20+ Fun Board Games For 4 year olds

Board games for 4 year olds are amazing ways to keep your kids happy, cheerful, and motivated. It relieves boredom in children and even improves their creativity and intelligence. 

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In this post, we help you select the best board games for children. 

How to Select The Best Board Game For 4 Year Olds

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Parents and teachers who are interested in board games for their wards shouldn’t just focus on the fun part alone, but also look for board games that contribute to the development of skills and knowledge in children. 

The board games listed in this post help to develop the following skills in children: 

  • Counting and mathematical skills 
  • Spatial thinking 
  • Logic 
  • Imagination 
  • Speech 
  • Observation and reaction 
  • Memory 
  • Coordination 
  • Fine motor skills 

Ensure that the board game you are getting for your 4 year old doesn’t have complex rules and it shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes per session. 

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Children at 4 years of age need adult guidance to master board games. So you should get a simple board game that you can explain to your child and he or she will understand the game easily and increase their interest in the board game. 

The box that came with the game should indicate 4+. Then you should also pay attention to the quality of the materials used in making the board game. 

The materials should be dense and safe for children. They should also have bright colors and attractive designs to get the attention of the children. 

If you are thinking of preparing your 4 year old child for school, then get a board game that introduces your child to counting, spellings, reading, and oral skills. 

Then to prevent your child from getting bored of board games, you should have different types at home so your child can switch if he/she gets bored of playing a game over and over again. 

Advantages Of Board Games For Children

Photo of kids playing Board Games For 4 year olds
  • They satisfy children’s boredom and curiosity. Even the most demanding child can be satisfied with board games. 
  • They help parents and family members spend quality time with young children as most of these games can be played with their peers, siblings, or parents. 
  • Board games help children learn during playtime. Some of these games teach children math, reasoning, matching shapes and colors, problem-solving skills, etc. 
  • At the age of 4, children begin to pick interest in playing with other kids. This is the perfect time to teach them tea work, taking turns, sharing, and problem-solving skills through games. 
  • Board games for 4 year olds help develop their motor skills and cognition rapidly. Kids are naturally conscious at 4 and parents should not miss out on this learning opportunity as their curiosity begins. Board games make learning fun for kids
  • They also help kids improve their sensorimotor coordination, their ability to process information, and even improve their fine-motor skills. 
  • Board games will help boost the social skills and confidence of preschoolers. These are two important skills they need before they start school. 
Photo of kids playing Board Games For 4 year olds
  • Parents can open up different learning and teaching opportunities through board games. 
  • Playing board games with your 4 year old has many benefits: 
    • It strengthens the bond between parents and children 
    • It makes learning natural, playful, and fun 
    • Also, it creates lasting memories in children 
  • Board games help prepare little children for school. It prepares them for school by teaching them how to:
    • Follow instructions 
    • Share and take turns 
    • Get familiar with basic arithmetic and basic language 
    • Prepare their language skills 
    • Increase their ability to focus 
    • Improve the way they observe 
    • Learn how to interact with other kids 

Best Board Games For 4 Years Olds

1. The ladybug game 

Photo of the Ladybug Board Games For 4 year olds

This interesting board game for 4 year olds was invented by a 1st grader. Kids will fall in love with this game because it has amazing characters. 

They will also enjoy the interesting story of ladybug adventure. This game also teaches children how to count and read. This colorful game makes playtime and boredom lively for kids. 

The game teaches kids using colors, words, numbers, and even symbols. It is interactive and highly fun. 

2. Candy land 

Photo of Candyland Board Games For 4 year olds

This should be the first board game every child should play. It is an interesting and colorful way for preschoolers to have fun and learn. 

This game will teach your 4 year old matching and color recognition and also teach them from a young age how to take turns and be a gracious loser or winner. 

In this awesome board game for 4 year olds, kids will travel down the magic road to find sweet surprises. The game features gingerbread men as movers. 

There are also fun illustrations and colored cards with different destinations like chunky Chocolate Mountain and cookie commons. All you have to do is make your way to the castle to win. 

3. Sequence for kids 

Photo of Sequence for kids Board Games For 4 year olds

This amazing game for kids is interesting and helps them to build logical thinking skills and strategy-building skills. 

The wild cards add excitement to the fun. The kids play an animal card from their hand and place a chip on a matching animal space on the board. 

Each card is present twice on the game board so players have to choose wisely as they try to get 4 cards in a row. 

4. My feelings 

Photo of My Feelings Board Games For 4 year olds

This board game for kids is good for children who are suffering from BIG emotions. A great way to help them understand their BIG emotions through play is to play this game. 

It will help children learn how to master and express their emotions. 

5. Don’t break the ice

Photo of Dont Break The Ice Board Games For 4 year olds

In this amazing game, kids are to help Philip the Penguin break some ice but they have to do it in a careful way so he doesn’t fall. Two 4 year olds are needed to play this game and it helps develop problem-solving skills in children. 

The players need to tap out the ice blocks one by one. But the catch is that Philip the Penguin should stay on top. The player who safely taps out the ice blocks without falling Philip the Penguin is the winner of the game. 

Parents and kids can play this challenging and interesting game together. 

6. Busy town 

Photo of Busy Town Board Games For 4 year olds

In this exciting board game, kids will journey together with Huckle cat and lowly worm as they go on adventures to find hidden objects in Busytown. 

This interesting game for preschoolers combines a race within Busytown with the challenges of finding objects along the way. The more object your child finds, the faster he/she moves. 

Apart from the thrill and fun of this game, it teaches children observation, and problem-solving skills. The whole family can play this for fun. 

Fun Board Games For 4 Years Olds

1. Kerplunk 

Photo of KerPlunk Board Games For 4 year olds

This is one of the best fun games for 4 year olds. In this game, you don’t let the marbles fall. You have to skillfully remove the sticks from the tube while dropping the fewest marbles possible. 

Kids can play this game with their family members. At the end of the game, each person’s marbles are counted to see who dropped the most marbles. 

Kids love this fun game and it teaches counting while having fun. 

2. Pete the cat, the missing cupcakes game 

Photo of Pete The Cat Board Games For 4 year olds

This interesting board game is about Pete the cat and his friends working together to get back their missing cupcakes from the grumpy toad. 

The kids are to collect colorful pancakes as they sing songs, identify favorite animals, words, and foods, and also act out physical activities in this interesting game. 

This game is also educative for kids as it teaches them how to make pictures and word associations. It teaches children how to strategize and make decisions. 

Pete the cat also teaches kids how to express themselves without words. It needs at least 2 players and kids from 3 years and upwards can play this game. 

3. Curious George matching game 

Photo of Curious George Matching Game For 4 year olds

Kids will love this fun game, who doesn’t love George. He is everyone’s favorite monkey. 

In this game, children are to flip over tiles and find colorful pictures of Curious George and his friends. The person who collects the most pairs wins. 

It enhances memory skills in children. 

4. Hungry hippos 

Photo of Hungry Hippos Board Games For 4 year olds

Kids will have a chomping good time feeding hungry hippos in this hippo-feeding card game for 4 year old. Kids who love to have fun and go a little wild will love this game. 

All the marbles will be released on the game base and then they start chomping and moving fast. 

The player whose hippo chomps the most marble wins the game. At least, 2 players need this game. 

5. Orchard toys rocket game 

Photo of Rocket Game For 4 year olds

Do you want to put in curiosity about space in your little one? Then get this game. In this game, the players get into an exciting competition of building loops to complete a vapor trail. 

Apart from the fun in this game, children will learn memory, counting, matching skills, and their observation skills will also improve. 

Orchard toys rocket game features planets, meteors, aliens, and astronauts. It even encourages discussion about space in the home. 

Family Board Games For 4 Years Olds

1. Operation

Photo of Operation Board Games For 4 year olds

Kids who love playing outdoor with family will love this game. In this interesting family game, cavity Sam is a little sick and the kids are to operate on him and make him feel better. 

In playing this game, kids will try hard in avoiding the buzz in this fun game. The whole family will enjoy this fun board game

Kids of 4 years old will love to play this game with their family, they can also play solo. It teaches eye-hand coordination and a very interesting game. 

2. Connect 4 

Photo of Connect 4 Board Games For 4 year olds

In this game, kids of 4-year-olds and upward challenge a friend or a parent to rule the grid. The aim is to get 4 discs in a row and you win. 

So now, you decide whether you go up, down, or to the sides or diagonally. This game is for preschoolers and at least 2 people are needed to play this game. 

Connect 4 teaches children strategy and counting. It is not suitable for children under the age of 3 because they can choke on the disc. 

3. Dinosaur escape game 

Photo of inosaur Escape Board Games For 4 year olds

In this board game, 4 year olds and their families work together to get all the dinosaurs to safety (to the dinosaur island) before the volcano erupts. 

Kids move the dinosaurs around the board as everyone plays together to move the dinosaurs to safety. Little boys will love this game more. 

Aside from the fun part, this game teaches children simple strategies and how to take turns. There are no winners or losers and at least 2 players are needed to play this game. 

4. Guess who 

Photo of Guess Who Board Games For 4 year olds

This is a wonderful board game the whole family would love. In this game, there is a mystery person on your opponent’s card and you have to find the matching face in the crowd. 

This game starts with a game of silly-looking characters. Your kids then ask the right questions to eliminate the wrong faces. Some questions they can ask are: 

  • Does your person have blue eyes?
  • Is your person wearing a hat? 

Once they have eliminated a lot of faces and only one or two are left, then your child can solve the mystery by guessing who. The first person to identify the opponent’s mystery person wins the game. 

5. Crazy chefs 

Photo of Crazy Chefs Board Games For 4 year olds

In this engaging family board game for 4 year olds, they will learn about different food and food preparation. Children can choose different food boards that range from cupcakes to pizza. 

Your kid will have to choose ingredients from the ingredient cards that match with the ones in their food cards. After the players have completed their ingredients, they will use the spinner to see who will cook and serve their dish first. 

In this interesting game, kids will learn the processes involved in food preparation. They will also learn how to match pictures and take turns. 

Learning/Educational Board Games For 4 Years Olds

1. Feed the hungry caterpillar game 

Photo of Lets Feed Board Games For 4 year olds

In this beautiful game, kids will transform their caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly by counting, collecting, and building in this fun game. 

In this game, your child is to move colorful 3D sculpted caterpillars from fruit to fruit. Collect unique butterfly pieces each time they stop to eat. 

The first player that collects all the five pieces of butterfly wins the game. This game teaches children decision-making skills as they move in any direction on the board. 

They are to mix and match beautiful butterfly illustrations and create a different work of art for every game. This game needs 2 to 4 players from the ages of 3 and upwards. 

2. Hi Ho Cherry-O 

Photo of Hi Ho Cheeryo Board Games For 4 year olds

This is a perfect game for 4 year olds. It is fun, interesting and teaches the kids math skills while they count and subtract. 

Children will have so much fun picking fruits to fill their basket in this interesting game. This game teaches children math during play. 

The kids will take turns to pretend to pick blueberries, apples, and cherries from their tree and put them in their baskets. The first person to pick all the fruits wins the game. 

At least 2 players are needed to play this game and it is suitable for kids of 3 years and upward. It builds math skills in children and helps them to practice counting and numbers as they play. 

3. Soggy doggy board game for kids 

Photo of Soggy Doggy Board Games For 4 year olds

In this fun game, kids will learn and have fun with the whole family. It is about showering, shaking, and doggy bathing. Players will roll the dice and move their player piece around the board game board. 

Then they take turns to wash soggy doggy. But you have to be watchful because you won’t know when he will shake to dry off and you get wet. 

The real fun in this game starts when your pet gets wet and kids love this. If you land on a space with a paw, you have to pump water from the shower to wash soggy doggy. 

You get to turn the tap to see what happens next if you land on a space with a facet. Kids will love this game because it is action-packed and filled with suspense. 

It needs at least 2 players and it is not suitable for kids under 3 because of choking hazards. 

4. Wildcraft a herbal adventure 

Photo of WildCraft Board Games For 4 year olds

This educative board game for 4 year old explores healing herbs. It will teach children 25 important edible herbs and medicinal plants. It also teaches them how to use them in first aid situations. 

Children will learn about connecting the icon on the trouble cards or challenge with the icons on the plant cards. Players are to move up the mountain to huckleberry patch and go back to grandma before night. 

This game is nature-based, educational, and beautifully illustrated. It is suitable for kids 4 years old and upward. 

Photo of a boy holding a card game

5. Hoot owl hoot 

Photo of Hoot Owl Hoot Board Games For 4 year olds

This award-winning game for kids helps children learn during playtime. This color-coded cooperative matching game is all about helping owls fly back to their nests before the sun comes up. 

This is a cooperative game in which no one is left out. Everyone works together to save the owls. 

Apart from the fun, this game teaches children emotional development, shared decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills, teamwork, a sense of community, playfulness, positive self-esteem, friendship, etc. 

This game also teaches children how to play together, work together, and even have fun together. It is ideal to play this in non-stressful play situations. 

6. Colorama 

Photo of Colorama Board Games For 4 year olds

This interesting learning board game teaches children about shapes and colors. All the colored-shaped pieces are to be kept near the board game where all the players can easily reach them. 

The youngest player, your 4 year old kid starts the game by rolling the two dice. One dice determines the color to be played while the other dice determines the shape. 

After rolling the dice, the child will place the piece that matches onto the game board. The game ends when all the fields on the game boards have been covered. 

7. Orchard bus stop adding and subtracting board game 

Photo of Bus Stop Board Games For 4 year olds

This is an awesome learning board game for children. It teaches little learners addition and subtraction while they are having fun. 

To play, your child takes a counter and throws the 2 dice to move around the board and count passengers that are on and off your big bright bus. 

The person with the most passengers when the bus finally gets to the bus station is the winner of the game. This is one of the favorite games for 4 year olds. 

It is fun and colorful and it teaches them how to add and subtract. 

8. Zingo 

Photo of Zingo Board Games For 4 year olds

One thing parents love about this game is that it is highly educative. It helps to develop critical skills in children, help build language and matching skills even in preschool children. 

Kids love this game and they learn through fun. This board game is also a perfect gift for 4 year old kids. 

9. Count your chickens 

Photo of Count Your Chicken Board Game For 4 year olds

If your little child is beginning to learn team play, you can introduce him/her to this counting and learning board game for kids. This game helps introduce kids to counting and team effort. 

This is one of the best games for preschoolers as it prepares them for math. It improves their counting skills and teaches them the dynamics of team play. 

And another lovely thing about this game is that everyone feels like a winner after every game. 


Photo of two 4 year olds playing board games

Every child loves games and playing. One way to turn boredom into fun and learning time is to let them play board games. 

We have selected some of the very best board games for your children, we hope you find the one your child loves most in this list. 

Board games help families spend time together during holiday, rainy season, party, or a family fun night. 

We surely know that this post will help you when you run out of ideas to feed the hungry minds of your little adults. You can bookmark it and don’t forget to let us know of any other interesting board game not listed here in the comment section. 

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