silent killer. Doodling relieves stress and helps kids to relax. 

As it unwinds them, it opens their creativity, and allows them to think of things that they never thought would be possible. 

Improves health 

Doodling improves heart rate and this will help your child relax. It is also a form of meditation that can heal their mind, body, and emotions. 

Just as meditation improves heart rate, blood pressure, rhythm, muscle and digestive functions, so also does doodling. 

Regular doodling helps kids come in tune with who they are and will help them come into harmony with their deepest self. 

If you want your kids to be healthy, you can introduce doodling to them and you can also plan doodling dates where you all as a family just doodle the evening away. 

Set time aside each day for your kids to doodle and meditate and this will lead to improved health, a stronger immune system, and better emotional health. 


A doodle board improves non-cognitive skills and memory in kids. This post contains everything you need to know about doodle boards and a list of the best doodle boards.

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