40+ Fun Holiday Activities For Kids

The school holidays will soon arrive and you may be wondering how to keep your children engaged during the holiday. Well, don’t worry, this post: ‘Holiday activities for kids’ – will help you do so. 

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Holidays are time given to children to help them rest, recharge, and reset. It is also a special time for families to spend time together and bond more. 

Your family can also try all sorts of new things together during the holiday. 

There are endless activities, games, and crafts to keep your kids joyful, entertained, and active during the holiday and also increase the bond in the family. 

Parents worry when the holiday season is approaching about how to fill the long day for their kids and avoid boredom in children. Well, this post will inspire you and help you get organized to do so. 

These holiday activities we’ve listed in this post will ensure that you and your children have a great time. 

Outdoor Holiday Activities For Kids

Photo of kids playing; there are many fun holiday activities for kids

1.Take a nature walk 

Are you looking for a way to spend the morning or evenings with your kids? Why not go for a nature walk with them. You can even take a picnic along to enjoy. 

Dress them appropriately for the weather and they should have good shoes on and hats also if it is sunny. Remember to take plenty of snacks and water along. 

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Bring up an interesting and educational conversation while taking this walk, tell them about plants, nature, weather, and even how society works. 

You can also give them a list of things to look out for, like a really tall tree or the biggest leaf they can find. 

Your kids will enjoy this walk and keep asking for more of this kind of walk. 

2. Treasure hunt 

Kids love treasure hunt games. 

They will be so much engaged in the activity from the start whether it is competitive or not. 

Write a list for each child of what they should find, if your children are still very young, you can draw it for them. 

Give them a little bag for collecting the items they find, set a timer, and off they go. Make sure their present/gift is ready when they come back. 

While they are having fun outside, you can have some me-time or do your work without distractions. 

3. Make a nature picture 

This is a really simple holiday activity for your kids. You can send them to the back garden in your home to make a nature picture or you take them to the beach where they can gather shells and pebbles and make a nature picture. 

You can also take them outside and tell them to gather anything they can find and start creating their nature picture. There should be a little reward for them after this exercise. 

4. Gaze at the clouds 

This is an all-time childhood favorite activity. Take your kids outside and find a quiet spot. Allow them to choose the spot, it is part of the fun. 

Then tell everybody to lie down on a towel or rug and gaze up at the sky. Tell them to mention the shapes they can see.

You will be amazed at how their imaginations run wild as they mention animals, wizards, and all kinds of sky creatures that they see. 

5. Collect flowers 

If you have an overgrown garden or you live in an area that has wildflowers, you can allow your kids to go collect some flowers. 

Encourage them to use all their senses while selecting flowers, they should look at the colors, smell the flowers, feel their scents, and gather as much as they can.

When they come back, tell them to arrange the flowers on the kitchen or dining table. 

This is another activity your kids can be doing while you have some me-time or do your own activity. 

6. Go on a walk 

The simplest things most times turn out to be the best things. 

Take your kids on a walk and discover new places. This is the best way to pass a morning or an afternoon. 

Try a new walking trail or familiarize your kids with your neighborhood. Point out interesting landmarks, homes, and trees during your walk. 

7. Find the best playground 

There are online directories that can show you the closest playground and also new ones to try. Children love meeting and playing with other kids. 

While you take them there and watch them play, you will have the benefit of playing outdoors too and getting fresh air. You will also meet with other local parents & caregivers. 

8. Enroll them in holiday sport programs 

You will be surprised to hear of many sports camps and kid activities in your local parks and sports ground when you take the time to find out. You can sign up your child to try a new sport. 

Apart from helping them to be busy during the holidays, they will meet and make new friends and even come back home exhausted, wanting to just sleep. 

With this, you will have enough time for yourself while your children have fun. 

9. Go to the beach

One of the great places for kids in any season is the beach. Take them there and let them enjoy the view. If it is sunny and hot, they will love to jump over the waves and even build castles in the sand. 

If it is cold and windy, they will watch the amazing scene of the waves crashing and clouds on top of the sea. 

Always remember to supervise your kids when they are closer to the water and they should only swim in between the flags if possible. 

10. Outdoor water painting 

Your kid will love this super simple and cheap activity. You can even do it in your backyard with just a few squares of paving. 

Give your child an old paintbrush and a bowl of water. Tell him/her to draw or write what they like. 

They will giggle out with delight as they watch what they write disappear when the water dries out. 

Indoor Holiday Activities For Kids

Photo of a child playing; there are a lot of interesting holiday activities for kids

These indoor activities are ideal for days that the weather isn’t friendly, if it’s either too hot or too cold. Make your children engaged and comfortable at home with these fun activities. 

1. Make a den 

Children love building their own little hideaways, why not allow them to do this indoors? 

I know, you are thinking of chaos right now. Tell them what they are allowed to use and what they shouldn’t use. Also, limit them to just one room. These will help reduce chaos. 

Give them lots of big blankets and cozy cushions. Tell them that at nighttime, they will have a bedtime story in there as a special treat. 

See inspiration for indoor dens here.

2. Reading 

Even though school activities have ended temporarily, you shouldn’t let your kids forget about school in the holidays. This is an excellent time to ensure that your children keep up their reading levels.

They have been reading daily at school, ensure that this continues during the holiday. Make sure you read with them for at least 15 minutes daily to encourage them to pick up the reading habit. 

By doing this, they will start picking up books by themselves and read alone. Good ways to start are storybooks and finance books for kids

3. Visit the library 

Another way to make reading fun and incorporate reading culture in children is to visit your local library. Most libraries have a dedicated children’s section which has storytime and other activities your kids will love. 

You can also borrow children’s books from the library. This is a cost-effective way to broaden their learning. If you plan on going on long car trips with your children, you can borrow or buy audiobooks. 

4. Put on a play 

Children love dressing up and acting in plays. So pull out all the costumes you’ve got and allow the children to make their own play. The older children can have the speaking part while the toddlers join in with songs. 

They can even make their own tickets and ask their parents and caregivers to come and watch. 

5. Tidy up rooms 

A rainy day activity is to let them tidy up their room. Children enjoy it when they get involved in adult activities. 

The secret to making them look forward to tidying up their room regularly is to make it into a game. 

Time them with an egg timer to put away everything that is on the floor before the alarm sounds. 

Then you give gifts to the person whose room is the tidiest.

This is also a way of training them to partake in home chores and take care of their immediate surroundings. 

6. Have a dance party 

It’s no secret, kids love music. So, put on some tunes, turn up the volume, and allow them to dance around the room. You can also suggest that they play musical statues or musical chairs.

Otherwise, you let them dance, enjoy the beats, and also burn some calories. 

7. Story writing 

For older kids, an effective way to keep them occupied is to tell them to write stories. This also helps incorporate some school work into the holidays. 

Writing stories is also a useful way for children to practice handwriting and engage their minds and it won’t look like homework. 

Encourage them by telling them to illustrate the stories with stickers or drawings and they should read it out loud to you when they are done writing. 

8. Indoor treasure hunt

Your kids don’t have to be outdoors all the time to have fun, they can have fun right in the house.

Send them on a scavenger hunt right inside the house, going in and out of different rooms and also burning calories as they run up and down and around the house. 

Create a list of what they are to find and a present should be presented to them later for trying.  

9. They can play board games 

There are interesting board games for kids and your children will love them. Find age-appropriate board games for your children and let them get engaged with them. 

Apart from entertaining them, board games are also educative and it teaches them reasoning and problem-solving skills. 

If you are looking for a way to teach your child’s mind how to focus, go for board games. It is also a perfect indoor group activity for the whole family and a good way to while off an afternoon. 

10. Find a box of building blocks 

Building blocks have been available for decades because kids love them. From toddlers to teenagers, everyone loves having fun with a set of building blocks and a big open floor space. 

Building blocks will let the imagination of children run wild. It serves as an important educational tool that increases spatial awareness and it will also help little children practice counting and colors. 

Kitchen Holiday Activities For Kids

Photo of a kid on a learning tower

Another interesting way to engage kids during the holidays is to let them in on your kitchen activities, they always love to get involved in the adult world. They love helping out in cooking and baking activities. 

If you have younger kids, you can get them learning towers to keep them safe and make the experience fun for everyone. 

Here are some fun, easy, and simple recipes for kids to cook during the holidays. And it also means dinner is sorted out making it a double win. 

1. Pitta bread pizza 

This is not just a super simple recipe for kids, it is also super healthy. Get a lot of vegetables into the toppings. Once you’ve made your base, add tomatoes, cheese, and anything else your child wants or fancy. 

Your kid won’t forget this experience in a hurry. 

2. Fruit salad animal 

Apart from being fun to make, this meal will provide your kids with their daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Even if your children don’t like salads, they will like this one because they get to make their own fruit salad animals. 

If you are looking for a fantastic way to encourage your children to be creative in the kitchen, try this recipe. Tell them to think about animals they would love to make. 

Tell them that they can use different shapes, sizes, and colors of fruits to make the animal they want. 

3. Fun fajitas 

Pick this recipe if you are looking for a brilliant way your kids can help you with dinner. 

Fajitas are easy for kids of all ages to make. They can help in all activities, ranging from pulling off the lettuce leaves to adding on the seasoning. 

Ensure that you put lots of vegetables into each wrap and while doing this, use the opportunity to tell your children about different foods from around the world. 

4. Frozen banana lollies 

Do you want something that tastes a little bit like creamy chocolate? Then try banana lollies. And your kids will enjoy making it. It will also serve as a healthy alternative to endless ice creams and sugary snacks. 

And the best part of it is that you teach them how to make healthy lollies. 

Dip the frozen bananas in natural yogurt or any toppings you want and roll them through the desiccated coconuts or other kinds of sprinkles.  

5. Scrambled eggs 

Scrambled egg is a popular breakfast choice in many homes. It is an excellent source of nutrition for little children and also a great dish the family can prepare together. 

The holiday is a perfect time to walk your child through the process of making scrambled eggs. Show him/her how to safely crack the egg open and how to whisk the egg to create a fluffy mixture. 

6. Pancakes 

Looking for ways to help your kids help out with breakfast? Then make pancakes. It is a great breakfast option, especially when eaten with yogurt and fruits. 

Show your kids how to make the batter and let them watch as the pancake takes shape when in the pan. Allow them to flip the pancakes for a few extra giggles. 

Then allow your children to top the pancakes with whatever they want. 

7. Cheese muffins 

Kids love baking but care has to be taken not to allow them to have too many chocolate cookies or cupcakes. A good alternative to these is cheese muffins. 

These will make a brilliant snack for lunch. Have them make this with you in the kitchen and watch them glee with excitement. 

8. Cucumber boats 

These snacks are super healthy and great for hot days when your children need something fresh and revitalizing to cool down. 

Take them to the kitchen and get a good quantity of cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers lengthwise and scoop out the seeds using spoons. Don’t give knives to children or you give them kid-safe knives. 

Fill the cucumbers with a mixture of tuna and mayonnaise, cherry tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts. Add a slice of cheese for the sail. Every kid will love these fun recipes and will tell their friends of them when they get back to school. 

9. Peanut butter and jam sandwich 

Younger kids love making sandwiches. Lay the bread out on the table for them and supervise them as they apply the spreading. 

This will also teach them hand-eye coordination. 

Allow them to choose their fillings but a great option you can suggest to them is peanut butter and strawberries. But if your child is allergic to peanut butter, you can suggest some slices of apple or mashed bananas. 

If possible, make use of the wholemeal or brown bread. 

10. Fairy bread 

This special treat is best enjoyed in a newly built den or a secret hiding spot. You can also use this as a reward for a week of tidying up their rooms regularly or any other good behavior. 

When it’s reward time, take them to the kitchen, and make this fairy bread recipe with them. 

Please note that this recipe contains gluten, sesame, wheat, milk, and soy


  • 10 slices of fresh white sandwich bread 
  • 100g butter (room temperature)
  • Half cup of hundreds and thousands 


Spread the butter evenly on the slices of bread and use pastry cutters to cut shapes from the bread. Avoid the crusts. 

Put the hundreds and thousands on a plate and press the bread, the buttered-side down into the hundreds and thousands to coat. 

Your fairy bread is ready for serving. 

Crafts Holiday Activities For Kids

Photo of a child with paint all over her; crafts making is one of the best holiday activities for kids

Another way to keep children active and engaged during the holidays is crafts for kids. Allow them to get creative when they are bored or becoming a nuisance in the house. 

Children love arts and crafts and there are many things you can do with children regardless of their age. Getting creative isn’t expensive and they are art tools they can reuse and make new items with them. 

These arts will help them create memories from their holidays. 

1. Pencil and paper 

This craft is the ultimate entertainment for young minds. Giving your child a pencil and paper and allowing them to draw or doodle is one of the best things they can do. 

Drawing or doodling will encourage your child to think creatively. It will also help them to express their emotions and feelings and also to come up with great ideas. 

2. Used finished toilet paper rolls 

These are wonderful items to use for arts and crafts and they are easily gotten as everyone has them. Keep your toilet paper rolls each time it finishes so that your child can always have something to play with. 

There are so many things children can make with used toilet paper rolls, they can turn them into cardboard trees, or even make miniature people with them. 

It’s even more fun when your kids stick things on them or color them. 

3. Finger painting 

There one is messy and there is no way of getting around it. You can create memories and pictures with this art that will last forever. What is more precious than having a handprint of your little one?

You will cherish it forever. 

Make sure that the paint you buy is easily washable from your child’s hands and skin. Also, cover the area where your child is working to protect the furniture, walls, and carpets. 

4. Make friendship bracelets 

This is a fun way to engage an older child. It will also improve their fine motor skills. Allow your kids to watch a video like this so that they can learn how to make bracelets. 

5. Fly paper Aeroplanes 

This old favorite is always a great project for kids. They love every bit of this art, from folding the papers to decorating them in whatever style they want and even having races with friends flying them down the stairs. 

Younger kids will need help folding their paper at first but they will quickly learn how to do it on their own. Here is a video on how to make paper planes. 

6. Make dream catchers 

Kids are often worried about going to sleep and nightmares can be pretty scary for them. Making dream catchers will help you all have a peaceful night’s rest. 

They also serve as wonderful interior decorations and your child can paint them in whatever colors or styles they want. 

7. Make wrapping paper 

Wrapping papers are expensive, especially when you have many children’s birthdays and parties. Give your child some brown paper and let them get inspired. 

Also give them colored pens, pencils, and stickers. 

8. Create a pasta portrait 

Dried pasta is a wonderful art that will keep your child entertained during the holiday. It is cheap and won’t create much mess and always supervise younger kids to ensure that they don’t eat it. 

Get kid-friendly glue and tell them to stick dried pasta pieces of cards to create a beautiful pasta portrait. 

9. Painting stones 

Kids love stones and rocks. They enjoy every bit of playing with them, from collecting rocks and stones, and selecting their favorite ones, to painting them and even making little characters from them. 

Don’t allow younger kids to play with smaller stones or swallow them. 

10. Shoebox fun 

Kids can create amazing things from a simple shoebox. Suggest a theme they can set, like fairy houses or bedrooms or just simply watch and see what they create inside it. 

Fun Games Holiday Activities For Kids

Photo of a mom and daughter playing puzzles; board games are a great holiday activity for kids

1. Hide and seek 

We all remember this interesting game from our childhood right? It hasn’t gone out of use, kids these days still love and play hide and seek. 

This simple game can keep them occupied for hours. They will run around the house and enjoy themselves. You can give gifts to the faster seeker or best hider. 

2. Charades 

Everyone, including adults, likes playing charades. It makes the whole family laugh as they try to act things out while everyone else makes guesses. 

Come up with an easy category for kids from books that they’ve read or from a recent Disney film. It will increase their thinking skills and creativity.

They will learn how to express themselves with clear actions. 

3. Musical statues 

Having bad weather and your kids have a lot of energy but you can’t get them outside to play? 

Put their favorite kid song and turn up the volume and let them dance around the house. They have to stand still as a statue when the music stops. 

Anyone who wobbles or falls over is out of the game and the winner gets a prize. 

4. Indoor hopscotch 

This game improves coordination and counting skills in children and it is also a fun game that kids love. 

Create hopscotch outlines using electric or masking tape or any creative way you can think of.

Now, tell your kids to count each step and land carefully within the lines to develop good motor skills. 

5. Build an obstacle course 

Another excellent way to burn up kid energy is to get them to build an obstacle course how they want it and then get moving. 

You can use what you already have, like furniture, or purchase some items like rope ladders or cones. It’s possible to set up a backyard obstacle course to keep your kids entertained for hours. 

6. Simon says 

Photo of kids forming holding up a kite; playing outdoors are fun holiday activities for kids

This game needs parental involvement and kids love it. Make a list of things they are to do like jump up and down, touch your nose, etc. 

Read out the instructions one by one and alternate between starting with Simon says or not. If any child does the instructions that you didn’t say Simon says, they are out of the game. 

This game improves the listening skills and concentration of kids. 

7. The memory game 

Get a tray and put several different items on it and give your kids 5 minutes to memorize everything. Cover the tray and ask them to write down every item they remember. 

This will improve their focus also and help them exercise their minds. 

8. Indoor bowling 

Bowling will help your children improve hand-eye coordination and also improve their aiming abilities. Use plastic water bottles, fill them with sand or colored water. 

9. Blow Bubbles 

Both kids and adults can never get tired of bubbles. You can make yours using liquid or soap suds or you buy them from a store. Give them to your kids to have fun with. 

10. Hot potato 

Are your children bored or do your children’s friends come to visit? Keep them entertained by playing this game. 

Have them sit in a circle and pass a ball or balloon or an old water bottle (the hot potato) around while the music is playing. 

The rule of the game is that no one should be holding the hot potato when the music stops. Anyone who has the hot potato when the music stops will be out of the game. 

So the kids have to pass it on as quickly as they can and this will definitely result in lots of laughter and squealing. 

You can also allow your kids to play video games during the holiday. 

Conclusion On Holiday Activities For Kids

With all these amazing and fun ideas, you don’t have to worry about keeping your kids entertained and active during the holidays. 

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