30+ Easy Ways To Make Money Fast As A Kid

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It is very easy to make money fast as a kid in this era of technology. 

Sometimes, you might need money and you might not feel like asking your parents because you are tired of always asking for money from them. 

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This post is for children who want to be financially independent at an early age. There are lots of options you can choose from and even smaller jobs you can do to make money as a kid. 

Before we show you how to make money fast as a kid, let us discuss the benefits of making money at such an early age. 

Benefits of Making Money As A Kid

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  • You learn to be financially independent and responsible at a young age. 
  • Having financial skills or being financially literate at such a young age will help you grow into an adult that can achieve financial success and security. 
  • By adulthood, you would have gathered enough knowledge and experiences to manage your finances 
  • You will be better equipped as an adult to live independently 
  • Also, you will learn how to make good financial decisions early and learn how to pay down debts or even avoid it altogether. 
  • You will develop great financial habit at such a young age 
  • It will also teach you how to set and achieve goals from a young age 
  • You will be happy and fulfilled 

Easy Jobs You Can Do To Make Money Fast As A Kid

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Combining your entrepreneurial spirit with the advanced technology of this modern time will make the sky your limit. Most of the jobs listed here are online and won’t demand much effort. 

Others are offline jobs that are fun and easy for kids. Just pick the one you love most so that work can be fun and play for you. 

Online Jobs For Kids

Photo of a kid with a laptop

1. Take paid surveys 

Most kids have access to the internet these days unlike in the past. If you have an internet connection, you can invest a few of your minutes in taking surveys and earn a few dollars in return. 

Survey Junkie is a great place to start sourcing for paid surveys. This website has plenty of work for willing people. Your rates will climb up if you stick to it long enough. 

This is when your profits start increasing. 

2. Become a photographer

Older kids who love photography can earn from this hobby. With a good camera, you can earn both ways. You can photograph your friends and they pay or you do stock photography. 

Don’t worry if your parents can’t get you an expensive camera, you might not even need it. In stock photography, what is needed more are good eyes and not even an expensive camera. 

There are free online courses you can take on photography. You can also borrow a camera or rent one for a few days and take your pictures. 

Then you go to any stock photo websites like Shutterstock and upload your pictures. Give it time and clients will start coming. 

3. Sell video footage 

This is one interesting way you can make money fast as a kid. Make an original video content and upload it on Newsflare

If your content is good enough, one of the major broadcasting agencies in the world can see it and decide to broadcast it. 

If this happens and your content goes viral, you have earned yourself some good cash or a nice holiday. 

4. Create your own YouTube channel 

A lot of kids already have YouTube channels, it is not a bad move if you try and have your channel. 

One good thing about YouTube is that it is never-ending. If you have interesting things or ideas to share, go there and create a channel. 

You will be able to find an audience that is willing to listen to your story. Even if you don’t make it big, there will definitely be some sweet profit. 

This is worth trying and it can be done alongside studies or any other business you choose to do. 

5. Run a blog 

There are many good things about having a blog at a young age. You get to earn from it and you also educate yourself and get in touch with your feelings. 

Studies have even shown that finding a creative outlet as a kid is incredibly healthy for your brain. 

6. Organize a garage sale 

This line of business has many advantages for kids. First, it will help you clean out your home. It will improve your management skills and finally bring an immediate flow of cash. 

If you don’t want an in-person garage sale all day, you can do it online. Decluttr is an easy option to use because it allows users to scan the bar-codes of products and they will instantly give you the price they pay for it.

7. Open an Instagram account 

This works like a YouTube channel too. You can share your thoughts, ideas, or views in pictures or videos. You don’t have to be an adult to do so. 

Mila Stauffer is just 4 years old and she has stolen the heart of over 333,000 Instagram followers through her sassy but adorable videos. 

She is making a decent income from this even though she hasn’t made it to a double-digit in age. Tylenol is one of her major sponsors. This is definitely an idea to consider if you’re wondering how to make money fast as a kid.

Offline Jobs For Kids

Photo of a boy walking a dog

1. Walk dogs 

If you are good with pets or you love dogs, you can earn from your passion. You can walk around the neighborhood a few times with your neighbor’s dogs and get paid for it. 

It is a smooth sailing job that just demands your early mornings. 

2. Work in a library 

If you are a bookworm and love being in a library to enjoy some vintage book smell, why not take your hobby a step further by working in a library?

If literature is your passion, you can earn money by helping out in your local library. Aside from earning, you can also have access to all the books you love. 

Isn’t this a win-win situation? 

3. Dog grooming 

This is another amazing way to earn money as a dog lover. As a kid, you can help your neighbors whose dogs need a quick grooming session with old clippers. 

As you help them and earn a few dollars, your name gets out that you groom dogs and more clients start contacting you. 

If you do an excellent job, many offers will come your way without you moving a finger. 

4. Newspaper delivery 

This job sounds old-fashioned but it is still around. A lot of people still prefer getting their information from printed sources. 

Kids can earn a few dollars by delivering newspapers in their neighborhood. You will be surprised by how much you will make. The demand for newspapers might even be high in your neighborhood. 

You can ride on your bike to make this delivery fun and healthy. 

5. Wash car

Another easy way to make money fast as a kid is to work at a car wash. If you love washing your dad’s car, you can earn from this hobby. 

You can turn that chore into profit. You don’t get paid for washing your dad’s car, lol, but you can get paid when you do it for other people.

This is an easy job kids can do and there will always be dirty cars. This means that there will always be money to be made by washing cars. 

6. Work in an arcade 

This might look like a bad idea to employers but this is quickly becoming a trend. 

Children nowadays are more tech-savvy than most adults. So it makes sense for them to work here. 

From a kid’s perspective, this is the best summer job. If you love games and other forms of tech and you want to work here, you have to be careful because some responsibilities are needed here. 

You have to be very careful or you will lose the job quickly. 

7. Lawn mowing 

This is another old-fashioned job that will never go out of business. And it is not difficult as kids can do it. 

A secret most kids don’t know is that many adults find this job boring and they are willing to pay a few bucks to kids to do it for them. So if you’re wondering how to make money fast as a kid, you have your ideal job!

Some kids enjoy mowing the lawn and if you are one of such kids, you can earn from this simple chore. 

All that is required of you is your time and your kindness. You might get bigger tips if you are nice or you might lose a steady source of income if one of your friends is nicer to the old lady than you. 

8. Referee for kid/youth sport

If you love sport, you can earn from it. You can be a referee even as a kid. The pay might not be as those who play it but it is better than doing nothing. 

Aside from the pay, being a referee will also give you the opportunity to be in an environment you love so much. It will also make you be involved in a sport you love so much. 

Don’t get discouraged if you get yelled at. That’s how it works and in life you have to make some sacrifices. You will also get to meet some people and make new friends, including adult friends. 

9. Work in a grocery store 

This job is good for kids who love shopping or love helping people shop. 

And the good thing about this job is that the pay is regular and the working hours are flexible. 

Every grocery store you know needs people to help them clean and maintain the place. People are also needed to stock up products. There are lots of things to do and get paid for in a grocery store. 

If you are looking for ways to make money as a kid, you can search around for grocery stores in your neighborhood. 

10. Babysitting 

Older kids are good at babysitting their younger ones. If you love doing this, you can earn from it. You have to love this job because it can be the hardest or the easiest job in the world, lol. 

If you love kids and you are naturally relaxed among kids, then you can do this and earn some cash. Start by taking care of family members and neighbors then you grow from there. 

11. Do laundry for people 

A lot of people see laundry as a pain, they prefer to pay someone to do it for them. If you love doing laundry, then this is a good way to earn money as a kid. 

You will get decent pocket money doing this. 

12. Snow shoveling 

This is not a job for weak teens. It requires strength. However, you can do it if you take your time and work slowly. This is one of the handsomely paid offline jobs for kids. 

13. Run errands for others 

Photo of a kid being paid to run errands; a way to make money fast as a kid

If you want to know how to make money fast as a kid, why not run errands for neighbors and get paid. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Discarding thrash 
  • Painting garage doors 
  • Go shopping 
  • Wash dishes
  • Water plants for elderly people, etc. 

There are extremely busy people who are willing to pay people to do these chores for them because they don’t have much time at their disposal. 

If you have plenty of spare time as a kid, you can earn a decent amount of money by investing this time in running errands for people. 

14. Home lessons 

If you are a bright kid and can explain some courses very well, you can earn from this by helping struggling kids understand some subjects. 

This has many advantages. You will understand the subject better when you teach others, this act of kindness is good for the soul, and finally, you will earn some decent cash doing so. 

15. Work in a movie theatre 

As a kid, you can earn by working in a movie theatre. Things you will do are; helping people find seats and aside from that, you will also enjoy all the latest blockbusters free of charge. 

Isn’t that awesome? This is a perfect job for high school kids who want to make money doing the stuff they like (watching movies). You can work after school or anytime you like. 

You can do this work and also do your other obligations. 

16. Offer pet care services 

If you love animals and love being around them, you can earn a good amount of money from this passion. 

You can walk pets, bathe them, or stay overnight with furry legged friends and earn money while having fun with your animal friends. 

Teens can create a caregiver account on care.com. You can find pet sitting jobs on this site and get paid for it. 

17. Boat cleaning 

Boat cleaning is a good way kids leaving near the ocean or water body can make money. You will also get some good experience with boats and exercise your body. 

18. Change people’s car oil 

Many adults dread this task because they will have to sit in the waiting room for hours even if they have an appointment. 

If you are looking for a skill to learn and earn as a child, you can learn how to change car oil. 

Then you let your customers call you to the comfort of their home and you change it for them at an extra cost. 

This will give you an advantage among the competitors/other oil changing services. 

19. Repair cracked windscreen 

This unexpected task is unpleasant to adults. Kids who earn how to repair car windscreen can have it fixed for clients at home and have a good pay in reward. 

This will also give you a competitive edge against other dealers. 

20. Clean tile grout

Many people don’t like doing this job because it is time-consuming and dirty. It involves you scrubbing between the lines of the tiles and showers. 

This is a very lucrative job for kids who can do it because it has less competition and you can charge what you like. 

21. Clean gutters for your neighbors 

It will cost your neighbors a lot of money if they have dirty or overfilled gutters. They have to clean this regularly. 

This can be a good source of income for you if you are willing and able to help them. You can clean the gutter using a portable sprayer and earn a decent amount of money doing so. 

Go and a step further and install gutter guards for your customers. This will earn you some extra cash and save them a lot of money and time. 

22. Aerate lawns 

Cutting and watering are not the only thing yards need. They also need oxygen for the lawn to be healthy and beautiful. 

You can rent or buy an aerator and start making money by helping people aerate their lawns. 

23. Clean furniture 

This is a lucrative way for kids to make money. You can clean furniture, disinfect beds, chairs, couches, and more. 

A lot of people are looking for people to clean their furniture regularly. 

If you want to earn more, target homes with pets like dogs and cats. These people need their furniture to be cleaned more often than non-pet owners. 

24. Wash windows 

Many higher-end homes have tall windows and are willing to pay someone to clean the windows for them. 

You can also go a step further and offer your service to local stores that have lots of windows. You will make a good amount of cash doing this job. 

Creative Jobs For Kids

Photo of a creative kid; you can sell your crafts to make money fast as a kid

1. Sell your crafts 

If you are very creative as a kid and want to earn from that, you can do it. This job will help you tap into your inner creative self. 

Make all your crafts and sell them on Etsy. This is an easy way for creative kids to earn money. 

2. Make T-shirts and sell 

Creative kids intuitively know what people want. If this is your case and you can create beautiful T-shirts, you can consider starting a T-shirt business. 

Aside from making money, this job will help you develop your creative side. You can sell this online and offline also. 

3. Graphic design 

Creative kids can make huge money doing this. You can take online courses in graphic designs and start designing logos, posters, banners, quotes, or flyers for people. 

You can create accounts on freelancing sites where you charge more for bigger projects and add-on services. 

4. Make Jewelry 

Creative kids can make jewelry and sell it. This is a decent and fun way to make money doing what you love. Jess Lively said she accidentally started her business at the age of 15. 

She was at the pool making jewelry one day and people came up to her to buy them. 

She made a couple of hundreds of dollars that day and that was how her jewelry line started. 

5. Sell your baked goods 

This is a good way to improve your creative skills in the kitchen and also make some good cash. 

You can sell your baked goods at a craft show, local business fair, or farmer’s market. 

6. Put up holiday decorations for people 

This takes hours and most people don’t have this time to spare. If you are creative and good at interior or exterior decoration, you can earn money doing this for people.

You can do this for busy parents or elderly people and earn some cool cash doing what you love. It is also a way of giving back to the community. 

7. Painting homes 

Creative kids who love painting can earn by painting homes for people. 

You can offer this service during spring or summer break and earn money doing so. This task can earn you a lot of money because many people don’t like painting the exterior of their homes. 

Also painting the interior of the home is a time-consuming task that many people don’t like doing. You can charge a good amount of money doing this. 

Other forms of painting you can do and earn as a kid are: 

  • Paint window frames 
  • Paint garages 
  • You can also be paid to paint fences 


These are some of the easy and legal ways kids can make money. This will help them to be financially independent as kids and they will also learn critical financial principles that will help them in adulthood. 

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