40+ Thoughtful Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

“Dads are silent superheroes. Their lives are characterized by sacrifice”

Most people never know what their dads do for them until they become adults. In adulthood, we come to appreciate our dads more because all we see when growing up were our mothers. 

Our dads were at the backend making sure all goes well, they were not seen but their impact was and is still felt. They provided for the family and protected everyone. 

Just like mothers, fathers also sacrifice a lot of things for their families. They ensure that every member of the family is living well. 

Sometimes, they give up their lifestyle to face their families because they now have a new set of priorities. They can’t spend their monies on what they want whenever they want because they are always thinking ‘family first’. 

They relegate their desires/dreams and their wish list gets larger each month so that their families can get the things they need. 

There are many sacrifices our dads make that we truly don’t know the extent until we become adults. At this stage, your love and respect for them would grow. They truly become our superheroes. 

Why You Should Buy Your Dad Gifts

Photo of colorful ties; a great gift for Dad who wants nothing

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No one can repay a father for all they’ve done but giving them gifts shows that you are grateful. 

  • It tells your dad that you love him and care for him
  • It’s a way of saying “thank you for all you’ve done and all that you still do”
  • If you have any guilt towards your dad, giving him gifts can relieve that 
  • Your gift will tell your dad that he is on your mind always 
  • This gives him hope that you will take good care of him 
  • Gifts are ways we express love and your dad will know that you love him 
  • It will make your dad feel loved and special 
  • Gifts will encourage your dad

The good thing about giving dads gifts is that they are extremely easy to please. You don’t have to rob a bank or borrow to do so. 

Anyway, the gifts we will be listing here fit any budget, from students to workers. Also, it’s quite difficult to know what to get for dads as they do not give clues or show their needs and it also looks as if they have everything they need. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as this post touches on all the important needs of fathers. So you don’t have an excuse for not showing your dad love. 

Photo of Dad playing with his son

Amazing Gifts For Dads Who Want Nothing

A heated massager 

This heated massager will help your dad relax after a long day at work. It will relieve the tension he built up during the day. 

Getting him a quality at-home-shiatsu massager will keep him healthy and save time and money spent at a spa. 

It is also a sign that you care about his health since men are more prone to stress than women, hence their short lifespan when compared to women.

A water bottle 

As people age, their thirst buds become less sensitive and they can go for hours thirsty and not know it. This can lead to chronic dehydration thereby causing health problems. 

A perfect way to show concern for your dad’s health and try to keep him hydrated is to gift him a quality temperature-maintaining water bottle. 

A good hydro flask will be good for any situation: from work to even camping. Your dad’s drinks will be kept at an optimal temperature while he sips them during the day. 

Ancestry genetic test kit 

If your dad is interested in knowing about his family history or trying to know his distant cousins, you can give him this perfect gift. 

There are many genetic testing brands in the market, just get a good one with good reviews. 

A durable backpack 

A quality backpack is a perfect gift for outdoorsy dads. You can add a cooler combo which is a 3-can cooler, this great addition will make it a complete gift. 

This will enable your dad to carry a few cold drinks on his outing trips like fishing or camping. 

Soft and stylish men underwear 

Gift your dad a set of quality underwear that is softer than cotton. It should also be comfortable and suit his taste. This will blow his mind. 

At-home workout system

If your dad is the active and gym-loving type, you can surprise him with a quality at-home workout system. 

He will appreciate you when you bring the gym home. 

This can be a treadmill or any trainer you think he will love and appreciate. 

Accessory tray and a fast wireless charger

If your dad always asks you where his keys are multiple times before leaving the house, this will be a perfect gift for him. The accessory tray and wireless charger combo will help your dad organize his valuables. 

Coffee maker 

If your dad is a coffee fan and must start his day with a hot cup of coffee, this is a wonderful gift to get him. Get a quality coffee maker that is high tech and elegant. 

It should also be fast and produce a smoother and less bitter blend. 

A brand of coffee maker Frank DePaula is fast and efficient. It brews a cup of hot coffee in 30 seconds and cold brew takes just 4 minutes instead of the normal overnight process. 

Best Father’s Day Gifts

A sleek leather wallet 

A slim leather wallet will be a perfect gift for dads who like minimalist accessories. Pick his favorite color or what you know he will like. 


Get your dad breathable and machine-washable sneakers. These come in various colors and sizes and all you have to do is to pick the one that will suit him best. 

The one you pick should be a perfect mix of sporty and stylish. 

A portable testing device

If your dad is battling a health condition like hypertension or diabetes, you can get him a portable monitoring device to track his progress. 

This will save time and money spent in labs for regular checkups. Make sure you get him a quality device that gives accurate results in less time. 

This is a pure way of showing care for your father’s health. 

A quality shave kit 

A perfect father’s day gift for your lovely dad can be a luxurious shave gift. You can even go the extra mile and personalize this shave kit for him by engraving his initials on the razor. 

A comfortable and stylish jean 

He can use this for causal and even corporate meetings. A quality pair of jeans that can last years and maintain its color and texture will be well appreciated by your dad.

A handy duffel bag

This is a versatile bag that a frequent traveler or gym lover would love. It is also a backpack hybrid. 

Your dad will never forget this amazing father’s day gift.  

Stylish anti-blue light glasses 

Does your dad sit in front of a computer for long hours daily? Then this is a perfect gift for him if you care about his eyesight. 

Blue light radiating from screens is responsible for a lot of eye problems we see today, even among young people. 

Get him quality and stylish blue light glasses that reduce glare, filter out blue light thereby reducing eye strain, and increase magnification. 

If he has eye problems already, you can get the one with prescription lenses for him. Your dad will appreciate this lovely gift. 

Tile sticker 

Is age on your dad’s side and he forgets where he keeps his keys and other personal belongings? Then this gift will help your dad organize his belongings and know where they are.

It will even give you rest as he won’t be calling you every time he is looking for something. This tool is a tiny tracker with a long battery life on a single charge. 

Some brands like this one here can last three years. He will just stick it on his properties (like remote control, car keys, or any other thing he misplaces often) and forget about it.

With this tile sticker and the app, he can track the objects up to 150 miles away using the tile app on his phone. This is a very exciting gift every dad will love. 

Birthday Gifts For Dad 

A personalized video from his favorite star 

We all know our dads think they are cool (even if they are not, haha). We call them old school and that’s because family responsibilities have taken over. 

Now, they are carrying a lot of weight, their clothes are old, they’ve lost a lot of hair and the ones left are turning grey. 

Due to this, they don’t know who sang the current reigning song or what their favorite star is up to. He will appreciate a personalized video message from his favorite star wishing him a happy birthday. 

Photo of a birthday cake

An electric wine opener 

A way to make life easier for your dad is to get him an electric corkscrew. With this, your dad will be able to open any bottle of wine without any stress. 

Give him this along with his favorite wine for a perfect gift. 

Soft and comfortable bed sheets 

If you are looking for a way to say “thank you” to dad for all the comfort he ensured you had in childhood and growing up, this is the perfect gift for him. 

Look for beddings or sheets with unbelievable comfort. This will make his bed beautiful and cozy all day and throughout the year. 

You can go for a sheet bundle that includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and 4 pillowcases. This is a perfect birthday gift for a superman dad. 

Beard wash and conditioner set

Get your dad a quality and natural beard-care product. Soap and water only will leave his facial hair dry and itchy. 

Go the extra mile in caring for your dad’s body by gifting him a 100% organic beard wash and conditioner set. 

Amazon’s waterproof kindle paperwhite 

If your dad is a bookworm and age is telling on him as it is a bit tiring to cope with his hardcover books, you can get him this as a gift. 

He will appreciate it and the latest version of this is waterproof. This means he can take it to the bathroom, beach, or anywhere he goes without the fear of water damage. 

A set of beautiful neckties 

Don’t underrate this gift as it may look like a cliché gift for dads. All ties are not equal. Go for a set of colorful and quality ties along with their pocket squares. 

He will love these and wear them regularly. 

A weighted blanket with a cooling technology 

If your dad struggles with insomnia or needs a blanket to fall asleep, then get him this perfect gift. Adding a cooling technology will ensure that he does not overheat under the heavy blanket. 

This is a perfect gift for winter but with the cooling technology, he can use it at any time of the year. 


There are lots of smartwatch brands in the market every dad will love. Some of them can even detect blood pressure rise, pulse, atrial fibrillation, etc. 

If you want these features, look for a brand that has a built-in electrocardiogram. Apart from this life-saving feature, smartwatches are solid and elegant. 

Look for a brand that has something your dad will love. Some smartwatches can track sleep, auto-detect fitness activities, and even have connected GPS.   

Christmas Gifts For Dad

Holy Bible 

If your dad is the religious type, he will appreciate a bible. Even if he has a bible, upgrade the one he has. If he is advancing in age, get him an extra-large print bible. 

He will appreciate this. 

A set of quality wool socks 

This may look like a basic everyday accessory and you might be tempted to think your dad won’t appreciate this. This is not true. 

Men can’t do without socks and they will never have enough. A set of comfortable socks made from soft and warm merino wool will go a long way as a perfect Christmas gift. 

Socks are among the most underrated men’s gifts but they are held in high esteem, especially when you give them with love. 

A quality leather wristwatch 

You can never go wrong with gifting a quality wristwatch, your dad will love this. Quality leather and gold wristwatch is a timeless option and a priceless gift your dad will appreciate. 

A cozy and supportive pillow 

If you want your dad to have a goodnight’s sleep always, this is the perfect gift for him. This luxurious and supportive pillow will also remind your dad of your love and care. 

A personalized sport jersey 

Sports-loving dads won’t take this gift for granted. They won’t like to take this off. 

You can order a personalized jersey for your dad with his name boldly written on the back. 

You will put smiles on your sport-loving dad’s face with this awesome gift. 

A handy multi-functional tool 

If there is a jack of all trade in any family, it is the dad. He has an idea on almost everything from plumbing to electricity and even fixing kitchen or electrical appliances. 

If your dad is in this category, get him a Leatherman OHT multi-tool. He will appreciate this. 

A special and customized alarm clock 

Dads are supermen that work so hard and have to wake up early every day. You can help him wake up early and gently meet his schedules. 

Change the normal alarm clock that wakes him up daily with loud noises. Replace this with an alarm clock that lights up gradually to mimic nature’s sunrise. 

An example of this is the Philips light alarm clock. It also displays the time and has a customizable sound that he can wake up to feeling refreshed and ready to start a brand new day. 

You can customize the sound with your voice telling him sweet words as he starts his day. He will surely love this. 

A quality jacket 

Get your dad one of the best rain jackets in the market. Go for the one with high-quality laminate waterproofing, has pit zips for ventilation, and is made from recycled nylons. 

Outdoorsy dads will love this and it is also pretty affordable. 

DIY Gift Ideas For Dad

Password logbook 

If your dad is the forgetful type or he writes his passwords in an obvious place where all eyes can see like in bold on the fridge, then this perfect DIY gift would be awesome for him. 

With this logbook, he can write down his internet address passwords and other passwords for various sites like his social media handles. 

You can make this yourself or work with a graphic designer to make it more beautiful and presentable. If time is not on your side, you can get it on Amazon.

Safe emergency kit portable bin 

You can mobilize all your siblings and you all create an emergency kit gift for your dad. 

Create a portable box with a good lid or you can give a professional to do this for you. Then stock it with all the necessary supplies dad will need in case of a natural disaster or emergency. 

Things you can put in the box are candles, blankets, water, and any other thing you think dad would need in an emergency. This loving gift will give any dad peace of mind. 

Painted wood coasters 

If your dad is a lover of artworks, then he will appreciate this lovely gift. These are quite easy and fun to make. You can paint nature pictures or animals on them. 

If your dad loves fishing, you can gift him underwater-inspired coasters. 

Hand-stamped handkerchief 

One thing your dad carries around always is a handkerchief. You can personalize one for him and he will appreciate it. 

Shop for quality plain handkerchiefs and make your designs on them. Package them well and present it as a lovely gift with a short note telling your dad how much you love him. 

Wood slice magnets 

Dad can use this to design his fridge or any other surface he wants to decorate. These are so lovely that he might ask for more. 

Cookie gift boxes 

You can make dad some lovely cookies and also make some beautiful, super cute, festive boxes to pack them in. the boxes must be colorful and stylish. 

Tie rack 

This amazing gift will help dad organize his finest ties. You can make one or get a professional to do it for you. 

Wooden clock 

Dad would appreciate a hand-made wooden clock customized with the Inscription “I love you dad”. 

Infused olive oils 

Does your dad love cooking? Then a loving way to spice make his cooking easy and spice his meals is to gift him these oils. 

They are quite easy to make and very tasty. 

Canvas wine bag 

If you feel a bottle of wine is too impersonal or simple, you can accompany it with a DIY canvas bag to give it an extra touch and look. 

Leather and wood covered notebooks 

This is an irresistible gift to most dads. He is going to love this and use it. 

Tiny toolbox 

Your dad will appreciate a tiny cute toolbox that can contain all his important tools. 

Lego key organizer 

Is your dad always losing his keys? Then this is a fun way to help him organize his keys. This is a perfect gift for a forgetful dad. 

Leather keychain 

This is an expensive gift and your dad will truly appreciate this. You can make this yourself or get it at a store. 


Gift your dad a new pair of quality slippers and stuff it with all his favorite treats and snacks. This is a perfect cozy gift. 

Custom matchboxes 

A loving way to make your dad emotional whenever he grabs a matchbox is to give him colorful and beautiful matchboxes as a gift. 


These are the amazing ways you can show your dad love, care, and appreciation. And believe it, your dad will never forget these awesome acts of kindness. 

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